Karma & Reincarnation

The karmik result for killing others and eating their live or dead bodies

ye tvaneva.mvido'santaH stabdhaaH sadabhimaaninaH |
pashuun druhyanti vishrabdhaaH pretya khaadanti te cha taan ||
BhAgavata PurANa 11:5:14 ||

Word 4 word:
ye - those who; tu - but; anevam-vidaH - not knowing these facts; asantaH - very impious; stabdhaaH - presumptuous; sat-abhimaaninaH - considering themselves saintly; pashuun - animals; druhyanti - they harm; vishrabdhaaH - being innocently trusted; pretya - after leaving this present body; khaadanti - they eat; te - those animals; cha -and; taan - them.


Those sinful persons who are ignorant of actual religious principles, yet consider themselves to be completely pious, without compunction commit violence against innocent animals who are fully trusting in them. In their next lives, such sinful persons will be eaten by the same creatures they have killed in this world. (Srimad BhAgavata PuraaNa 11:5:14.)

Sva maamsam para maamsEna yah pushNaati naraadhama: /
RuravE Bhakshayishyanti tasya maamsam yamaalayE” //

“ In the hells, ferocious dogs would pounce upon, tear to pieces and eat
away the flesh of one who nourishes his own flesh with the flesh of other living beings”

POUNDARIKAPURAM SWAMI ASHRAMAM” ­ Part 8 (Translation by Anbil Ramaswamy) (page 40 of the book)

Who Are the Six Kinds of Aggressors (Aatataayees)
ANSWER: (page 377 of the book)

“agnida: garada: chaiva sustrOnmatha: Dhanaapahaa /
KsEtra Dhaara hara: cha yetaan shad vidhyaath aatathaayina: //
(Manu Smriti)

The following people are called “Aatataayees” (aggressors that are punishable):
(i)  One who wantonly indulges in arson to others’ properties
(ii) One who clandestinely administers poison to another
(iii) One who is obsessed with wielding weapons of destruction for attacking others without any provocation (such as in animal slaughter).
(iv) One who steals others’ properties/wealth.
(v) One who tries to forcibly dispossess others’ property and grabs them for his own enjoyment and
(vi) One who seduces / abducts another’s wife for his own sexual gratification.

It is said that one who kills his preceptor, children, Brahmins well versed in Shaastras. also belongs to this category. No sin would accrue, if these are killed says Manu. Thus one can see how those who forcibly take another's life/body, and killing it, eat it etc are the most sinful, selfish, and cold hearted of persons. It is very conceivable that the purport to their suffering be that of the words of George Bernard Shaw.

This is confirmed in the purport of Srila A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada's Bhagavad Gita As It Is purport 1:36.

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