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The Slaughter of Animals for Food - and the pain it causes
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The Vegetarian Conscience - is killing a necessity to get what we need to live?????
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So you think "White Meat is okay"???
What is "White Meat?"

White meat is usually the "product" that meat eaters refer to that originates from the dead bodies of chickens and fish (various "sea food" oysters and shell fish, lobsters, crabs and crustations), and some say pork (dead pigs bodies), or dead rabits, the neighbour's cats, mice or rats, snakes.....etc. or what about a nice snail


the neighbours big fat cator a stool eating hog - pig

rats on top and dogs below Chinese food marketspanner crabs

Dolphins being killed en masse at Futo Harbor, Japan. The red is dolphin blood.

Certain it is better than harming the sacred cow, but really there's still no excuse, nor will any be heard in the ultimate court. These poor creatures undergo so much suffering just for the satisfaction of the tongue.

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Lobsters are boiled alive - those who eat them say the screams that one hears is only air being released from under the shell - yeah right !


Why no eggs?

In simple terms the egg is meant to be a chicken, or whatever bird it is coming from. However, the egg either has not become fertile or has died, and the chicken expells it from the body as part of its menstrual cycle just as human females do. Alternatly you will find in a "live egg" a small feotus inside the egg. It's again the same thing, either you are killing another living being or you are eating the menstrual cycle remnants of the chicken - it's up to you - BUT IT ISN'T REMOTELY VEGETARIAN.

Some might argue that this is the same with Milk, but if you look at the intent of milk production by this wonderful creature the cow, there's obvious difference. The cow intends the milk to be given to help nuture her dependents. We see the cow as our mother and protect her rather than exploit her simply for milk production, plus the end product gives life because it is life rather than being dead matter as in the case of an egg.

WHY NOT TO EAT EGGS??!! (Trivia)

Eggs contain D.D.T. :
After eighteen months of research it has been established that 30% of eggs contains D.D.T. (Poison).
---Agricultural Dept., Florida, America, Health Bulletin October 1967

Eggs cause Heart Trouble, High Blood Pressure Etc.
Even if we had the best of eggs we would be better off without them, as they are too high in cholesterol. They are one of the important causes in diseases of the heart, arteries, brain, kidney, gallstones etc. While fruits and vegetables and vegetable oils have none or hardly any cholesterol.
---Dr. Catherine, Oceano, California (U.S.A.) How healthy are eggs, P 7

Eggs cause Corrosion of Blood Vessels:
Eggs are also harmful. You may say that eggand I get along well, but a chemical analysis proves differently. The yoke of eggs contain cholesterol, a waxy alcohol that deposits in the liver and blood vessels producing corrosion, hardening of the arteries.
----Dr.J.Wilkins (England), How healthy are eggs, P 6-7

Eggs cause Skin Diseases & Paralysis
The Egg white is the more harmful portion of the egg. Animals fed on fresh egg white developed severe skin inflammation and paralysis.
----Dr. Robert Gross ( England ), How healthy are eggs, P 3-4
The factor in egg white that causes eczema is AVIDIN.
----Dr.J.Wilkins (England), How healthy are eggs, P 4

Eggs cause T.B. and White Diarrhea
Chicken diseases are numerous. Eggs may carry T.B. from chickens. If an infected chicken survives it matures and lays infectious eggs. Chickens leukemia may be transmitted through the eggs. Hens infected with white diarrhea will lay eggs containing the germs, which usually consists in the collitic symptom complexes in human beings.
----Dr. Robert Gross (England), How healthy are eggs, P 1

Eggs contain Phosphoric acid
Eggs are acid forming and they have excess of Nitrogen fat and phosphoric acid, and can not therefore form the natural diet of man.
----Dr. Govind Raj, How healthy are eggs, P 8

Eggs do not suit Human Digestion
Both the bile and pancreatic juices are indifferent to egg white, Nearly 33 to 50% of the egg white passes through the digestive tract undigested.
----Prof. Okada (England), How healthy are eggs, P 3

The food value of milk is high, as excellent proteins are available in it. There is little that eggs supply which milk cannot. In the age of science particularly all the minerals and the vitamins can be supplied artificially and these could supplement milk wherever necessary. A lactovegetarian diet properly constructed is as nourishing as a diet containing meat or eggs. Dependence on meat or eggs for vitamins is no longer necessary.
----Dr. Anand Nimai Surta, How healthy are eggs, P 5-6

Eggs Add Cost, But No Significant Nutritional Benefits, say Indian Nutritionists

NEW DELHI, INDIA, March 25, 2003: The scientific community has rejected the Municipal Corporation of Delhi's proposal to include eggs as part of their midday meal in the capital. They say eggs have few nutritional benefits and even the protein content in wheat flour is almost the same. All eggs do, they say, is add to the cost of the program. "The purpose of midday meals is to make up for calorie-deficit, so a cereal-based diet remains the best choice," says Dr. Umesh Kapil, professor in the Department of Human Nutrition, AIIMS. Compared to eggs, both wheat flour and rice have twice the calorie content for the same amount. Then cost has to be factored in, with eggs costing the government six times more than the same amount in cereals. "Whole wheat flour chapatis served with legumes or vegetables are healthier than eggs as the protein content of wheat flour is not significantly lower than egg," explains Kapil. HPI adds: Eggs contained an average of 213 mg of cholesterol, which is a major factor in the development of atherosclerotic plaque and coronary artery disease. Cereal-based foods contain no cholesterol.

Courtesy of

EGGS NON GRATIS  from Autumn 1998 issue of The Civil Abolitionist
Before their yolks were denounced for being a rich source of cholesterol, eggs were generally considered a valuable source of protein.  Now that consuming too much protein has been shown to accelerate calcium loss, concern about getting enough protein does not seem to make eggs a good dietary choice even from a strictly nutritional point of view.  (From a humanitarian point of view they are, of course, strictly off limits - unless you keep chickens or know someone else who keeps chickens kindly.)

In the last decade or so, there has been another compelling reason to avoid eating eggs: Salmonella enteritidis, which can cause severe diarrhea, damage to the colon, arthritis, and death, especially in the very young, the old, and anyone with a weakened immune system, which would include cancer patients, transplant recipients, anyone who is ill or recovering from an illness.

In 1994, the Centers for Disease Control warned that no one should eat undercooked eggs.  That was the year 224,000 people in 48 states became ill after eating ice cream that had been transported in trucks that had previously carried liquid eggs.  This incident demonstrated that even trace amounts can sicken.
The US Department of Agriculture estimates that Salmonella poisoning kills 661 Americans a year and causes illness in another 661,663.  The organism is inactivated by thorough cooking as in baked goods or "hard boiling" (20 minutes).  Use in sauces and pancakes can be iffy.

The likely source of the problem is the the unhealthy conditions in which egg-laying chickens are kept.  Dosing them with subtherapeutic levels of antibiotics gives the bacteria opportunity to develop resistant strains.  Reproducing chickens from a narrow gene pool gives pathogens a stable environment in which to multiply resulting in chickens with infected ovaries.

Although eggs are classified as a "hazardous" food that needs refrigeration, this has not been enforced.  Washing them in warm water (Chickens have a single vent for egg-laying and waste evacuation.) has been suggested as a source of spreading contamination.

The egg industry has been successful in thwarting regulation and making it impossible to trace the source of eggs found to be contaminated because they are not segregated during the packing operation. (Just as genetically-manipulated soy beans are not segregated from natural ones.)
Consumer education and warning labels would be an easy fix.

Source: The Economist , July 4, 1998

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