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Kirtida Sundari <Kirtida.Sundari@intelligencia.comKirtida's page
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Gurukula - New Varshan, Auckland's Riverhead farm.

Gurukula - Iskcon Christchurch
Iskcon Youth World - A heap of useful and interesting links for the 
This link appears to be temporarily off line.

Kiwi link- N.Z. ex-gurkulis network:

Krishna kids page (Atlanta):

Shelter band raw footage used on TV shows

Krishnacore - Straightedge - The Ray & Porcell Temple - links, pictures, biographies, etc.

Kula Shaker : - (this is the band of the son of Haley Mills - Chrispin Mills and his friends, named the band after their dear friend (and mine) Kulashekha prabhu, the first English disciple of Srila Prabhupad.)

Vegetarian Youth Network:

Vegetarian Resource Group for Youths:

Children of Krishna - VNN article from Srimati Jahnavi mataji

All Ages: Reflections on Straight Edge by Beth Lahickey & Ray Cappo

S.T.T.P 'zine

Radha Govinda Sunday School New York:

Young Hindus:

Hindu Kids online:

Hindu Kids prayers - meanings:

Growing up Hindu in a Non-Hindu Country:

Learn How to Play the Mridanga drum On-line - beginners, intermediate and olde hands - new beats

Dolls of Devotion - elaborately made fabric dolls of different incarnations.

Amar Chitra Katha Comics:

Post Cards for all occassions:

Woodworks - Krishna Conscious Puzzles and Games for kids:

The Ramayan in RealAudio Story form - by Amala Bhakta dasa

The Ramayana - A brilliant picture book of the epic the Ramayana

Mythical Encyclopaedia of All Major Cultures:

An A-Z of Hindu Mythology - Encyclopaedia

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