March 14, 1999   VNN3323

                 Children Of Krishna

                 BY JAHNAVI DASI

                 USA, Mar 14 (VNN) Dear Devotees, please accept my respects.

                 In reading recent posts it seems that many devotees may not know
                 about some of the positive measures being taken to rectify and
                 prevent abuse to the children of the Hare Krsna Movement.
                 Organizations like Children of Krishna Inc. and the Office of Child
                 Protection both have proactive and comprehensive programs dealing
                 with such issues as past abusers, helping our youth affected,
                 preventing child abuse in the future and supporting our youth in
                 achieving their goals in general. More can and should be done, and if
                 you would like to help be part of the solution or know more
                 information please get in touch with us. 904-462-1081, or read
                 below to learn about us.

                 Yours truly, Jahnavi dasi, Managing Director, Children of Krishna

                 Children of Krishna, Inc.

                 Main Office - Alachua, Florida

                 Children of Krishna, Inc. supports, furthers and protects the
                 educational, economic, emotional and spiritual well being of the
                 children of the Hare Krishna Movement.

                 The children of the Hare Krishna Movement are our greatest asset.
                 Therefore we must:
                 a) create a loving environment for our children and protect them from
                 b) Provide our students a first-class, well-rounded education,
                 including trained professional teachers and exceptional schools; and
                 c) Give our young adults the transitional training and support they
                 require to become productive and happy members of our society.

                 Our Motto: "Helping Hare Krishna Youth to Help Themselves"

                 Children of Krishna, Inc, (CKI), was formed during the 1996 North
                 American GBC and Temple President meetings. It was a direct and
                 proactive response to a panel presentation by ten Hare Krishna youth
                 who shared very candid stories of their personal experiences while
                 students in the Gurukula system. It became obvious that our devotee
                 society needed to not only remedy past mistakes but also offer our
                 youth the type of tangible assistance and support that the elders in any
                 family must provide. As a result of the strong feelings generated,
                 $105,000 was pledged that afternoon to help our youth. Thus,
                 Children of Krishna, Inc. was born.

                 Children of Krishna serves over 1,000 gurukula alumni worldwide
                 (and growing!) We are here to provide our youth with a step up to
                 inspire them to help themselves. We do this through offering referral
                 information, grants, loans, and other resources. Children of Krishna
                 offers emotional, spiritual, educational, and economic support to our
                 youth while encouraging accountability and personal initiative.

                 Since our inception we have helped youth, granting over $85,000 for
                 college tuitions, business seed funds, counseling, reunions for
                 comradeship, and many other programs and worthwhile projects.
                 Children of Krishna has fast been becoming a grass roots organization
                 where all devotees are coming together to support our youth in
                 achieving their goals in life. We have also established a toll free line for
                 our youth to share their thoughts, opinions, needs and ideas with us.
                 (888-Krsna-kids) We were a driving force in the formation of
                 ISKCON's International Office of Child Protection and we continue
                 to act as a positive support system for our youth.

                 If you would like further information on Children of Krishna or the
                 Office of Child Protection, or would like to help, contact:

                 Jennifer Haggard (Jahnavi dasi), Managing Director
                 P.O. Box 2458
                 Alachua, FL 32616
                 Tel - 904-462-1081
                 Email -