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All Glories To Srila Prabhupad.

/ \    All Glories to Sri Guru and Gauranga.

Welcome to the latest edition of the on-line HKSRNewsletter, and our humble attempt to render some service to the devotee community. The format of this newsletter is that of a continuous scroll, please see the table of contents where everything is hyper-linked on-line, we hope it's now easier for you all. This newsletter still goes out to way over 3008 receivers. We trust that all is well with everyone by the Mercy of the Lord. However, if anyone would like to be removed please just send us a message requesting me to do so, and we will do it promptly. If you are receiving this from a friend, and would like to be added directly to the mailout please also let us know and we will do the needful there too. Removal and Subscription details at the very end of this newsletter.

Hare Krishna. =>B-) JTCd

"May there be good fortune throughout the universe, and may all envious persons be pacified. May all living entities become calm by practicing bhakti-yoga, for by accepting devotional service they will think of each other’s welfare. Therefore let us all engage in the service of the supreme transcendence, Lord Sri Krishna, and always remain absorbed in thought of Him."(Srimad Bhagavatam 5:18:9.)

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View previous years festival dates on the Calendar:
The coming year's Vaishnava Calendar for 2006-2007

Beginning of Shalagram and Tulsi Jala Dan  (northern hemisphere)

Sri Abhiram Thakur - Disappearance - Tirubhav

Srila Vrindavana Das Thakur - Disappearance - Tirubhav

Fasting on Suddha Ekadasi for Varuthini Ekadasi - (Fasting from Beans and Grains - 24th April 2006  in NZ)

Sri Gadadhara Pandit - Appearance - Avirbhav

Aksaya Tritiya, Candana Yatra starts, continues for 21 days

Jahnu Saptami

Srimati Sita Devi (consort of Lord Rama) - Appearance - Avirbhav
Sri Madhu Pandit - Disappearance - Tirubhav

Srimati Jahnava Devi - Appearance - Avirbhav

Mother's Day (NZ, Aus, USA, UK)

Fasting on Suddha Ekadasi for Mohini Ekadasi - (Fasting from Beans and Grains - 9th May 2006  in NZ)

Srimati Rukmini Dvadasi

Sriman Jayananda Prabhu - Disappearance - Tirubhav

Sri Nrsimha Caturdasi -  Appearance of Lord Nrsimhadeva (Fasting till dusk) (Friday 12 May in NZ)

Krsna Phula Dola, Salila Vihara - Purnima
Sri Paramesvari Das Thakur - Disappearance - Tirubhav
Sri Sri Radha Ramana Devji - Appearance - Avirbhav
Sri Madhavendra Puri - Appearance - Avirbhav
Sri  Srinivasa Acarya - Appearance - Avirbhav

Buddhadev Purnima - Buddha Jayanti - Lord Buddha's Appearance day

End of Jala Dan  (in the northern hemisphere)

Vrsabha Sankranti (Sun enters Taurus)

Sri Ramananda Raya - Disappearance - Tirubhav

Fasting on Suddha Ekadasi for Apara Ekadasi - (Fasting from Beans and Grains - 23rd May 2006  in NZ)

Srila Vrindavana Das Thakur - Appearance - Avirbhav

World No Tobbaco Day - World No Smoking Day - 31st May every year

5th June - World Environment Day every year

Sri Baladeva Vidyabhusana - Disappearance - Tirubhav
Sri Ganga Puja
Srimati Gangamata Goswamini - Appearance - Avirbhav

Fasting on Vyanjuli Mahadvadasi for Pandava Nirjala Ekadasi - (Fasting from Beans and Grains - 8th June 2006  in NZ)
 (Total fast, even from water, if you have broken Ekadasi)

Sri Panihati Cida Dahi Utsava

Snana Yatra (Sunday 11th June 2006 in Jagannath Puri)
Sri Mukunda Datta - Disappearance - Tirubhav
Sri Sridhara Pandit - Disappearance - Tirubhav

Sri Syamananda Prabhu - Disappearance - Tirubhav

Mithuna Sankranti (Sun enters Gemini)

Sri Vakresvara Pandit - Appearance - Avirbhav

Father's Day - 3rd Sunday in June in US & UK - 1st Sunday in September in Aus & NZ

Sri Srivas Pandit - Disappearance - Tirubhav

Trisprsa Mahadvadasi - Fasting on Suddha Ekadasi for Yogini Ekadasi - (Fasting from Beans and Grains - 22nd June 2006  in NZ)

Sri Gadadhara Pandit - Disappearance - Tirubhav
Srila Bhaktivinode Thakur - Disappearance  - Tirubhav (Fasting till noon)

Sri Gundica Marjana

Ratha Yatra - in Jagannath Puri 27th June 2006
Hera Pancami after 4 days
Return Ratha after 8 days
Sri Swarupa Damodara - Disappearance - Tirubhav
Sri Sivananda Sen - Disappearance - Tirubhav

Sri Vakresvara Pandit - Disappearance - Tirubhav

Fasting on Suddha Ekadasi for Sayana Ekadasi - (Fasting from Beans and Grains - 7th July 2006  in NZ)

 8 July Sayana Dwadasi

Sri Guru (Vyaasa) Purnima  - 11th July in NZ
Sri Sanatana Goswami - Disappearance - Tirubhav

First month of Caturmasya begins.
(Fast from sak, green leafy vegetables, for one month.)
(Caturmasya is not observed during Purusottama Adhika Masa.)

This year's full panjikam also now available for viewing:
The coming year's Vaishnava Calendar for 2006-2007

All Calender information HERE

Check out the Ekadasi pages with links to every Ekadasi:
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Find out about Dwadasi and Mahadwadasi here:


kasmad ekadasi jata tasyah ko va vidhir dvija
kada va kriyate kim va phalam kim va vadasva me

ka va pujyatama tatra devata sad-gunarnava
akurvatah syat ko dosa etan me vaktum arhasi

"Oh Gurudeva! When did Ekadasi take birth and from whom did she appear? What are the rules of fasting on the Ekadasi? Please describe the benefits of following this vow and when it should be followed. Who is the utmost worshippable presiding deity of Sri Ekadasi? What are the faults in not following Ekadasi properly? Please bestow your mercy upon me and tell about these subjects, as you are the only personality able to do so."

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Panjikas (Calendars) for 2006 - 2007
Gaurabda 520

Adelaide - SA - Australia Hobart - Tasmania - Australia Munich - (Munchen)  - Germany
Amsterdam - Holland Hong Kong Murwillumbah - NSW - Australia
Atlanta - GA - USA Jakarta - Indonesia Muscat - Oman
Auckland - New Zealand Johannesburg - RSA New York - USA
Bangalore - India Kathmandu - Nepal Perth - WA - Australia
Bangkok - Thailand Katikati - BOP - New Zealand Singapore
Belgrade - Hungary Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia Suva - Fiji Islands
Boston - MA - USA Kuwait City  - Al kuwait - Kuwait Sydney - NSW - Australia
Brisbane  - Australia London - UK Toronto - Canada
Budapest - Serbia Los Angeles - CA - USA Trinidad & Tobago - West Indies
Calcutta - Kolkata - India Madras - (Chennai) - India Vrindavan (Sri Vrindavan Dham)- India
Christchurch - CHCH - New Zealand Malawi - Afrika Warsaw  - Poland
Delhi (New Delhi) India Manchester - UK Washington DC USA
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Durban - RSA Mayapur - West Bengal - India Whakatane - New Zealand
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Hawera - New Zealand Moscow - CIS - Russia
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Festivals Coming Soon

Disappearance Day of Jayananda dasa Adhikari

Thursday 11th May in NZ

Sri Nrsimha Chaturdasi - Appearance Day of Lord Narasimhadev

Fasting until Dusk

Friday 12th May 2006 in NZ

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Srimad Bhagavad Gita AS IT IS

Bhagavad Gita:  Chapter 5 -  Karma-yoga : Action in Krsna Consciousness

                         saknotihaiva yah sodhum
                         prak sarira-vimoksanat
                        kama-krodhodbhavam vegam
                        sa yuktah sa sukhi narah


   saknoti--is able; iha eva--in the present body; yah--one who;
   sodhum--to tolerate; prak--before; sarira--the body;
   vimoksanat--giving up; kama--desire; krodha--and anger;
   udbhavam--generated from; vegam--urges; sah--he; yuktah--in trance;
   sah--he; sukhi--happy; narah--human being.


   Before giving up this present body, if one is able to tolerate the
   urges of the material senses and check the force of desire and
   anger, he is well situated and is happy in this world.

PURPORT by HDG Srila A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupad:

   If one wants to make steady progress on the path of
   self-realization, he must try to control the forces of the material
   senses. There are the forces of talk, forces of anger, forces of
   mind, forces of the stomach, forces of the genitals, and forces of
   the tongue. One who is able to control the forces of all these
   different senses, and the mind, is called gosvami, or svami. Such
   gosvamis live strictly controlled lives, and forgo altogether the
   forces of the senses. Material desires, when unsatiated, generate
   anger, and thus the mind, eyes and chest become agitated.
   Therefore, one must practice to control them before one gives up
   this material body. One who can do this is understood to be
   self-realized and is thus happy in the state of self-realization.
   It is the duty of the transcendentalist to try strenuously to
   control desire and anger.

His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

Copyright 1983 The Bhaktivedanta Book Trust International. Used with permission.

Bhagavad Gita As It Is -

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Prabhupada Uvacha:
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One who has got knowledge is humorous also. (Conversation, 20 May 1975)

A gentleman should be humorous. (Letter, 26 September 1975)

Srila Prabhupada was simultaneously grave and joyful, serious and jolly. He had a good sense of humor and often laughed, joked, or told comical stories. But although funny, Prabhupada was never frivolous. Even his lighter mood was fully Krsna conscious. He did not laugh, joke, or perform antics for cheap popularity or just to pass the time of day. He had a transcendental purpose in everything he did. Unlike the joking of mundane comedians, Prabhupada's wit did not leave us feeling empty. Rather, it helped us on the path of fulfillment, because he gave Krsna consciousness along with the laughs.

- From the "Jaya Srila Prabhupada!" by HH Bhakti Vikasa Swami

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Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare

...................and be Happy

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"Dedicated To Supreme Scientist"

>>> Ref. VedaBase => Morning Walk -- June 22, 1975, Los Angeles

Listen to the entire lecture on-line:

Prabhupada: Brahmananda is not come? Nobody knows why? [break]

Devotees: He was in mangala aratik.

Tamala Krsna: He was not dancing very much, though. So maybe he was not... [break]

Radha-ballabha: Here comes Brahmananda.

Prabhupada: How he comes? (laughing) He is running. Oh, another car?

Bahulasva: Yes. [break]

Tamala Krsna: This not like Juhu.

Prabhupada: Yes. [break] ...Maharaja feeling separation of mayapur.

Tamala Krsna: It's transcendental.

Prabhupada: He has constructed Mayapur. This is very good. Asaktis tad-vasati-sthale. If one becomes attracted in the place of Krsna -- place of Krsna everywhere -- especially where His lila was performed... So Brahmananda, why late today?

Brahmananda: I was in the temple, chanting.

Prabhupada: Oh.

Brahmananda: I didn't think you would come so early.

Prabhupada: It is early?

Brahmananda: Well, earlier than yesterday.

Prabhupada: No, I don't think. What is the time?

Tamala Krsna: Ten minutes to six.

Jayatirtha: Yesterday you left about 5:40 and today you left exactly at 5:30. So...

Brahmananda: I came just after you left.

Prabhupada: I think your watch is slow. (laughter) [break] ...actual time now?

Jayatirtha: It's 5:51.

Prabhupada: Hm? What is my?

Jayatirtha: Your's is about one minute faster.

Prabhupada: And what is your?

Brahmananda: 5:53.

Prabhupada: Fast. [break] my childhood, I remember, I went to see football match in the Maidan.

Tamala Krsna: Calcutta Maidan.

Prabhupada: Yes. So when I was returning -- of course, I was walking -- throughout the whole... At that time our house was that Mullik's house. So from Maidan to Mahatma Gandhi Road I came. And all the watches throughout the road, the same time. Means every watch was, every clock was wrong. But I was going, so I, suppose I saw 5:10 here, then few steps away, 5:10, 5:10, 5:10, like that.

Bhavananda: Not any more.

Prabhupada: Huh?


Listen to the entire lecture on-line:
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© 2001 The Bhaktivedanta Book Trust International. Used with permission.


So Krsna's or God's position is always transcendental. Therefore those who are impersonalists, they are not attracted with the variegatedness of this material life. They want to make it void, because they have no information of the spiritual variegatedness. But this Sukadeva Gosvami, he became attracted with the pastimes of Krsna because Krsna's pastimes are not variegatedness of this material world. Its completely spiritual. And to discuss about Krsna, to hear about Krsna, to chant about Krsna, to glorify about Krsna, everything is spiritual. So if you are engaged twenty-four hours in this business you are not in this material world. You are in the spiritual world.

Srimad-Bhagavatam 2.1.5 -- Los Angeles 1972

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uttistha jagrata
prapya varan nibodhat
ksurasya dhara nisita duratyaya
durgam pathas tat kavayo vadanti

“Please wake up and try to understand the boon that you now have in this human form of life. The path of spiritual realization is very difficult; it is sharp like a razor’s edge. That is the opinion of learned transcendental scholars.” Katha Upanisad 1.3.14

Courtesy of used with permission

The Senses are Useless if Not Used in Kåñëa's Service

taravaù kià na jévanti bhasträù kià na çvasanty uta
na khädanti na mehanti kià gräme paçavo 'pare

 Do the trees not live? Do the bellows of the blacksmith not breathe? All around us, do the beasts not eat and discharge semen? (Bhäg. 2.3.18)

çva-viò-varähoñöra-kharaiù saàstutaù puruñaù paçuù
na yat-karëa-pathopeto jätu näma gadägrajaù

 Men who live like dogs, hogs, camels, and asses praise those men who never listen to the transcendental pastimes of Lord Çré Kåñëa, the deliverer from all evils. (Bhäg. 2.3.19)

bile batorukrama-vikramän ye na çåëvataù karëa-puöe narasya
jihväsaté därdurikeva süta na copagäyaty urugäya-gäthäù

 One who has not listened to the messages about the prowess and marvelous acts of the Supreme Person and has not sung or chanted loudly the worthy songs about Him is considered to possess earholes like the holes of snakes and a tongue like the tongue of a frog. (Bhäg. 2.3.20)

bhäraù paraà paööa-kiréöa-juñöam
apy uttamäìgaà na namen mukundam
çävau karau no kurute saparyäà
harer lasat-käïcana-kaokaëau vä

 The upper portion of the body, though crowned with a silk turban, is only a heavy burden if not bowed down before the Supreme Personality of Godhead, who can award liberation. And the hands, although decorated with glittering bangles, are like those of a dead man if not engaged in the service of Çré Hari. (Bhäg. 2.3.21)

barhäyite te nayane naräëäà
liogäni viñëor na nirékñato ye
pädau nåëäà tau druma-janma-bhäjau
kñeträëi nänuvrajato harer yau

 Those eyes that do not look at the form of the Supreme Lord are like those printed on the plumes of a peacock, and the legs which do not move to the holy places are like tree trunks. (Bhäg. 2.3.22)

jévaï chavo bhägavatäìghri-reëuà
na jätu martyo 'bhilabheta yas tu
çré-viñëu-padyä manujas tulasyäù
çvasaï chavo yas tu na veda gandham

 The person who has not received the dust of the feet of the Lord's pure devotee upon his head is certainly a dead body. And, although breathing, the person who has never experienced the aroma of the Tulasé leaves from the lotus feet of the Lord is also a dead body. (Bhäg. 2.3.23)

Without the Mercy of Gauräìga it is Impossible
 to Control the Senses or Practice Bhakti

kälaù kalir balina indriya-vairivargäù
çré bhakti-märga iha kaoöaka-koöi-ruddhaù
hä hä kva yämi vikalaù kimahaà karomi
caitanyacandra yadi nädya kåpäà karoñi

 Now it is the age of Kali. My enemies, the senses, are very strong. The beautiful path of bhakti is spiked with countless thorns. My spirit is weak. My senses are powerful and agétäted. O what shall I do? Where shall I go? O Lord Caitanya-candra, if you do not grant me Your mercy, what shall I do to save myself? (Caitanya-candämåta 125)

The Six Kinds of Çaraëägati

änukülyasya saokalpaù prätikülyasya varjanam
rakñiñyatéti viçväso goptåtve varaëaà tathä
ätma-nikñepa-kärpaëye ñaò-vidhä çaraëägatiù

 The six divisions of surrender are to accept those things favorable for devotional service, to reject unfavorable things, the conviction that Kåñëa will give all protection, to accept the Lord as one's guardian or master, full self-surrender, and humility. (Cc. Madhya 22.100, from Vaiñëava Tantra)

Without Çaraëägati There Can be no Auspiciousness

tävad bhayaà draviëa-deha-suhån-nimittaà
çokaù spåhä paribhavo vipulaç ca lobhaù
tävan mamety asad-avagraha ärti-mülaà
yävan na te 'oghrim abhayaà pravåëéta lokaù

 O my Lord, the people of the world are embarrassed by material anxieties they are always afraid. They always try to protect wealth, body, and friends. They are filled with lamentation and unlawful desires and paraphernalia; and they avariciously base their undertakings on the perishable conceptions of "my" and "mine". As long as they do not take shelter of Your safe lotus feet, they are full of such anxieties. (Bhäg. 3.9.6)

påcchämi tväà dharma-sammüòha-cetäù
yac chreyaù syän niçcitaà brühi tan me
çiñyas te 'haà çädhi mäà tväà prapannam

 Now I am confused about my duty and have lost all composure due to weakness. In that condition I am asking You to tell me clearly what is best for me. Now I am Your disciple and soul surrendered unto You. Please instruct me. (Bhagavad-gétä 2.7)

daivé hy eñä guëa-mayé
mama mäyä duratyayä
mäm eva ye prapadyante
mäyäm etäà taranti te

 This divine energy of Mine, consisting of the three modes of nature, is difficult to overcome, but those who have surrendered unto Me can easily cross beyond it. (Bhagavad-gétä 7.14)

yeñäà sa eña bhagavän dayayed anantaù
sarvätmanäçrita-pado yadi nirvyalékam
te dustaräà atitaranti ca deva-mäyäà
naiñäà mamäham iti dhéù çva-çågäla-bhakñye

 Anyone who is specifically favored by the Supreme Lord, due to unalloyed surrender to the service of the Lord, can overcome the insurmountable ocean of illusion and can understand the Lord. But those who are attached to the body, which is meant to be eaten by dogs and jackals cannot do so. (Bhäg. 2.7.42)

ananyäç cintayanto mäà ye janäù paryupäsate
teñäà nityäbhiyuktänäà yoga-kñemaà vahämy aham

 But those who are always attached to Me, who worship Me with devotion, meditating on My transcendental form to them I carry what they have and preserve what they lack. (Bhagavad-gétä 9.22)

kåñëa-bhakti-sudhäpänäd deha-daihika-vismåteù
teçäà bhautikadehe'pi sac-cid-änanda-rüpatä

 Drinking the nectar of Kåñëa-bhakti-rasa, the living being forgets the gross and subtle material bodies and becomes absorbed in transcendence. The body of such a devotee, although material, attains the qualities sat, cit, and änanda, or eternity, knowledge, and bliss. (Båhad-bhägavatämåta 2.3.45)

çaraëa laïä kare kåñëe ätma-samarpaëa
kåñëa täre kare tat-käle ätma-sama

 When a devotee fully surrenders to Kåñëa, offering his very self, at that time Kåñëa accepts the devotee to be as good as His very self. (That is, the Lord accepts Him as one of his own personal associates.) (Cc. Madhya 22.102)

prabhu kahe,--"vaiñëava-deha 'präkåta' kabhu naya
'apräkåta' deha bhaktera 'cid-änanda-maya'
dékñä-käle bhakta kare ätma-samarpaëa
sei-käle kåñëa täre kare ätma-sama
sei deha kare tära cid-änanda-maya
apräkåta-dehe täora caraëa bhajaya

 Caitanya Mahäprabhu said, "The body of a devotee is never material. It is considered transcendental, full of spiritual bliss. At the time of initiation, when a devotee fully surrenders unto the service of the Lord, Kåñëa accepts him to be as good as Himself. When the devotee's body is thus transformed into spiritual existence, the devotee, in that transcendental body, renders service to the lotus feet of the Lord. (Cc. Antya 4.191-193)

dante nidhäya tåëakaà padayor-nipatya
kåtvä ca käkuçatam etad ahaà bravémi
he sädhavaù sakalam eva vihäya düräd-
gauraìga-candra-caraëe kurutänurägam

 Taking a straw in my teeth I fall at your feet hundreds of times and implore you with sweet words, saying, "O noble soul! Please throw out everything you have learned and cultivate attachment to the lotus feet of the moonlike Çré Gauräìga. (Caitanya-candämåta 120)


na prema-gandho 'sti daräpi me harau
krandämi saubhägya-bharaà prakäñitum
vaàçé-viläsy-änana-lokanaà vinä
vibharmi yat präëa-pataìgakän våthä

 My dear friends, I have not the slightest tinge of love of Godhead within my heart. When you see me crying in separation, I am only making a false show of devotion. The proof that I have no love for Kåñëa is the fact that while not seeing His beautiful face as He plays His flute I continue to maintain My fly like existence. (Cc. Madhya 2.45)

The Value of Association With a Pure Devotee

ata ätyantikaà kñemaà påcchämo bhavato 'naghäù
saàsäre 'smin kñaëärdho 'pi sat-saìgaù çevadhir nåëäm

 O sinless ones! We therefore inquire from you about that which is supremely auspicious for all living beings, for in this world association with saints even for a half a moment is the most valuable treasure in human society. (Bhäg. 11.2.30)

tulayäma lavenäpi na svargaà näpunar-bhavam
bhagavat-saìgi-saìgasya martyänäà kim utäçiñaù

 Elevation to the heavenly planets and liberation from material existence cannot be compared to even a moment's association with a pure devotee of Kåñëa. What then can be said of material benedictions, which are for those who are destined to die? (Bhäg. 1.18.13)

bhayaà dvitéyäbhiniveçataù syäd éçäd apetasya viparyayo 'småtiù
tan-mäyayäto budha äbhajet taà bhaktyaikayeçaà guru-devatätmä

 Fear arises when a living entity misidentifies himself as the material body because of absorption in the external, illusory energy of the Lord. When the living entity thus turns away from the Supreme Lord, he also forgets his own constitutional position as a servant of the Lord. This bewildering, fearful condition is effected by the potency for illusion, called mäyä. Therefore, an itelligent person should engage unflinchingly in the unalloyed devotional service of the Lord, under the guidance of a bona fide spiritual master, whom he should accept as his worshipable deity and as his very life and soul. (Bhäg. 11.2.37)

The Çrutis Identify the Worship of Devotees and Association
with Saints as the Only Thing Worth Doing

tasmäd-ätmajïaà hyarcayed-bhütikämaù

 A person wishing to attain divine opulence should worship one who is ätmajïa, self-realized. That is, he should worship a devotee of Çré Hari, the Supreme Personality of Godhead. (Muëòaka Upaniñad 3.1.10)

Sädhu-saëga is the Only Way

rahügaëaitat tapasä na yäti na cejyayä nirvapaëäd gåhäd vä
na cchandasä naiva jalägni-süryair vinä mahat-päda-rajo-'bhiñekam

 My dear King Rahügaëa, unless one has the opportunity to smear his body with the dust of the lotus feet of great devotees, one cannot realize the Absolute Truth. One cannot realize the Absolute Truth simply by observing celibacy, by worshiping the Deity, by taking sannyäsa, by perfectly following the rules of the gåhastha äçrama, nor can one attain the truth by accepting severe penances and austerities, by studying the Vedas, nor by worshiping the gods of water and sun. Only by bathing in the dust of the lotus feet of a pure devotee is the Absolute Truth revealed. (Bhäg. 5.12.12)

Those Who Have Few Pious Credits
Cannot Get the Association of Great Souls

duräpä hy alpa-tapasaù sevä vaikuëöha-vartmasu
yatropagéyate nityaà deva-devo janärdanaù

 Those whose austerity is meager can hardly obtain the service of the pure devotees, who are progressing on the path back to the kingdom of God, Vaikuëöha. Pure devotees engage one hundred percent in glorifying the Supreme Lord, who is the Lord of the demigods and the controller of all living entities. (Bhäg. 3.7.20)

naiñäà matis tävad urukramäìghrià
spåçaty anarthäpagamo yad-arthaù
mahéyasäà päda-rajo-'bhiñekaà
niñkiïcanänäà na våëéta yävat

 Unless they smear upon their bodies the dust of the lotus feet of a Vaiñëava completely free from material contamination, persons very much inclined toward materialistic life cannot be attached to the lotus feet of the Lord. Only in this way can one be free from material contamination. (Bhäg. 7.5.32)

The above verses are all from the Gaudiya kanthahara chapter 13.

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ete cäàça-kaläù puàsaù
kåñëas tu bhagavän svayam
indräri-vyäkulaà lokaà
måòayanti yuge yuge

“All the lists of the incarnations of Godhead submitted herewith are either plenary expansions or parts of the plenary expansions of the Supreme Godhead, but Kåñëa is the Supreme Personality of Godhead Himself.” (Srimad Bhagavatam 1.3.28)

rämädi-mürtiñu kalä-niyamena tiñöhan
nänävatäram akarod bhuvaneñu kintu
kåñëaù svayaà samabhavat paramaù pumän yo
govindam ädi-puruñaà tam ahaà bhajämi

“I worship the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Govinda [Kåñëa], who is always situated in various incarnations such as Räma, Nåsiàha and many subincarnations as well, but who is the original Personality of Godhead known as Kåñëa, and who incarnates personally also.” (Brahma samhita 5:39.)

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thanx again Shyam'

Dear Friends,

Hare Krsna!

In the download section of my website you will find a copy of Ganguly's complete English translation of the Mahabharata (originally in 13 hardback volumes) in HTML format. It is in a 7.5 MB zipped file.

The Mahabharata explains by example how Lord Krsna's Vedic culture and Varnashrama Dharma are meant to work. Where the Manu Smriti is a concise book of laws for Mankind the Mahabharata shows how those laws are applied. The Mahabharata along with the Ramayana have been the main foundation for the continuation of Vedic culture because they are easily accessible to the masses. The Mahabharata was actually written for the unfortunate people of the Kali Yuga to help uplift them. A close study of the Mahabharata and Ramayana in conjunction with the Manu Samhita would serve as a good guide on how to implement Varnashrama Dharma. And, in conjunction with the Srimad Bhagavatam, insight into Daivi Varnashrama Dharma. The Mahabharata is thus an essential text for anyone interested in implementing VAD.

The Mahabharata is a vast treasure house of Brahminical knowledge and as the Mahabharat itself says: "What is found in the Mahabharata may be found in other texts; whatever is not found in the Mahabharata is not found anywhere."

You will also find a PDF copy  of a canto of Agnivesa's Caraka Samhita (an Ayurvedic text) entitled Sarirasthana, a fascinating account of how the body is formed starting with philosophical details, conception, karmic details, embryology etc. I once gave this text to an obstetrician to read while she was waiting to see me and she was astounded at how much knowledge was contained in such an ancient text. Size 14 MB

Yours faithfully,

Shyamasundara Dasa
"krsnas tu bhagavan svayam"

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Can you Please Help Us
Join The Campaign ... Try to Appeal For The Kazkhstan Temple

---------- Forwarded Message -------------------------------
Text PAMHO:11445083 (129 lines)
From: (Bhakti Bhrnga) Govinda Swami
Date: 20-Apr-06 07:54 (14:54 +0700)
To: Free Forum (Announcements) [10034]
Subject: X all com users
Dear Vaisnavas,

Please accept my humble obeisances. All Glories to Srila Prabhupada.

In 1999 the devotees in Kazkhstan purchased a beautiful farm outside of the city of Almaty, Kazakhstan. Since that time substantial strides have been made in creating an agricultural community, a home for many vaisnavas, and the venue for a wonderful summer yearly festival attended by devotees from Central Asia and Russia.

Since October 2004 there have been many attempts from the government of Kazakhstan to push us from this property. This has been done by smear campaigns in the media and ongoing litigation in the courts.

On March 29, 2006 a case was conducted in the Almaty Oblast Court. Prior to issuing the ruling the judge declared that the legal arguments of the government land agency had no substance and that the arguments presented by the advocates representing our society were correct and in accordance to the Kazakhstan legal code.

But after private discussion in their chambers the judges emerged and issued a ruling against our society in which it is stated that the land be confiscated and returned to the government. This ruling was illegal and not based on legislation of the government of Kazakhstan.

We purchased the land at the market value in 1999. In 2004 we privatised the land according to the laws of Kazakhstan in. Since this time the value of this land has increased dramatically. The situation we have is that the powerful government land barons want to eliminate us by any illegal process that they may possess the land, again sell, and make astronomical profit.

We have neither time nor options left. Our last option is the Supreme Court of Kazakhstan, but need-less-to-say, the legal system does not work in this country. It is either a matter of paying for the decision or having a powerful person order the decision.

Thus we are requesting devotees throughout the world to assist us in different ways:

First, we are requesting you to send this letter to all the contacts you have.

Second, we are requesting you to print the following letter and send to the Administration of the President of Kazakhstan requesting him to intervene in this case.

Third, we are requesting you to contact the heads of religious organisations, the foreign ministries in your countries, international human rights agencies, and register an appeal that they will voice concern to the government of Kazakhstan.

And at last, we are humbly requesting that you will all pray that this situation may be reversed and our farm, Sri Vrindavan Dham, will not be stolen by the government of Kazakhstan.

The President of Kazakhstan has gained international respect for having hosted an international religious forum in 2003. Yet, despite the talks of religious equality and openness, he is allowing a religious society to be illegally evicted from their legally acquired property. It is an injustice performed in the name of religious equality.

With affectionate regards,

BB Govinda Swami


To the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Mr. N.A. Nazarbayev

Government palace, Levoberezhye,

Astana, 010000, Republic of Kazakhstan.

Or ...

Presidential Residence:

To the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Mr. Nazarbayev N.A.

Akorda, Astana, 010000, Republic of Kazakhstan.

President's e-mail:

Dear President Nazarbayev,

It is with deep regret that we have been informed of your government's attempted confiscation of the land which is owned by the Kazakhstan Society for Krishna Consciousness.

The land has been legally purchased and privatised according to the land codes of Kazakhstan.

But since 2004 there has been ongoing litigation in an attempt by government officials to steal the land where the Kazakhstan Society for Krishna Consciousness has been officially registered, and situated, for the past seven years.

On March 29, 2006 a hearing was conducted in the Almaty Provincial Court.

The judge in charge of the case explained that he had carefully studied the case and that there was no substance in the arguments of the Government Land Committee and District Hakimat.

Yet, when the decision was read it was ruled that the land at issue be returned to the land reserve of Kazakhstan. The decision of the court was enacted due to executive pressure as it violates legislative and procedural rules of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Mr. President, you want that your fine country come into the rank of the leading nations of the world.

You have shown your open mindedness by conducting your International Religious Forum in 2003. Yet in this case we have a glaring example of a religious society being destroyed by the greed of self motivated officers.

Sir, we are respectfully appealing to you to intervene in this case.

Please stop the abuse and destruction of the one element of Indian religion which is active in your nation.

Please allow these people to live peacefully on their property in accordance to the vision of religious equality that you have presented for the nation of Kazakhstan.


Empowering Austerities

Bhagavad-gita describes three kinds of austerities in the mode of goodness. Practicing these austerities may give strength to any spiritual leader for pursuing his leadership and preaching duties successfully.

We may practice the austerity of the body by forcing our body to rise early and go to the full temple morning program every day.

Austerity of the mind may be done by reading Srila Prabhupada’s books every day to learn the art of caring and leading others, and being a good example; also thinking always of doing good to others and how to help them start or develop their spiritual life.

Austerity of speech may be practiced by making sure that we speak uplifting and wise words, based on sastra and emanating love, patience and care. One has to genuinely want to help others, otherwise they will feel it when we speak to them. “I don’t care how much you know until I know how much you care.”

Daily conscious practice of these austerities will give us strength to face many challenges that we encounter. And above all, attentive chanting of 16 rounds every day (no “preaching excuses”) is the most important purificatory and empowering austerity. These austerities are purifying for the intelligence and so by practising them one can serve with the help of spiritual intelligence.

It's TV Turnoff Week

April 23, 2006: It's TV Turnoff week from April 24-30, 2006. Tips are given for parents to use such as placing the TV in a "hard to get to" place, phasing out cable and then limiting watching to videos and DVD's, or leaving the TV behind when you move. Curious about how excessive television viewing affects your psyche, then check out the "Facts and Figures" page at the URL above. Excessive TV watching often takes away from precious family time, it may hamper your children's education, it often results in obese children, and the most obvious, it can promote violence. If you are not too sure how to replace television watching in your home, the American Academy of Pediatrics has provided a link with some ideas. Teachers can use this site as a valuable resource to encourage students to read more.

Courtesy of Hinduism Today

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Srila Prabhupad on working:

Walking south along the inner road Srila Prabhupada inspected the boundary-wall rooms. Some were being used for living quarters, and some were being used for storage.

At the dispensary Prabhupada said that he would give some herbal formulas for minor ailments. He also suggested that the devotees keep a stock of general medicines for curing common complaints without the need for a doctor.

At least five or six rooms were being used for weaving. Looking in at the looms, Prabhupada revealed a little of his vision of a spiritual society in Mayapur. He said, "Some envious persons might criticize, 'Oh, this is temple and they are weaving. They are not worshiping?' And yet others may accuse us as religionists-parasites. But in the Bhagavad-gita Krsna says sva-karmana tam abhyarcya siddhim vindati manavah. Whatever a person knows, he can work in that way and get perfection, provided he is Krsna conscious. Because they are preparing the cloth for the devotees and not for business, they are therefore serving Krsna."

Prabhupada suggested that some of the rooms be turned into shops where cloth, books, prasadam, mrdanga drums, and karatalas could be sold.

- From the "A Transcendental Diary Vol 1" by HG Hari Sauri dasa

Daily Inspirations:

Remember if people talk behind your back, it only means you're two steps ahead!

Do your duty, that is best leave unto the Lord the rest.

A leader is someone who helps improve the lives of other people or improve the system they live under.

Courtesy of Hinduism Today

Never underestimate the debt that we all owe to Srila Prabhupada
by Vidyapati dasa

when i was living in wellington, with the devotees, in 2004, i once got the opportunity of being the personal servant of my Gurumaharaja for three days. the devotees in wellington generally rent out a private appartment for my Gurudeva to stay in while he is in town, which has two rooms in it, one for his servant, and the bigger one for himself. essentially, all i had to do was sit in the doorway of the smaller room all day and read, occasionally getting something for him, or cleaning the bathroom, gathering his laundry, and getting as much maha-maha-prasadam as possible. once, while i was in the middle of an unbroken four hours of reading Krsna Book, Gurudeva asked me to get a pen and paper, and write a quote down, which he was going to base his evening discussion on.
"insanity means repeating the same thing, but each time expecting a different result"
the power of the material energy cannot be over-estimated. it's actually really scary when you try to analyse just how subtle maya can operate. just watching the lives of people, you can see this occuring constantly. people will get themselves into some of the most horrible situations ever, somehow escape, only to willingly re-enter the same source of misery again and again.
maya still works like this on devotees sometimes.
recently, i have been trying to understand fully the suffering that people are going through in their lives, and how Krsna consciousness actually has the answer to that suffering. this is a vital exercise for any devotee aiming at long term preaching endeavours. preachers of Krsna consciousness always have to analyse their motivation, and the prime motivation of a preacher should be to alleviate the anxiety that ones Guru feels when he sees the suffering of conditioned souls. in an e-mail i recieved from my Gurumaharaja, he asked me to try to understand the importance of spreading Lord Caitanya's message.
to this end, i have been trying to understand, and evaluate within my own life, how my coming to Krsna consciousness has decreased my own anxiety in life. now, this is actually a tricky thing, because memory of suffering is never very reliable, especially when you consider just how strongly the control of maya is on our memories. the job of maya is to make us forget. and she does a good job at it.
but i know, if we look deeply at our lives now, and really dredge our memory of how we felt previously in our lives, you can see a very marked difference. in fact, depending on the clarity of ones consciousness, and their attentiveness while chanting the holy names, one can see an incredible change in the quality of ones life upon properly practicing the science of Krsna consciousness.
so, a devotee wanting to be a long-term preacher has to have this faith, through realisation, that by taking up the process of Krsna consciousness, all perfection is available. a preacher also has to know this science thoroughly in order to encourage others to take it up. how can one be guided to take up a process if those presenting it do not properly understand the process themselves?
Lord Caitanya explains this process, while at the same time giving us a few hints at what can go wrong, how we can again believe the lies of maya, and allow maya to again cover us.
While on His pilgrimage to Vrndavana, Lord Caitanya ended up in Prayaga. Prior to this, Rupa Goswami had arranged for messengers to inform him of when Lord Caitanya was planning on leaving Jagannatha Puri. Rupa Goswami had wanted to ensure he could meet up with Lord Caitanya while He was on His trip. So, in this way, Rupa Goswami managed to catch Lord Caitanya while they were both in Prayaga. it was here that Lord Caitanya instructed Rupa Goswami in explicit detail all about the science of devotional service. Lord Caitanya explained to Rupa Goswami how one begins their devotional life. by the mercy of the spiritual master, the pure devotee of the Lord, a neophyte recieves a seed of devotional service within their heart. by carefully watering this bhakti-lata-bija, through the process of hearing and chanting, gradually this seed sprouts and the creeper of devotional service grows and grows. but there is one natural enemy of this devotional creeper, and that is the mad elephant of Vaisnava aparadha, offenses against the devotees of the Lord. an expert gardener, however, is able to act to prevent this enemy from gaining entrance into the garden of devotional service, by building a strong fence based on steady, regulated devotional service to the Lord, in the positive association of the Lords devotees. this is the only protection against this enemy. and it is practically seen, one who decreases their engagement in devotional service opens themselves up to this attack by the mad elephant of vaisnava aparadha.
Rupa Goswami was instructed in the entire science of devotional service, and as a result he was able to compile many literatures detailing this science. Krsnadasa Kaviraja quotes a verse from the Caitanya-candrodaya by Sri Kavi-Karnapura, which explains that it is by the mercy of Lord Caitanya that Rupa Goswami was able to compile such literature. Lord Caitanya has specific saktis, energies with which to empower His devotees. and actually, any devotees practicing Krsna consciousness on any level must have recieved the empowering mercy of Lord Caitanya, or His devotees, in some form or another. Lord Caitanya has a specific sakti which He bestows on qualified personalities to be able to spread the chanting of the Holy Name, which it is clear to say that Srila Prabhupada was empowered with. but even just to be able to understand the importance of taking to Krsna consciousness is a sign that one has recieved the mercy of Lord Caitanya, and the motivation to stay in the association of devotees is a product of being empowered, to some degree, by the mercy of Lord Caitanya.

so, maya is trying to make us forget, to make our previous lives and activities seem appealing again. this is a dangerous combination. if we forget how badly we suffered previously, we won't be able to compare our present situations. and then, if we don't understand how great our present situations are, we may just be attracted to the illusion that maya holds up to us. in order to see through this lie of maya's requires us to actively cultivate our devotional creeper, which is a manifestation of the mercy of Guru and Krsna. and this means actively engaging in serious, steady devotional service, in the association of the Lords devotees.
otherwise, what happens is we lose that special mercy of the Lord, which allows us to have some vision of the real situation we are in. how is it that devotees can fall back into the lap of maya? because through becoming slackened in their devotional service, because of laziness and pride, they fall into the path of the mad elephant of vaisnava aparadha. automatically the mercy of the Lord, which allows us all of our realisations, instantly leaves us, and we are then handed over to maya for a thorough, and repeated smashing.

Srila Prabhupada's Purport
CC Madhya 19.157
"The human being is a social animal, and if one gives up the society of pure devotees, he must associate with nondevotees (asat-sanga). By contacting nondevotees and engaging in nondevotional activities, a so-called mature devotee will fall victim to the mad elephant offense. Whatever growth has taken place is quickly uprooted by such an offense. One should therefore be very careful to defend the creeper by fencing it in—that is, by following the regulative principles and associating with pure devotees.
Even if one thinks that there are many pseudo devotees or nondevotees in the Krsna Consciousness Society, still one should stick to the Society; if one thinks the Society’s members are not pure devotees, one can keep direct company with the spiritual master, and if there is any doubt, one should consult the spiritual master. However, unless one follows the spiritual master’s instructions concerning the regulative principles and chanting and hearing the holy name of the Lord, one cannot become a pure devotee. By one’s mental concoctions, one falls down. By associating with nondevotees, one breaks the regulative principles and is thereby lost."

Devotees Express Distress Over Decreasing Level Of Water In Ganga

HARIDWAR, INDIA, April 16, 2006: Devotees bathing in the Ganga are worried about the decreasing water level of the river. They claim that the construction of the Tehri Dam in Uttaranchal (now being filed) has contributed to this development. People, who have come here from various parts of the country, experienced difficulty while having a bath on the occasion of Baisakhi. "There is no fun in bathing here. We have to collect water, instead of having a dip. It is inconvenient and doesn't satiate our feelings," said Surinder Soni, a Ludhiana resident. Besides the decreasing water levels, devotees are also concerned about the unhygienic conditions that prevail at Har Ki Pauri in Haridwar. "The holy River Ganga provides employment to the people. It is a means to attain salvation. People have no existence without the Ganga. The river is not getting adequate water due to the construction of the Tehri Dam, which is obstructing flow. The sentiments of the devotees are affected when they watch the polluted Ganga. We informed about this to Home Minister Shivraj Patil on March 16. We requested him to provide water to the Ganga. He said that he will convey our message to the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. The Ganga is the backbone of agriculture and the economy of this state. Life is impossible without this river. Since it has no water, development is at stake. The Chief Minister, Narayan Dutt Tiwari, talks so much about the development of the state. I would like to say that without basic necessities like water we can achieve nothing. The development of the Ganga should be foremost," said Mahamandaleshwar Swami Hansdas, member of the Juna Akhara.

Courtesy of Hinduism Today

Tithing Rewards Both Spiritual And Financial

WASHINGTON D.C., April 15, 2005: LaVonne and Bernard Snowden have three children in private school, two flourishing careers and an elegant house in Mitchellville. As thanks for those blessings, the Snowdens say, they give 10 percent of everything they make to their church. Tithing, an ancient practice described in the Bible, is particularly strong in African American communities, where it is reinforced by centuries of family tradition. That has helped propel Prince George's into the top five counties in the nation for charitable giving, as documented by a Chronicle of Philanthropy study based on donations as a percentage of income. A Washington Post analysis using the same data found that 14 of the top 20 Zip codes for per capita giving in the region were in Prince George's. Across the spectrum of faiths, religious institutions draw much of the nation's charitable money, accounting for three out of every four dollars given, the chronicle's study of 2002 IRS data found. In African American communities, the figure is close to nine out of every 10 dollars.

Many churches of various denominations emphasize gifts of "time, talent and treasure," allowing some members to meet their obligation with volunteer hours or other services. One of the five pillars of Islam is zakat, which calls for contributing 2.5 percent of income. In the Jewish faith, the tradition of tzedakah focuses on "giving to be just or right" and not on meeting a specific goal for giving, said Rabbi Fred Reiner of Temple Sinai in Northwest Washington. Kenneth Page, stake president of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints churches in the District and Southern Maryland, said Mormons must tithe 10 percent of their "increase." The church lets individuals decide whether to tithe gross or net income. (HPI note: It is also traditional in Hinduism to donate a portion of one's income to religious work.)

Many African American ministers believe the custom is so strong among their congregations because of the historic role of the church in social and political activism and because of generations of family tradition. Long before government programs were put in place to help the poor and the needy, black churches were responsible for assisting their congregations with everything from food and shelter during Reconstruction to legal help during the civil rights movement. Black churches paid to help poor and disenfranchised citizens at a time when no other help was available, experts said.

Courtesy of Hinduism Today

Opinion: Hot Milk

Uh-oh, there's trouble in the laboratory. Those starched lily-white lab coats may project a prime and proper picture of scientists, but those bad boys are all fight on the inside. They rumble big time.

Milk is the latest hot topic. What's at stake? Our money and our health, in that order, are two things that come quickly to mind.

The March issue of the premier medical journal Pediatrics features a study conducted by researchers of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine that debunks the idea that regularly drinking milk helps growing children develop stronger bones. "Under scientific scrutiny, the support for the milk myth crumbles," (read - don't waste your money) said Amy Joy Lanou, the group's nutrition director.

The National Diary Council immediately retorted by calling the study an "opinion piece" (read - not science), and here is where it gets nasty, written by "an animal rights organisation that has only 5 percent physician membership" (read - they're radicals).

This is advancement of civilisation? Human beings were profitably drinking milk long before Louis Pasteur started scientifically heating up with milk in the 1860s. Now, nearly 150 years later these vanguards of modern civilisation are still fighting over spilt milk.

Well, perhaps I'm too harsh. After all, modern civilisation is primarily focused on corporeal and corporate profits, and the scientists are leading where we want to go, right? So why not let them duel, best scientist wins? Unfortunately, neither side can promise us that this body, healthy or unhealthy, will live forever, or that we will have enough money to satisfy our bodily demands.

"Something old, something new," this old saying provides much needed guidance. Taking something from the profitable use of milk in ancient civilisations perhaps we can mold something that holds the promise for our future that modern scientists cannot guarantee.

Vedic civilisation focused on spiritual advancement as the purpose of human life. Their life-style was centered on God consciousness, as opposed to materialism, and is captured in the phrase, simple living and high thinking.

How did milk aid that civilisation achieve its objectives? Milk was useful as a bridge between our bodily existence and spiritual consciousness.

Robert E. Svoboda, a chemistry graduate from the University of Oklahoma, and the first Westerner ever to graduate from a college of Ayurveda (the Vedic science of medicine) and be licensed to practice Ayurveda in India, writes, “Milk helps to integrate the consciousness. Other animal protein is derived from flesh and drags the consciousness down into the flesh, discouraging that breaking free of early restraints which is required for spiritual advancement. Plant protein is sometimes insufficient to ground the consciousness firmly enough in the physical body. Milk is the one food that combines the uplifting essences of plants with the firm groundedness of animals.”

According to the Ayurveda, all foods have medicinal benefits. Milk is particularly noted for its anabolic or tissue building properties, both in terms of new and rejuvenative tissue growth.

The Founder of the Hare Krishna Movement, His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada writes, "If we really want to cultivate the human spirit in society we must have first-class intelligent men to guide the society, and to develop the finer tissues of our brains we must assimilate vitamin values from milk. Devotees worship Lord Sri Krishna by addressing Him as the well-wisher of the brahmanas and the cows. The most intelligent class of men, who have perfectly attained knowledge in spiritual values, are called the brahmanas. No society can improve in transcendental knowledge without the guidance of such first-class men, and no brain can assimilate the subtle form of knowledge without fine brain tissues. For such important brain tissues we require a sufficient quantity of milk and milk preparations. Ultimately, we need to protect the cow to derive the highest benefit from this important animal. The protection of cows, therefore, is not merely a religious sentiment but a means to secure the highest benefit for human society."

This is advancement of civilisation.

Niika Quistgard of Inside Ayurveda Journal has written a very comprehensive article entitled "Milk: To Drink or Not to Drink." I highly recommend it. Her article contains two sections I specifically recommend to the scientists at the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine and the National Dairy Council:

1. An Experiment

Drinking milk cold is not advisable, as milk is already cool and heavy in nature. Before drinking, boil milk briefly in a non-aluminum vessel until it produces a foamy head, then cool to warm or room temperature. It is best to do this over a heat source, not in the microwave oven.

2. Some Advice

Milk is effective in calming you when intensity and aggression call out to be soothed.

So, come on fellas, get together over a nice cup of hot milk and work out your differences in a civilised manner.

See our World Vegetarian Day Newsletters 2004 - 2005 - World Vege Day

See similar articles at Vegetarianism & beyond:

The War Against Hinduism
by Stephen Knapp (Srinandanandan dasa ACBSP)

Over the years we have all heard about the many attempts that have been made in India to convert various sections of society from Hinduism to either Christianity or Islam. Many Indians, are not fully aware of how the war against Hinduism is happening, nor how serious it is. It is taking place on many levels, and because of this, in some areas, the practice of Hinduism is declining rapidly.

When I was traveling, I had gone on a lecture tour, speaking every night at places like Mumbai, Nagpur, Warangal, Visakhapatnam, Vijayawada, Hyderbad, Bangalore, Trivadrum, and Chennai. So I had the chance to meet with many of the intellectuals and some of the spiritual leaders in these areas, and learned how conversion was a very hot issue.

Now I don't have anything in particular against Christianity itself. I was born and raised a Christian, so I know what it is, but also how they work. My main contention is when the teachings that are said to come from Jesus are twisted and misinterpreted into something that does not spread the genuine love of God and humanity that we are all supposed to develop, but becomes the dog-like barking and criticism against every other religion that is not Christian. This does not only go on toward every religion outside of Christianity, but also within it between Catholics and Protestants and other denominations. It seems that this faith has become not something that promotes our similarities for cooperation, but our differences in that everyone who is of a unrelated Christian denomination are all going to hell.

In regard to India, there is a great number of missionaries of various denominations who are working there right now, all competing for the most number of converts. The Southern Baptists alone are a group that has nearly 100,000 career missionaries in North India, all working to spread the "good word." We also find that in order to make converts from Hinduism some of the numerous Catholic priests in Southern India dress like sannyasis, and call their organizations ashramas. This is to make Christianity more similar to the Vedic traditions. Bharat Natyam dance is also taught in the Christian schools, but with Christian symbols and meanings replacing the Vedic. This is all in the attempt to actively sway Hindus over to Christianity.

Some of the tactics that the Christian missionaries have used to help make converts is to offer cheap polyester pants to the tribals of the Northeast if they become Christian, or even offer motor bicycles if they help convert their brothers, which also means their wives and family. In Madhya Pradesh, as noted in the Neogy Report, the missionaries give small loans on interest to the tribals, who cannot pay back such loans easily. However, if they become Christian, then such loans and the interest are dismissed. This is what goes on in the democracy of India, and under the tolerance of the Hindus, while if one such incidence would ever occur in a Muslim country, the result would be an immediate expulsion of the missionary from that nation.

Another trick that has been done is that missionaries, while treating the sick, will give medicine of no value and ask the tribal to take it while offering prayers to his local deity. Naturally, no cure of disease is likely to occur with the useless medicine. Then the missionary gives the tribal real medicine and asks the tribal to take it while offering prayers to Jesus. Then when there is a recovery, it is attributed to the power of Christ and not to the medicine. Such conversion activities take place these days more often in the tribal areas under the guise of social service. However, true social service should be done without expecting anything in return, including conversion.

Another thing that takes place is mass healings at meetings similar to revivals. What they do is pay people to attend the healings portraying themselves as being sick, or invalids on crutches, etc., who then get called up and are miraculously cured of their disease. This is attributed to the power of Christ, which then convinces many tribals that they too can benefit in various ways if they become Christian. This has not had much of an effect amongst the Brahmin classes, but the lower classes who attend are more vulnerable and are impressed by such things, and are then swayed toward Christianity. This is why Christian conversion tactics have been focused more toward the tribal areas than other regions of India. So these conversions are not taking place due to pure preaching of the Bible or the message of Jesus, but are accomplished by trickery and the emphasis on material facility. This is, of course, what is being objected to by the general Hindu population. However, when or if people convert for purely spiritual reasons, then there is no objection.

Another way conversions are accomplished is with the promise to the Dalits or the lower caste Hindus that they will not have any more caste recognition by becoming Christians. However, after conversion many find out that this is not true. Even amongst the converted Christians there is found to be a caste mentality, with the lower castes forced to use separate doorways, separate seating, or have marriages performed only among equal caste Christians. When this becomes obvious to those who are newly converted, some of them want to come back to being Hindus again, which has been facilitated by such organizations as the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP).

An interesting point is that in spite of these duplicitous ways of converting that the Christians have used, the Christian churches have threatened violence against the process of reconversion back to Hinduism that had been launched by the VHP. It was Rev. V. K. Nuh, secretary of the Nagaland Baptist Convention who said, "If someone tries to impose their faith, Christians in this region will not surrender. There will be a battle and we shall have no option. There will be a physical and religious war if attempts are made to propagate Hinduism by forceful means in the Northeast." In this same line of thinking, Rev. M.D. Oaugma, head of the Garo Baptist Convention of Mehgalaya said, "It could be a threat to Christianity if we remain silent to the VHP's game plan of mass conversion. We shall have to fight, we shall have to resist." ( Maharashtra Herald, July 11, 1998)

Of course, it is easy for Hindus to be nonchalant toward other religions because they feel that each spiritual path takes you toward God. So in this light, it is alright to be tolerant of them or let them thrive. But the problem is that not all religions feel the same way toward Hinduism. Some feel that Hinduism is a culture that should be removed or destroyed. An example of this is that in Northeast India, in countries like Assam, Nagaland, and Manipur, they have witnessed a surge of nearly 200% in their Christian population in the past 25 years due to the wily tactics of foreign missionaries. Their grasp is so strong now that practicing Hinduism is forbidden in some areas. Hindus can no longer do worship or arati in the open because of the fanaticism in parts of the land. Durga puja has become almost obsolete as deities are destroyed or stolen in broad daylight. This confrontational climate has led to numerous militant outfits sponsored by the Church who are fighting for secession from India. So now the Eastern portion of India wants to secede from it, and another part of India will be lost if this should happen.

If the Catholic Church in particular is supposed to espouse the message that God is love, and that it is by love of God and neighbor that mankind is saved, it certainly hasn't shown much of that kind of love toward any other religion. With the Pope's recent call for conversions in Asia, it certainly shows that it is not a friend of other religions, but still holds the goal that other spiritual paths should be brought down to be replaced by Christianity. This should be clearly understood. This is also the case with the Baptists and other denominations.

While I was in New Delhi, I also met with Mrs. Shanti Reddy, a member of a government agency called the National Committee for Women. She revealed that another thing that missionaries have done was to kidnap young Indian children. What one Christian missionary couple in Chennai was doing before they were arrested was to bride tribals into giving their young baby girls to them. They would pay the tribals as little as 2000 to 5000 rupees for baby girls, and then turn around and sell the girls to foreigners for as much as $30,000 to $40,000. According to the records that had been confiscated from the missionaries' home, this had been a thriving business, and nearly 25 of such transactions had already taken place. The Indian authorities said they probably saved 300 baby girls from such a fate from the indications on the records they found. So this has been another one of the forms of activities that such missionaries do for their own benefit and profit against the real interest of India. However, whenever Hindus react with force against such people, they are labeled as fundamentalists, antagonists, or worse.

Another way that India is slowly losing its Vedic culture is through the process of secular or English and Christian education. Of course, in public schools all Vedic books have been removed from the curriculum. So there are no possibilities to study the ancient Indian literature or art. So Vedic values are no longer part of what the children are taught. Furthermore, the Christian schools, often staffed by Christian missionaries, can teach Christian values in their classes, and include a short study of the Bible everyday, or the Koran if it's an Islamic school. The so-called secular government has even helped them with free land and facilities. Since these schools offer English in their education, along with good discipline, many of the middle classes of Indians are favoring sending their children to these schools. Today, in the Indian cities, many of the parents of children are the graduates of Christian schools, who also send their own children to such schools. As this trend continues, there will be a decreasing number of Hindus in the educated sector. Thus, children in India, with the help of the secular government, are learning Christian values and perceiving their own history and culture as something less than honorable. They are taught that such important books as the Bhagavad-gita, Ramayana, Bhagavat Purana and other Vedic texts are nothing more than mythology, and not a result of one of the most profound civilizations in the world. They are also taught that their own God is but a demon and the only real way to God is through Jesus.

An example of this is that a few devotees from the New Delhi Iskcon (Hare Krishna) temple go out and give presentations to the children's classes in schools. Some of the questions that are asked by the children are, "Who is your God?" and "What can your God do for me?" and so on. Obviously, these questions are nothing but a direct result of the Christian and English oriented education that these children are receiving. Now I ask anyone, isn't this practically a covert form of conversion? This form of education indoctrinates the children to doubt their own culture, and disrespect their own history and traditions. As a result of this form of education, the Hindu population is slowly forgetting the unique history and lofty culture of their homeland.

As I traveled around, it was not unusual to see elementary schools around India with the name something like "Saint Xavier's School." People should know that this Francis Xavier, who is now one of the greatest so-called "saints," feverishly declared, "When I have finished baptizing the people, I order them to destroy the huts in which they keep their idols; and I have them break the statues of their idols into tiny pieces, since they are now Christians. I could never come to an end describing to you the great consolation which fills my soul when I see idols being destroyed by the hands of those who had been idolaters." (From " The Letters and Instructions of Francis Xavier," 1993, pp 117-8) This was his goal, to destroy Indian culture and make India a Christian nation. So it is ironic that now India embraces the schools that honor him in this way. How could they not know his true intention?

What is often not recognized is that, up until recently, for the last 50 years the politicians who have been directing the destiny of India are the ones who have an anti-Hindu attitude. They have set the economic direction and the educational policies that the country has been forced to follow. They have also promised the protection of the religious minorities with the hopes of acquiring votes. This has been one of the reasons why the secularists in the Congress party have treated everything that is Hindu with disdain.

Another aspect of the loss of Vedic culture in India is that the younger Indian people, especially ages from 15 to 25, are readily giving up Vedic customs to follow the more decadent so-called freedoms of the West. They see the western movies, they read what the celebrities say in the papers, and they admire them and want to adopt their forms of dress and lifestyles. Thus, in the big cities like Mumbai you have Indian couples living together without marriage, which is something you never would have seen before a few years back. Now the Vedic principles are looked upon as something obsolete, something that restricts the style that those who look to the West want to adopt. Thus, they are leaving Indian traditions behind and losing respect for anything Vedic. In this way, they adopt foreign standards, or lose so much respect for Indian and Vedic values that they become embarrassed to admit their Hindu background and heritage. Furthermore, Sanskrit scholars at the temples are also slowly dying out, and the modern Indians view the Ramayana and Mahabharata as merely myths or gaudy television shows.

Although India has been invaded by outsiders so many times and has always survived, what we are talking about is more than mere property or geography. What is actually being threatened is the basis of Indian culture itself. As younger generations give up their Vedic heritage, even if they return to it later when they are older and looking for more philosophical support, with whatever percentage of loss occurs with each generation, time has shown that it is never fully recovered. A portion of it is lost forever.

How many more generations will go by before we see a big drop in this percentage due to the process of secular (meaning Christian or English, or even Islamic) education, or with the present rate of conversions by tactless Christians? This percentage could easily drop well below 50% in only several more generations at the present rate of change.

How many more generations will it take before the Hindu majority is no longer a majority, but a minority in its own country? As Hinduism declines, you will see that the demands on the government and those voted into politics will also change, and the laws will also alter more in favor of the increasing minority religions at the expense of declining Hinduism. Then as the years go by there will appear only small clusters of Hindu or Vedic communities, most likely centered around prominent holy places, until the more aggressive religions act in ways to diminish these as well, in the same way that they are presently doing in other countries.

The point of all this information is that it is time for all Hindus and followers of the Vedic culture, Sanatana-dharma, to realize what is actually happening and give up your timidness or nonchalance and speak out while such freedom still exists. We must become more pro-active for defending this culture. The point is that if you do not take it seriously, I can assure you that there are others who take this inaction and tolerance extremely seriously to promote their own goals and religions in India. It is because of this that India may not always remain the homeland of an active and thriving Vedic culture as it is now. We need to protect whatever is left of it and maintain the present liberties that Hindus still have in India. Then we all can continue to engage in Vedic traditions without hindrance, and with full freedom. For this, we need to unite ourselves in a concerted effort to make this happen. And it most certainly is possible.

Recently, as told to me by Professor Subash Kak, it was noted in a reputable publication that now 1% of the Russian population claims that they are Hindu. The article stated that this was primarily due to the preaching efforts of Iskcon. This shows a major social impact. This shows what is possible if we can work together in a concerted effort. This is why I am convinced that if we all work in a pro-active way under the banner of a united family of Vedic followers, we can keep and even expand the present freedoms that we now have to practice Vedic traditions, and keep India as the homeland of Vedic culture, the most ancient roots of humanity.

India must be protected and kept as the homeland of the Vedic heritage, Sanatana-dharma, Hinduism. Without it, what is its value, in spite of whatever else it accomplishes? The value of Hinduism and India are clearly expressed in the words of the famous English theosophist Dr. Annie Besant. She put great emphasis on the value of India, its history, the Vedic culture, and its importance to the world. As written in the cover notes from the book, Hindus, Life-Line of India, by G. M. Jagtiani, she says: "After a study of some forty years and more of the great religions of the world, I find none so perfect, none so scientific, none so philosophic, and none so spiritual as the great religion known by the name of Hinduism. The more you know it, the more you will love it; the more you try to understand it, the more deeply you will value it. Make no mistake; without Hinduism, India has no future. Hinduism is the soil into which India's roots are struck, and torn of that she will inevitably wither, as a tree torn out from its place. Many are the religions and many are the races flourishing in India, but none of them stretches back into the far dawn of her past, nor are they necessary for her endurance as a nation. Everyone might pass away as they came and India would still remain. But let Hinduism vanish and what is she? A geographical expression of the past, a dim memory of a perished glory, her literature, her art, her monuments, all have Hindudom written across them. And if Hindus do not maintain Hinduism, who shall save it? If India's own children do not cling to her faith, who shall guard it? India alone can save India, and India and Hinduism are one."

In this light, it is absolutely necessary that as followers of Sanatana-dharma, Vedic culture,  we realize that we need to repair whatever differences we have between us regarding whatever issues there may be. This is necessary in order to work with some cooperation with whomever we can if we expect to be a substantial force in defending the Vedic cause. Otherwise, all the issues that invariably come up, although these should not be ignored, should not take so much of our attention that our preaching stops. Otherwise, we will only serve as contributors to the continuing deterioration of all spiritual standards as the age of Kali progresses. This preaching, of course, means that we must all stay in touch with and practice the Vedic standards.

We cannot allow ourselves to be led into the danger of endless debate that leads to inaction. We all must be pro-active in some way to help defend and spread Vedic culture. Then we can work together to keep the freedom we presently have to practice the Vedic traditions and keep India as the homeland of a thriving, dynamic, and still living tradition. Such freedom does not come without its challenges, and we must be prepared as a society to meet those challenges. To take such freedoms for granted means that it's only a matter of time before they are lost. And that is exactly what some people want to happen. So we must be willing to work all the harder to prevent such a decline of our Vedic heritage.

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which means that at every step there is danger.
Please be a little careful - everything is not always as it seems in the Matrix:

Sun Protection: Slip slop slap wrap

Sunsmart -

NZ Cancer Society

Sun protection @ work

Summer Season Fire Safety

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New Zealand and Tsunamis - not to be forgotten:

What are Tsunamis - how they appear - warnings:

In case of emergency (ICE) contact number
East Anglian Ambulance Service have launched a national "In case of Emergency (ICE)" campaign with the support of Falklands war hero Simon Weston.

The idea is that you store the word "ICE" in your mobile phone address book, and against it enter the number of the person you would want to be contacted "In Case of Emergency". In an emergency situation ambulance and hospital staff will then be able to quickly find out who your next of kin are and be able to contact them. It's so simple - everyone can do it. Please do. Please will you also forward this to everybody in your address book, it won't take too many forwards' before everybody will know about this. It really could save your life.

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Sacred Vegetarian Recipes - Prasadam

World Vegetarian Day 1st October each year

World Vegetarian Awareness Month - October

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See our previous World Vegetarian Day issue of the newsletter for a wide range of Vegetarian issues
2005 World Vegetarian Day newsletter
Shaligram Tirtha Pradarshini newsletter October 2005 - Theme Prasadam

Vege update:
Social scientists and law enforcement officials have identified animal abuse as a symptom of emotional illness and a precursor to violent crimes against human beings. To allow individuals guilty of perpetrating such cruel acts to go unpunished or not sufficiently punished would be to sanction these horrific crimes and would permit them to go on to possibly commit violent crimes against humans.

The Animal Spirit Newsletter - Issue #2 -  4/21/03-4/27/03

Making Food Sacred - Offering our food to Krishna:
....excerpt from lecture by HDG Srila A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada - Srimad-Bhagavatam 1.3.1-3 -- San Francisco, March 28, 1968

The Vedic literature says like this, that God has no leg, no hand. Therefore the impersonalists take advantage of it. "Oh, here it is stated God has no legs, no hands." But the next line is, javana grhita: "He can accept everything which you offer Him in devotion."

Now how He can accept? If He has no hand, how He can accept things from us? That means He hasn't got a hand like us. His hand is different. Therefore even though He is situated in the spiritual world, which is far, far away from us, still, He says in the Bhagavad-gita, it is said,

patram puspam phalam toyam
yo me bhaktya prayacchati
tad aham bhakty-upahrtam
asnami prayatatmanah

Krsna says that "A little flower or little water or a little leaf, whatever My devotee offers Me in love and devotion, I accept it." And tad aham bhakty-upahrtam. "And because he has brought it with great devotion, therefore I eat." Tad aham bhakty-upahrtam asnami. Asnami means "I eat." Now you can say, "All right, I'll offer these fruits and flower to God, but it is the same. It is remaining. How He is eating?" But His eating is not like my eating, because He hasn't got a body like this. This body is material. If you bring me a plate of fruits, this body immediately swallows it. But He has got spiritual body. He eats... Simply as soon as He knows that you have offered it in devotion, He eats immediately.

Go here to follow the simple system for offering foodstuffs to the Lord
... and always with the Magic ingredient - Offer it to Krishna.....
... with L'n D (love and devotion)

How To Offer Your Food To The Lord

Cooking for Krishna

Why do we offer our food to God before eating?

Everything you ever wanted to know about Hare Krishna food:

Pure Vegetarianism - booklet from Food For Life Global FREE

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EgglessDotCom - A site for vegetarian baking without eggs.


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Ekadasi Recipes - preps without grains or beans etc:

Vrata ka khaana - Fast Foods cook book 4 sale (all ekadasi preps - some samples here):

Fast Food of a Different Kind:

Non-vegetarian aditives and non-ekadasi food aditives list:

Meat Free Zone:

A Guide to Gourmet Vegetarian Cooking and a Karma-Free Diet:


(even Parmesan and other favorites)
Not just cheeses also vegetarian yogurts and other dairy produce.

Tararua Lite Sour Cream for Vegetarians hits the shelves Sept 1st 2004.

(we bought some Stilton, Parmesan, Edam, Swiss and a few others - LOL - you have to check out these pages and then go to your Woolworths, Countdown, Foodtown, Pak'nSav, New World or local Deli.....believe me it's worth it, especially the Tuxford range; Cheshire, Red Leicester, Double Gloucester, Wensleydale varieties from the UK  =>:-))) updated to help you

updated 16th Sept 2004

All the Meatless Pasta preparations you'd like to prepare:

The Meatrix - this you have to see to believe - take the red pill see reality - The Meatrix it's all around you:

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Welcome to the Meatrix
choose the red pill and see the reality - it is all around you !!

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The Meatrix Part I - What is the Meatrix
The Mearix Part II - The Revolt = Revolting

Chaturmasya four month fasting period is Here:

These recipes are specifically used in the Brahma-Madhwa Vaishnava community for shaaka haara vrata - first month of Chaturmasya where one fasts from Greem leafy vegetables - spinach:  &

Ekadasi recipes  = from Narottam dasa in RSA
Vegan and Vegetarian recipes
updated 15th September  2005
Cooking with Kurma recipes
Panihati Chida dahi festival recipes
In A Vege Kitchen Recipes
"Just add bhakti"- recipes
Vegetarian - No onion or garlic cooking:
Conversion of temperatures and formulas

Vegetarian Recipes - All recipes

Vegetarian Kitchen Crafts:

This list is about vegetarian kitchen crafts. This list is created for postings regarding back to basics vegetarian kitchen crafts. When we say vegetarian we mean no meat, fish or eggs. When we say back to basics, we mean tips on making yeast, bread, gluten, tofu, sprouts and so forth.   Post a Message:

For Paste:
In a bowl add singara 1/2 kg. add 1 tsp oil & water & make soft dough. Make small balls & make poori through poori maker & deep fry it till Golden brown.

Curd Potatoes
Ingredient :
Curd 1 Cup
Potatoes 1/2 kg.
Green Chillies 2 to 3 finely chopped
Cumin seed 1 tsp.
Mustard seed 1 tsp.
curry leaves 2 to 3
Green Corriender For Garnishing
Kasturi Methi 1 tsp. (Fenugreek leaves)
Salt to taste
Cumin Powder 1 tsp.
White Pepper Powder 1 tsp.
Ghee 2 Tbsp
Turmeric Powder 1 tsp.

Boil potatoes & cut with knife into small pieces. In a pan add ghee then add curry leaves, cumin seed, Mustard seeds, chopped Green Chillies, then add beated curd, when boil comes. Add turmeric powder, white pepper powder, Cumin powder, Kasturi Methi then add potatoes. Keep in slow flame for about 5 to 7 mins. then add 1/2 cup water & again keep it for 5 mins. in slow flame & in the end add salt. Transfer in a bowl & garnish with green corriander leaves. Serve with Singara Poori.

Ingredients :
Sabhudana 1/2 Kg.
Green Chillies 2 to 3 finely chopped
Curry leaves 4
Green Coriander leaves for garnishing
Peanuts 1 Tsp.
Mustard seeds 1 Tsp.
Lemon 1
Salt to taste
Oil 1 Tbsp.
Black Pepper Powder 1 Tsp.

Wash Sabhudana. In a kadhai add oil then add mustard seeds, when it begins to crackle add curry leaves, Green Chillies & peanuts then add Sabhudana. Stir well then add salt & Lemon Juice, Black Pepper Powder. Garnish with green corriander. Serve Hot

Ingredients :
2 eggplants (cut in half. lengthwise)
1 small can of tomato puree (8 oz.)
1 cup bread crumbs
2 zucchmi (chopped in ¼ inch cubes)
1 pound mozzarella cheese (grated)
1 1/2 cups oil or ghee
1 1/2 teaspoons black pepper
1 1/2 teaspoons salt
1/2 teaspoon hing
1 teaspoon lemon Juice
1 tablespoon basil leaves
1 tablespoon oregano flakes
Pinch of sugar

In large skillet heat 1 cup oil or ghee. Cut eggplants lengthwise in equal halves. Place all four halves of eggplants face down in hot oil. Adjust to low heat. Cook eggplant for about 10 minutes on each side or until very tender. It's ready when you can push a knifepoint through easily. Turn off flame and set aside.

In l-quart saucepan add 1/2 cup of oil or ghee. When heated add 1 teaspoon black pepper, hing, and lemon juice. Quickly add tomato puree. Add 1/2 cup water, pinch of sugar, 1 teaspoon salt, and basil leaves. Cook on medium heat for 1/2 hour, stirring often.

In small skillet add last 1/2 cup of oil or ghee. When hot add Vi teaspoon black pepper. Quickly add chopped zucchini, add 1/2 teaspoon salt, and fry at high heat for 5 minutes, stirring frequently. Add breadcrumbs and lower heat. (Spiced breadcrumbs may be used, but then refrain from using salt.) Cook for 2 more minutes.

Return to skillet with cooked eggplants. Divide zucchini stuffing in four parts, put evenly on lop of eggplants, and cover with sauce and grated cheese. Cover and put on a low flame until cheese is melted. Garnish with parsley and oregano. Serve hot.

Sabhudana 1/2 Kg.
Curry leaves 4 leaves
Green Chillies 3 to 4 finely chopped
Coriander leaves for garnish
Peanuts 50 gms. (Powder)
Lemon Juice 1
Black pepper powder 1 Tsp.
Salt to taste
Oil for Frying
Pototes _ 4 big size (boiled & mashed)

Wash Sabudana and soak in water for one hour. Drain for one hour. In a bowl add sabudana and add all the ingredients. Make a dough. Make small balls from the dough. Deep Fry.

For Chutney (Coconut) :
Ingredients :
Green Chillies 6 - 7
Coconut 1
Green corriander 1/2 bunch
Cumin seed 1 Tsp.
Lemon Juice 2
Add salt to taste

In a mixie add chopped coconut & all the other Ingredients. Transfer it in a bowl.

For Teadka :
In a small pan add 1 tsp oil & then add 1 tsp mustard seeds, when mustard seeds began to crackle add 2 to 3 curry leaves, then garnish this tadka over chutney.

1 cup (120 Gms) Singhare ka atta (Waterchestnut flour)
2 teaspoon Sendha namak (Rock salt)
1/2 teaspoon Chilli Powder
1 teaspoon Green Chillies, finely chopped
250 Gms. Kaddu (Pumpkin) peeled, coarsely grated
1 Potato (small), peeled, coarsely grated
1 teaspoon Ginger, sliced
1 teaspoon Hara Dhania (Green coriander), chopped optional
Ghee or Oil for deep frying

Mix together all ingredients (expect oil) and add enough water to make a thick batter with dropping consistency.

Heat the oil, to the point, when a bit of batter dropped in comes up at once. Drop spoonfuls of the batter in to fry.

Turn once and remove from oil when firm and slightly coloured. Drain on an abdorbent paper and keep aside till ready to serve.

To server, fry in hot ghee or oil until golden and crisp (over high flame)

Ingredients :
Milk 6 cups
Rice 75 gms.
Ghee 4 tsp.
Sugar 2/3 cup
Green Cordomom Powder 1 tsp.
Almond 3 tsp. (Boil in hot water & remove the skin)
Raisins 5 tsp.
Saffron 2 tsp. (dissolve in warm milk)
Milk to dissolve saffron 2 tbsp.

Pick, wash rice in running water & soak for an hour & drain.
Boil milk in a handi & remove. Heat Ghee in a separate handi, add rice & stir until it begins to colour. Transfer the milk & bring to boil, stirring constantly reduce to low heat & simmer until the rice is cooked. Then add sugar & continue to cook until reduced to a custard constinency. Now add the remaining ingredients & serve for a minute, Remove to a silver bowl & serve hot.


Vege update:
Social scientists and law enforcement officials have identified animal abuse as a symptom of emotional illness and a precursor to violent crimes against human beings. To allow individuals guilty of perpetrating such cruel acts to go unpunished or not sufficiently punished would be to sanction these horrific crimes and would permit them to go on to possibly commit violent crimes against humans.

The Animal Spirit Newsletter - Issue #2 -  4/21/03-4/27/03

Higher Taste cook book FREE on-line

All the Meatless Pasta preparations you'd like to prepare:
(some need some adjustment, as they contain onion and garlic)

Different Shapes of pasta:

The Lentil page - very useful all about lentils and the numerous kinds of lentil

OVER 100 EGGLESS CAKE recipes can be found on our Main index and
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Visit our Award winning site - Vegetarianism & Beyond
Interesting articles - information - history - arguments - links............ (been re-vamped) fact everything you want to know about Vegetarianism and Beyond:
... last updated 1st October 2004

Nutrition and Health - vitamins, a balanced diet, through prasadam:

Vegetarian Update - newsletter from NZ Vegetarian Socity in Wellington:

Siberian Center for Vedic Culture presents
tasty vegetarian recipes from Food For Peace by Rambhoru devi dasi.

“If anyone wants to save the planet, all they have to do is just stop eating meat.
That’s the single most important thing you could do. It’s staggering when you think about it.
Vegetarianism takes care of so many things in one shot: ecology, famine, cruelty.”
--Sir Paul McCartney


Check out heaps of information on Vegetarianism, Prasadam-ism,
download books, Vegetarian Recipe programs, and more.


Points of View
I don't know if Shel was actually a vegetarian or not, but he did do some pro-veg works like the following:

Thanksgiving dinner's sad and thankless,
Christmas dinner's dark and blue,
When you stop and try to see it
From the turkey's point of view.

Sunday dinner isn't funny
Easter feasts are just bad luck,
When you see it from the viewpoint
Of the chicken or the duck.

Oh, how I once loved tuna salad,
Pork and lobsters, lamb chops, too,
Till I stopped and looked at dinner
From the dinner's point of view.

Shel Silverstein - song writer (he wrote all Dr Hook and medicine show's lyrics)

A Beginners Guide to Vegetarianism:

How Mary and Frank and Friends Eat - very nice Vegetarian pages:

Vegetarian recipes:

101 Reasons Why I'm a Vegetarian:

Healthy Indian Vegetarian Cooking Recipes:

Excellent "Meat Substitute" recipes

Hundreds of Vegetarian recipes

Fat-free vegetarian meals:
A lot of inspiring Vegetarian preparations here, some have onion and garlic in,
so replace that with hing or omit that altogether as you see fit, still this page is well worth a serious look for ideas.


"You Mean That's in theBible" - expose on meat eating:

Religious Stands on Vegetarianism

Vaishnavism - Hinduism
Christianity - Bible - Book of Morman - 7th Day Adventist

From World Vegetarian Awareness Month 2004 - 2005 newsletters
- oxymoron of the yuga:

Protect both our species, two-legged and four-legged. Both food and water for their needs supply.
May they with us increase in stature and strength. Save us from hurt all our days, O Powers!

Rig Veda Samhita 10.37.11.

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Cooking with Kurma Videos to purchase:

Jesus was a vegetarian video for sale:

Healthy Wealthy and Wise video for sale:

Award-winning video on the science of vegetarianism, featuring important nutritionists, economists and celebrities. This film, produced by ITV, is used by the Vegetarian Society and other organizations to demonstrate the common sense of vegetarianism and non-violence. "Sacred Cow: Pagan Ritual or Cultural Wisdom?" explores the economical, social and ethical aspects of cow protection in Vedic society and today. In "It Is Written," TV celebrity and Seventh Day Adventist Pastor George Vandemann presents a touching explanation of Biblical injunctions on vegetarianism. "In Vegetarina Cuisine for the Athlete," tennis pro Peter Burwash and Nancy Rossi make vegetarian scrambled "eggs", lasagna, soups & more. Delicious! Color, 115 minutes. Also available in VHS and VHS-PAL. PAL version is for most VHS players outside the US and Canada.

Natural Nirvana Vegan, Vegetarian & Spiritual Shopping

XMAS Recipes @
We wish you a Vege Xmas...and a Hari new year.

Wellington Vegetarian Society' Newsletters

You'll also notice that we have a book sale of our Living a Good Life book, and it is ideal for vegetarian families - it covers pregnancy, childcare and the teen years, not to mention adults and the elderly.  We've just reprinted more copies as a result of recent demand, and these are selling well, with the proceeds going to vegetarian products including a farm animal sanctuary down our way.

The book "Living a Good Life" normally selling at $21.95 is now going at the $14.95 price, .


Auckland's New Zealand Vegetarian Society
....has a myriad of excellent books for sale on vegetarianism

see their mention on our 2004 events

Vegetarian and Vegetarian Friendly Restaurants throughout New Zealand

Play the new Diamond Jubilee Vegan Game - Spot The Vegan

Challenge a friend to - Spot The Vegan

How did you do?

According to recent communications with ChelseaSugar group - NZ Sugars their Sugars are now free from "Bone Char" bleaching process and so devotees can again use and offer White Sugar safely.

See more details HERE

McDeath - the facts about Ronnie McDonalds:

Food Additives

Vegetarian and Non Vegetarian Food Additives


Questions About Food Ingredients - US

Confusing food labels - UK

Meet your Meat FREECDRoms
This is a must for those who live in the illusion of animal killing is somehow acceptable or humane.

I have converted the "Meet your Meat" video into a CD rom & will send a copy of it for free to anyone with a Cd burner & a pledge to make at least 4 copies to give to their meat eating friends.

Meet your meat - shocking live footage of the TRUTH in the meat industry:

This is the new version
I sent out a total of over 750 CD's last year to 60 different countries. My goal in 2003 is to double that number.
I would appreciate if you would forward this message to your readers.
Anyone willing to participate, please forward my mailing address as


Vegetarians BEWARE of Orange Softdrinks
Coca-Cola (manufacturer) - Not suitable for vegetarians; lists the following products as not vegetarian
These products contain traces of fish gelatine, which are used as a stabiliser for beta-carotene colour.

Fanta Orange
Diet Fanta Orange
Lilt Pineapple & Grapefruit
Diet Lilt Pineapple & Grapefruit

Soft Drinks - Some canned Orange drinks use gelatine as a carrier for added Beta Caratine.
(This would not appear on the ingredients panel).
(Text PAMHO:5891790) ---------------------------------------

According to recent communications with ChelseaSugar group - NZ Sugars their Sugars are now free from "Bone Char" bleaching process and so devotees can again use and offer White Sugar safely.

See more details HERE

As of last week in November 2003 Yopliat the yogurt people now put gelatine in their products
See here for pointers of okay ones

Vegetarian Cartoons and Jokes

 Krishna Conscious - Vedikly acceptable Jokes

Healing with humour: Taking better care of ourselves  =>;-))
Visit our Hasya Rasa pages

Laughter Therapy - its no joke:

'Hasya' or humour, created using either a situation or a behaviour-mode, easily reveals in dialogues and gestures during a play but a difficult theme for a sculpture or painting. There are, however, some excellent examples of 'Hasya' in pictoral art also and these days in cartoons. Besides caricatures and 'bhangeris'-type characters, myths, legends or stories are also used for depicting humour. For example Lord Shiva is camping with Parvati under a tree in the forest. As Shiva is adorned with serpents, a serpent, drapes across the otherwise naked form of Shiva like a loincloth, is covering his private parts. Hearing of him being there under the tree, Lord Vishnu, along with Garuda, His faithful vehicle, comes to pay him homage. The snake, as soon as it sees the bird carrier Garuda, his natural enemy, abandons Shiva leaving him all exposed and naked and flees into an anthill. It is humour by situation. Deliberate tricks and or sarcasm, usually bringing forth the philosophy and culture, sometimes in Krishna-related themes, are also used for creating humour.

To read more about Hasya visit our pages

FOR YOUR INTEREST: This one is not a joke but I thought you might like to know. These are the names of Lord Caitanya taken from the book "Sri Caitanya Sahasra Nama Stotra", i.e. "A Thousand Names of Lord Caitanya" by Srila Kavi Karnapura (as translated by HG Kusakratha Prabhu from the Krsna Institute)...

        So Lord Caitanya is known as the one:

 - hasya-kari  &  hasya-yuk  ==> who laughs & jokes

 - hasya-priya  ==> who is fond of joking

 - hasya-nagara ==> who is the hero of those expert in speaking joking words

 - hasya-grami  &  hasya-kara  ==> is expert at joking

 - pushpa-hasa  ==> whose smile & laugh are as charminng as flowers.

Lord Gauranga's smiling & laughing qualities ki...

                                                ys Radhe Govinda dasa

P.S. One of the qualities of Srimati Radharani is that she is very expert in the art of joking.

This is a MUST READ =>;-Q

Four Wives parable:

 Click on this link to see how really short life is.

sent in by Shyamasundar prabhu ACBSP

Srila Prabhupada and Charlie Chaplin

Srila Prabhupada told us that as a young boy he used to enjoy watching Charlie Chaplin movies. Later, as the world acarya flying from New York to London, he enjoyed watching a Charlie Chaplin movie on the plane. The devotees accompanying him were confused. Why would Prabhupada laugh through a Charlie Chaplin movie? Srila Prabhupada replied, "Krsna is the source of all humor. Charlie Chaplin's humor is very original. When I saw that movie, I was seeing Krsna through Charlie Chaplin."

Mr. Chaplin never knew it, but among the millions of people whom he caused to laugh, one was a pure devotee of Krsna. So by Prabhupada's grace even Charlie Chaplin got to perform unknown devotional service.

- From the "Jaya Srila Prabhupada!" by HH Bhakti Vikasa Swami

It is all your mercy

Mail continues to flow in steadily from around the world. One letter came from Pusta Krsna Swami in South Africa about the Mercedes car that he had promised to purchase for Prabhupada. He said that although he intends to pay for it himself, for now he has taken the money from Srila Prabhupada's book fund to finance the purchase. He intends to repay it later.

Hearing this, Prabhupada shook his head. Smiling, he told us the story of the disciple who invited his guru to his home and gave him a grand reception with nice decorations, elaborate prasadam, and all. The guru was delighted and amazed at such expenditure.

"Oh, it is all coming from you, O Spiritual Master. It is all your mercy," said the disciple.

The guru was pleased at this, until he returned home to discover that it really was coming from him. For when he looked in his bank book his balance was now zero!

- From the "A Transcendental Diary Vol 1" by HG Hari Sauri dasa

One Sunday morning, the pastor noticed little Alex was staring up at the large plaque that hung in the foyer of the church.
It was covered with names, and small American flags were mounted on either side of it.

The seven year old had been staring at the plaque for some time, so the pastor walked up, stood beside the little boy, and said quietly, "Good morning, Alex."

"Good morning, Pastor," replied the young man, still focused on the plaque. "Pastor, what is this?"

"Well, son, it's a memorial to all the young men and women who died in the service."

Soberly, they stood together, staring at the large plaque.

Little Alex's voice was barely audible, trembling with fear, when he asked, "Which service, the 8:30 or the 10:45?"

Irish Admission

Reilly went to trial for armed robbery.

His lawyer was a real wrangler with words and managed to convice the jury beyond a doubt that Reilly was in fact innocent.
In the court all was tense, and then the jury foreman came out and announced, "Not guilty."

"That's grand!" shouted Reilly. "Does that mean I can keep the money?"


Which proves that Anuman pramanam, argumentation and logic or reason should not be accepted alone without Sruti pramanam. See our Pramanas page

I don't exist, ......there is proof for that

        I have always felt mildly funny when people say that they are shifting their residence.

        How on earth can you do that, when in reality you are only shifting yourself and not the other way round, I would ask. But that is the usage, isn't, they would counter. And I would laugh away at the imbecility of it all, nodding vaguely at the unconvincing explanation.

        But today I am a changed man.

        Last week I moved to a new place. And I am now wondering whether I have actually.

        'I have got a new address for myself. I want you to make the necessary corrections in your files', I went and told my bank manager, moronically thinking that he would just take the new details and see me off.

        Well, he drawled like Lawrence Oliver would before breaking into a lengthy dialogue, where is the proof? Proof for what, I asked. Proof that you live there. 'I haven't lived there, I have just moved my things last night,' I told him innocently.

        'Okay, Get me your telephone bill', he asked non sequitur. I quickly pulled it out of my bag and he lazily scanned the address and said 'so, this is where you live?' No, this is not where I live. This is where I used to live,' I told him, pointing to the relevant portion in the bill.

        'But why are you giving me this?' he came back at me. 'But you only asked for it,' I went back at him even more strongly. No, no, he waved his chubby fingers. 'Get me the telephone bill with your new address on it'.

        But I don't have a telephone there to have got a bill on it later, I said.

        He didn't obviously answer, but just looked at me with increasing irritation. He began to contort his face in enigmatic geometry as words began to fail him. 'Okay,' he finally conceded, 'go to the telephone department and formally apply to move your telephone to the new address. Get an acknowledgement for that.'

        Like an innocent lamb sent to a slaughter house, I meekly went to the telecom office and asked what should be done to get the phone shifted. A man of imposing girth and an even more imposing moustache, sitting behind what was scrawled boldly as 'help desk', continued to pick his teeth with leisurely gusto. He seemed so involved with the exercise that I thought it was his all-consuming hobby. I repeated what I told him first, just in case he had failed to grapple with what I had said. He began to dig his teeth with even more intensity than his colleagues show while pickaxing the roads avowedly for laying writhing cables. I stood there sheepishly, unable to decide what to do further. Luckily whatever that was struck in the man's teeth must have given way and he deigned to acknowledge my presence as he arched his bushy eyebrows as if to ask what. I went through the entire thing like a silly parrot on overtime. He casually pulled a yellow form from under a sheaf of precariously placed papers, and said: 'Just get it filled and get the attestation of your bank manager'.

        I felt like somebody had slammed shut the phone on me. 'But he was the one who sent me here in the first place', I protested weakly. The man by then had lost all interest in me and switched to a new pass time ?picking his nose, leaving me uncared and uncovered like a dug up pit.

        Any way, wherever I went to inform about my address change, the unfailing response was 'where's the proof?'

        Quite simply, I don't have anything to prove that I live in the place where I live. Since I haven't established that, logically, I think, I demonstrate the opposite ? my non-existence. If my presence is absent, then my absence is present, nah?

        This breaks new ontological ground.

        I should thank my bank manager and the teeth-and-nose-picking sincere worker of the telecom department for helping me in that.
- K BALAKUMAR News Today Chennai)

It doesn't hurt to take a hard look at your self from time to time, and this should help get you started.

During a visit to the mental asylum, a visitor asked the Director what the criterion was defining whether or not a patient should be institutionalized.

"Well," said the Director, "we fill up a bathtub, then we offer a Teaspoon, a teacup and a bucket to the patient and ask him or her to empty the bathtub."

"Oh, I understand," said the visitor. "A normal person would use the bucket because it's bigger than the spoon or the teacup.

”No." said the Director, "A normal person would pull the plug. Do you want a bed near the window?"

from Pauline Archell-Thompson in the UK

Did you ever wonder?

Douglas was being evaluated for mental problems and was asked by the doctor,
"If a train was coming down the hallway toward you, what would you do?"

Douglas replied, "I would get in my helicopter and fly away!"

The doctor then asked, "Where did you get a helicopter from?"

Douglas replied, "The same place you got that flaming train!"

You're only young once.
After that it takes some other excuse for acting like an idiot.

.......sadhu reading the shastra

What happened when the cannibal ate a missionary?
He got a taste of religion

The ways of this material world - strange but true

We've all heard "Laughter is the best medicine."

Lately I'm not so sure. If that were really true, wouldn't the medical profession have found a way by now to charge us for it?

In the days when you couldn't count on a public toilet facility, an English woman was planning a trip to India. She was registered to stay in a small guest house owned by the local schoolmaster. She was concerned as to whether the guest house contained a WC. In England, a bathroom is commonly called a WC which stands for "Water Closet". She wrote to the schoolmaster inquiring of the facilities about the WC.

The school master, not fluent in English, asked the local priest if he knew the meaning of WC. Together they pondered possible meanings of the letters and concluded that the lady wanted to know if there was a "Wayside Chapel" near the house . . . a bathroom never entered their minds.

So the schoolmaster wrote the following reply:

Dear Madam,

I take great pleasure in informing you that the WC is located 9 miles from the house. It is located in the middle of a grove of pine trees, surrounded by lovely grounds. It is capable of holding 229 people and is open on Sundays and Thursdays. As there are many people expected in the summer months, I suggest you arrive early. There is, however, plenty of standing room. This is an unfortunate situation especially if you are in the habit of going regularly.

It may be of some interest to you that my daughter was married in the WC as it was there that she met her husband. It was a wonderful event.

There were 10 people in every seat. It was wonderful to see the expressions on their faces. We can take photos in different angle. My wife, sadly, has been ill and unable to go recently. It has been almost a year since she went last, which pains her greatly.

You will be pleased to know that many people bring their lunch and make a day of it. Others prefer to wait till the last minute and arrive just in time. I would recommend your ladyship plan to go on a Thursday as there is an organ accompaniment. The acoustics are excellent and even the most delicate sounds can be heard everywhere.

The newest addition is a bell which rings every time a person enters.

We are holding a bazaar to provide plush seats for all since many feel it is long needed. I look forward to escorting you there myself and seating you in a place where you can be seen by all.

With deepest regards,

The Schoolmaster

The woman fainted reading the reply........ and she never visited India!!!!

 sent in by Vishaka dasi (Yishy Yashi) in Wellington

OBSOLETE, adj. No longer used by the timid. Said chiefly of words. A word which some lexicographer has marked obsolete is ever thereafter an object of dread and loathing to the fool writer, but if it is a good word and has no exact modern equivalent equally good, it is good enough for the good writer. Indeed, a writer's attitude toward "obsolete" words is as true a measure of his literary ability as anything except the character of his work. A dictionary of obsolete and obsolescent words would not only be singularly rich in strong and sweet parts of speech; it would add large possessions to the vocabulary of every competent writer who might not happen to be a competent reader.

Devil's Dictionary, Ambrose Bierce

.......more optical illusions and paradigm twists here:

Late one night during bad weather, the following was
heard over the radio at an airport control tower:

Helicopter Pilot: "Tower, I'm holding at 3000 over
Heli-pad 1."

Second voice: "NO!!! You can't be doing that! I'm
holding at 3000 over that pad!"

There was a brief moment of silence.

First voice again: "You idiot! You're my CO-PILOT!"

A conversation heard on the prairie - seems even the cowboys have gone soft, fluffy and new agey.....

Cowboy:  "Well, I suppose you've been alright.  You've been a decent horse, I guess.  A bit slow sometimes, but a decent horse, and..."

Horse: "No, you stupid idiot I didn't ask you for FEEDBACK! I said that I wanted my FEEDBAG!"

OBSTINATE, adj. Inaccessible to the truth as it is manifest in the splendor and stress of our advocacy.

The popular type and exponent of obstinacy is the mule, a most intelligent animal.

Devil's Dictionary, Ambrose Bierce

Look at the world around you, and you'll see God's creativity;

Look at the dinner table, and you'll see God's providence;

Look at the mirror, and you'll see God's sense of humour.

.......and always remember (don't forget...)


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