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Srila Baladev Vidyabhushana - Disappearance - Tirubhav

Ganga Pujan

Srimati Gangamata Goswamini - Appearance - Avirbhav

Fasting for Pandava Nirjala Ekadasi (Fasting from Beans and Grains - 31st May 2004 in NZ)(fast entirely if broken ekadasi)
31st May - World No Tobbaco Day - World No Smoking Day - every year 

Panihati Chida Dahi Utsav - chipped rice festival

Snan Yatra in Jagannath Puri

Srila Mukunda Datta - Disappearance - Tirubhav

Srila Sridhara Pandita - Disappearance - Tirubhav

Srila Syamananda Prabhu - Disappearance - Tirubhav

5th June - World Environment Day every year

Srila Vakresvara Pandita - Appearance - Avirbhav

Srila Srivasa Pandita - Disappearance - Tirubhav

Paksha vardhini Mahadwadasi - Fasting  for Yogini Ekadasi (Fasting from Beans and Grains - 14th June 2004 in NZ)

Mithun Sankranti (Sun enters Gemini)

Srila Gadadhara Pandita - Disappearance - Tirubhav

Srila Bhaktivinod Thakura  - Disappearance - Tirubhav (fasting 'til noon)

Gundicha Marjana in Jagannath Puri

Ratha yatra in Jagannath Puri
(Hera Panchami after 4 days)
(return Ratha yatra after 8 days)

Srila Swarupa Damodara Goswami - Disappearance - Tirubhav

Srila Sivananda Sena - Disappearance - Tirubhav

20th June 2004 - Father's Day - 3rd Sunday in June in US & UK - 1st Sunday in September in Aus & NZ

Sri Vakresvara Pandita - Disappearance - Tirubhav

Devasayan Ekadasi - Fasting  for Yogini Ekadasi (Fasting from Beans and Grains - 29th June 2004 in NZ)

Guru Purnima - Vyaasa Purnima - Appearance - Avirbhav

Srila Sanatana Goswami - Disappearance - Tirubhav

First Month of Chaturmasya Begins - Fasting from Sak, green leafy vegetables, for one month
(note Chaturmasya is not observed during Purushottam Adhika Masa.)

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kasmad ekadasi jata tasyah ko va vidhir dvija
kada va kriyate kim va phalam kim va vadasva me

ka va pujyatama tatra devata sad-gunarnava
akurvatah syat ko dosa etan me vaktum arhasi

"Oh Gurudeva! When did Ekadasi take birth and from whom did she appear? What are the rules of fasting on the Ekadasi? Please describe the benefits of following this vow and when it should be followed. Who is the utmost worshippable presiding deity of Sri Ekadasi? What are the faults in not following Ekadasi properly? Please bestow your mercy upon me and tell about these subjects, as you are the only personality able to do so."

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Pani Hati Chida Dahi utsav
Panihati chipped rice festival

Tuesday 1st June 2004 in NZ
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Srimad Bhagavad Gita AS IT IS

Bhagavad Gita: Chapter 18 -  Conclusion : The Perfection of Renunciation

                                 TEXT 13

                          pancaitani maha-baho
                           karanani nibodha me
                        sankhye krtante proktani
                         siddhaye sarva-karmanam

   panca--five; etani--these; maha-baho--O mighty-armed one; karanani--causes; nibodha- just understand; me--from Me; sankhye--in the Vedanta; krta-ante--in the conclusion; proktani--said; siddhaye--for the perfection; sarva--of all; karmanam--activities.

   O mighty-armed Arjuna, according to the Vedanta there are five causes for the accomplishment of all action. Now learn of these from Me.

PURPORT by HDG Srila A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada:
   A question may be raised that since any activity performed must have some reaction, how is it that the person in Krsna consciousness does not suffer or enjoy the reactions of work? The Lord is citing Vedanta philosophy to show how this is possible. He says that there are five causes for all activities, and for success in all activity one should consider these five causes. Sankhya means the stalk of knowledge, and Vedanta is the final stalk of knowledge accepted by all leading acaryas. Even Sankara accepts Vedanta-sutra as such. Therefore such authority should be consulted.

   The ultimate control is invested in the Supersoul. As it is stated in the Bhagavad-gita, sarvasya caham hrdi sannivistah. He is engaging everyone in certain activities by reminding him of his past actions. And Krsna conscious acts done under His direction from within yield no reaction, either in this life or in the life after death.

Copyright 1983 The Bhaktivedanta Book Trust International. Used with permission.

 - His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

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(here's some nectar, sometimes it comes in the form of Srutakirti prabhu's diary, other times from Govinda dasi's diary, or sometimes from a letter, but still nectar...)

This will be copied by the Indians

When Srila Prabhupada first went back to India with his American disciples, he sometimes took them on tours of holy places in Vrndavana and Mayapur. One day Prabhupada was to go with a few devotees in an old American Dodge automobile, to visit Devnagar, the birthplace of Bhaktivinoda Thakura. Prabhupada rode in the front seat with the driver, Syamasundara dasa, and about four other devotees squeezed into the back seat. They soon discovered, unfortunately, that the old dodge didn't have a horn. Driving in India without a horn is almost impossible, and the journey was an anticipated two hours. Srila Prabhupada was therefore concerned how they would make it. But soon after they had started, Prabhupada devised a "horn" of his own making. He found a metal plate in the car, and then he had the car stop and the boys got him a stick off the ground. Then as they rode along, Srila Prabhupada would hold the plate outside of the car window and bang on it with a stick whenever there was a need of a horn for passing cars and for shooing people and animals off the road. The devotees were amazed and overjoyed at the simple display of Prabhupada's horn, which he continued to operate from the front seat during the whole journey. "This will be copied by the Indians," said Srila Prabhupada. "They will think that it is a new American invention they will also get plates and sticks and use them instead of the horn."

- From the Nectar by HH Satsvarupa Dasa Goswami

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"Make Krishna Smile"

Srimad-Bhagavatam 7.9.34
Mayapur, March 12, 1976

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Pusta Krsna: "From that great lotus flower from which Brahma is generated, certainly Brahma could not see anything else except the big lotus flower. Therefore Lord Brahma, diving within the water, executed austerity and penance for one hundred years but still could not get any trace of You. The reason is that when a seed is fructified, the original seed cannot be seen."


tat-sambhavah kavir ato 'nyad apasyamanas
tvam bijam atmani tatam sa bahir vicintya
navindad abda-satam apsu nimajjamanah
jate 'nkure katham uhopalabheta bijam
 [SB 7.9.34]

So from the beginning of the creation the same illusion is continued. Brahma, when he was born, created, he was created not by ordinary father and mother, but he was created on a lotus flower stem which grew from the navel of Maha Visnu, er, yes, Garbhodakasayi Visnu. Therefore Brahma's another name is Aja. He's not born like ordinary human being. Svayambhu. He's also known as Svayambhu. Everyone is born by father and mother, but he was born... Of course, father was there, Garbhodakasayi Visnu, but he did not come through the womb of mother. This is omnipotency. Lord Visnu is lying on the Sesa bed, and Laksmiji is engaged in the service of massaging the lotus feet of Visnu, but Visnu did not take the help of Laksmiji to beget Brahma. He personally begot from the navel. Therefore we should understand that the Supreme Personality of Godhead can perform anything he likes from any part of His body. That we chant always, angani yasya sakalendriya-vrttimanti. We have got knowledge, experience, that when a child is born it has got a different source of being born, but Garbhodakasayi Visnu wanted the child be born from the navel and not from the mother of the navel -- there was no mother -- but the father Himself. This is called angani yasya sakalendriya-vrttimanti. Every part of the body, every limb, has got the potency to act like other parts of the body. We can see only with the eyes, but God can see with His finger. That is God. We can eat through mouth, but God can eat from any part of His body. If He simply touches His toe, He can eat. If He simply glances over the foodstuff offered to Him, He has eaten it. That we do not know. Therefore we're sometimes surprised that "How He has eaten?" that "You are offering so many nice things. It is lying down there. How I shall understand that He has eaten?" Yes, He has eaten. Simply by seeing, He has eaten. And because He's nija-labha-purna, He's satisfied by His own self, therefore by simply glancing, He has eaten and it has become prasadam. You can take it. This is the meaning of angani yasya sakalendriya-vrttimanti.............continued

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yaà hi na vyathayanty ete
puruñaà puruñarñabha
sama-duùkha-sukhaà dhéraà
so ’måtatväya kalpate

“O best among men [Arjuna], the person who is not disturbed by happiness and distress and is steady in both is certainly eligible for liberation.” (Bhagavad-gétä. 2.15)

yaà yaà väpi smaran bhävaà
tyajaty ante kalevaram
taà tam evaiti kaunteya
sadä tad-bhäva-bhävitaù

“Whatever state of being one remembers when he quits his body, that state he will attain without fail.” (Bhagavad-gétä. 8.6)

aho bata çva-paco ’to garéyän
yaj-jihvägre vartate näma tubhyam
tepus tapas te juhuvuù sasnur äryä
brahmänücur näma gåëanti ye te

“O my Lord! Persons who chant the holy names of Your Lordship are far, far advanced in spiritual life, even if born in families of dog-eaters. Such chanters have undoubtedly performed all kinds of austerities and sacrifices, bathed in all sacred places, and finished all scriptural studies.”( Çrémad-Bhägavatam 3.33.7)

yeñäà tv anta-gataà päpaà
janänäà puëya-karmaëäm
te dvandva-moha-nirmuktä
bhajante mäà dåòha-vratäù

“After many, many births of executing pious activities, when one is completely freed from all contaminations, and from all illusory dualities, one becomes engaged in the transcendental loving service of the Lord.” (Bhagavad-gétä 7.28)

man-manä bhava mad-bhakto
mad-yäjé mäà namaskuru
mäm evaiñyasi satyaà te
pratijäne priyo ’si me

"Always think of Me, become My devotee, worship Me and offer your homage unto Me. Thus you will come to Me without fail. I promise you this because you are My very dear friend." (Bhagavad-gétä 18:65.)

ätmano ’vihitaà karma
kämasya ca parityägo
niréhety ähur uttamäù

"One should perform activities only for the benefit of the soul; any other activity should be given up. When a person is situated in this way, he is said to be desireless. Actually a living entity cannot be totally desireless, but when he desires the benefit of the soul and nothing else, he is said to be desireless." (Çréla Madhväcärya quoting from the Adhyätma)

sthaulyaà kärçyaà vyädhaya ädhayaç ca
kñut tåò bhayaà kalir icchä jarä ca
nidrä ratir manyur ahaà madaù çuco
dehena jätasya hi me na santi

"Fatness, thinness, bodily and mental distress, thirst, hunger, fear, disagreement, desires for material happiness, old age, sleep, attachment for material possessions, anger, lamentation, illusion and identification of the body with the self are all transformations of the material covering of the spirit soul. A person absorbed in the material bodily conception is affected by these things, but I am free from all bodily conceptions. Consequently I am neither fat nor skinny nor anything else you have mentioned." (Srimad Bhagavatam 5:10:10.)

brahmädyä yäjïavalkädyä
mucyante stré-sahäyinaù
bodhyante kecanaiteñäà
viçeñam ca vido viduù

Sometimes it is found among exalted personalities like Lord Brahmä that the wife and children are not a cause of bondage. On the contrary, the wife actually helps further spiritual life and liberation. Nonetheless, most people are bound by the knots of the marital relationship, and consequently they forget their relationship with Kåñëa.(Satya-saàhitä)

märabi räkhabi——yo icchä tohärä
nitya-däsa-prati tuyä adhikärä

“My Lord, I am now surrendered unto You. I am Your eternal servant, and if You like You can kill me, or, if You like, You can protect me. In any case, I am fully surrendered unto You.” (Çréla Bhaktivinoda Öhäkura )

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Srimad Bhagavatam 2:3:19 text and purport:

saàstutaù puruñaù paçuù
na yat-karëa-pathopeto
jätu näma gadägrajaù

çva—a dog; viö-varäha—the village hog who eats stool; uñöra—the camel; kharaiù—and by the asses; saàstutaù—perfectly praised; puruñaù—a person; paçuù—animal; na—never; yat—of him; karëa—ear; patha—path; upetaù—reached; jätu—at any time; näma—the holy name; gadägrajaù—Lord Kåñëa, the deliver from all evils.

Men who are like dogs, hogs, camels and asses praise those men who never listen to the transcendental pastimes of Lord Çré Kåñëa, the deliverer from evils.

The general mass of people, unless they are trained systematically for a higher standard of life in spiritual values, are no better than animals, and in this verse they have particularly been put on the level of dogs, hogs, camels and asses. Modern university education practically prepares one to acquire a doggish mentality with which to accept the service of a greater master. After finishing a so-called education, the so-called educated persons move like dogs from door to door with applications for some service, and mostly they are driven away, informed of no vacancy. As dogs are negligible animals and serve the master faithfully for bits of bread, a man serves a master faithfully without sufficient rewards.

Persons who have no discrimination in the matter of foodstuff and who eat all sorts of rubbish are compared to hogs. Hogs are very much attached to eating stools. So stool is a kind of foodstuff for a particular type of animal. And even stones are eatables for a particular type of animal or bird. But the human being is not meant for eating everything and anything; he is meant to eat grains, vegetables, fruits, milk, sugar, etc. Animal food is not meant for the human being. For chewing solid food, the human being has a particular type of teeth meant for cutting fruits and vegetables. The human being is endowed with two canine teeth as a concession for persons who will eat animal food at any cost. It is known to everyone that one man’s food is another man’s poison. Human beings are expected to accept the remnants of food offered to Lord Çré Kåñëa, and the Lord accepts foodstuff from the categories of leaves, flowers, fruits, etc. (Bg. 9.26). As prescribed by Vedic scriptures, no animal food is offered to the Lord. Therefore, a human being is meant to eat a particular type of food. He should not imitate the animals to derive so-called vitamin values. Therefore, a person who has no discrimination in regard to eating is compared to a hog.

The camel is a kind of animal that takes pleasure in eating thorns. A person who wants to enjoy family life or the worldly life of so-called enjoyment is compared to the camel. Materialistic life is full of thorns, and so one should live only by the prescribed method of Vedic regulations just to make the best use of a bad bargain. Life in the material world is maintained by sucking one’s own blood. The central point of attraction for material enjoyment is sex life. To enjoy sex life is to suck one’s own blood, and there is not much more to be explained in this connection. The camel also sucks its own blood while chewing thorny twigs. The thorns the camel eats cut the tongue of the camel, and so blood begins to flow within the camel’s mouth. The thorns, mixed with fresh blood, create a taste for the foolish camel, and so he enjoys the thorn-eating business with false pleasure. Similarly, the great business magnates, industrialists who work very hard to earn money by different ways and questionable means, eat the thorny results of their actions mixed with their own blood. Therefore the Bhägavatam has situated these diseased fellows along with the camels.

The ass is an animal who is celebrated as the greatest fool, even amongst the animals. The ass works very hard and carries burdens of the maximum weight without making profit for itself. Footnote. The ass is generally engaged by the washerman, whose social position is not very respectable. And the special qualification of the ass is that it is very much accustomed to being kicked by the opposite sex. When the ass begs for sexual intercourse, he is kicked by the fair sex, yet he still follows the female for such sexual pleasure. A henpecked man is compared, therefore, to the ass. The general mass of people work very hard, especially in the age of Kali. In this age the human being is actually engaged in the work of an ass, carrying heavy burdens and driving öhelä and rickshaws. The so-called advancement of human civilization has engaged a human being in the work of an ass. The laborers in great factories and workshops are also engaged in such burdensome work, and after working hard during the day, the poor laborer has to be again kicked by the fair sex, not only for sex enjoyment but also for so many household affairs.

So Çrémad-Bhägavatam’s categorization of the common man without any spiritual enlightenment into the society of dogs, hogs, camels and asses is not at all an exaggeration. The leaders of such ignorant masses of people may feel very proud of being adored by such a number of dogs and hogs, but that is not very flattering. The Bhägavatam openly declares that although a person may be a great leader of such dogs and hogs disguised as men, if he has no taste for being enlightened in the science of Kåñëa, such a leader is also an animal and nothing more. He may be designated as a powerful, strong animal, or a big animal, but in the estimation of Çrémad-Bhägavatam he is never given a place in the category of man, on account of his atheistic temperament. Or, in other words, such godless leaders of dogs and hoglike men are bigger animals with the qualities of animals in greater proportion.

"IN EVERY TOWN AND VILLAGE the chanting of the Holy Name of Krishna shall be heard. This was the forecast made by Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu almost 500 years ago in India. Today, as the Hare Krishna Mantra -- Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare, Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare -- resounds in Bombay and New York, Nairobi and Sydney, and in Paris and Hong Kong, the prophecy of Lord Caitanya stands fulfilled. The universal import of this "Samkirtan Movement" (the congregational chanting of the Holy Names of the Lord) was expressed by Lord Caitanya as follows:

"Glory to the Sri Krishna Samkirtan which cleanses the heart of all the dust accumulated for years together. Thus the fire of conditional life, of repeated birth and death, is extinguished. The Samkirtan Movement is the prime benediction for humanity at large because it spreads the rays of the benediction Moon. It is the life of all transcendental knowledge, it increases the ocean of transcendental bliss, and it helps us to have a taste of the full nectar for which we are always anxious."

(Every Town & Village, album cover)

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Recently I was asked, "Don't you find it an inconvenience to always be checking to see when is the right time to do this or the best time for that?"

In simple terms my answer was and still is; if you go to the bus or railway station or airport it is probably an intelligent venture to enquire about the times and routes of vehicles than to just hope that one will be along soon, or one is going in your direction.

There are subtle influences in the Universe that, for thousands of years gone by, advanced cultures have honoured, respected and utilised. Before the corruption of the Vedik literatures by the Christian and Moslem invaders to India all these things were used; Ayurvedik Medicine; Vedik Astrology; etc. Today there's a rennaisance among many to revive these arts.

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aham kratur aham yajnah
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"But it is I who am the ritual, I the sacrifice, the offering to the ancestors, the healing herb,
the transcendental chant. I am the butter and the fire and the offering."(Lord Krishna, Bhagavad-gita 9.16)

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ete cäàça-kaläù puàsaù
kåñëas tu bhagavän svayam
indräri-vyäkulaà lokaà
måòayanti yuge yuge

“All the lists of the incarnations of Godhead submitted herewith are either plenary expansions or parts of the plenary expansions of the Supreme Godhead, but Kåñëa is the Supreme Personality of Godhead Himself.” (Srimad Bhagavatam 1.3.28)

rämädi-mürtiñu kalä-niyamena tiñöhan
nänävatäram akarod bhuvaneñu kintu
kåñëaù svayaà samabhavat paramaù pumän yo
govindam ädi-puruñaà tam ahaà bhajämi

“I worship the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Govinda [Kåñëa], who is always situated in various incarnations such as Räma, Nåsiàha and many subincarnations as well, but who is the original Personality of Godhead known as Kåñëa, and who incarnates personally also.” (Brahma samhita 5:39.)

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"The religious principles taught by Mohammed and Jesus Christ are similar to the religious principles taught by Vaishnava sects. Buddhism and Jainism are similar to Saiva-dharma. This is scientific consideration of truths regarding religious principles. Those who consider their own religious principles as real dharma and others religious principles as irreligion or subreligion are unable to ascertain the truth due to being influenced by prejudice. Actually religious principles followed by people in general are different only due to the different qualifications of the practitioners, but the constitutional religious principles of all living entities are one." (Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakur. Sri Krsna Samhita.)

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Articles of Interest

Smoking a major cause of tuberculosis deaths in men in India: study

Canadian Press
Friday, August 15, 2003

TORONTO (CP) - Smoking is the cause of half the male tuberculosis deaths in India, says a new study by an international team of researchers.

Smoking increases the probability of developing potentially fatal clinical TB, which can then easily infect other people. Almost 200,000 people a year in India die from TB because they smoke.

"Not only in Asia and Africa, but also in America and Europe, smoking will increase the number of people who develop clinical TB themselves and can then infect others, unless properly treated and cured," said one of the authors, Dr. Prabhat Jha, Canada Research Chair of Health and Development at the University of Toronto and director of the Centre for Global Health Research at St. Michael's Hospital.

He said TB still causes about 1.6 million deaths a year worldwide, including more than a million in Asia, 400,000 in Africa and 100,000 in the Americas and Europe.

The study, published in the British medical journal The Lancet, found that male smokers in India are about four times as likely to develop TB as their non-smoking countrymen and therefore four times as likely to die from TB.

"Half of the smokers killed by TB are still only in their 30s, 40s or early 50s when they die," said Dr. Vendhan Gajalakshmi of the Epidemiological Research Center in Chennai, India, who led the study.

This is the first major study of how smoking causes death in India. It compared the smoking habits of 43,000 men who had died of various diseases in the late 1990s with the habits of 35,000 living men. (Few women in South India smoke, so the study is of men.)

More than 4,000 of these deaths were from TB, but if smokers had the same low risks as non-smokers there would have been fewer than 2,000 TB deaths. Smokers also had higher death rates from heart disease and from various types of cancer: in total, about a quarter of all smokers are killed by their habit at ages 25-69. Those killed at these ages by tobacco lose an average of 20 years of life expectancy.

About a billion people worldwide are carrying live TB infection in their lungs, but if they don't smoke most will never become seriously ill. Smoking increases the danger that TB infection will get out of control and cause clinical TB, which can kill and can easily be spread to other people.

"In some parts of the world the main way smoking kills people is by damaging the lung's defences against chronic TB infection," said another author, Richard Peto, professor of medical statistics at the University of Oxford, England. "Our study indicates that in rural India about 12 per cent of smokers and three per cent of non-smokers die prematurely from TB."

The study, primarily funded by the UK Medical Research Council and Cancer Research, projected that by 2025 tobacco deaths in middle-aged men in India would reach one million.

© Copyright  2003 The Canadian Press

See many more Anti-smoking articles here:

Hindus In Tamil Nadu Protest Move To Ban Animal Sacrifice action=fullnews&id=17521

MADURAI, INDIA, May 17, 2004: Hindu devotees in Madurai are up in arms over a proposed ban on animal sacrifice. Though animal sacrifice has been banned in India, the practice is still alive in some areas, albeit in a secretive way, states this report from New The devotees say the state government has no right to reinforce an existing law, which was revoked just before the national polls. Devotees said they would not give up the ritual as it was an integral part of their tradition. "Animal sacrifice is an integral part of our society which has evolved with time. How can we give up that? We want it to stay all time," S. Ramar, a devotee said.

Recently in another temple festival in the same district more than 3000 goats were sacrificed. The devotees said they were ready to face any consequence for defying the ban. "This festival is famous for animal sacrifice. It is this ritual which brings thousands of people to the temple and fills up the temple coffers. So the sacrifice in no way harms anybody. We don't care for the laws. Even if it is banned we will continue it because it is our custom and we cannot give it up, come what may," Ganeshan, another devotee said. The devotees have also challenged the ban in the courts, saying it violated the freedom of religion enshrined in the constitution. The court had ordered the state government to maintain status quo pending final orders.

HPI adds: Animal rights advocate Menaka Gandhi points out that a recent upsurge in animal sacrifice has come because it can be profitable for a priest or temple. Most Hindus would not endorse the practice.

Courtesy of

Visit our main page Vegetarianism & Beyond

New Religious TV Channel Launched in Delhi
Punjab Kesari (Hindi)

NEW DELHI, INDIA, May 15, 2004: Junapeethadhishwar Acharya Mahamandaleshwar Swami Avadheshananda Giri Ji said that the television channels have to come forward to check the poisonous atmosphere of today in the society. He was launching the channel Sadhana Super belonging to the Sadhana Parivar [family]. Electronic media today is influencing not only the country but the whole world, therefore not only Indian heritage but the path of spirituality can also be shown to the whole world through these channels, Swami Ji added. In a function organized in New Delhi, the Junapeethadhishwar formally inaugurated the new channel by lighting a lamp and pushing the button to start the broadcast. Besides the managing director of Sadhana Parivar, a large number of sadhus and saints and other prominent personalities were also there to attend the event. Speaking on the occasion, Shri Rakesh Gupta said that through Sadhana Super Channel besides spirituality, serial devoted to the national spirit, education, career, health, entertainment and sanskar nirman will also be given place.

Courtesy of

Kazakstan Newsletter
Posted May 16, 2004

Creating an environment where individuals are not identified by caste, creed, religion, or nationality

A note from BB Govinda Swami, Director, Palace of the Soul

Dear Friends of The Palace of the Soul,

This last autumn I had the great fortune to participate in an international religious conference conducted in Kazakstan's capital Astana. The function, organized by president Nursultan Nazarbayev, was a two-day affair that was graced by major religious leaders from around the globe.

One of the esteemed leaders of the Madhva Sampradaya, Sri Sri Sugunendra Theertha Swamiji, was a keynote speaker at the function. At the conclusion of the conference, the respected Swamiji spent two days at Sri Vrindavan Dham in Almaty, learned of the Palace of the Soul Project, and freely gave his wonderful association to the devotees who are developing the project.

BB Govinda Swami with the  Head Imam of Kazakstan

Upon returning to India, Puthige Swamiji sent me the following letter, and I would like to share it with you all.

I pray that you are all well.

With affectionate regards,

BB Govinda Swami


Sri Krishnaaya Namaha

Dear Sri Govinda Swamiji,

We thank you very much for the hospitality extended during our stay in Almaty.

We were very happy to see this growing Institute in Kazakstan and feel that your dedicated efforts to bring up this Institute are highly commendable.

We have no doubt in placing on record that what we ought to have seen in India is being seen in Almaty.

Apart from mastering the Indian tradition and culture, you have been greatly successful in imbibing the same to the disciples. We were moved by the devotion of the devotees. It is a hard truth that the majority of Indians have forgotten their valuable tradition. In the name of modernization, values of life that are time tested are being neglected.

Devotees who have become the devotees of Lord Krishna by choice are the true devotees. People who have become devotees by chance do not understand the true importance of devotional life.

We are completely moved by your leadership and the devotion of the devotees.

We pray to Lord Almighty Krishna to give full power to your team in achieving your objectives in Almaty. We believe that nothing will come in the way of your success.

In achieving your endeavors, please feel free to share your difficulties with us, and we shall join you in praying to the Lord for success.

Mass prayer always yields results.

We consider that our visit to Almaty was our main purpose in coming to Kazakstan. Lord Krishna kindly arranged this through the interfaith conference.

Had it not been for this conference, possibly, we would not have met.

It is surely the desire of Lord Krishna who sent messages for our visit.

We once again invite you to Udupi, where you can stay with us in our guesthouse. It would be a privilege for us to receive you in Udupi. Udupi is connected by flight from Mumbai to Mangalore. From there it is a 50 kilometer drive.

We once again wish to place on record our appreciation for the hospitality.

We also wish to once again invite you to Udupi. We hope that our relationship will bring you closer to Udupi, which is the place of Lord Sri Krishna.

We also hope that our relationship will grow stronger in the days to come.

With Sriman Narayana Smaranam,
Sri Sri Sugunendra Theertha Swamiji


And this is a letter I received from Professor V. Kutumba Sastri, Vice-Chancellor, Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan, New Delhi.

Dear Govinda Swamiji,

It was a great experience to pay a visit to Astana, Kazakstan, to the first World and Traditional Religions Congress, as a member of the Hindu delegation headed by Dr. Somaiya from Bombay.

The trip became much more meaningful and fruitful on account of your scholarly association and interactions during the stay in Astana and Almaty.

I look forward to meeting you again and I hope to continue to have interaction on common subjects of interest.

With warm personal regards,

Sincerely yours,
V. Kutumba Sastri

Silk Road Foundation
2006 NW 55th Avenue #J8,
Gainesville, FL 32653
+1 (866) 871-3551

sent in by Shyamasundara prabhu ACBSP

Who Is a Hindu at Nepal's Pashupatinath Temple?

KATHMANDU, NEPAL, November, 2000: (Note: This is a dated article which someone recently found. As we had not reported it when it first appeared, we are including a summary now, as we are unaware of any subsequent changes to the temple policies.) Pashupati is one of Hinduism's holiest shrines, and houses Nepal's patron deity. A sign at the gate, enforced by a policeman bearing a stick, bars all non-Hindus.  But what defines a Hindu, and who decides? Any brown-skinned Caucasoid, even a Muslim, or Syrian Christian from Kerala, can get in without problems. Tall, fair Nepalis with goatees have sometimes been stopped. It seems the only criteria that the gatekeepers have is skin color and the length of the nose. Groups of Hindu pilgrims from Bali, a predominantly Hindu island, were recently denied entry, as gate guards declared that the "Hindu" status on their travel documents did not prove their faith. The pilgrims had had no problems entering temples in India. Bishwesh Shrestha, their Nepali tour operator is livid. The groups were denied entrance by the office of the Mul Bhatta (the south Indian chief priest at Pashupati), which stated that one has to be born either in Nepal or India to enter (HPI adds: He hasn't even included Sri Lanka!). This directly contradicted the recommendation of the World Hindu Federation (WHF). The Pashupati Development Trust (PDT) assured Shrestha that Indonesians and other Hindus from abroad would have no problem entering the temple in future, but declined to provide it in writing. The police stated that they have no authority to determine eligibility for entrance, and that the Mul Bhatta had strictly ordered that Indonesians should be denied entrance. The Mul Bhatta's office refused comment. However, the Rangoon-based Indonesian embassy accredited to Nepal blamed the tour operator for not having informed the embassy. There are one billion Hindus in the world, and Indonesia is an advisor to the executive body of the WHF, which has a membership of 57 countries. Hinduism predates both Buddhism and Islam in Indonesia, having been taken to the archipelago by settlers from India 2,000 years ago.

Courtesy of

Hinduism Is Not Restricted to One Race

GUYANA, SOUTH AMERICA, May 16, 2004: In an on-going debate in Guyana over the definition of "Hindu," Vishnu Bisram wrote this letter to the editor of the Stabroek News:

"I would like to add to Roopnandan Singh 's letter (12.5.2004) that anyone of any ethnic background can be a Hindu. One does not have to be an Indian to be Hindu. I have travelled all over the globe to over seventy countries and have come across Hindus of all backgrounds. I travelled to India over a dozen times and visited several parts of the sub-continent since 1985. I came across Hindus of varying background and ethnicities - Chinese-looking, dark color, brown color, Whites, and those who look like me (ethnic Indians, for lack of a better term).

 Many White and African Americans also practise Hinduism. There is a temple in Pennsylvania run by Whites and where Blacks also worship with many of them having Hindu names. There is also a magnificent temple in Virginia run by Whites. Recently, I was in Hawaii where I visited a White person who has a mandir in her home and who could chant Hindu mantras better than I could. The Swami who founded the magazine Hinduism Today (and HPI) in Hawaii was a White. A group of Whites currently run the lone Hindu temple in Hawaii. A Guyanese temple in Queens has a Black Jamaican conducting poojas. He sings bhajanas as well as many Indian pandits and is always bedecked in traditional Hindu attire. Puerto Ricans and other Hispanics attend Sunday service at a Hindu temple in Brooklyn. In Orlando where I recently visited, Whites joined Indians in worshipping at a temple.

In my frequent travels to Jamaica, West Indies, I often come across Blacks who worship at Hindu temples and who attend Ramayan discourses in the evenings. In Trinidad, a Chinese is a regular devotee of a temple in San Juan. Three years ago in Acapulco, Mexico, I met a Mexican who told me he was a Hindu. He educated me about the tenets of Hinduism and explained why he follows Hinduism in a Catholic nation. Last year, India Abroad newspaper, a weekly, carried an article about a Mexican who is a Hindu priest in Texas. A prominent pandit in Guadeloupe is a White. Martinique also has White Hindus. A lot of Whites also practise Hinduism throughout Europe. And in South Africa last year I observed many Whites and Blacks worshipping at temples in the cities of Durban and Phoenix.

On the heavenly island of Bali, all of the Hindus are oriental (Chinese) looking. On the West Coast of Demerara, there are many Mixed Guyanese (so called Douglas) who practise Hinduism. In the interior areas of the Pomeroon and on the Essequibo Coast are many Indo-Guyanese who are married to Amerindians who, along with their children, follow the Hindu path. So anyone who follows the faith can be a Hindu."

Courtesy of

See our pages supporting these views HERE:
Western Indologists been exposed page:
How British Misguided World on Vedic History

India's Train Station Chai Abandons Plastics

NEW DELHI, INDIA, May 24, 2004: Doing away with plastic and going back to eco-friendly clay cups, called kulhads, India's new Railways Minister Lalu Prasad is planning to inject some of his earthy flavour to millions who travel on trains every day. Turning the clock to two decades ago, Prasad will soon bring back the practice of serving tea in freshly baked earthen cups instead of plastic and Styrofoam containers. "The use of plastic cups and glasses will be banned and they will be replaced by earthen cups, which will not only provide employment to potters in the village but also be environment friendly," said Prasad, who was till recently known as Laloo Prasad Yadav. Hinduism Today's Delhi correspondent, Rajiv Malik reports that the kulhad, baked earthen pots, are considered to be very hygenic and have been used in India since ancient times. Even today when community meals [bhandaras] are served to the sadhus and saints in holy places like Haridwar and Nashik or the Kumbha Melas, water and tea are served in kulhads, as the saints fraternity prefers them to other type of pots made of plastic or metal.

Courtesy of

varaà varaya bhadraà te
vareçaà mäbhiväïchitam
brahmaï chreyaù-pariçrämaù
puàsäà mad-darçanävadhiù

varam—benediction; varaya—just ask from; bhadram—auspicious; te—unto you; vara-éçam—the giver of all benediction; mä (mäm)—from Me; abhiväïchitam—wishing; brahman—O Brahmä; çreyaù—the ultimate success; pariçrämaù—for all penances; puàsäm—for everyone; mat—My; darçana—realization; avadhiù—up to the limit of.

I wish you good luck. O Brahmä, you may ask from Me, the giver of all benediction, all that you may desire. You may know that the ultimate benediction, as the result of all penances, is to see Me by realization.

The ultimate realization of the Supreme Truth is knowing and seeing face to face the Personality of Godhead. Realization of the impersonal Brahman and localized Paramätmä features of the Personality of Godhead is not ultimate realization, When one realizes the Supreme Lord, one does not struggle hard to perform such penances. The next stage of life is to discharge devotional service to the Lord just to satisfy Him. In other words, one who has realized and seen the Supreme Lord has attained all perfection because everything is included in that highest perfectional stage. The impersonalists and the pseudo mystics, however, cannot reach this state. (Srimad Bhagavatam 2:9:21. text and purport by HDG Srila A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada)

How much can we see things????

Seeing and understanding what is reality with imperfect senses

The defects of a conditioned soul are:
(1) he must commit mistakes;
(2) he must be illusioned;
(3) he must possess the tendency to cheat others;
and (4) all his senses must be imperfect.

See more on Darwin and Evolution HERE:

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World Smoke-free Day
also known as World No Tobbaco Day
31st May

World No Tobacco Day 2004
The Tobacco Free Initiative proposes that World No Tobacco Day 2004 focus on tobacco and poverty.

The contribution of tobacco to death and disease is well documented. Less attention is given to the ways in which tobacco increases poverty.

Tobacco is the fourth most common risk factor for disease worldwide. The economic costs of tobacco use are equally devastating. In addition to the high public health costs of treating tobacco-caused diseases, tobacco kills people at the height of their productivity, depriving families of breadwinners and nations of a healthy workforce. Tobacco users are also less productive while they are alive due to increased sickness. A 1994 report estimated that the use of tobacco resulted in an annual global net loss of US$ 200 thousand million, a third of this loss being in developing countries.

Smoking Biggest Killer in Developing World

SUSSEX, U.K., March 26, 2001: Smoking will become the biggest killer in developing world countries within the next 20 years, surpassing those deaths caused by the Aids epidemic according to the Institute of Development Studies in Sussex, UK's government- based study. The report forecasts that within two decades 8.5 million people a year will be dying in developing countries because of smoking. A billion people around the world are currently smokers, and tobacco-related illness currently kills 3.5 million a year. At the moment it is mainly a rich country disease, but the report says this is changing fast. The report says the increasing process of globalization will be partly to blame as developing countries are forced to drop tariff barriers against highly successful international brands and that many governments are seduced by the inward investment this brings, but have not realized the long-term cost in human lives.

Content may be reproduced, provided proper credit is given to

See many more Articles on Smoking, Anti-smoking, Tobbaco abuse,
Results of Tobbaco and Nicotine Addiction

World Environment Day
5th June Every Year

Changing the face of the Earth, Giving the children new birth.
Opening their eyes to the spiritual sky, showing them what life's really worth.
(Mangalananda dasa - Michael Cassidy)

From a Krishna conscious perspective what does this mean? What can we do to help?

There are many simple practical things that individuals can do, that groups of people can do, that entire communities can do, and that human society in general can do to emprove things in tangible ways, that will have an immediate effect on the environment around us, and a subtle effect due to the consciousness under which it is done.

Stop poluting the environment:
personal - stop intake of harmful toxins; nicotine - tobaco, drugs of dependence, caffein, alcohol, adopt a vegetarian life-style.
communial - make others aware of these dangers, and the results of these dangers.
social - put articles in newspapers and magazines exposing poluting factors and offer a positive alternative way of life.

There are many factors that can be addressed directly through the philosophy and life-style of Krishna consciousness, as mentioned in the following web-pages:

Changing the Face of the Earth campaign

The Environment and Economic Development

If each and every one of us take it upon ourselves and display some personal self discipline in what we do, what we eat, what we use in the world, by first looking at the nature of each of them according to Bhagavad Gita's teachings; are things environmentally friendly - in the mode of goodness; are they a real dire necessity in life, or an unnecessery burden to get, to deal with, and to dispose of - mode of passion; or are they dangerous in every way, destined to bring about harm, self destruction, or even global destruction through their use, through their disposal etc. - mode of ignorance.

In this day and age there are more environmentally aware options available in society if we just take a few moments to look. Once we have found items that are environmentally friendly; through limiting waste, and where waste is essential "grey waste/grey water", proper filtration methods, examining and choosing packaging, disposal through re-cycling, etc.

We can look at a few items here:
Use organic produce where possible - but still check as some use blood and bone of animals under "organic flags"
Use products that have not caused others suffering to attain them
Avoid anything that has exploited or harmed others, including animal bodies.
Avoid anything/anyone that has implicated or manipulated other's economy through wars etc.........
Support those who try to create sustained ecology environments - permaculture, organics etc.
Don't waste the energy given to us; be it food, wealth, time, they are opulences, not to be gambled and lost....

Sri Isopanishad tells us that there's been given an alotted amount for each of us according to our karma and that we should not encroach upon others' alotted domains. We cannot get more happiness than is destined to us, as we cannot also get less, what is our portion can only be achieved, if we do exploit another then as a thief is punished we will also face a natural reaction called imballance. Imballances are now prominent all over the world and it is due to our lack of for-thought primarily that so much of this is going on.

Simple Living & High Thinking

"An old man, one year past his allotted threescore and ten, wandered into New York's East Village and set about to prove to the world that he knew where God could be found. In only three months, the man, Swami A.C. Bhaktivedanta, succeeded in convincing the world's toughest audience -- Bohemians, acidheads, potheads and hippies -- that he knew the way to God: Turn Off, Sing Out, and Fall in. This new brand of holyman, with all due deference to Dr. Leary, has come forth with a brand of 'Consciousness Expansion' that's sweeter than acid, cheaper than pot, and nonbustible by fuzz. How is all this possible? 'Through Krishna,' the Swami says."

(From The East Village Other, October 1966)

Dear Devotees,

Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada. All glories to Sri Panca-tattva.

We are starting a new conference called Panca-tattva Nectar on PAMHO, so devotees can share their realizations and memories of the recent festival in Mayapur.

During the course of conversations, it was realized that there are so many stories out there, so many different understandings and realizations, so many small and big incidents to share, that we should endeavor to record them all and share them amongst everyone who wants to hear.

Last night, in the Deity Sewing Room upstairs from Sri Panca-tattva's altar, HG Jananivas prabhu was talking with Ramadevi mataji, the Deities' seamstress, along with Lilasamayi devi (from Italy) and Jalangi devi (from China), and myself, and there were endless stories, just between the four of us. We realized that these stories should be shared. Ramadevi suggested a conference, and Jananivas prabhu said it was a wonderful idea, so this is what we are now doing.

Please share the news with others in your zone who have returned from Mayapur, and those who did not come to Mayapur but who want to share the nectar. So many things have happened in the lives of so many devotees since the arrival of Sri Panca-tattva. It is obvious that we are entering a new phase in ISKCON, and these stories are an encouragement and an inspiration to everyone. Please write in to the conference and share the mercy...

Your servants
in Mayapur Dham

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Pancha Tattwa Deities recently installed in Mayapur Dham 23rd February 2004
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The Peace Formula

The Real Peace Formula

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The New Iskcon Auckland temple now open

for more information and some wonderfrul pictures of the event see our page:

photos updated 12th March 2004

Hare KrishnaSchool & Playgroup

Krishna Conscious education for children

Hare Krishna School in Riverhead, Auckland is a government funded school that runs from 9am – 3pm five days a week. We cover all core subjects in the New Zealand Curriculum and in addition teach Sanskrit, Sastra and Vedic arts. Children who come to this school get everything that children at state schools get plus Vedic culture and values in a serene rural environment.

We also run a preschool program for children 3 and up.

A school bus service provides transport from Auckland suburbs.

For enrolment information please contact:-

Ph: 09-412-6325
Mob: 021-265-7587
Fax: 09-412-6325
Find out what the NZ Government Education Review Office thinks of the Hare Krishna School. Click the link below.$File/4204.htm?OpenElement

Balgopal Krishna Conscious Preschool in Henderson Auckland prepares children for school with a nurturing academic and character development program founded on Krishna consciousness.

 For details please contact-

Vishnupadi dasi Ph.836-1214

Gaura Yoga Centre
First floor
175, Vivian Street,

Phone:  (04) 801-5500

Learn about the Krishna conscious life-style
Learn Yoga
Learn about Vegetarianism
...all in a non-threatening friendly atmosphere.

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Sunday Love Feasts - contact your local temple, or community for details

Harinaam Kirtan and Bhajans in Tauranga BOP.
Every Saturday in the Red Square by the Strand (or Mt. Maunganui)

Come and join the throng 11:00 am - 12:30 pm

...for more details contact Trivikrama dasa (for Trivikram prabhu)

Vegetarian Clubs
Waikato University - Hamilton campus

2 days per week serving about 100 plates each day.

for more information contact Mangala Vaishnava dasa

Auckland Veda club.
Auckland University - Wellesley St. campus

Its a simple weekly program thats been running for a few years, at Clubspace,
where we have a vegetarian prasadam lunch and sometimes show a video.
Srila Prabhupada's books are available to browse or buy.

For more information contact Auckland temple:

Otago University - Dunedin - Vege Club
Room 2., Clubs & Societies Building
Albany St.,

contact Jambavati dasi (03) 477 8277



See more about Food For Life and how you can help HERE:

Food For Life - Auckland
Monday to Friday  11:00am to 8:00pm
Saturday  11:00am to 3:00pm

Catering for students, shoppers, office workers, and the needy - all will find full satisfaction for the body, mind and soul.

Saturday Evenings at “Food for Life” from 4.00pm to 6.00pm.
Come along to join in an evening of Chanting,
Philosophy and a Vegetarian Dinner.

On alternate Monday nights H.H. Mukunda Goswami will be present to speak and answer your questions.

Phone Food for Life, 268 Karangahape Road (K-rd), Auckland, for more information, (09) 300 7585

Higher Taste
Amazing Vegetarian Cuisine At Down to Earth Prices!

Organic Fruit Juices
Delicious Curries
$ 5.95
$ 7.95
$ 9.95

Hare Krishna Higher Taste Restaurant
Level 1 Will Bank Court 57 Willis St Wellington

 Phone: 0-4-472 2233

New CD of Bhaktivinoda Thakur bhajans

by Ashok Krishna das and Syamabiharini dasi

By the mercy of Guru, Gauranga and Radha Krishna, (after our first bhajan album Bhajanamrtam) we have managed to produce a new CD entitled "Bhaktivinoda", a collection of bhajans of Saccidananda Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakur and other Vaisnava acaryas in Orissi classical ragas.

The CD includes 8 bhajans and a 12-page booklet with all lyrics and a translation of the songs:
Gurudeva! Kabe Mora Sei Din Habe
Hari Hari, Kabe More Hoibe Sudina
Kabe Sri Caitanya More
Narada Muni
Janama Saphala Ta'ra
Brajendranadana, Bhaje Jei Jana
Kabe Ha'be Bolo

Price, inclusive of shipping, is 15 Euros per CD. If you want to order this CD, please transfer the amount to the following account (and send us your shipping address by mail or email):

Account number 3125628, Ashok Jagram, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Bank details: Postbank, Foreign operations, P.O. Box 1800, 1000 BV Amsterdam [Swiftcode: PSTB NL2]

For more information, email us: or

Check out this amazing new Krishna conscious music CD

by Navayauvana dasa ACBSP in Holland

Rasa Productions
The Musik of Bhakti Rasa dasa

Practicing Krishna Consciousness at Home:

See your local groups of devotees and see how you can do it too

East Meets West @ "The Loft"
Enjoy an enlightening time associating with energetic devotees. Explore the similarities of ancient and modern surroundings through Krishna consciousness in a friendly non-threatening atmosphere.

Wellington Loft (Gaura Yoga centre)

Gaura's Place - Hamilton:

Christchurch Loft
Hanuman dasa:

Auckland Loft

Sydney Temple (Aus) Shop On-line:

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Sydney temple:

Australian yatra: (...across the ditch )

...the site for Shaligram, Govardhan, Dwaraka and Tadiya shilas and Their Sevaks
Why not come on in for Cyber-darshan

There's so many new participants (GBCs, Gurus, Sannyasis, et al), new incredible pic's, capturing and enlivening articles and stories, pilgrimage diaries - check it out - believe me you won't be disappointed.

Thousands of Salagrams, Govardhan, Dwarka shilas from ALL over the world.

READ Salagram kosha on-line.......
 Hari Bhakti Vilas segments
 Padma Purana
 Garuda Purana


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dhanvantaris cha bhagavan svayam eva kirtir
namna nrnam pururujam ruja asu hanti
yajne cha bhagam amrtayur avavarundha
ayusya vedam anusasty avatirya loke

"The Lord in His incarnation of Dhanvantari very quickly cures the diseases of the ever diseased living entities simply by His fame personified and only because of Him do the demigods achieve long lives. Thus the Personality of Godhead becomes ever glorified. He also exacted a share from the sacrifices, and it is He only who inaugurated the medical science or the knowledge of medicine in the universe." (Srimad Bhagavata Purana 2.7.22 )

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Visit Vaidya Yolande Manson's Ayurvedic practice - in Hamilton:

Dr. Pratap Chauhan - Social Welfare through Ayurveda - Faridabad India

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This material world is described as padam padam yad vipadäm,
which means that at every step there is danger.
Please be a little careful - everything is not always as it seems in the Matrix:

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Prasadam Recipes

Download your FREE  Cake Recipe Cookbook
 - with 100 EGGLESS recipes

EgglessDotCom - A site for vegetarian baking without eggs.


Ekadasi Book Cooking - new book coming:

Ekadasi Recipes - preps without grains or beans etc:

Vrata ka khaana - Fast Foods cook book 4 sale (all ekadasi preps - some samples here):

Fast Food of a Different Kind:

Non-vegetarian aditives and non-ekadasi food aditives list:

Meat Free Zone:

A Guide to Gourmet Vegetarian Cooking and a Karma-Free Diet:


(even Parmesan and other favorites)
Not just cheeses also vegetarian yogurts and other dairy produce.
updated 1st May 2004

All the Meatless Pasta preparations you'd like to prepare:

(we bought some Stilton, Parmesan, Edam, Swiss and a few others - LOL - you have to check out these pages and then go to your Woolworths, Countdown, Pak'nSav, New World or local Deli.....believe me it's worth it - =>:-))) updated to help you

The Meatrix - this you have to see to believe - take the red pill see reality - The Meatrix it's all around you:

Allow the Meatrix to download fully before attempting to observe.............

These recipes are specifically used in the Brahma-Madhwa Vaishnava community for shaaka haara vrata - first month of Chaturmasya where one fasts from Greem leafy vegetables - spinach:

Pandava Nirjala Ekadasi feast preparations.......

....if you've broken ekadasi this year you can fast from everything including water and make amends for all and any ekadasi's broken. See the Pandava Nirjal ekadasi page for more information.

Kancheevaram Idlis
3 cups parboiled rice
1 1/4 cups black gram
1 tsp mustard seeds
2 green chilies
A pinch of asafoetida
Salt to taste
Oil as needed

Soak rice and black gram in hot water for 4 hours and grind for 3 minutes and ferment overnight with salt.
The next morning, mix the batter well.
Heat oil and fry mustard seeds, chopped green chilies and asafoetida. Remove from fire and add ghee.
Pour this over the batter and mix thoroughly.
Pour into the idli moulds and steam cook for 7 to 10 minutes.
Serve with peanut chutney.
Serves: 6
Preparation time: 15-20 minutes

Kanchipuram Idlis
100 gm black gram split (urad dal)
200 gm rice
2 tsp pepper corns
2 tsp Bengal gram split (chana dal soaked)
1 tsp turmeric powder
3/4 tsp fenugreek seeds
1 cup curd (yogurt)
A pinch of asafoetida
1/2 cup ghee
Salt to taste
Tender banana leaves

Soak the rice and urad dal with fenugreek seeds for 3-4 hours. Grind to a smooth paste.
Add turmeric powder, peppercorns, soaked chana dal, yogurt, ghee and salt.
Mix well and let it stand overnight to ferment. Whip the batter and adjust the consistency.
It should be fairly thick.
Line the idli cups with the banana leaves and pour the batter into them.
Steam for about 20 minutes or till done.
Serve with coconut chutneyand sambar.
Serves: 6
Preparation time: 30 minutes

Kanjeepuram Idli

     Par boiled rice 3 cups
     Urad dhall 2.5 cups
     Dry ginger powder 1 t.spoon
     Black Pepper 1/2 t.spoon
     Cumin seeds 1/2 t.spoon
     Hing 1/4 t.spoon
     Curry leaves
     Cooking Oil 6 t.spoons
     Ghee 2 t.spoons
     Salt 1.5 t.spoons
     A pinch of baking soda

     Rinse and soak par boiled rice and urad dhall in water for 2 hours. Grind the above coarsley and add hing and salt and a pinch of baking soda to this.
     Keep it overnight so that this will ferment.
     Fry pepper, cumin seeds, and curry leaves in oil and ghee.  Add this to the flour. Add dried ginger powder and mix everything together.
     Coat a flat vessal with oil, and pour the idli flour into this and pressure cook for 45 minutes in low heat without pressure cooker weight.

Venn Pongal

     Rice 2 cups
     Moong dhall 1/2 cup
     Hing a small pinch
     Curry leaves
     Cashews - small handful
     Black Pepper crushed 1/2 t.spoon
     Cumin seeds 1/2 t.spoon
     Ginger a small piece finely chopped
     Ghee 1/2 t.spoon
     Salt 1 t.spoon

     Cook rice, moong dhall and turmeric powder with extra water and keep it aside.
     Fry pepper, cumin seeds, hing, curry leaves, and ginger in 2 t.spoons ghee, and add this to the above pongal.
     Fry cashews in 1 t.spoon ghee and add to the above.
     Add salt and remaining ghee and mix everything well.

Sambhar Spicey Dahl Soup

3 cups mung beans soaked overnight
1 kg fresh tomatoes or 3 cans chopped pealed tomatoes
50 - 75 grms fresh seedless tamarind pulp (size of a small orange) or 1 tsp tamarind concentrate
1 cup raw sugar or gur
vegetables are optional - I use pumpkin, potatoe, slices of fried coconut, green runner beans.
grated coconut (or desecated coconut)
50 grams butter
2 table spoons Madras Sambhar powder (see that recipe) (or you can buy)
handful of whole green chillis
curry leaves
corriander leaves to garnish

Soak mung beans over night and rinse. Bring to a rolling boil for two to three hours until soft and breaking up. Add tomatoes, tamarind pulp or concentrate, add sugar and any vegetables and coconut. Add salt and butter. Keep on boil, keep stiring the bottom to keep from burning.

Make it thin or thick.

Serve hot with rice or idlis.

Madras Sambhar Powder (Huli pudi)

     Red chillies 1 cup (about 15-20 chillies)
     Corriander seeds 1.5 cups
     Channa dhall 1/4 cup
     Thuvar dhall 1/4 cup
     Methi (fenugreek seeds) 1 t.spoon
     Mustard seeds 1 t.spoon
     Curry leaves 1/4 cup
     Turmeric 1/2 t.spoon

     Dry roast every ingredient seperately without oil till the flavour comes out.  Fry methi until it turns dark brown.
     Grind the above with curry leaves, and turmeric into nice powder.

Patisa (Soan Papdi)
1 1/4 cup gramflour
1 1/4 cup plain flour (maida)
250 gms. ghee
2 1/2 cups sugar
1 1/2 cup water
2 tbsp. milk
1/2 tsp. cardamom seeds crushed coarsely
2 tsp. Charmagaz paste: Seed mixture - muskmelon, watermelon, pumpkin, cucumber seeds in equal quantites.
4" squares cut from a thin polythene sheet

Sift both flours together.
Heat ghee in a heavy saucepan.
Add flour mixture and roast on low till light golden.
Keep aside to cool a little, stirring occasionally.
Prepare syrup simultaneously.
Make syrup out of sugar, water and milk as shown in introduction.
Bring syrup to 2 1/2 thread consistency.
Pour at once into the flour mixture.
Beat well with a large fork till the mixture forms threadlike flakes.
I have seen halowai's in Vrindavan throw onto hooks on the wall and streatch the mizture so it becomes more fibre-glass like.
Pour onto a greased surface or thali and roll to 1" thickness lightly.
Sprinkle the charmagaz seeds and elaichi and gently press down with palm.
Cool, cut into 1" squares, wrap individually into square pieces of thin plastic sheet.
Store in airtight container.

Making time: 45 minutes
Makes: 20 pieces (approx.)
Shelf life: 2 weeks (yeah right, not around our house...)

Paanakam (or Paanagam)
The paanakam is a wonderful drink very dear to Lord Rama. Traditionally a recipe from South India, the paanakam is made during auspicious occasions and offered to the Lord. In the South they say that no samskaras  or pujas are complete without the paanakam offering.
(For 4 Persons)

Jaggery (Powdered) - 1 Cup.
Water - 2 Cups.
Lemon - 2 No.s.
Dried ginger (Powdered) - 1 ½ Tsp.
Cardamom (Crushed) - 2 Nos.
Pepper & Salt (Crushed) - ½ Tsp.

Mix the Jaggery in water and dissolve it well. Filter the ingredients in a cloth. Add lemon juice, dried ginger powder, cardamom, pepper and salt. Mix these well and offer to the Lord chilled. This can be served as a welcome drink to quench the thirst and cool the system in the hot summer months.

Vege update:
Social scientists and law enforcement officials have identified animal abuse as a symptom of emotional illness and a precursor to violent crimes against human beings. To allow individuals guilty of perpetrating such cruel acts to go unpunished or not sufficiently punished would be to sanction these horrific crimes and would permit them to go on to possibly commit violent crimes against humans.

The Animal Spirit Newsletter - Issue #2 -  4/21/03-4/27/03

Higher Taste cook book

All the Meatless Pasta preparations you'd like to prepare:
(some need some adjustment, as they contain onion and garlic)

Different Shapes of pasta:

OVER 100 EGGLESS CAKE recipes can be found on our Main index and
on many other pages at:

Visit our Award winning site - Vegetarianism & Beyond
Interesting articles - information - history - arguments - links............ (been re-vamped) fact everything you want to know about Vegetarianism and Beyond:
... last updated 10th May 2004

Offering our food to Krishna:
....excerpt from lecture by HDG Srila A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada - Srimad-Bhagavatam 1.3.1-3 -- San Francisco, March 28, 1968

The Vedic literature says like this, that God has no leg, no hand. Therefore the impersonalists take advantage of it. "Oh, here it is stated God has no legs, no hands." But the next line is, javana grhita: "He can accept everything which you offer Him in devotion."

Now how He can accept? If He has no hand, how He can accept things from us? That means He hasn't got a hand like us. His hand is different. Therefore even though He is situated in the spiritual world, which is far, far away from us, still, He says in the Bhagavad-gita, it is said,

patram puspam phalam toyam
yo me bhaktya prayacchati
tad aham bhakty-upahrtam
asnami prayatatmanah

Krsna says that "A little flower or little water or a little leaf, whatever My devotee offers Me in love and devotion, I accept it." And tad aham bhakty-upahrtam. "And because he has brought it with great devotion, therefore I eat." Tad aham bhakty-upahrtam asnami. Asnami means "I eat." Now you can say, "All right, I'll offer these fruits and flower to God, but it is the same. It is remaining. How He is eating?" But His eating is not like my eating, because He hasn't got a body like this. This body is material. If you bring me a plate of fruits, this body immediately swallows it. But He has got spiritual body. He eats... Simply as soon as He knows that you have offered it in devotion, He eats immediately.

Go here to follow the simple system for offering foodstuffs to the Lord
... and always with the Magic ingredient - Offer it to Krishna.....
... with L'n D (love and devotion)

Why do we offer our food to God before eating?

Nutrition and Health - vitamins, a balanced diet, through prasadam:

Vegetarian Update - newsletter from NZ Vegetarian Socity in Wellington:

“If anyone wants to save the planet, all they have to do is just stop eating meat.
That’s the single most important thing you could do. It’s staggering when you think about it.
Vegetarianism takes care of so many things in one shot: ecology, famine, cruelty.”
--Sir Paul McCartney


Check out heaps of information on Vegetarianism, Prasadam-ism,
download books, Vegetarian Recipe programs, and more.


A Beginners Guide to Vegetarianism:

How Mary and Frank and Friends Eat - very nice Vegetarian pages:

Vegetarian recipes:

Heaps of Quick Vegetarian Recipies:

101 Reasons Why I'm a Vegetarian:

Healthy Indian Vegetarian Cooking Recipes:

Excellent "Meat Substitute" recipes

Hundreds of Vegetarian recipes

Fat-free vegetarian meals:
A lot of inspiring Vegetarian preparations here, some have onion and garlic in,
so replace that with hing or omit that altogether as you see fit, still this page is well worth a serious look for ideas.


"You Mean That's in the Bible" - expose on meat eating:

- oxymoron of the yuga:

Protect both our species, two-legged and four-legged. Both food and water for their needs supply.
May they with us increase in stature and strength. Save us from hurt all our days, O Powers!

Rig Veda Samhita 10.37.11.

Download one of Bhakti Rasa prabhu's songs for FREE
"Don't Eat Your Friends" (It Ain't Nice)

and visit Bhakti Rasa prabhu's site:

Check out Kurma prabhu's new web-site:

XMAS Recipes @
We wish you a Vege Xmas

McDeath - the facts about Ronnie McDonalds:

Meet your Meat FREECDRoms
This is a must for those who live in the illusion of animal killing is somehow acceptable or humane.

I have converted the "Meet your Meat" video into a CD rom & will send a copy of it for free to anyone with a Cd burner & a pledge to make at least 4 copies to give to their meat eating friends.

Meet your meat - shocking live footage of the TRUTH in the meat industry:

This is the new version
I sent out a total of over 750 CD's last year to 60 different countries. My goal in 2003 is to double that number.
I would appreciate if you would forward this message to your readers.
Anyone willing to participate, please forward my mailing address as


Vegetarians BEWARE of Orange Softdrinks
Coca-Cola (manufacturer) - Not suitable for vegetarians; lists the following products as not vegetarian
These products contain traces of fish gelatine, which are used as a stabiliser for beta-carotene colour.

Fanta Orange
Diet Fanta Orange
Lilt Pineapple & Grapefruit
Diet Lilt Pineapple & Grapefruit

Soft Drinks - Some canned Orange drinks use gelatine as a carrier for added Beta Caratine.
(This would not appear on the ingredients panel).
(Text PAMHO:5891790) ---------------------------------------

According to recent communications with Chelsea Sugar group - NZ Sugars their Sugars are now free from "Bone Char" bleaching process and so devotees can again use and offer White Sugar safely.

See more details HERE

As of last week in November 2003 Yopliat the yogurt people now put gelatine in their products
See here for pointers of okay ones

 Krishna Conscious - Vedikly acceptable Jokes

Healing with humour: Taking better care of ourselves  =>;-))

Visit our Hasya Rasa pages

FOR YOUR INTEREST: This one is not a joke but I thought you might like to know. These are the names of Lord Caitanya taken from the book "Sri Caitanya Sahasra Nama Stotra", i.e. "A Thousand Names of Lord Caitanya" by Srila Kavi Karnapura (as translated by HG Kusakratha Prabhu from the Krsna Institute)...

        So Lord Caitanya is known as the one:

 - hasya-kari  &  hasya-yuk  ==> who laughs & jokes

 - hasya-priya  ==> who is fond of joking

 - hasya-nagara ==> who is the hero of those expert in speaking joking words

 - hasya-grami  &  hasya-kara  ==> is expert at joking

 - pushpa-hasa  ==> whose smile & laugh are as charminng as flowers.

Lord Gauranga's smiling & laughing qualities ki...

                                                ys Radhe Govinda dasa

P.S. One of the qualities of Srimati Radharani is that she is very expert in the art of joking.

This is a MUST READ =>;-Q

Four Wives parable:

One Sunday feast I was preaching to one Indian man who boasted to be coming from a very high class family.

Knowing him to be a meat eater, a drunkard, and a womaniser, another devotee commented to me, "He must be tired eh! He's come a long way from that good family."

"I heard a loud noise this morning."
"I think it must have been the crack of dawn."

Tobacco is a problem weed
'though some think it satisfies their need.
It speedily transmutes to ash
A smoking stack of hard earned cash.
As if that is not bad enough
You kill yourself at every puff. wasn't the cough
that carried him off
it was the coffin
they carried him off in  !!!!

Two psychiatrists were at a convention. As they conversed over a drink, one asked, "What was your most difficult case?"

The other replied, "I had a patient who lived in a pure fantasy world. He believed that an uncle in South America was going to die and leave him a fortune. All day long he waited for a letter to arrive from an attorney. He never went out, he never did anything, he merely sat around and waited for this fantasy letter from this fantasy uncle. I worked with this man eight years."

"What was the result?"

"It was an eight-year struggle. Every day for eight years, but I finally cured him. And then that stupid letter arrived!"

I don't think my daughter's going to ask me to watch the grandkids
again. She left me alone in a restaurant yesterday with my 10-month-old nephew.

I asked, "What do I do if he cries?"

She instructed, "Give him some vegetables."

How was I supposed to know that jalapeno peppers (chillis) aren't one of his favorites.

We were all siting taking prasadam, when one devotee who had just come back from India started telling of some of his encounters.

 You know the East is so mysterious, and did you know there are still so many practicing mystics. Once when we went down to Kerala we found this old temple, must have been at least ten thousand years old by the smoothness of the stone. Anyway there was this really old baba there. He seemed to be maintaining the temple, because there was incense bellowing out from near the altar, and no-one else was around.

 It appeared that the old man couldn't walk because he was supported by two crutches. He was very unsteady and his legs looked all knarled. He stood there praying, and chanting sacred mantras in what must have been Malalaylam. After an hour or so, he suddenly threw away one of his crutches. Then he stood there for another half an hour praying, after which he got really excited and threw away the other one of the crutches.

"Then what, .......Then what,......", all the devotees asked in anticipation.

"Well what happened then?" he continued. " ......was the poor old baba fell flat on his face!"

Once upon a time one Indian, one Russian, one American, were traveling in an aroplane for a world tour.

Suddenly American stuck his hand out of the window his hand immediately became black.

The American says "I am damn sure that this would be definetly my country America b'coz I got my hand black because my country has very a higher rate of industrial developement than any other country in the world."

After that Russian stick his hand out of the window his hand got frozen.

He say's that "I am damn sure that this is my country Russia because only in Russia the temperture was less than 0' Degree".

After that Indian stick his hand out of the window and suddenly shouts "Hey somebody stolen my watch".

"I am damn sure that this is India."

sent in by Ravi from Mumbai

Bubba is appearing on "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire" with Regis Philbin.

Regis, "Bubba, you're up to $500,000 with one lifeline left: phone a friend. If you get it right, the next question is worth one million dollars. If you get it wrong, you drop back to $32,000.  Are you ready?"

Bubba, "Yes."

Regis, "Which of the following birds does not build its own nest?
Is it A) robin, B) sparrow, C) cuckoo, or D) pigeon."

Bubba, "I'd like to phone a friend.  I'd like to call Billy Bob."

Billy Bob answers the phone: "Hello?"

 Regis, "Hello Billy Bob, it's Regis Philbin from Who Wants to be a Millionaire. I have your friend Bubba here who needs your help to answer the one million dollar question.  The next voice you hear will be Bubba's..."

Bubba, "Billy Bob, which of the following birds does not build it's own nest?  Is it A) robin, B) sparrow, C) cuckoo, or D) pigeon."

Billy Bob, "Oh, Bubba.  That's simple.  It's a cuckoo."

Bubba: "Are you sure?"

 Billy Bob "I'm sure."

Regis, " You heard Billy Bob.  Do you keep the $500,000 or play for the million?"

Bubba, "I want to play; I'll go with C) cuckoo."

Regis, "Is that your final answer?"

Bubba, "Yes."

Regis "Are you confident?"

Bubba "Yes; I think Billy Bob's pretty smart."

Regis, "You said C) cuckoo, and you're right!  Congratulations, you have just won one million dollars!"

To celebrate, Bubba flies Billy Bob to New York.  That night they go out on the town.  As they're celebrating, Bubba looks at Billy Bob and asks her, "Tell me, how did you know that it was the cuckoo that does not build its own nest?"

"That's easy, everybody knows they live in clocks."

The new manager walks into his office and, while settling into his new desk, finds 4 envelopes.  On one he finds the words "open me first," and the other three are numbered 1 to 3.

He opens the first envelope and finds a letter from his predecessor saying: "These three envelopes will save you a world of trouble.  In case of emergency, please open these envelopes in sequential order; envelope one first, envelope two second, and
The manager shrugs, puts the envelopes back, and forgets about them.

Six months later, the workers go on strike.  The company closes, and is losing money fast.

After a long night negotiating with the union, he remembers the 3 envelopes. So he opens the first one and it says: "Blame me, your predecessor for every thing".

Wonderful idea he thinks, and indeed it works and the crisis comes to its end.  His job is saved, and everybody's happy.  A few month later, another strike hits. He goes to the drawer and opens the second envelope. It reads, "Blame the governme
It works like a charm, and he breathes a sigh of relief as his job is, once again, saved.

A month later the workers declare another strike.  The manager goes directly to the third envelope and it reads, "Prepare 4 new envelopes"

TEACHER AT THE GURUKUL:   Deepak, your composition  on "My Dog" is exactly the same as your brother's.  Did you copy his?

 DEEPAK:   No, teacher,'s the same dog!

There was a Sardarji who was down on his luck. In order to raise some money he decided to kidnap a kid and hold her for ransom. He went to the playground, grabbed a kid, took her behind a tree, and told her, "I've kidnapped you."

The Sardarji then wrote a note saying: "I've kidnapped your kid. Tomorrow morning, put $10,000 in a paper bag & put it beneath the mango tree next to the slide on the north side of the city play ground". Signed, "A Sardarji".

The Sardarji then pinned the note to the kid's shirt and sent her home to show it to her parents.

The next morning the Sardarji checked, and sure enough a paper bag was sitting beneath the mango tree. The Sardarji opened up the bag and found the $10,000 with a note saying,

"How could you do this to a fellow Sardarji?"

A little old lady was walking down the street, and she kept repeating, "21, 21." She walked past a man who heard what she was saying. "Come on, lady!" he said, "You are not 21!" She smacked him on the head with her handbag, then walked off repeating, "22, 22..."
A Sardarni competed with a French woman and an English woman in the Breast Stroke division of an English Channel swim competition. The French woman came in first, the English woman second.

The Sardarni finally reached shore completely exhausted. After being revived with blankets and coffee, she remarked, "I don't want to complain, but I think those other two girls used their arms."

Rabri Devi watched her husband Laloo searching high and low, all over the living room.

She asked him: "What are you so frantically looking for?

Laloo: "Hidden cameras!"

Rabri: "And what makes you think there are hidden cameras here?"

Laloo: "Or else, every few minutes, how is that guy on television saying ...'You are watching the Star World channel'? "How can he know what I am watching?"

An American born Desi returned to India and hired a tourist cab for sight seeing. When taken to the Taj Mahal in Agra, he asked how many years it took to build it. The guide replied 20 years. The American desi remarked you guys are lazy, in America we can build some thing like this in 5 years. At Red Fort in Dehli he asked the same question. The guide reduced the period to impress him and said Ten years. Only ten years The American Desi retorted: Didn’t I say you guys are slow workers! In America we could have built it in 2 1/2 years. Same story everywhere. He admired the places but reduced the period to 1/4th. The guide got irritated by this young American Desi. Next day when they were near Qutab Minar the American Desi asked what is that tower? The guide replied I ‘ll have to go and find out. When I was passing by this side last evening there was nothing here.
A young college student had stayed up all night studying for his zoology test the next day. As he entered the classroom, he saw ten stands with ten legs on them. Each bird had a sack over its head; only the legs were showing. He sat straight in the front row because he wanted to do the best job possible. The professor announced that the test would be to look at each of the birds' legs and give the common name, habitat, genus and species. The student looked at each of the birds' legs. They all looked the same to him. He began to get upset. He had stayed up all night studying and now had to identify birds by their legs. The more he thought about it the madder he got. Finally he could stand it no longer. He went up to the professor's desk and said, "What a stupid test! How could anyone tell the difference between birds by looking at their legs?" With that the student threw his test on the professor's desk and walked to the door. The professor was surprised. The class was so big that he didn't know every student's name so as the student reached the door the professor called, "Mister, what's your name?" The enraged student pulled up his pant legs and said, "You tell me buddy! You tell me!"
A city bred gent, a graduate in medicine from the university, had finished his residency in an Auckland hospital.

Never having been out of the city he had decided to open a practice out in the woop woops, in farm country near a very small town in Waikato.

One of his first patients was a farmer living in a remote area. After a few housecalls he stopped making house calls to the farm. -

The puzzled farmer finally phoned him to ask what was wrong, didn't he like him or somethin'.

The doc said, "No, its your damn ducks at the entrance to the farm.
Every time I enter the farm, they verbally insult me with their " Quack Quack !"

At the height of a political corruption trial, the prosecuting attorney attacked a witness.   "Isn't it true," he bellowed, "that you accepted five thousand dollars to compromise this case?"

The witness stared out the window, as though he hadn't heard the question.

"Isn't it true that you accepted five thousand dollars to compromise this case?" the lawyer repeated.

The witness still did not respond.

Finally, the judge leaned over and said, "Sir, please answer the question."

"Oh, sorry your honour" the startled witness said, "I thought he was talking to you."

The Mexican Air Force while on patrol Sunday reported seeing a dozen glowing spaceships in the night sky over Mexico.
The report was received with the usual skepticism. Only the fringe element sincerely believes that Mexico has an air force. (Argus Hamilton)

Did you ever wonder?

God wants spiritual fruit, not religious nuts...

It's been a rough day. I got up this morning. I put a shirt on and a button fell off. I picked up my briefcase, and the handle came off. I'm afraid to go to the bathroom.

 I was such an ugly kid...When I played in the sandbox, the cat kept covering me up.

I could tell my parents hated me My bath toys were a toaster and radio.

As a baby I was so ugly...My father carried around a picture of the kid who came with his wallet.


Just to prove that these things never work 100%

 Go to language tools on Google

 Type in "my mom is nice and cool."
 and convert it from English to Spanish.

 Then copy & paste the answer into the translate box, convert from
Spanish to English and see the translated text !!!!

Did you know that the biggest sellers in the bookstores are cookbooks.

The second biggest seller is diet books about how not to eat what you've just learned how to cook.

Did you hear about the two antennas that got married?
The wedding was on TV, and the reception was great.

Why was the scientist's head wet?
Because he had a brainstorm!

Why did the scarecrow win a Nobel Peace Prize?
He was outstanding in his field!

Why was the baby strawberry upset?
His mom and dad were in a jam

The ways of this material world - strange but true


sent in by Jai Simmam in Singapore

"Maybe we should stop thinking about it as  the Middle East Conflict,

and start thinking about it as the Middle East Culture."

                          ~ L'Ognion ~

We trust, sir, that God is on our side.
It is more important to know that we are on God's side.

Abe Lincoln

'Arthur Kitchener was seriously burned Saturday afternoon when he came in contact with a high voltage wife.' (Surrey paper).

'For sale. Lovely rosewood piano. Owner going abroad with beautiful twisted legs.' (North Wales Advertiser).

'PARKYNS - to the memory of Mr. Parkyns, passed away September 10. Peace at last. From all the neighbours of Princes Avenue.' (Leicester Mercury).

'Fire broke out on the prairie near the C.P.R. viaduct on Monday evening but the blaze was extinguished before damage could be done by the local fire brigade.' (Canadian paper).

'If the motion were passed, no strike action would be taken by NALGO without a ballet of all its members.' (Bristol Evening Post).

'Complete home for sale; two double, one single bed, dining-room threepiece suite, wireless, television, carpets, lion, etc.' (Portsmouth News).

'Wrap poison bottles in sandpaper and fasten with scotch tape or a rubber band. If there are children in the house, lock them in a small metal box.' (Philadelphia Record).

'At the fair they will be exhibiting a full range of shoes for girls with low-cut fancy uppers.' (Leicester Mercury).

'A heavy pall of lust covered the upper two-thirds of Texas last night and was expected to drift south-east over the state by morning.' (Yankton Press).
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