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Naturepedia - Get out and go bush these summer holidays with some of the outdoor nature activities available on this site. There's also great nature photography and stories and access to Naturepedia - an online nature encyclopaedia - where you can learn about pretty well every sort of animal imaginable.
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(The Devotional Art of Dancing from Orissa)
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The use of sign language and our children along with the 'Law of Respect'
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Truth Seeker TV - it's like a Reality TV version of the X-Files, or a punk rock version of 60 minutes. 
We'll be covering UFOs, mind control, archaeology, the occult, secret societies , aliens, abductions, political intrigue, prophecy and other unexplained phenomena, to name just a few subjects. 100% independently financed and operated, we are apolitical and are not in any way beholden to corporate or special interests. This means we will not be bought, sold, commercialized, white-washed, or intimidated. Our only purpose is to dig out the facts, no matter where they are hiding.

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