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ABC (American Broadcasting Corp.) for Kids:
ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation):
Associated Press:
BBC (British Broacasting Corporation) on-line Homepage:
BBC World News:
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation:
CBS News on-line:
Central Europe On-line:
CNN (Cable Network News) on-line:
Consumer Institute of New Zealand on-line:
Deccan Herald:
Independent Television News - UK:
Indian News Link - NZ:
Netguide - NZ's leading Internet magazine:
New Zealand Herald on-line:
New Zealand News Radio:
NZ On-air - NZRadio: - the homepage for newzealanders:
Sky T.V. - New Zealand:
Sydney Morning Herald newspaper:
Television - NZ, World, 4 and anti:
The Edge Radio on-line:
The Electronic Telegraph - UK:
The Guardian  Newspaper / The Observer  - UK:
The Hindu:
The Hindu Newspaper on-line:
The New York Times - on the web:
Times of India
Time Magazine on-line:
Triangle TV - Auckland's non-commercial TV station:
Truth Seeker TV - it's like a Reality TV version of the X-Files, or a punk rock version of 60 minutes. 
We'll be covering UFOs, mind control, archaeology, the occult, secret societies , aliens, abductions, political intrigue, prophecy and other unexplained phenomena, to name just a few subjects. 100% independently financed and operated, we are apolitical and are not in any way beholden to corporate or special interests. This means we will not be bought, sold, commercialized, white-washed, or intimidated. Our only purpose is to dig out the facts, no matter where they are hiding.

TV Guide - TV1, TV2, TV3, TV4:
TV NZ (TVone & TV2) website:
Yahoo News Top Stories from the World - Reuters, BBC, CNN, etc:

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