Veges & Beyond Award Page


New Zealand's Information Network is pleased to annouce
your site has been reviewed and you have won
our Bronze Award.  September 2002

Golden Nugget Award Market-tek Design Award
Sept 2001Sept 2001

April 2001 (Education - Health)Award for September 2001

Best of the Web Award 2001 Best Site AwardTop Site Sept 2001

To get all 5 out of 5 juggling balls your site must:
-  Be designed exceptionally well
-  Be easy to navigate
-  Be unoffensive
-  Contain no illegal stuff
-  Look good in any web browser
-  Load quickly on slow connections
-  Serve a purpose
-  Impress me

"Domain-Me Award for Artistic Ability strives
to acknowledge all the heard hours of work that go into
building a great web site".  September 2001

The 5 Hearts Award is only given to sites that show:

*Overall Design Quality
*Great Ability of Designer
*No porn or illegal activities
*No Warez or hackering stuff

Awarded for September 2001

October 2001

And even though we're nothing to do with America, we won this one too: