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"The Lord in the temple in the worshipable form is never to be considered to be made of stone or wood, for the Lord in His archa incarnation as the Deity in the temple shows immense favour to the fallen souls by His auspicious presence. By the hearing process, as mentioned herein, this realization of the presence of the Lord in the temple is made possible."
(Srimad-Bhagavatam, 2.3.21, Purport)

"To feel separation from the Spiritual Master or Krishna is very good position. That means one who is in pure love with Krishna and His Representative, Spiritual Master, he thinks always of Them. And this thinking process is Krishna consciousness. If we can think always of Krishna even in separation, that is Krishna Consciousness. And in the absolute platform, there is no difference of separation and meeting. The separation is also meeting, rather in separation one relishes the loving relationship more tasty. So don't be disappointed that you are separated from me, I am always thinking of you how you are making progress there."
(Srila A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada letter, October 21, 1968)

Archana - Deity Worship and related topics:

4 newcomers to Krishna consciousness - various Articles:
ABOUT Shaligram Sila seva - Sri Shaligram Tirth Pradarshini
About the 4 regulative principles:    The Four Regulative Principles of FREEDOM:
Agarbhatti - Finest world class incense on-line
All about Rituals - ten kinds of karmanas:
All Crowns, Alankaras, Mukut, Jari, Sringar etc - for the Deity worship:
A collectoin of Pictures of Prabhupad - thumbnail to expand:
Ananta Padmanabha vrata pooja (full):
Arati 2 Ganapathy:
Arati - On-line Virtual Arati to Sri Sri Gaura Nitai - check it out
Archana as Yoga in the Gaudiya Vaishnava Tradition by Krishna Kshetra dasa:
Archana Paddhati - What Srila Prabhupada wanted in Iskcon's Arcana Paddhati - Gaura Keshava dasa
(The) Archana Journal - an on-line magazine promoting and explaining the essence of Deity Worship
Archanam - the Science of Deity Worship:
Art Seva - all the art work, eyes, tilaks, mouths you need for your Deities
Articles on aspects of puja from Shaligram Tirtha Pradarshini
Article - Understanding "Thine-ness" and "mine-ness" by Suhotra swami
Article - How it all began - Krishna Balaram mandir:
Asaucham - Ritual impurity - what you need to know:
Astrology and the events (fasts, feasts & festivals) on the Vaishnava Calendar - Panjika:
Astro Vaishnava Calendar Software VCAL 4.01
Astro Vaishnava Calendar Software - How to use the VCAL calendar program:
Avataras of the Lord page (Dasavataras):
AUMs - Sacred Oms free to download:
Best Quality Rudraksha beads for all manner of astro and health needs:
Brahmana Vaishnava Ontology:
better than Y fronts - Langota - brahmin underwear:
BTG - Ganesha:
Can Prayer Help - A VERY positive scientific perspective:
Ceremonies and the significance of "Candle Burning" Rituals:
Chaitanya Mahaprabhu - Shastric Evidence of Sri Chaitanya's Divine Appearance:
Chanting Hare Krishna:
Cleanliness is next to Godliness:
Conclusive evidence of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu’s predicted appearance in the Vedas:
Daily Arati Ceremonies that are performed in our Iskcon temples:
Darshan: the hindu graphics page............... :
Darshan of Radha Krishna Deities:
Deities from India:
Deity Eyes - all the art work, eyes, tilaks, mouths you need for your Deities
Devotional Images FREE to Download:
Devotional pics:
Devotional Supplies for your centre or home:
Dwarka Silas - everything about Them
Enter the Divine world - Offer Arati to your Ishthadeva - Deity:
Festivals of Lord Jagannath in Puri:
FREE Windows Media Player: - to view you pic, hear audio, and see images
Free downloads of devotional screen savers:
FREE - Krishna conscious SCREEN SAVERS:
Gallery of pictures of Devas and devas, and devis:
Getting Initiated by a Spiritual Master:
Get Your Computer to Chant Along With you:
Ghost Busting services available - removal of ghosts, tantrik curses, black magic etc
Giri Govardhan:
Govardhan Silas - Everything you want to know

How 2 put on tilak:
Incarnations of the Lord:
Incense - Agarbhatti - Finest world class incense on-line
Indian Temple Architecture:
Iskcon Addresses in Asia - India:
Iskcon Addresses Worldwide:
Iskcon's Official Deity worship site:
Items for use in Seva pujan of the Deity:
Official Jagannath Puri Temple Site:
The Origin of Lord Jagannath:
Lord Jagannaths Yearly Festivals:
Lord Jagannath of Puri – Lord of the Universe:
Japa Assistant - chant more concentrated rounds:
Japa - mantra japa - mantra meditation:
Jogis - snake charmers:
Journal of Religious Culture - Shaligrams - Padmanabha Gosai:
Kitchen standards:
Lord Krishna's time-line of His events:
Mathura - Vrindavan Home page:
Mayapur Vrindavan Trust - Temples of Vrindavan
Mudras (hand gestures) - from Chapter 26 Agni Purana:
Modes of Worship:
Mohan's Hindu Image Gallery:
Nokia Hare Krishna Ringtone code at the ISKCON Ahmedabad website
On-line Darshan - Enter the Divine Realm:
Pancha Tattva come to Mayapur 2004
Pictures of Krishna:
Picture Gallery:
Transcendental Picture Gallery:
Picture galleries from India - totally wonderful
Pictures HERE Too:
Pictures of Sri Vrindavan Dham parikrama marg:

Pilgrimages - Jaipur and Karoli

Take a Transcendental Pilgrimage here to many sacred places
Sacred places in India

Puja paraphernalia of quality available on the WWW:
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Puja Paraphernalia:
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Puja Temple Gift items:
Puja Items - camphor lamps, patras, lohtas, achama spoon and cup, etc:
Puja Upacharas in Silver, Alankaras, etc:
Puja Texts - Smithsonian Institution - expressions of devotion:
The Purusha Sukta page:
Radha Krishna the Divine Couple - animations:
Radhakunda - Nice Articles about Sri Radha Kunda:
Grand Rathyatra in Puri:
Re-discovering Rituals
Rudraksha and other puja items
Rudraksha beads for all manner of astro and health needs - from Katmandu:
Salagram sila book - by Padma Nabha Goswami - purchase on-line
Shaligram Shilas - all about Them: 
Shaligrams - Journal of Religious Culture - Padmanabha Gosai:
Spirit From Stone--The Story of the Krishna-Balarama Deities of Vrndavana
Spiritual Guides to India - Book and site:
Spiritual Visions - Photo Gallery:
Srimati Radharani
Sri Vrindavan Dham from the comfort-zone of your home:
Sri Sri Radha Damodar mandhir - Vrindavan Dham:
Studies in Vaidik Rituals:
Sudarshan Kavacham
Tantrik Ghost Busting services available - removal of ghosts, tantrik curses, black magic etc
Take a mini-pilgrimage to Mathura and Vrindavan on-line - you will not be disappointed:
Temples in Iskcon
Temples around Mathura District:
Temples in Mathura and Vrindavan:
Temples of Karnataka:
Temples of Vrindavan - Tours:
The Four Regulative Principles of Freedom:
The Process of Deity Worship:
Three Modes of Naterial Nature - Triguna page:
Tirupathi - brahmotsavam 2001:
Tirupati Tirumala Devasthanams Official Site (TTD):
Transcendental Picture Gallery:
T.T.D. Un-official Site to Balaji
Tulasi Devi:
Tulasi Devi Home page:
Tulasi pooja - Sri Sugunendra T Swamiji celebrated Uthaana Dwadasi at Phoenix.
Pratha Sayam Ksheerabdhi Pooja and Tulasi pooja were performed.
Sri Swamiji addressed the devotees and described the significance of Tulasi pooja.
Uttaradhi Mutt Picture Gallery:
Various prayers for reading or reciting:
Vedik Rituals:
Virtual Puja
Virtual Arati - On-line Virtual Arati to Sri Sri Gaura Nitai - check it out
Vraja Mandal Parikrama with devotees from South America
Vrindavan Land of Temples:
What Srila Prabhupada wanted in Iskcon's Arcana Paddhati
Who is who in Lord Krishna's Vrindavan pastimes
Why One Should Rise Early in the Morning:
Worshipping with the Arati ceremony:

Numerous Picture Galleries of Deities:

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