Deals 4 Devotees - Business ops:

Accounting Services - Nationwide
Adds for all kinds of devotional items 
Astrology pages
CDs 4 your PC
Centurion Cookware - Hugo's range of pots, pans, fryers, etc., in all sizes suitable for large families
      and communities, and commercial kitchens, restaurants - as used in Iskcon kitchens, Food For Life
      food banks, travelling busses, and hundreds of devotee's homes all over NZ.
Devotional Supplies - Provisions - supplies - "Matchless Gifts"
DEALS FOR DEVOTEES - check it out 
Dharma Studios - Woodworkers & MetalWorkers
Fresh Bread (1Kg Loaves) Couriered ANYWHERE in New Zealand Overnight

The BEST Deal in Web-hosting
Haribol Agencies - 4 all your musical needs - harmoniums - vina - mridanga / dholak - sitar etc.
How Much Bigger - an interactive CD-Rom Game (Children 3-12) based on the "Frog in the
      Well" Story. CDROM, book, audio tape set.
Loi Bazaar - the virtual devotee marketplace
Nature's NONI Juice - A page for all nature's cures.
Oil Paintings
Rasa Productions - Music - Indian - Vaishnava Classics - Western - and Much More
Sacred Threads - Imported Clothing from Bali, Indonesia and India
Speciality Timbers - Wood Milling, Custom Made Furniture - Wind Generators/Windmills.
Spiritual Sky Incense & Oils
Te Rama Rama Co-op - a devotee run health co-operative and resources - Auck, Waikato, BOP...

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