TITHIS - Properties of the Lunar (phases) tithis.

1st Lunar Day - pratipat
    The presiding deity of the first lunar day in Brahma and is good for all types of auspicious and religious ceremonies.

2nd Lunar Day - dvitiya
    Vidhatr rules this lunar day and is good for the laying of foundations for buildings and other things of a permanent nature.

3rd Lunar Day - tritiya
    Visnu is the lord of this day and is good for the cuttings of one's hair and nails and shaving.

4th Lunar Day - chaturthi
    Yama is lord of the 4th lunar day, which is good for the destruction of one's enemies, the removal of obstacles, and acts of combat.

5th Lunar Day - panchami
    The Moon rules this day, which is favourable for administering medicine, the purging of poisons, and surgery.

6th Lunar Day - sasthi
    Karttikeya presides over this day and is favourable for coronations, meeting new friends, festivities, and enjoyment.

7th Lunar Day - saptami
    The 7th lunar day is ruled by Indra; one may begin a journey, buy conveyances, and deal with other such things as a movable nature.

8th Lunar Day - astami
    The Vasus rule this day, which is good for taking up arms, building of one's defenses, and fortification.

9th Lunar Day - navami
    The Serpent rules this day, with is suitable for killing enemies, acts of destruction, and violence.

10th Lunar Day - dasami
    The day is ruled by Dharma and is auspicious for acts of virtue, religious functions, spiritual practices, and other pious activities.

11th Lunar Day - ekadasi
    Rudra rules this day; fasting, devotional activities, and remembrance of the Supreme Lord are very favourable.

12th Lunar Day - dvadasi
    The Sun rules this day, which is auspicious for religious ceremonies the lighting of the sacred fire, and the performance of one's duties.

13th Lunar Day - trayodasi
    The day is ruled by Cupid and is good for forming friendships, sensual pleasures, and festivities.

14th Lunar Day - chaturdasi
    Kali rules this day suitable for administering poison and calling of elementals and spirits.

15th Lunar Day - amavasya and purnima
    The Vasve-devas rule the New Moon suitable for the propitiation of the Manes and performance of austerities.