Donations by WesternUnion's Money Transfer
For Instant Cash Wire Transfers we suggest that donations outside of New Zealand can be done through Western Union's Money Transfer system. Western Union makes it easy for anyone to send or receive money worldwide. No credit card, bank account or membership is needed. Money is received just minutes after it is sent. Western Union uses the latest electronic technology with their unique worldwide computer network for immediate payout in more than 140 countries.

Western Union agents are located where you need them; in banks, post offices, pharmacies, retail stores, supermarkets, railway stations, airports and other places. Friendly Western Union operators around the world can answer your questions and help you find the agents located nearest you. Call any of the numbers or branches listed below.

All Western Union Transactions can be made at your local

International Transactions Can Be Performed By Contacting
Your Local Western Union Agent
click HERE

Global Agent Locator

See International List of Telephone Numbers HERE World-wide

Donations should be made to Rt. Rev. J. Marshall
Once you have sent your donation please remember to send us an e-mail
with the Transfer number.

Any problems and or where to send to