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Music from another dimension by Bhakti-rasa das

Mission Statement:
To use my life-long passion for music to express and
explore the deeps of the heart and the soul.

Music Available:
Bathe the Mind (1993) Available on CD & Cassette

Easy-listening bhajans & kirtan tunes with modern accompaniment.


Pranams, Krishna Meditation, Gurudeva, Hare Krishna Kirtan, & Jaya Radha Jaya Krishna Jaya Vrindavan.
"By performing congregational chanting of the Hare Krishna mantra one can destroy the sinful condition of material existence, purify the unclean heart and awaken all varieties of devotional service. The result of chanting is that one awajens his love for Krishna and tastes transcendental bliss. Ultimately one attains the association of Krishna and engages in His devotional service as if immersing himself in a great ocean of love". Sri Chaitanya Charitamrita.

Akarma/Don't Worry? (1994) Available on Cassette

A collection of hip-hop & dance music composed and recorded specially for Christchurch based dance company 'Dri-Ice'.


Don't Worry?, Not This Body, An Attractive Soul, Don't Eat Your Friends, From the Heart, Always Think of Me, Mirror Magic, No Time, Love or Lust?, A Lesson in Rhythm, Lord of the Dance, Jaya Radha Madhava, & Chant (for love).

The Art of Devotion (1995) Available on CD & Cassette

A powerful blend of traditional Sanskrit prayers with modern music - both soothing and exciting. This production is a contemporary reconstruction of the devotional practices performed in Krishna temples every morning. These mantra meditations performed in the early morning help enhance, purify and expand our devotion to the Supreme Lord.


Mangalarati Prayers, Nrisimha Prayers, Tulasi Prayers, Jaya Radha Madhava, Gurupuja, Siksastaka Prayers, Sandhya Arati Prayers, Hare Krishna Kirtan.

A new album entitled 'Vandanam' (an offering of prayers) is soonto be released on CD & cassette. It includes original songs (English lyrics) both deeply devotional and emotional, as well as
sanskrit prayers set to modern music. The flavour is powerful and
dynamic, yet soothing and enlivening to the soul.

"The music on this album is strongly influenced by my experience
with dance music combined with my taste for rich, soothing
devotional sounds."

Stay tuned for it's release.

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