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Please Separate FACTS from speculations and hearsay.

Take the facts and select - important truths - unimportant, or possible mistakes.

See our pramanas (Truth) pages to help with how to discriminate facts from speculations.

Condolences to those who have suffered, or are suffering - we hope to help minimise further suffering.

Misconceptions of identity create many clashes in this world, by knowledge of who we are, our true nature as spiritual beings, our real spiritual abode, and that we are in that way "spiritual brothers and sisters" of the One common Father can overcome inappropriate acts toward one another.

Not ALL those having a brown body is a terrorist, like not ALL those with whitish bodies are neo-Nazis.

It is common knowledge that this is the Age of Kali - the age of quarrel and hypocrisy, we needn't add to it further. The Peace Formula for Spiritual Solutions to such Material Problems is given here.

Whatever our situation chant hare krishna and our life/lives will be sublime

Download the Flyer "Stop hate"

You may also find the article by HH Bhakti Ananda Goswami ACBSP interesting "New York and the World Resolve to End Terrorism"

Trusting this is of use in your community, and finds you well.

Sri Krishnarpanamastu - Sri Krishna pahi mam

yhs, JTCd

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