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Thank you for your message, I will try to answer you questions regarding the eclipse to the best of my ability, within time constraints.

At 20:21 2/07/01 -0700, you wrote:
Hare Krsna,
All glories to Srila Praphupada
According to the local Hindu Temples, Southern Indian,  the temples will close from 5-30 pm on 5th July to 12-30 am the next day due to the Lunar Eclipse, which will be visible in Singapore. So according to the traditional ways one is not supposed to take food after 5-30pm.

Here's a URL that shows the time-frames and movement and areas affected by the eclipse:

and this very elaborate page shows in details for how long it will last etc in which region:

The timings that you give are pretty much accurate. As I'm sending this response to others in our region, all they have to do is change the time frames as the entire Partial Lunar Eclipse will be seen by us in South East Asia, Australia, New Zealand etc.

Begins on the evening of the 5th and goes through early hours of 6th.
In Singapore = 17:30 - 00:30  (12:30am)
In Australia =  19:30 - 02:30 am
In New Zealand = 21:30 - 04:30 am

So just as a point of warning this is REALLY NOT the time to try to conceive a child.
Watch out for strange dreams etc. those who have to take rest due to work etc. others may wish to stay awake and chant japa or kirtan through the entire eclipse bathe and then take some rest, or continue on that day..... One has to be practical too.

On previous occasions during Solar and Lunar eclipses, the local Hare Krsna Temple carried on as usual Krsna's place is not affected by these.

this is not true, nor is this accepted by most temples throughout India who all close their doors during such a time, there's no cooking, no pujas, no shastra recitations, or classes or reading, simply chanting Hare Krishna !!!

It is also a misinformation to think that it only effects the places that it is physically present. The effects are felt worldwide. Usually within three months also after such an eclipse, especially Total eclipses, those areas are afflicted with many challenges - at least this one is partial not total.

Can you kindly enlighten me on this matter, what is the correct thing to do during Lunar/Solar eclipses. Sometimes it is not possible to be indoors due to ones occupation. Once when I was in India during a Solar Eclipse and remember that the roads almost empty.

I have developed one page specifically dealing with all aspects of eclipses, which you may like to look at it gives sound information of what to do and what not to do, and everything else one needs to know about eclipses, as well as many good information links to NASA for accurate timings for local areas and what part of the world is directly effected by the physical eclipse.

Generally no food is left out uncovered, either. One does not want to be out to bathe in the rays of such a presence. As you know, and we mention traditionally people would stop everything and go to the Ganga, as with the eclipse at the time of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu's birth, everyone was bathing in the Ganges and chanting the Hare Krishna maha-mantra. Best thing is to take shelter of the Holy name of the Lord, what other solace do we have?

Trust this will not inconvenience you.

...not at all. I trust this information will help you in dealing with such inauspicious phenomenon.

Kantilal Shivlal

Trusting this meets you well.

Sri Krishnarpanamastu

yhs, JTCd