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Putrada Ekadasii
Srila Jagdish Pandit - Avirbhav
Total Lunar Eclipse
Sri Krishna PushyaAbhisheka
Srila Ramachandra Kaviraj - Tirubhav
Srila Gopal Bhatta goswami - Avirbhav
Makara Sankranti
Kumbha Mela
Srila Jayadev Goswami - Tirubhav
Srila Lochan dasa Thakur - Tirubhav

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updated again 1st Jan 2001
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Srila Jagdish Pandit - Avirbhav

Total Lunar Eclipse - See below:

Sri Krishna PushyaAbhisheka

Srila Ramachandra Kaviraj - Tirubhav

Srila Gopal Bhatta goswami - Avirbhav

Makara Sankranti

Kumbha Mela

Srila Jayadev Goswami - Tirubhav

Srila Lochan dasa Thakur - Tirubhav

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Putrada Ekadasii:

The Total Lunar Eclipse 9th January 2001

Nasa's Solar Eclipse page:

on January 9, 2001. The event is a total eclipse of the Moon visible for
observers throughout Europe, Africa and Asia. New England and northeastern
Canada will catch the end of the partial phases as the Moon rises.

This site has a graph which show the exact path of the eclipse:

The charts there will show you if it is visible where you are.
At any rate one need to take precaution by chanting Hare Krishna.
Guidelines are there to suggest what to do, and what not to do.

Time frame for eclipse:

The major phases of the eclipse occur as follows. The penumbral phase begins
at 17:43.7 GMT, but most observers will not be able to visually detect the
shadow until 18:15 GMT or so. The partial eclipse commences with first umbral
contact at 18:42.1 GMT. Totality begins at 19:49.6 GMT and lasts until
20:51.6 GMT. The partial and penumbral phases end at 21:59.1 GMT and 22:57.6
GMT, respectively.

These times were found using the US navy on-line computer:

New Zealand: (Auckland)
Not Visible in New Zealand:
Moonrise               2001 Jan 09 18:15
Moon enters penumbra   2001 Jan 10  02:43.5
Moon enters umbra      2001 Jan 10  03:42.0
Moonset                2001 Jan 10  04:09

Australia: (Melbourne)
Moonrise               2001 Jan 09  20:15
Moon enters penumbra   2001 Jan 10  04:43.5
Moon enters umbra      2001 Jan 10  05:42.0
Moonset                2001 Jan 10  06:09

Our time is early morning, and the last of the penumbral will be
gone by greeting the Deities time.

(New York)
Moonrise               2001 Jan 09  16:42
Moon leaves umbra      2001 Jan 09  16:59.1
Moon leaves penumbra   2001 Jan 09  17:57.6
Moonset                2001 Jan 10  08:08

(North Carolina)
Moonrise               2001 Jan 09  17:23
Moon leaves penumbra   2001 Jan 09  17:57.6
Moonset                2001 Jan 10  08:08

(Although not visible in Texas, California, etc., adjust the influence time
locally with the above)

UK: (London)
Moonrise               2001 Jan 09  15:52
Moon enters penumbra   2001 Jan 09  17:43.5
Moon enters umbra      2001 Jan 09  18:42.0
Moon enters totality   2001 Jan 09  19:49.5
Middle of eclipse      2001 Jan 09  20:20.5
Moon leaves totality   2001 Jan 09  20:51.6
Moon leaves umbra      2001 Jan 09  21:59.1
Moon leaves penumbra   2001 Jan 09  22:57.6
Moonset                2001 Jan 10  08:39

Our pages on the significance of eclipses and what to do:

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year ( 2000-2001 AD - 514 Gaurabda ) from our site:

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Bhagava Gita 13:20

prakrtim purusam caiva
viddhy anadi ubhav api
vikarams ca gunams caiva
viddhi prakrti-sambhavan

prakrtim--material nature; purusam--the living entities; ca--also;
eva--certainly; viddhi--you must know; anadi--without beginning;
ubhau--both; api--also; vikaran--transformations; ca--also; gunan--the
three modes of nature; ca--also; eva--certainly; viddhi--know;
prakrti--material nature; sambhavan--produced of.

Material nature and the living entities should be understood to be
beginningless. Their transformations and the modes of matter are
products of material nature.

PURPORT by Srila A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada:
By the knowledge given in this chapter, one can understand the body
(the field of activities) and the knowers of the body (both the
individual soul and the Supersoul). The body is the field of activity
and is composed of material nature. The individual soul that is
embodied and enjoying the activities of the body is the purusa, or the
living entity. He is one knower, and the other is the Supersoul. Of
course, it is to be understood that both the Supersoul and the
individual entity are different manifestations of the Supreme
Personality of Godhead. The living entity is in the category of His
energy, and the Supersoul is in the category of His personal

Both material nature and the living entity are eternal. That is to say
that they existed before the creation. The material manifestation is
from the energy of the Supreme Lord, and so also are the living
entities, but the living entities are of the superior energy. Both the
living entities and material nature existed before this cosmos was
manifested. Material nature was absorbed in the Supreme Personality of
Godhead, Maha-Visnu, and when it was required, it was manifested by
the agency of mahat-tattva. Similarly, the living entities are also in
Him, and because they are conditioned, they are averse to serving the
Supreme Lord. Thus they are not allowed to enter into the spiritual
sky. But with the coming forth of material nature these living
entities are again given a chance to act in the material world and
prepare themselves to enter into the spiritual world. That is the
mystery of this material creation. Actually the living entity is
originally the spiritual part and parcel of the Supreme Lord, but due
to his rebellious nature, he is conditioned within material nature. It
really does not matter how these living entities or superior entities
of the Supreme Lord have come in contact with material nature. The
Supreme Personality of Godhead knows, however, how and why this
actually took place. In the scriptures the Lord says that those
attracted by this material nature are undergoing a hard struggle for
existence. But we should know it with certainty from the descriptions
of these few verses that all transformations and influences of
material nature by the three modes are also productions of material
nature. All transformations and variety in respect to living entities
are due to the body. As far as spirit is concerned, living entities
are all the same.

Copyright 1983 The Bhaktivedanta Book Trust International.
Used with permission.

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krishir bhU-vAchakaH shabdo
nash cha nirvriti-vAchakaH
tayor aikyaM paraM brahma
krishna ity abhidhiiyate

"The word 'krish' is the attractive feature of the Lord's existence, and 'na' means spiritual pleasure. when the verb 'krish' is added
to the affix 'na', it becomes Krishna, which indicates the Supreme Absolute Personality of Godhead."

Mahabharata Udyoga Parva 71:4.
Please chant:

hare krishna hare krishna krishna krishna hare hare
hare rama hare rama rama rama hare hare

.......and your life will become sublime.

New and Updated pages
nAmno hi yAvati shaktiH
pApa-nirharane hareH
tAvat kartuM na shaknoti
pAtakam pAtakii naraH

"Simply by chanting one holy name of Hari, a sinful man can counteract the reactions to more sins than he is able to commit."

Brihad Vishnu PurANa
Leadership Principles, Determination, Heroism, Motivational Quotes,
and Stories.
achintyAh khalu ye bhAvA
na tAMs tarkeNa yojayet
prakritiibhyaH paraM yach cha
tad achintyasya lakshaNam

"Anything transcendental to material nature is called inconceivable, whereas arguments are all mundane. Since mundane
arguments cannot touch transcendental subject matters, one should not try to understand transcendental subjects through
mundane arguments and reasoning."

Mahabharata Bhishma Parva 5:22.
ye me bhakta-janAh pArtha
na me bhaktAsh ch te janAH
mad-bhaktAnaM cha ye bhaktAs
te me bhakta-tamA matAH

"Lord Sri Krishna told Arjuna, 'Those who are My direct devotees are actually NOT My devotees, but those who are the
devotees of My servant are factually My devotees'."

Adi PurANa
smartavyaH satataM vishNur
vismartavyo na jAtuchit
sarve vidhi-nishedhAH syur
etayor eva kiiNkarAH

"Krishna is the origin of Lord Vishnu. He should always be remembered and never forgotten at any time. All the rules and
prohibitions mentioned in the shAstra should be the servants of these two principles."

Padma PurANa
Dina-bandhu bhai (Story)

There is a little story, very interesting. So one poor boy, he was
student in a school, and the teacher's annual ceremony of father's
death would be held. So he requested all his student, "What you will
give me, contribution?" Formerly the teacher was not taking any
salary. But whatever he wanted, the students will bring either from
parents' house or by begging. That was the system. The teacher would
not charge anything. A brahmana cannot be..., charge anything.
Generally, the brahmanas were teachers. That is one of the profession
of the brahmana. Everyone must have livelihood. So brahmana livelihood is
pathana pathana. He must become a learned scholar, and he will make others
also learned scholar. That is brahmana's business. Pathana pathana yajana
yajana dana pratigrahah. Sat-karma. Six kinds of profession for the
brahmanas. And ksatriya's profession is to give protection to the citizen and
levy some tax, twenty-five percent, not more than that. Whatever is income
your, give twenty-five percent to the ksatriya king. That's all. That
includes sales tax, this tax, that tax, so many tax, income tax. All
finished. You give twenty-five percent. And if you have no income, no tax.
Not like that even you have no income, "No, last year you gave so much tax.
You must give it.

Otherwise your property will be sold." Not like that. So that is
ksatriya's income. Similarly, vaisya's income, krsi-go-raksya-vanijyam [Bg.
18.44], agriculture, cow protection, and if there is excess foodstuff, then
he can sell, make trade. And sudras, they will simply help.

So this teacher, the original story, the teacher asked the student
for... Somebody said, "I will contribute this cloth," somebody said,
"I'll rice," somebody said something, something, something. There was
one poor student, he had no means. He was very poor. So when he was
asked, so he replied that "I cannot say anything without asking my
mother." "All right, you ask your mother and tell me tomorrow." So he
asked, "My dear mother, all my class friend has promised the teacher
to contribute this, that, this, that. So my turn is there. What shall
I promise?" The mother said, "My dear son, we are so poor, we cannot
give anything. But if Krsna gives, He is dina-bandhu, the friend of
the poor. So if He gives something to you, you can promise." "Oh,
where is Krsna? What is His name?" "Now, His name is Dinabandhu,
friend of the poor." "Where He is?" "I understand that He is in the
forest." So he went to the forest and called, "Dinabandhu brother,
Dinabandhu brother, where are You?" He began to cry. So Krsna came.
When a devotee is very much eager to see Him, Krsna comes. He very is
kind. So "Why you are asking?" "My mother... You are Dinabandhu?"
"Yes." "So this is my condition, sir. What can I promise?" So He said
that "You promise that you will supply yogurt, dahi. You will supply
dahi." So he was very much satisfied. And he came to the teacher that
"My Dinabandhu brother, dada, He will supply dahi, or yogurt, for
whatever you require." "Oh, that's nice. Very good."

So on the day of ceremony, so he went to the forest again and called
Dinabandhu dada, and He gave him a small pot of dahi, yogurt, a small
pot. Oh, he was a child. He did not know. And he brought it to the
teacher, "Now, this is my contribution. My Dinabandhu brother has
given. So you take." "The hundreds and thousands of people will be
given foodstuff and this much dahi?" He became very angry. He became
angry, he did not care, and the pot fell down, and the yogurt also
fell down. But after some time, when he came, he saw that although the yogurt
has fallen down, the pot is full. Then he again dropped it; again it is full.
He dropped it; again it is full. Then he could
understand it is spiritual. Purnasya purnam adaya purnam eva
avasisyate [Iso Invocation]. You take the whole thing; still, the
whole thing is there. That is Krsna. Not that because you have taken
something, one minus one equal to zero. No. In the spiritual world,
one minus one equal to one. And one plus one equal to one. That is
called advaya-jnana. There is no duality. Plus and minus, they are two
things. But in the spiritual world, either plus or minus, the same. That is
to be understood. That is called Absolute, advaya-jnana.
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It's on the opposite side from Aotea Square, approx in the
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Eventually opening on Saturdays too. Small staff at present.
Gopal's is available 4 Catering for your special functions.
Food For Life - Christchurch
602, Colombo Street.

Located just near the corner of Colombo & St. Asaph
streets, 100 metres north of the South City Mall.

FFL - Still has a vacancy for a manager from January 2001.

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mailto:<> ( Jvala )
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First Mahakumbh of the New Karmi Millennium

Main Bathing Dates
9th January, 2001 - Paush Purnima (Total Lunar Eclipse)
14th January, 2001 - Makar Sankranti
24th January, 2001 - Mauni Amavasya
29th January, 2001 - Basant Panchami
8th February, 2001 - Magh Purnima
21st February, 2001 - Mahashivaratri

For detail information - Please write to :
Regional Tourist Officer,
U.P. Tourism,
35 - M.G. Marg,
Allahabad (U.P), India
Phone : 091-532-601873
Fax : 091-532-611374

Kumbha Mela:

Maha-Kumbha mela page:

...check the Calendar / Panchangam / Panjika:

Makara Sankranti:

Ganga Sagara Mela:

A Nexus of cosmic energy that converges every 144 years, bringing dramatic
changes in the destiny of the human race. This remarkable event has to be

Kumbha Mela On-Line:
HONESDALE, PENNSYLVANIA, December 15, 2000: Beginning on January 9, 2001, and
continuing through the month, the staff of Himalayan Institute will post "the
Kumbha Mela Times," a daily online newspaper covering the upcoming Kumbha
Mela in Allahabad, India. Thirty million devotees are expected on the main
bathing day in late January.

UK Media Provides Full Coverage of Maha Kumbha Mela

LONDON, ENGLAND, December 30, 2000: Bathing in the sacred River Ganga for
purification and upliftment is a grand event once every 12 years. Beginning
January 6, 2001, BBC Channel 4 in the United Kingdom will be providing Hindu
devotees with coverage of the Maha Kumbha Mela where tens of millions of
pilgrims, sadhus, and gurus partake in the month-long divine ceremony.

Some source URLs cited in HPI articles are only valid on the date the
article was issued. In such cases, go to the top level of the source's
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Content may be reproduced, provided proper credit is given to Please go to to be sure you meet all legal
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Auckland Namahatta:

letting Aucklanders know what happening in your community.

Nama Hatta Guidelines - nice presentation from Kripamoya in the UK:

ohuvaha ho
ohuvaha ho
ohuvaha ho (oh how wonderous)

Another "Ray of Vishnu" appeared in the Christchurch community.
Sriman Gokulachandra prabhu and Srimati Indrani mataji are proud to present
their baby girl to the Lord. She was born at home on 21.12.2000

The mother and baby are doing fine, we are told that the father is trying to
recover from the shock. Congratulations to all.
Vedic Tales Top India's TV Ratings:

Scriptural Tales means money for Doordarshan TV, with some blessings
from above Anuradha Raman

New Delhi, December 20: Looks like it's as crowded on Doordarshan as
in the Hindu pantheon. The public broadcaster's favourite serials
aren't those with schizoid families, adulterous men and women or
feuding mothers-in-law and daughters-in-law, but mythologicals.
Five mythologicals are on air, and eight are waiting for DD's
blessings. With the exception of two, the rest were approved only
this year. In fact, Information and Broadcasting Minister Sushma
Swaraj issued a written reply to a starred question in the Lok Sabha
that ``it is the constant endeavour of Doordarshan to select/approve
serials based on Indian mythology for telecast on its various
The serials waiting to come up on air include Vishnu Puran, Ganesh
Mahima, Jai Jai Sri Ganesh, Jai Jwaala Maa, Jai Jagdambe, Jai
Santoshi Ma, Jap Tap Vrat and Srimad Bhagwat.
Obviously, the enthusiasm is based on some very this-wordly
calculations. The phenomenal success of serials like Ramayan and Sree
Krishna are cases in point. If 97 per cent of the population is said
to have watched Ramayan, Sree Krishna fetched nearly Rs 130 crore for
Of the current lot, Om Namah Shivaiah commands a minimum guarantee of
Rs 53 lakh, Jai Hanuman Rs 66,37,500 and Jai Ganga Maiya, Rs
20,25,000. The still-to-be-approved Jap Tap Vrat, produced by Dhiraj
Kumar's Creative Eye, has a minimum guarantee of Rs 40,500.
Interestingly, with the exception of Bible Ki Kahaniyan, DD hasn't
received any proposals from private producers for serials on other

The fact that the gods make money hasn't been lost on private
channels. ``Ma Shakti (Star), Vishnu Puran and Jai Ganesha (on ZEE)
and Sree Ganesha (Sony) are treading the path shown by DD,'' a Mandi
House official crowed.

But it seems the gods are particularly munificent with DD alone. In
the latest list provided by the Television Audience Measurement
(TAM), which Star and Zee keenly follow, the gods are rated only
after the top 35 programmes. But on Doordarshan's Audience Research
Rating (DART), gods enjoy a rating of 40 points!

DD officials agree that mythologicals are tackily produced and
promote superstition and blind faith. Yet, they've got the viewers
glued in their couches. And since DD has pocketed 70 per cent of
general viewership, it doesn't want to rock the boat.
In fact, producer Ramanand Sagar, a pioneer in this department,
complains that ``five serials compared with 56 on air does not make
for a large divine presence.'' The more, the better, argues Sagar,
who has produced Ramayan, Sree Krishna, Mahalkaxmi and Jai Ganga
``I want people to come forward with scripts from other religions
too, but there is none. Serials based on religion instil values and a
sense of duty among viewers,'' he proclaims.

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1 (14-oz.) package TVP-flavored soy crumbles
4 teaspoons minced gingerroot, divided
2 tsp hing
1 tablespoon Argo® corn starch
1 teaspoon Pure Cane Granulated Sugar
2 teaspoons rice vinegar
1 tablespoon low-sodium soy sauce
1 cup vegetable broth
1 1/2 teaspoons dark sesame oil
1 small firm cabbage, thinly sliced

Mix together soy crumbles half of the ginger and half of the
hing. Form into balls, 1 inch in diameter. Brown the
meatballs in a nonstick skillet over moderate heat.
Meanwhile, combine the cornstarch, sugar, vinegar, soy sauce
and broth. Set aside.
In a medium saucepan, heat one-third of the sesame oil over
moderate heat. Add the remaining ginger and remaining hing
and cook briefly; do not brown. Stir in broth mixture and
heat to boiling, stirring occasionally. Mix in green firm cabbage
and remaining sesame oil; remove from heat.

Pour the brown sauce over the browned meatballs.
Serve warm with toothpicks.

Servings: 8
Diabetic, Vegetarian, Breads/bm

1 pk (or 1 tablespoon) Active Dry Yeast
2 tble spoons yogurt
1/4 cup Milk;
1/4 cup Warm Water (110 to 115 -degrees)
1/4 cup Vegetable Oil
1 1/2 cup Whole Wheat Flour
1/3 cup Sugar
1 cup All-Purpose Flour
1 ts Ground Cardamom
1/4 cup Golden Raisins
1/4 tsp Salt
1/4 cup Walnuts chopped

Dissolve the yeast in the warm water. Combine the sugar,
cardamom, salt, yogurt, milk and oil in a large bowl. Mix
well. Add the yeast mixture, flours, raisins and nuts.
Mix well. Add enough extra flour to make soft dough. Turn
the dough out onto a floured surface and knead until smooth
and elastic, about 5 minutes. Shape into a round loaf.
Put the dough into a lightly-oiled 8-inch-round cake pan.
Cover with a damp towel and let rise in a warm place until
doubled in bulk, about 1 hour.

Bake in a 350-degree oven 35 to 40 minutes, or until brown.

Serves 15


1 acorn squash, halved and seeded
3/4 cup applesauce
2 tablespoons SUN-MAID® Raisins
2 tablespoons brown sugar
2 tablespoons chopped walnuts
1 teaspoon lemon juice

Preheat oven to 375°F.
Place squash cut side up in a 9-inch square baking dish.
Mix together applesauce, raisins, brown sugar, walnuts
and lemon juice in a small mixing bowl. Spoon the
mixture into squash halves.
Pour 1/2-inch hot water into the bottom of the baking
dish. Bake covered for 30 minutes. Remove the cover and
bake 30 minutes longer. Remove from oven and serve hot.

Servings: 2
No-Egg Nog:

Tis the season. Here's a recipe that will put a little of
that nog feeling in your holiday cheer.

12 oz soy or rice milk
1 Tbs vanilla extract
1/2 cup sweetener (sugar or runny honey)
1 tsp ground cinnamon
1 tsp ground nutmeg
1/2 tsp ground turmeric (to turn it yellow)
1/2 block silken tofu

Blend in the silken tofu with the liquid and other
ingredients to make the nog thick.

- Douglas Stevenson

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>()<>(|)<>( Krishna Conscious - Vedikly acceptable Jokes: )<>(|)
Two youngsters were walking home from Sunday School, each deep in his own
thoughts. Finally one said, "What do you think about all this devil business
we studied today?"

The other boy replied thoughtfully, "Well, you know how Santa Claus turned
out. This is probably just your Dad, too."
A film crew was on location deep in the desert. One day an Old Indian holy man went up to the
director and said, "Tomorrow rain."
The next day it rained. A week later, the Indian went up to the director and said, "Tomorrow
storm." The next day there was a hailstorm. "This Indian is incredible," said the director. He
told his secretary to hire the Indian to predict the weather.

However, after several successful predictions, the old Indian didn't show up for two weeks.

Finally the director sent for him. "I have to shoot a big scene tomorrow," said the director,
"and I'm depending on you. What will the weather be like?"

The Indian shrugged his shoulders. "Don't know," he said. "Radio is broken."
An atheist was walking through the woods, admiring all that the
accidents that evolution had created. "What majestic trees! What
powerful rivers! What beautiful animals!", he said to himself.

As he was walking alongside the river he heard a rustling in the bushes
behind him. Turning to look, he saw a 7-foot grizzly bear charge towards him.
He ran as fast as he could up the path. He looked over his shoulder and saw
the grizzly was closing.

Somehow, he ran even faster, so scared that tears came to his eyes. He looked
again and the bear was even closer. His heart was pounding and he tried to
run faster. He tripped and fell to the ground. He rolled over to pick himself
up but the bear was right over him, reaching for him with its left paw and
raising its right paw strike him. At that instant the atheist cried: "Oh my

Time stopped. The bear froze. The forest was silent.
Even the river stopped moving.

As a bright light shone upon the man, a voice came out of the sky: "You deny
my existence for all these years, teach others that I don't exist and even
credit creation to a cosmic accident. Do you expect me to help you out of
this predicament? Am I to count you as a believer?"

The atheist looked directly into the light: "It would be hypocritical of me
to ask to be a Christian after all these years, but perhaps you could make
the bear a Christian?"
"Very well" said the voice.

The light went out. The river ran. The sounds of the forest resumed.
...and then the bear dropped his right paw, brought both paws together and
bowed its head and spoke: "Lord, for this food which I am about to receive, I
am truly thankful."
A man called his neighbor only to have the phone answered by a
young boy.
He asked the lad if he could speak to his father. The lad replied his
father was not home.
"Well, then, could I speak to your mother?"
"She's not home either." The lad replied.
"Okay then," asked the man, "who is home with you?"
The boy answered "Just my brother!!"
"All right then, the man replied, may I speak with him?"
The lad said "yes" and went to get his brother. After what seemed
like a very long time, the boy came back and said that his brother
could not come to the phone.
Exasperated, the man said, "Well, why not?"
The boy answered, "Because I can't get him out of his crib!"

Enquire of a qualified person, not any person.
-=-=-=-=-=-=-=--=-=-=-=-=- Did you ever wonder? =-=--=-=-=-=-=-=
Why was Santa's little helper depressed?

 Because he had low elf esteem.
>(|)<>( The ways of this material world - strange but true )<>(|)
To judge from the covers of countless women's magazines,"
observes Dave Barry, "the two topics most interesting to women are
(1) Why men are all disgusting pigs and (2) How to attract men."
WARNING: Consumption of alcohol may create the illusion
that you are tougher, handsomer and smarter than some really,
really big guy named Psycho Bill.
Prevention Of Cruelty To Piranhas: A video dealer in England
advertised a large discount on his systems to anyone who was
brave (?) enough to snatch a coin from an aquarium filled with
hungry piranha. The English equivalent of the SPCA in the
United States got into the act and demanded the dealer be sure
the customer's hands were cleaned so as to prevent food
poisoning in any piranha that might bite a dirty hand.
Hindus,Zeroes and the New Millenium

By Mark Billington

I asked myself waking up this morning, has the new millenium really
arrived? I checked my bookshelves and found two books:

Life Science Library.

It seems a Hindu around 500 AD, first used a symbol for zero, called
"sunya." Around 825 AD in Baghdad, al-Khowarizini wrote of the Indian
zero as "sifir." Italians imported the zero as "zephirum" in the 13th
century and by the 14th century called it "zero." The Germans named it
"cifra" which became "cipher." The city-state of Florence had outlawed
the use of zero, fearing that the merchants who had mastered its use
would cheat them. The use of zero went underground and was made into a
secret sign, thus the word "decipher."

The conclusion? With no zero until many centuries after 0 AD, 0 BC,
year zero of our Lord, the only possible way to satrt counting years
would have been to begin at 1 AD. Math year 1 + 2000 years= 2001. Thus
we are not yet to the new millenium. Jan 1 2000 began "Y2K" the Roman
numeral year "MM," but this New Year's Eve will end the first 2000

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