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Number #0020 May 2000 A.D. issue.

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( Please Accept My Respectful Obeisances & Best Wishes To You All)

_0____,   All Glories To Srila Prabhupad.

I'd like to Officially welcome everyone who is receiving this
either directly from me or second or third hand from friends to
our Network. Many of you will have had a chance to view our
WWW-site by now - and the feedback has been appreciated. As we
expand the facility of resource more pages will appear (there
are 0ver 408 to date, and thousands of links), and with the
intent of assisting you all in the smooth execution of your
individual prescribed duties/services/functions in life, we will
keep you updated. We now go out to over 800 receivers. I trust that
all is well with everyone by the Mercy of the Lord. However, if
anyone would like to be removed please just send me a message
requesting me to do so, and I will do it promptly. If you are
receiving this from a friend, and would like to be added
directly to the mailout please also let me know and
I will do the needful there too. Hare Krishna. =>B-) JTCd
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   WWW - news and views: Calendar Updates.
     Mohini EkAdasii
     Jayananda Thakur disappearance
     Nrisimha Chaturdasi
 special Nrisimha Chaturdasi festival in Carterton

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   At Grass Roots: topical stuff

   Prasadam Recipes: To slake the thirst of body, mind & soul

   Krishna conscious - Vedikly acceptable jokes:
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Now you can view the FULL years 1999-2000 & 2000-2001.

Check out the Ekadasi pages that are coming together, with links
to every Ekadasi:

Mohinii EkAdasii

COME TO CARTERTON (in the Wairarapa) at Nrsimhadev Martial Arts dojo
for Sri Nrisimha Chaturdasi 17th May 2000

New Altar unveiling and Deity invocation (avahan), abhishek, fire
ceremony, chanting, dancing, feasting - come join in the fun.

For more details contact Sri Nrisimha Martial Arts
Ph: (06) 379-6579.   mailto:<>

see their olde page:

I'll see you there - JTCd (as master of ceremonies)
(but there will be one more newsletter before then)
Some interesting Youth and Young devotees / young Hindus sites.
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See the new link to NZ Vaishnava Youth - Kiwi Conference:

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Brahma-Madhwa-Gaudiya-sampradaya's Guru parampara listing:

A Who's Who...... something about everyone - their pastimes,
teachings, mission, etc. Where they fit in on the Calendar.
Y2K update:

Astrological predictions for the coming of the GOLDEN AGE within
this age of Kali - worth a read.

Download your Vaishnava Calendar and make a hard copy for this
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This is a totally free service, we have worked hard to organise it
please make good use of it for you development of Krishna Seva.
Is an importing company designed to raise funds for the Wellington
Hare Krishna temple. Run by Mohan bhai Maror it can supply you with
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Mridangas, Harmoniums, Vinas, Sitars, Tablas, Ektars, Guitars,
Violins, Tambouras, Sarod, Esaraj, ...special requests ordered.


For more information contact Mohan bhai on (04)478-6804
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 or Mohan on (04) 478-6804.

Made by devotees for devotional needs.

...the best cooking pots on the market, used by Iskcon temples,
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or send an e-mail HERE requesting for more information:
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/HH\.M|   Programs in Palmerston North:
HMHH\.|       Bh Adam and Bhn Mary's Ph. 06 353 0108.
\\HMHH\    There's chanting, a discussion and prasadam.
HH\HMHH\    Books and chanting beads are available.
    \HMHH\-HHH\  Bhaktine Anne (of Glen and Anne - Masterton)
     \HMHH\.HHM\   is presently compiling an Ekadasi Cookbook
      \HMHH\.HMH\   if members have any recipies for the book
      |\HMHH\\HMH\   or suggestions please send to her at their
      |H\HHH| \HMH\    address:  mailto:<>
      |MH\H/   \HMH\
      |MH\      \HMH\    View Ahimsa's Revamped web-page:
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         \HMH\ |MHH\.|
          \HMH\\HMHH\|     If you have anything that you would
           \HMH\\HMHH\        like to share or request, that can
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                    \HMHH\   mailto:<>
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On-line Bhagavad Gita As It Is:
On-line 1972 McMillan edition - bhagavad Gita As It Is:
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Bhakti Rasamrita Sindhu of Srila Rupa Goswami on-line:
sahäcalä bhuvash chelur
dishah sarväh prajajvaluh
solkäsh chäshanayah petuh
ketavash chärti-hetavah

There were earthquakes along the mountains on the earth, and it
appeared that there was fire everywhere. Many inauspicious planets
like Saturn appeared, along with comets, meteors and thunderbolts.
When natural disturbances occur on a planet, one should understand
that a demon must have taken birth there. In the present age the
number of demoniac people is increasing; therefore natural
disturbances are also increasing. There is no doubt about this, as
we can understand from the statements of the Bhägavatam.
Srimad Bhagavatam 3:17:4
Shrila Vishvanätha Chakravarti Thäkura writes in his commentary on
Rüpa Gosvämi's Bhakti-rasämrita-sindhu,

shri-chaitanya-mukhodgirnä hare kåñneti varnakäh
majjayanto jagat premni vijayantäm tad-ähvayäh

"The words of the  Hare Krishna mantra, which issued forth from the
 mouth of Lord Chaitanya, are drowning the whole universe in the
ocean of love of God. May they be ever victorious!"

(Srila Vrindavan Das Thakura. Sri Caitanya-Bhägavata,  Adi-lilä 1.1)

Please chant:

hare krishna hare krishna krishna krishna hare hare
 hare rama hare rama rama rama hare hare

   .......and your life will become sublime.
Even if it were possible to count the atoms after smashing the earth
into powder, still it would not be possible to estimate the unfathomable transcendental qualities of the Lord. It is said that Lord Anantadeva
has tried to expound the transcendental qualities of the Supreme Lord
with His numberless tongues, and that for numberless years together
it has been impossible to estimate the qualities of the Lord. The
above statement of the qualities of the Lord is just to estimate His
qualities as far as a human being is able to see Him. But even if it
is so, the above qualities can be divided into many subheadings.
According to Shrila Jiva Gosvämi, the third quality, intolerance of
another’s unhappiness, can be subdivided into (1) protection of the
surrendered souls and (2) well wishes for the devotees. In the
Bhagavad-gitä the Lord states that He wants every soul to surrender
unto Him only, and He assures everyone that if one does so He will
give protection from the reactions of all sins. Unsurrendered souls
are not devotees of the Lord, and thus there is no particular
protection for everyone in general. For the devotees He has all
good wishes, and for those who are actually engaged in loving
transcendental service of the Lord, He gives particular attention.
He gives direction to such pure devotees to help them discharge
their responsibilities on the path back to Godhead. By equality (10),
the Lord is equally kind to everyone, as the sun is equal in
distributing its rays over everyone. Yet there are many who are
unable to take advantage of the sun’s rays. Similarly, the Lord
says that surrendering unto Him is the guarantee for all protection
from Him, but unfortunate persons are unable to accept this
proposition, and therefore they suffer from all material miseries.
So even though the Lord is equally well-wishing to everyone, the
unfortunate living being, due to bad association only, is unable
to accept His instructions in toto, and for this the Lord is never
to be blamed. He is called the well-wisher for the devotees only.
He appears to be partial to His devotees, but factually the matter
rests on the living being to accept or reject equal treatment
by the Lord. (A.C.Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. Srimad Bhagavatam
1:16:26-30 purport.)
Here's some amazing links that we've put together to help those of
you that either travel, or need access to shastra on your system but
may not have all the books available - now you have:

Heaps of downloadable FREE devotional books.
"Be very enthusiastic and determined to teach everyone the message
of Lord Chaitanya. We must follow strictly the four regulative
principles and always chant at least 16 rounds daily and this will
keep us pure. Lord Chaitanya wants that this movement be spread to
every nook and corner of the earth, so we require so many hundreds
of thousands of sincere young men like yourself to take it up. I
wish that it will be noted down in history that this Krishna
Consciousness Movement is responsible for saving the world.
Practically, our Movement is the only hope for saving the world
from complete disaster."(A.C.Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. 1st
January 1972. Bombay. letter to Suchandra dasa.)
Krishna Books:
Prabhupada's original 1972 Bhagavad-gita.

...just send your return address and cheque for the amount of
    English pounds £70.00 or US$118.00, NZ$230.00
(*Cheques will be acceptable from US banks.* This price incudes postage)

For more information:
The Lord is everywhere, in both the material and spiritual domains,
and He appears for the sake of His devotees when there is friction
between His devotee and the nondevotee. As electricity is generated
by friction of matter anywhere and everywhere, the Lord, being all-
pervading, appears because of the friction of devotees and nondevotees.
When Lord Krishna appears on a mission, all His plenary portions
accompany Him. When He appeared as the son of Vasudeva, there were
differences of opinion about His incarnation. Some said, “He is the
Supreme Personality of Godhead.” Some said, “He is an incarnation
of Näräyana,” and others said, “He is the incarnation of
Kshirodakashäyi Vishnu.” But actually He is the original Supreme
Personality of Godhead—krishnas tu bhagavän svayam [SB 1.3.28]—and
Näräyana, the purushas and all other incarnations accompany Him to
function as different parts of His pastimes. Mahad-amsha-yuktah
indicates that He is accompanied by the purushas, who create the
mahat-tanva. It is confirmed in the Vedic hymns, mahäntam vibhum
Lord Krishna appeared, just like electricity, when there was
friction between Kamsa and Vasudeva and Ugrasena. Vasudeva and
Ugrasena were the Lord’s devotees, and Kamsa, a representative
of the karmis and jnänis, was a nondevotee. Krishna, as He is,
is compared to the sun. He first appeared from the ocean of the
womb of Devaki, and gradually He satisfied the inhabitants of
the places surrounding Mathurä, just as the sun enlivens the
lotus flower in the morning. After gradually rising to the
meridian of Dvärakä, the Lord set like the sun, placing everything
 in darkness, as described by Uddhava. (A.C.Bhaktivedanta Swami
Prabhupada. Srimad Bhagavatam 3:2:15. purport)
Govardhan Hill Publishing Web Page:
bhajan kara sädhana kara
murte jänle hoy

bhajan-worship; kara-perform; sädhana-regulative devotional activities;
kara-perform; murte-at the time of death; jänle-to know; hoy-is.

"Whatever bhajana and sadhana one has performed throughout life will
be tested at the time of one's death."

harim vinä måtim na taranti

harim-Hari, the Supreme Personality of Godhead; vinä-without the grace
of; måtim-death; na-not able; taranti-to cross over.

"No one can overcome cruel death without the mercy of Hari, the Supreme
Personality of Godhead."

räkhe krishna märe ke
märe krishna rakhe ke

"If Lord Krishna protects a person, who can kill him? And if Krishna
desires to kill someone, who can protect him?"

Alien Identities Web Page:

Devotees addressing grass roots matters to help our Krishna conscious

Sriyuts HH Prahladhananda Swami, HH Bhanu Swami, HH Devamrita Swami

Downloadable from:
For all your shastric / scriptural needs:
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If you have any news, events, functions, deals, etc., that you would
like to share with members then please do so by sending what you have
to us, we can pass them on in the next newsletter.

It may not be an actual Vedik celebration according to the Panjika,
AND THAT MEANS YOU'RE DEAD !!! ....but you'll remember next year.

Send her an e-card from one of the following:

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                  .~      `\    `  /  _/   _/
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                             /   /    /
                            /  /'    /

Sriman Jananirvas prabhu and his good wife Srimati Radhakanta mataji
have just been blessed with a "Ray of Vishnu", a baby boy.

Both mother and baby are happy and healthy.

Congrats' & e-cards can be sent to Jananirvas prabhu in Christchurch          mailto:<>
Sangam TV - Auckland.

9pm, Friday 05 May

Sangam TV is telecasting this week an interview with Hon Chris Fletcher,
Mayor of Auckland City and Rita Bhaduri with a song item. The same tv
programme will be repeated on Saturday, May 06  at 9 a.m.

Sangam TV is organising  "High School Dance & Beauty Contest" on Saturday
June 10, at Auckland Girls Grammer School Auditorium from 6 p.m. to 10.30
p.m. The entry ticket is $ 15.00 per head.

Competent Media has released video films titled " Multicultural Events in
New Zealand, Vol.1 to Vol. 5" and are available at all Indian outlets @ $
10.00 each inclusive of GST.

Sangam TV timings are being revised and will be as follows every week w.e.f.
Thursday, May 11, 2000.

Thursday  8.30 p.m. and repeat on Friday 8.30 a.m. (approx.)
Saturday  8.30 a.m. and repeat on Saturday 5.30 p.m. (approx.)

Rakesh Dhody is back with hourly radio news on " Radio Desh Pardesh, 1593
AM" from Monday, May 8, 2000.
Every one in New Zealand can listen to current news every week Monday to
Thursday at 8 pm, 9 pm, 11 pm and 12 mid night.

Thanking you

Sangam TV                            mailto:<>
09- 815 2210
09- 815 2270
025  204 1918
Check out this page:

Sri Nrsimhadev Martial Arts - Carterton, Wairarapa.

The Martial Arts Dojo that is centred around spiritual understanding
and development.             contact mailto:<>
After some nice discussion with some of our younger devotees we have
made a forum to inspire and assist the youth and young adults in their
development of Krishna consciousness, as well as their devotee

Please check out the page at:

If you have any suggestions, things to add you are welcome to do so.

Now we have some pages for you to check out... and interact with.
|)<>(|)<>(       Prasadam Recipies:          )<>(|)<>(|)<>(|)<>(

2 cups extra long grain rice
1 qt. thick coconut milk
10 whole cardamoms
10 whole cloves
2 cinnamon sticks
1/2 cup butter
1/2 t. turmeric
1/2 t. allspice

Fry the spices in ghee for a few minutes. Then fry rice in this
mixture for about 3 minutes. Add boiling coconut milk to the depth
of 2" above the rice. Cover and let simmer. Do not stir this dish.
It must be carefully folded with a fork about twice during cooking.

Taken from The Hare Krishna Cook Book 1973.


1 cup mung beans
6 cups water
1/2 t. finely chopped fresh ginger
1 large fresh sliced tomato
3 T. ghee
1 t. salt
1 t. turmeric
1/2 t. cumin seed
1 t. red pepper
Wash beans and put into a saucepan with water. Add tomato, ginger,
turmeric and salt. Bring to a boil. Turn to a low boil and cook
until the beans are soft and broken up. Spice as with basic split dahl.

Taken from The Hare Krishna Cook Book 1973.


1 medium eggplant
3 T. salt
3 T. turmeric
1/2 cup ghee

Cut the eggplant in quarters. (It is best to use an eggplant that
doesn't have a long neck. A short, squat eggplant works best.)
After the eggplant is quartered, cut in thick slices. You should
have 12 to 14 thick slices. Mix the salt and turmeric together
and place in a flat plate. Heat the ghee in a frying pan. The
ghee should cover about 1/2" of the pan. Dip each slice of eggplant
in salt-turmeric mixture (the slices should be thoroughly dry)
and rub the mixture on the slice as a coating. Fry the pieces in
the pan of ghee on a medium-high flame, turning as necessary.
Hold a small sharp knife over a piece of eggplant puki and let
it drop. If it falls straight through, hitting the bottom of
the pan, and the eggplant is as soft as butter, it's ready to
offer. If there is excess ghee, strain it through a piece of
muslin and pour it on plain rice. The muslin will remove the
salt and turmeric.

Taken from The Hare Krishna Cook Book 1973.


11/2 lb. tomatoes
4 medium eggplants
1/2 cup chick-peas
1/2 cup ghee
1 t. turmeric
1/2 t. crushed chilis
pinch asafoetida

Soak chick-peas overnight. Boil until tender, drain and set
aside. They may be mashed. Cut tomatoes into quarters and cook
until they are almost all liquid. As they cook, cut eggplant
into thin wedges. Heat the ghee and add chilis. When chilis
are brown, stir in asafoetida and turmeric. Add eggplant and
fry, stirring constantly. When eggplant is soft and coated with
spices, add chick-peas and tomatoes. Cook covered, stirring
occasionally until vegetables are tender and mixture thickens.
This is delicious with rice and lemon.

Taken from The Hare Krishna Cook Book 1973.


1 cup chick-pea flour
1 t. ground cumin seed
1 t. turmeric
11/2 t. ground coriander
1/2 t. each-allspice & cinnamon
3/4 t. salt
1/2 t. crushed chilis
3/4 t. baking powder
little less than 1 cup water
ghee for deep frying

Sift chick-pea flour. Add all spices, salt and baking powder.
Mix with hands until blended. Add water a little at a time to
avoid lumps. Heat ghee for deep frying.
plain pakora:
Pour a small amount (about 1 T.) into hot ghee. It will puff up
and become similar to a ball. Turn over and brown. Tap with a
spoon-if it sounds hollow it's done. Remove with a skimmer
and drain on paper toweling. Fry several at a time.
filled pakora:
Choice of Filling: thin-sliced eggplant wedges or strips, small
cauliflower flowerettes, green pepper strips, asparagus tips,
parsley sprigs, thin rounds of zucchini or cucumber, carrot
rounds or strips. Pieces should be no bigger than 2" long and
they should be thin. Dip vegetables into batter and deep fry
until golden. Remove and drain. The little fried batter drips
can be removed and saved for salad or peas and peanuts.

Taken from The Hare Krishna Cook Book 1973.


1/2 cup flour
1/2 cup sugar
1/8 t. baking powder
1/4 cup water
ghee for deep frying
1 T. ghee

Make a soft dough from flour, baking powder, water and ghee.
Make 16 balls. Roll thin and oblong. Prick with fork. Deep
fry in ghee. Soak in sugar water solution.

Taken from The Hare Krishna Cook Book 1973.

FARINA HALAVAH (suji halavah)

1 cup farina
1/2 cup butter
11/2 cups water
1 cup sugar
handful golden raisins

Mix water and sugar and bring to a boil. Melt butter in a pan.
Toss in grain and raisins, stirring constantly at a low heat for
20-25 minutes until golden in color. Then add grain by single
spoonfuls to water and sugar, which should be simmering. When
all grain is added, keep on fire for 2 or 3 minutes, stirring
continuously. Remove and serve hot.

Taken from The Hare Krishna Cook Book 1973.


These and OVER 100 other EGGLESS CAKE recipies can be found
on our Main index and on many other pages.
...and always with the Magic ingredient - Offer it to Krishna........
...with L'n D (love and devotion)

Check out heaps of information on Vegetarianism, Prasadam-ism,
download books, Vegetarian Recipie programs, and more.

NEW - an amazing vegetarian souce guide:
A Beginners Guide to Vegetarianism:
)<>(|)<>(  Krishna Conscious - Vedikly acceptable Jokes:  )<>(|)<
Something I'm experiencing:

After years of being in kirtans with the devotee behind him
playing jar-jars (whompers) full belt, just as he had done
unconsciously to the devotee(s) in front of him with the kartals,
an old devotee was wondering if his wife had a hearing problem too.
So one night, he stood behind her while she was sitting in
her lounge chair.
He spoke softly to her, "Devi, can you hear me?"
There was no response.
He moved a little closer and said again, "Haribol Devi, can you
hear me?"
Still, there was no response.
Finally he moved right behind her and said, "Hey Devi, can you
hear me?"
Turning toward him she replied, "For the third time prabhu, Yes!"

MORAL: Deafness is in the ear of the beholder.
A large, well established, Canadian lumber camp advertised
that they were looking for a good lumberjack.

The very next day, a skinny little man showed up at the camp
with his axe, and knocked on the head lumberjacks' door. The
head lumberjack took one look at the little man and told him
to leave.
"Just give me a chance to show you what I can do," said the
skinny man.
"Okay, see that giant redwood over there?" said the
lumberjack. "Take your axe and go cut it down."
The skinny man headed for the tree, and in five minutes he
was back knocking on the lumberjack's door. "I cut the tree
down," said the man.
The lumberjack couldn't believe his eyes and said, "Where did
you get the skill to chop down trees like that?"
"In the Sahara Forest," replied the puny man.
"You mean the Sahara Desert," said the lumberjack.
The little man laughed and answered back, "Oh sure, that's
what they call it now!"
A traveler became lost in the desert region of Algeria.

Realizing his only chance for survival was to find civilization, he
began walking. Time passed, and he became thirsty. More time passed,
and he began feeling faint.

Reduced to crawling, he was on the verge of passing out when he
spied a tent about 500 meters in front of him.

Barely conscious, he reached the tent and called out, "Water..."

A Bedouin appeared in the tent door and replied sympathetically, "I
am sorry, sir, but I have no water. However, would you like to buy
a tie?"

With this, he brandished a collection of exquisite silken neckwear.

"You fool," gasped the man. "I'm dying! I need water!"

"Well, sir," replied the Bedouin, "If you really need water, there
is a tent about 2 kilometers south of here where you can get some."

Without knowing how, the man summoned sufficient strength to drag
his parched body the distance to the second tent. With his last
ounce of strength he tugged at the door of the tent and collapsed.

Another Bedouin, dressed in a costly tuxedo, appeared at the door
and enquired, "May I help you sir?"

"Water..." was the feeble reply.

"Oh, sir," replied the Bedouin, "I'm sorry, but you can't come
in here without a tie!"

MORAL: try to see the over-all picture (sreyas) and see why
Krishna is making certain things (preyas) happen, and where
they might fit in with His, our ever loving Well wishers' overall
plan for us.
A young household couple invited their aged Guru for prasadam at
their place. While they were in the kitchen preparing the meal, the
Guru asked their son what they were having.

"Goat," the little boy replied.

"Goat?" replied the startled man of the Holy order of Vaishnavas,
"Hare Krishna - Are you sure about that?"

"Yep," said the youngster. "I heard Pita say to Mata, 'Well we
might as well have the old goat for dinner today as any other day'"
                                                    _ === _
 Father Murphy walks into a pub in Donegal,        / \(_)/ \
 and says to the first man he meets,               | /   \ |
 "Do you want to go to heaven?"                    | \\ // |
                                                   \_/   \_/
 The man said, "I do Father."                  .--" /     \ `"-.
                                              (   ( '.___.'   ,')
 The priest said, "Then stand over there       (__,-.       )--'
 against the wall."                         jgs   '.____)--'

 Then the priest asked the second man, "Do you want to go to heaven?"

 "Certainly, Father," was the man's reply.

 "Then stand over there against the wall," said the priest.

 Then Father Murphy walked up to O'Toole and said, "Do you want to go
 to heaven?"

 O'Toole said, "No, I don't Father."

 The priest said, "I don't believe this. You mean to tell me that when
 you die you don't want to go to heaven?"

 O'Toole said, "Oh, when I die, yes. I thought you were getting a
 group together to go right now."
-=-=-=-=-=-=-=--=-=-=-=-=- Did you ever wonder? =-=--=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

What happens if you get scared half to death twice?
Have you ever imagined a world with no hypothetical situations?
>(|)<>( The ways of this material world - strange but true )<>(|)<
If you want to remember MOTHER'S DAY, don't send her a card one year.
I bought a self learning record to learn Hindi the other day.
I turned it on and went to sleep; the record got stuck.

The next day I could only stutter all day in Hindi.

A man was riding his horse down a road, his dog trotting along beside
them. The man was enjoying the scenery when it suddenly occurred to him
that he was dead.  He remembered dying and that his horse and dog had been
dead for years.  He wondered where the road was leading them.
After a while, they came to a high, white stone wall along one side of
the road.  It looked like fine marble.  At the top of a long hill, the
wall was broken by a tall arch that glowed in the sunlight. When he
finally stood before it, he saw a magnificent gate in the arch that looked
like mother of pearl and the street that led to the gate looked like pure
gold.  He urged the horse toward the gate and as he got closer, he saw a
man at a desk to one side.  When the rider was close enough, he called
out, "Excuse me, where are we?"

"This is heaven, sir," the man answered.

Would you happen to have some water?" the rider asked.
"Of course, sir.  Come right in, and I'll have some iced water brought
right up."  The man gestured and the gate began to open.
"Can my friends come in too?" the traveler asked, gesturing towards his
horse and dog.

"I'm sorry, sir, but we don't accept animals."

The traveler thought a moment and then turned his horse back toward the
road and continued on his way.  After another long while, and at the top
of another long hill, he came to a dirt road which led through a farm gate
that looked as if it had never been closed.  There was no fence.  As he
approached the gate, he saw a man inside, leaning against a tree, reading
a book.

"Excuse me!" he called to the reader.  "Do you have any water?"
"Yes, certainly, there's a pump over there."  The man pointed to a place
that couldn't be seen from outside the gate.  "Come on in."

"How about my friends here?" the traveler asked.

"There should be a bowl and a bucket by the pump."

They went through the gate, and, sure enough, there was an
old-fashioned hand pump with a bowl and a bucket beside it.
The traveler filled the bowl and took a long drink, then gave some to the
dog while he filled the bucket for his horse.  When they all were
satisfied, he led his horse back toward the man who was standing by the
tree waiting for them, the dog following faithfully behind.

"What do you call this place?" he asked.

"This is heaven," the man replied.

"Well, that's confusing," the traveler said.
"The man down the road said that was heaven, too."

"Oh, you mean the place with the gold street and pearly gates?
No. That's hell."

"Doesn't it make you mad for them to use your name like that?" said the

"No.  I can see how you might think so, but we're just happy that they
screen out the folks who would leave their best friends behind."
With thanks to Sue Gage Jennings in California for sharing this gem.
Temple Thoughts -
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