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      Kali Yuga progresses. The benefits of technology!!  :(

      Subject: WARNING: date rape drugs

      Protect your wives, girlfriends and yourselves!

>  This article forwarded to me from a friend. Perhaps you
>  all might  find it informative.
>There's a news article in The Star today -  06-01-2000 about a raped
>victim (Page 18). Wondering is it related to this drug.  I have visited
>the website, it does explain what this drug is about. Ladies, pls be
>more alert and take extra caution  when it comes to this issue....
>drink offer from a guy. Good Guys out there, pls kindly forward this msg
>to your ladies friends. There is a new drug  that has been out for less
>than a year, Progesterex, that is essentially a small steriliziation
>pill. The drug
>is now  being used by rapists at  parties to rape AND sterilize their
>victims. My best  friend's mom works at a pharmacy and she said the drug
>is available exclusively to veterinarians to sterilize large
>animals. But I have heard from several of my friends that are still in
>school up north that at frat parties at their schools (Columbia and Penn
>State)  the drug is being used with Rohypnol (roofies),
>the date rape drug. With Rohypnol, all they have to do is
>drop it into  their drink. The girl can't remember anything the next
>morning of what happened the night before. Well now Rohypnol is not used
>alone. Progesterex,  which dissolves in drinks (alcohol or soda) just
>as  easily, is being used with it so that the woman doesn't conceive
>from  the rape and the rapist doesn't have to worry about having a
>paternity test
>identifying him months later. But the drug's affects AREN'T TEMPORARY.
>Progesterex was designed to sterilize horses. Any woman that takes it
>WILL NOT HAVE CHILDREN EVER IN HER LIFE. All guys have to do to get this
>drug is just know someone, like a  friend, who is in  the Vet school of
>any  university. It's that easy,  and Progesterex is  about to break out
>big  on campuses everywhere.
>  For more information  about "Roofies" go to
>Please! Forward this to everyone you know,
>especially girls  who
>might be headed to college or live in college towns.

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