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New Zealand Hare Krishna Spiritual Resource Network Newsletter
Number #0011 ( Y2K ) End of January 2000 A.D.

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_0/\, ( PAMRO & BW to you all)

_0____,   All glories to Srila Prabhupad.

I'd like to Officially welcome everyone who is receiving this
either directly from me or second or third hand from friends to
our Network. Many of you will have had a chance to view our
WWW-site by now - and the feedback has been appreciated. As we
expand the facility of resource more pages will appear, and with
the intent of assisting you all in the smooth execution of your
individual prescribed duties/services/functions in life, we will
keep you updated. We now go out to 725 receivers. I trust that
all is well with everyone by the Mercy of the Lord. However, if
anyone would like to be removed please just send me a message
requesting me to do so, and I will do promptly. If you would like
to be added directly to the mailout please also let me know and
I will do the needful. Hare Krishna. =>B-) JTCd
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   WWW - news and views: Calendar Updates.
            Sat-tilaa Ekadasi - the sacred day of Hari
            Gopal Bhatta Gos' appearance day
      Millennium Festival Sth Island is on.

      Mayapur Institute of Higher Education seminars...
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   Prasadam Recipes: To slake the thirst of body, mind & soul
   Krishna conscious - Vedikly acceptable jokes:

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The Interactive Vaishnava Calendar page is coming along nicely:
Sripad Gopal Bhatta Goswami's appearance annirversary:
Check out the Ekadasi pages that are coming together, with links
to every Ekadasi:

Sat-tilaa Ekadasi
PARTIAL SOLAR ECLIPSE FEBRUARY 05th 2000 A.D. (not visible here)

...for further information regarding eclipses, their effects,
what to, or what not to do, view the following page:
Some interesting Youth and Young devotees / young Hindus sites.
coming off the main index page:
Brahma-Madhwa-Gaudiya-sampradaya's Guru parampara listing:

A Who's Who...... something about everyone - their pastimes,
teachings, mission, etc. Where they fit in on the Calendar.
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          ._   '._.-'''-._.'   _.      Not meaning to be too
            '-..'   | |   '..-'     mundane, but please remember
         --._ /.==. | | .==.\ _.--    to use your sun-block
             ;/_o__\ V /_o__\;         as the sun in NZ has
        -----|`     ) (     `|-----    the potency to burn
            _: \_) (\_/) (_/ ;_      in as few as 15-20 mins
         --'  \  '._.=._.'  /  '--    with our depleted Ozone
           _.-''.  '._.'  .''-._
  jgs     '    .''-.(_).-''.    '  So slap it on and live long
             .'   '  :  '   '.      to serve Lord Sri Krishna
                '    :   '
Now that summer is upon us and lots of people are taking to the
water, I thought you might like to have a look at this site. Its
prime focus is to ensure everyone in New Zealand will have the
water safe attitudes, skills and behaviour necessary to use and
enjoy water environments safely.
Y2K update:

Download you Vaishnava Calendar and make a hard copy for the next
year from our site:
              "New Millinium Travelling Festival is On"

HH Indradyumna Swami has asked me to inform all of you regarding
the details of the upcoming travelling festival program on the
South Island of New Zealand. We welcome as many devotees as would
like to come.

The travelling festival will take place from January 10th - 30th.
The theme will be 'Spiritual Solutions to Material Problems'.
We will be meeting various dignitaries and VIPs along the way to
offer guidance and advice for a new millenium.

HH Bhakti Bringa Govinda Swami will also be here, with his melodious
kirtan, and flare for Vaishnava cooking.

To keep costs down and make everything simple and easy, we will
generally be staying in public campings. Devotees are expected to
bring their own tents and pay for their own fees at the camping sites.
In a couple of places (ie: Christchurch and Dunedin) we will organize
devotee's and friends' homes for free accomodation.

Devotees must also make their own travel arrangements. We expect many
devotees to travel by public transportion from place to place (bus).

In order to make bookings for campings, we need to know by December
10th (at the latest) exactly how many adults and children will
be coming ...and for how many days.  It is very important that you
contact me on, or before this date, if you plan to come. We cannot
guarantee that late reservations will be accepted.

Everyone who joins us will be asked to contribute $5 per day for
prasadam, children under 12 will be free of charge.

We will have incense, blissballs and stickers available for
distribution, if you need to raise funds as you go.

All devotees will be required to do menial tasks to help with
the general running of the festival;  cleaning duties,  kitchen
service,  bhoga shopping, etc.

Devotees will also be expected to strictly follow a devotional
morning program.

The planned itinerary is as follows.

 JANUARY 2000.
 Tue 11 -- CHRISTCHURCH - Mandira and Sri Govinda's wedding
 Wed 12 -- leave for DUNEDIN --
 Harinam in Ashburton, Temuka, Timaru-stop for lunch, Oamaru
 Thu 13 -- DUNEDIN Harinam
 Fri 14 -- DUNEDIN Harinam
 Sat 15 -- DUNEDIN Harinam & Program
 Sun 16 -- DUNEDIN Sunday Feast
 Mon 17 -- INVERCARGILL Harinam
 Tue 18 -- INVERCARGILL Harinam & Program
 Thu 20 -- QUEENSTOWN Harinam
 Fri 21 -- QUEENSTOWN Program
 Sat 22 -- WANAKA Harinam -- to WEST COAST -- HOKITIKA Harinam
 Sun 23 -- GREYMOUTH Harinam & Program
 Mon 24 -- NELSON
 Tue 25 -- NELSON Harinam
 Wed 26 -- NELSON Harinam & Program
 Thu 27 -- TAKAKA Harinam
 Fri 28 -- TAKAKA Harinam & Program
 Sat 29 -- BLENHEIM Harinam -- KAIKOURA Harinam
 Sun 30 -- CHRISTCHURCH Sunday Feast

 RSVP Jambavati Dasi, c/- OR:
 14 Cochrane St
 New Zealand
 ph. 0064-3-453-0150

Your servant,
Jambavati dasi

See you there........
                 Mayapur Institute of Higher Education

"...throughout the whole world there is no institution to impart
education in the matter of spiritual understanding. So we are going
to open a big center in Mayapur where this education will be
internationally imparted.

Students from all parts of the world will go there to take education
in this important subject." Srila Prabhupada - 1971 letter

                        MIHE Mission Statement
Provide an ideal facility and atmosphere in Mayapur that will help
1) increase their abilities to associate lovingly with Vaisnavas;
2) develop a higher taste for studying Srila Prabhupada's books;
3) systematically strengthen their sadhana and sastric knowledge;
4) develop practical skills in preaching, worshiping, and living;
5) enhance their appreciation of Sri Mayapur Dhama;
6) deepen their Krishna conscious realizations; and
7) develop deeper appreciation for Srila Prabhupada's wonderful gifts.

                           MIHE Schedule
Feb. 4th                MIHE starts its first week of classes
Feb. 11th               Second week of classes
Feb. 17th               Nityananda Prabhu's Appearance Anniversary
Feb. 18th               Third week of classes
Feb. 23rd               GBC meetings begin
Feb. 24th               Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati's Appearance Day

Feb. 25th               Fourth week of classes
Mar. 2nd                GBC meetings end
Mar. 3rd                Fifth week of classes & Festival seminars
Mar. 4th                VTE TTC1 and Communications for Preachers Begin
Mar. 8th                Gaura Mandala Parikrama Begins
Mar. 13th               VTE TTC2 Begins
Mar. 14th               Gaura Mandala Parikrama Ends
Mar. 15th               Various Festival programs
Mar. 17th               Prasadam distribution at Santipur
Mar. 20th               Gaura Purnima
Each week of classes lasts five days, followed by a two-day break.

                          MIHE Courses
Bhakti Caitanya Swami
Introduction to Jiva Goswami's "Tattva-sandarbha" (third week)
Bhakti Caru Swami
The History of Our Vaisnava Heritage (first and second weeks)
Bhakti-tirtha Swami
Workshop for Strengthening Vaisnava Communities (fifth week)
Jayapataka Swami & Kaunteya Dasa
Bhakti-vrksa Preaching Workshop (first four weeks)
Jayapataka Swami
Sri Caitanya Lila (fifth week)
Praladananda Swami
From Sraddha to Prema (fifth week)
Aghabhid Dasa
The Nectar of Devotion (Men; fifth week)
VTE (Vaisnava Training and Education) Bhakti-sastri course*
Anantarupa Dasa
Astrology and Varnashram Dharma (thrid & fourth weeks)
Anuttama Dasa & Anuradha Devi Dasi
Communications for Preachers (March 4th - 9th)
Deena Bandhu Dasa
Braja Lila (third and fourth weeks)
Felio Tsacrios
Yoga for Health and Vitality in the Iyengar Tradition
(five weeks - separate classes for men and women)
Gopiparandhana Dasa
Srila Sukadeva Goswami's First Instructions
The First Chapters of the Second Canto of Srimad-Bhagavatam (fifth week)

Jananivasa Dasa, Pankajanghri Dasa, and Nrsimha Kavaca Dasa
The Pancaratrika Process of Deity Worship (third & fourth weeks)
Kalakantha Dasa
Writing for "Back to Godhead" (six hours on February 9th)
andThe Basics of ISKCON Fundraising (six hours on February 16th)

Kurma Dasa
Vedic Cooking Workshops (interactive demonstrations and hands-on
practice) (first four weeks)
Readings from his book "The Great Transcendental Adventure" and
discussions (first four weeks)

Mahamaya-Devi Dasi
Readings from her soon-to-be-published memoir, "Srila Prabhupada is
Coming!" (fourth week)

Manjari-Devi Dasi
Navadvipa Dhama (fifth week)
Narayani-Devi Dasi
Living the Bhagavad-gita - Chapters 7 and 8 (thrid and fourth weeks)
Prana Dasa
The Community of Inquiry (six hours on February 10th)
Prana Dasa
Sri Isopanisad / VTE Bhakti-sastri course* (men; first two weeks)
Prasanta-Devi Dasi
Sri Isopanisad / VTE Bhakti-sastri course* (women; first two weeks)
Rasamandala Dasa
The VTE Teacher Training Course I (March 4th-11th)
The VTE Teacher Training Course II (March 13th-18th)
Rati-Manjari-Devi Dasi
The Nectar of Devotion / VTE Bhakti-sastri course* (women; five weeks)
Sacidulal Dasa
The Nectar of Instruction / VTE Bhakti-sastri course* (first two weeks)
Vidvan Gauranga Dasa
Srila Narada's Instructions to Vyasadeva on the Srimad-Bhagavatam
(third and fourth weeks)

*VTE is offering courses on The Nectar of Devotion, The Nectar of
Instruction, and the Sri Isopanisad, which make up the first trimester
of the VTE Bhakti-sastri program. This means you could complete the first
trimester of the VTE Bhakti-sastri program during the MIHE 2000
semester, take the second trimester during the MIHE 2001 semester, and take the
third trimester during the MIHE 2002 semester and then get your Bhakti-sastri
degree after passing the appropriate exams. (Please check the MIHE Web
sitefor more information about the VTE Bhakti-sastri program and the
standardsof assessment.) The MIHE is making the Bhakti-sastri degree easily
accessible to the ISKCON world.

Please select the courses you wish to take by submitting an online
application form no later than January 28th at
Lots of NEW links.... have a surf !
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       Bhaktapus is no ordinary Octopus
As well as reaching to the eight directions
He also reaches to the zeneth and nadir regions
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          | | \o`-/    `\/'    \-'o/ | |
          \ \  `,'              `.'  / /
       \.  \ `-'  ,'|   /\   |`.  `-' /  ,/
        \`. `.__,' /   /  \   \ `.__,' ,'/
         \o\     ,'  ,'    `.  `.     /o/
  jgs     \o`---'  ,'        `.  `---'o/
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Bhakta-pus is now reaching out with his arms to find deals, and
make advantages for devotees who want to use our network. As new
things happen and become available we'll keep y'll informed
about discounts and how to have access to them - what to do.

This is a totally free service, we have worked hard to organise it
please make good use of it for you development of Krishna Seva.
                  "RADHA  DAMODARA VILASA"

 I have purchased copies of this book, "Radha Damodara Vilasa",
from America, and I am looking for buyers. The books are HERE NOW!
This is a new publication by His Grace Vaiyasaki dasa about the
early days of ISKCON, and in particular, the lives of two great
vaisnavas from this movement, Jayananda dasa and Visnujana
Maharaja. The stories, the history, the spiritual content are
extraordinary and captivating reading. Over 700 pages, 32 pages
of photos and hardbound.
      "There are gorgeous photos of Sri Sri Radha Damodara in
all their incarnations on this planet". (Vaiyasaki dasa).

I have a number of these books left and I am selling them, for
a limited time only, at the special price of,  $NZ 60.00. This
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|)<>(|)<>(    Bringing together missing links:   )<>(|)<>(|)<>(
          Place your info' here:
/HH\.M|   Contrary to the recent newsletter we have been informed
HMHH\.|    that the program in Palmerston North is not a Loft
\HMHH\|    rather a couple of ecstatic devotees in their home.
\\HMHH\   Bh Adam and Bhn Mary's Ph. 06 353 0108. There's chanting,
HH\HMHH\   a discussion and a meal. Books are available & beads.
    \HMHH\-HHH\  Bhaktine Ann (of Glen and Ann - Masterton)
     \HMHH\.HHM\   is presently compiling an Ekadasi Cookbook
      \HMHH\.HMH\   if members have any recipies for the book
      |\HMHH\\HMH\   or suggestions please send to her at their
      |H\HHH| \HMH\    e-mail address:  <>
      |MH\H/   \HMH\
      |MH\      \HMH\    View Ahimsa's web-page:
       \HMH\    __|HM|
        \HMH\  /HH\.M|          What Else You May Well Ask?
         \HMH\ |MHH\.|
          \HMH\\HMHH\|     If you have anything that you would
           \HMH\\HMHH\        like to share or request, that can
            \HMHH\HMHH\         be placed in this spot. You know
             \HHHH\HMHH\          where to send it.
                    \HMHH\.HHM\      <>
                     \HMHH\.HMH\           or alernately
                     |\HMHH|\HMH              <>
                     |H\HMH/ \HM
        jgs          |MH\H/   \H
                     |MH\      \   WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE IN
                     \HMH\             YOUR NEWSLETTER ???
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(|)<>(   Words of Wisdom - Shastra & Shastrakaras speak:  )<>(|)<>(
 jgs                        __..._   _...__
                       _..-"      `Y`      "-._
                       \  Om namo  | bhagavate /
                       \\          |          //
                       \\\    Vaasudevaya    ///
                        \\\ _..---.|.---.._ ///
                          '`               `'

On-line Bhagavad Gita As It Is:
“In the beginning one must have a preliminary desire for self
realization. This will bring one to the stage of trying to
associate with persons who are spiritually elevated. In the next
stage one becomes initiated by an elevated spiritual master,
and under his instruction the neophyte devotee begins the process
of devotional service. By execution of devotional service under
the guidance of the spiritual master, one becomes free from all
material attachment, attains steadiness in self-realization, and
acquires a taste for hearing about the Absolute Personality of
Godhead, Sri Krishnaa. This taste leads one further forward to
attachment for Krishna consciousness, which is matured in bhäva,
or the preliminary stage of transcendental love of God. Real
love for God is called prema, the highest perfectional stage
of life.”(Sripada Rupa Goswami Prabhupada. Bhakti Rasamrita
Sindhu 1:4:15-16.)
sei sarovare giyä,     hamsa-cakraväka hanä,
 sadä tähäì karaha viläsa
khandibe sakala duhkha,     päibä parama sukha,
 anäyäse habe premolläsa

All the devotees of Sri Caitanya Mahäprabhu should go to that
lake and, remaining always under the shelter of the lotus feet
of Sri Chaitanya Mahäprabhu, become swans and cakraväka birds
in those celestial waters. They should go on rendering service
to Lord Sri Krishna and enjoy life perpetually. In this way all
miseries will be diminished, the devotees will attain great
happiness, and there will be jubilant love of God.(Sri Chaitanya
Charitamrita Madhya-lila 25:275)
"...there is no reason to despise this age, for the most
munificent incarnation of Godhead, Lord Caitanya, has appeared
in Kali-yuga to shower His kindness upon the afflicted souls.
The extent of the Supreme Lord’s mercy is decidedly more
generous in this age than in any other. In his play entitled
Vidagdha-mädhava, Srila Rüpa Gosvämi has described Lord Caitanya
in this way:

anarpita-carim cirät karunayävatirnah kalau
samarpayitum unnatojjvala-rasäm sva-bhakti-shriyam
hariù purata-sundara-dyuti-kadamba-sandipitah
sadä hådaya-kandare sphuratu vaù shaci-nandana

May that Lord who is known as the son of Shrimati Sacidevi be
transcendentally situated in the innermost chambers of your
heart. Resplendent with the radiance of molten gold, He has
descended in the Age of Kali by His causeless mercy to bestow
what no incarnation ever offered before: the most sublime and
radiant spiritual knowledge of the mellow taste of His service.
The present Kali-yuga is therefore very auspicious, for in this
age one can attain the treasure of  devotional service to the
Lord that He Himself propagated. Our hope rests fully with the
Lord’s surrendered devotees, who are endowed with perfect
knowledge of how to disseminate this transcendental science.
Shrila Shukadeva Gosvämi, after describing the evil aspects of
Kali-yuga, sums up this subject toward the very end of the
Shrimad-Bhägavatam (12:3:51–52):

kaler dosha-nidhe räjann
asti hy eko mahän gunah
kirtanäd eva krsnasya
mukta-sangah param vrajet

kåte yad dhyäyato vishnum
tretäyäm yajato makhaih
dväpare paricaryäyäm
kalau tad dhari-kirtanät

My dear king, although Kali-yuga is an ocean of faults,
there is still one good quality about this age: Simply by
chanting the Hare Krsna mahä-mantra (hare krsna hare krsna
krsna krsna hare hare, hare rama hare rama rama rama hare
hare), one can become free from material bondage and be
promoted to the transcendental kingdom. Whatever result was
obtained in Satya-yuga by meditating on Vishnu, in Tretä-yuga
by performing sacrifices, and Dväpara-yuga by serving the
Lord’s lotus feet can be obtained in the Kali-yuga simply
by chanting the Hare Krsna mahä-mantra.
The word hari-kirtana used in these verses, which means
“singing or chanting the glories of Krsna,” could very well
apply to the Bhagavad-gitä, the song sung by God Himself.
The promulgation of the Bhagavad-gitä’s knowledge on a
world-wide scale will establish a foundation upon which the
edifice of the science of love of God will be constructed.
This edifice will be the repository of the sublime treasure
of devotional service as taught by Lord Chaitanya in Kali-yuga,
and it will serve as a shining monument to the transcendental
endeavors of the Lord’s pure devotees.
At present only a small portion of the knowledge contained
in the Vedas, Vedänta-sütra, and Upanishads is available to
the general populace. What is noteworthy, however, is that
the essence of all Vedic knowledge is available in the
Gitopanishad, popularly known as the Bhagavad-gitä. Lord Krsna
milked the cow of the Upanishads, and Arjuna drank the milk
thus obtained—the Bhagavad-gitä. If Arjuna found time to hear
the Bhagavad-gitä in the middle of a battlefield at Kuruksetra,
then what urgent business is stopping us from hearing the Gitä?
When knowledge of the Gitä spreads, then everyone will easily
be able to attain the platform of yoga. And as the pure
devotees of the Lord become successful in their efforts to
use their spiritual intelligence in the Lord’s service, then
the science of love of God taught by Lord Caitanya, the most
magnanimous incarnation of Godhead, will be distributed
everywhere. Judging from all the symptoms, the time is now ripe.
Indians should now take shelter of their saintly preceptors,
the pure devotees, and unitedly propagate the glorification of
Krsna via the medium of the Bhagavad-gitä. In this way the
world will become prosperous and perfect. The present age has
seen interest in spiritual matters markedly increase. Yoga and
meditation societies have mushroomed expressly to transmit the
knowledge of the Bhagavad-gitä, but how this will be a
ccomplished is still a question. We are confident that Lord
Caitanya’s teachings on the process of loving devotional
service will easily harmonize all conflicting concepts.
The most effective method for directing humanity toward a
positive and favorable consciousness is available in India.
Any person, under any circumstances, can reach an elevated
state of consciousness by properly hearing the Bhagavad-gitä,
and then, by constantly chanting the name of God, he can win
God over. The present state of world affairs is full of
foreboding, strife, and struggle. These are the effects of
Kali-yuga. But our faith in the eternal nature of jiva prompts
us to believe that anyone can attain devotional service to
Krsna simply by hearing and chanting His name and thereby
awakening his inherent dormant love for Him. We have full
faith in the words of Shrila Shukadeva Gosvämi quoted above
from the Shrimad-Bhägavatam—that simply by chanting the name
of Krsna one can reach His eternal kingdom.
Therefore all signs point toward auspicious changes in the
global consciousness. But these changes must be initiated from
within every individual’s heart; they are impossible to
accomplish through political lobbying or social adjustments.
The devotional feelings that reach out from within the hearts
of men find their culmination in the pure devotees’ spiritual
perfection. In the Bhagavad-gitä Lord Krsna describes this
spiritual perfection as bhakti-yoga, or buddhi-yoga, the yoga
of devotional service. At a certain stage, all the systems of
yoga become obsolete and have to be discarded—except for
buddhi-yoga.(A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. RTW5.1.
Renunciation Through Wisdom.)
From:      Rati Manjari TKG
Subject:   6: Life's Little Instruction Book
Just to see how it feels, for the next twenty-four hours
refrain from critisizing anybody or anything.
Give your clients your enthusiastic best.
Let your children overhear you say complimentary things about
them to other adults.
Work hard to create in your children a good self-image. It's
the most important thing you can do to ensure their success.
Take charge of your attitude. Don't let someone else choose it
for you.
Understand that happiness is not based on power, possessions
and prestige but on relationships with people you love and respect.
Never give a loved one a gift that suggests that they need
Compliment even small improvements.
Wear expensive shoes, belts and ties, but buy them on sale.
Carry stamps in your wallet. You never know when you'll
discover the perfect card for a friend or loved one.
When faced with a serious health problem, get at least three
medical opinions. Remain open, flexible, curious.
Start meetings on time regardless of who's missing.
Focus on making hings better, not bigger.
Begin each day with your favorite music.
Don't be intimidated by doctors and nurses. Even when you're in the
hospital, it's still your body.
Read hospital bills carfeully. It's reported that 89 % contain
errors - in favor of the hospital.
Every once in a while, take the scenic route.
Don't let your possessions possess you.
Send a lot of Valentine cards. Sign them, "Someone who thinks
you're terrific." When you and your wife have a disagreement,
regardless of who's wrong, apologize. Say,"I'm sorry I upset you.
Would you forgive me?" These are healing, magical words.
Don't flaunt your success, but don't apologize for it either.
Be enthusiastic about the success of others.
Don't procrastinate. Do what needs doing when it needs to be
done. Read to your children.
Sing to your children.
Listen to your children.
Get your priorities straight. No one ever said at his death bed,
"Gee, if I'd only spent more time at the office."
Take care of your reputation. It's your most valuable asset.
Don't allow self-pity. The moment this emotion strikes, do
something nice for someone less fortunate than you.
(COM Text 1017) ------------------------------------------------
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Check out this page:

Sri Nrsimhadev Martial Arts - Carterton, Wairarapa.
After some nice discussion with some of our younger devotees we have
made a forum to inspire and assist the youth and young adults in their
development of Krishna consciousness, as well as their devotee

Please check out the page at:

If you have any suggestions, things to add you are welcome to do so.

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Aussies Bid Adieu to Web Smut (Politics 7:50 a.m. PST),1283,33627,00.html?tw=wn20000113
The new Online Content Law is about to go into effect Down Under; the
government will be able to force Web hosts to remove sexually explicit
or violent material. Stewart Taggart reports from Sydney, Australia.
Copyright 1999 Wired Digital, Inc.
|)<>(|)<>(       Prasadam Recipies:          )<>(|)<>(|)<>(|)<>(

1/4 cup finely chopped celery (to resemble chopped onion)
3/4 cup butter or margarine (not ghee different effect)
1 tsp dried whole or fresh oregano
1 tsp mint basil or basil
1 mint leaf chopped finely
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp Hing powder
1/8 tsp ground black pepper
(I also add a little turmeric to the herb butter mix - optional)
6 medium baking potatoes, unpealed

Sauté celery in butter in a small saucepan until tender. Stir in
oregano, basil, salt, hing powder, and pepper (turmeric powder).
Wash potatoes; slice each into 1/2-inch slices, cutting to, but
not through, bottom peel. Place a thin slice of cabbage leaf
between each slice of potato. Arrange potatoes on squares of
heavy-duty metal foil; drizzle about 2 tbs of butter mixture
over each potato. Fold foil edges over and wrap each potato
securely; cook on grill 1 hour or until done.

For those adverse to foils use cabbage leaves to wrap them in.

*(NOTE ~ you may also add carrots, zucchini and/or any of your
other favorite vegetables in the wrap. The carrots don't need
to be pre-cooked)*

It's ready to offer.
Fresh Summer Garden Salad:

1 Large Lettuce (butter crunch)
2 large carrots grated
4 firm tomatoes sliced sideways into three, then cut and diced
1 large red capsicum diced
1 large green capsicum diced
1 medium yellow capsicum diced
1 cob of sweet corn blanched then the corn cut from the cob.
2 sticks of fresh celery cut into 1/4 inch pieces
1 medium sized zucchini (uncooked) diced
1 cucumber (burpless) sliced lengthways
2 nice crispy apples diced into 1/2 pieces

The last few weeks of summer abundance we have also been adding
cooked runner beans or dwarf beans to this salad.
On a few occassions we have added Pasta (Macaroni elbows), and
fresh peas from the garden too.

20 stuffed Green Olives halved (around the middle not lengthways)
100 grms FRESH dry roasted or fried Peanuts
1 handful of fresh of the vine nastursham seeds (capers) the flowers
 are nice, edible and colourful and fragrant too.
1 handful sultanas
1/2 cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1 tsp freshly ground black peppercorns
A pinch of Hing
1/2 tsp Paprika
salt to taste

Toss it all together in a big bowl, and it is ready to offer.

Serve these croquettes with a home-made sauce such as Tomato Relish
or Date and Tamarind Sauce or with plain yogurt.


PREPARATION TIME: about 25 minutes

FRYING TIME: 15 to 20 minutes

YIELD: 1 dozen large croquettes


1 cup (250 ml) lima beans, soaked overnight in 3 cups cold water
1/2 cup (125 ml) carrots, coarsely shredded
3/4 cup (185 ml) cooked corn kernels
1/2 cup (125 ml) zucchini, coarsely shredded
21/2 cups (625 ml) wholemeal bread crumbs
11/2 cups (375 ml) grated cheddar cheese
2 cups (500 ml) cold mashed potatoes
1 tablespoon (20 ml) ground dry-roasted sesame seeds
11/2 teaspoons (7 ml) yellow asafoetida powder
21/2 teaspoons (12 ml) salt
1/4 teaspoon (1 ml) black pepper
1/4 teaspoon (1 ml) nutmeg
1 tablespoon (20 ml) fresh lemon juice
2 tablespoons (40 ml) chopped fresh parsley
1 tablespoon (20 ml) chopped fresh coriander leaves
ghee or oil for deep-frying


1 cup (250 ml) plain flour
11/2 cups (375 ml) water
1/2 teaspoon (5 ml) salt

1. Drain the lima beans. Boil them in unsalted water until soft.
Drain them and mash them coarsely.

2. Combine all the croquette ingredients (except 11/2 cups
[375 ml] bread crumbs) in a large bowl. Mix well. Form into 1
dozen croquettes about 6.25 cm x 2.5 cm x 2.5 cm (21/2 inches
x 1 inch x 1 inch).

3. Combine the flour and salt and add enough cold water to whisk
into a smooth batter with the consistency of thin cream.

4. Heat the oil or ghee in a deep wok or pan. When the ghee
is hot 185°C/365°F, dip a few croquettes in the batter, shake
off the excess, roll them in bread crumbs, and carefully lower
them into the hot oil. Deep-fry until golden brown and crisp.
Remove and drain on paper towels. Repeat until all the croquettes
are fried. Serve hot.

From the Parijata Inspirational Newsletter.

These and OVER 100 other EGGLESS CAKE recipies can be found
on our Main index and on many other pages.
...and the Magic ingredient - Offer it to Krishna........
...with L'n D (love and devotion)

Check out heaps of information on Vegetarianism, Prasadam-ism,
download books, Vegetarian Recipie programs, and more.
World Wide Indian Grocery Stores:

Do you know any others ?
A Beginners Guide to Vegetarianism:
)<>(|)<>(  Krishna Conscious - Vedikly acceptable Jokes:  )<>(|)<
How do crazy people go through the forest?
They take the psycho path.
If you jog in a jogging suit, lounge in lounging pajamas or lounge
suit, and smoke in a smoking jacket, why would anyone want to wear
a windbreaker?
Maharaj was preaching to one Indian man who boasted to be coming
from a very high class family.

Knowing him to be a meat eater, a drunkard, and a womaniser, another
devotee commented to me, "He must be tired eh! He's come a long way
from that good family."
Once as I was preparing ideas for a Sunday feast lecture my eldest
daughter came in, and looking for inspiration I asked her, "Kirtida
Sundari what is the most inspiring sermon you have ever heard me
preach?" Her reply was, "Pitasri, do you mean to the congregation,
or to me personally?"
One day at the temple a devotee slipped and fell down the stairs
and was lying unconscious at the bottom. Fearing the worst the
devotees sent for an Indian life member, who lived nearby and was
a doctor. The doctor examined the brahmacari, and looking in his
eyes said, "Mmmmm pupils are four millimetres, .......equal, ....
...reactive and the patient is colour blind too." The devotees
nearby looked at each other bemused, how on earth would he know
that, .............. and so quickly. So they asked him. To their
surprise he said he could tell because of the brahmacaris' wearing
odd socks.

I wonder if that means all brahmacaris are colour blind remarked
another devotee nearby.
We were just about to take prasadam when Dig-gaj Lokand maharaj
came over and sat next to us.

The waiter at Gopals came over and we all began to order. When
it came to Lokand maharaj's order he demanded of the waiter,
"Waiter bring me decaff without milk!"

To which the waiter responded, "It's chaturmasya maharaj, we
haven't got any milk. Would you like me to bring you decaff
without cream???"
A devotee was giving a class on positive appreciation to a group
of other devotees who were undergoing some negative previous
conditioning crisis counselling.
 The devotee counsellor tacked up a large sheet of white
paper on the wall. Then he made a black spot on the paper with
his marker pencil and asked one of the devotees at the front of
the class what he saw.

He replied promptly, "A black spot." The speaker then went around
the room and asked every devotee there the same question. Each of
them replied, "A black spot."

With a clam and deliberate emphasis the counsellor speaking said:
"Yes, there is a little black spot, but none of you mentioned
that it was on a big sheet of white paper. So I think we have
identified some of the problem!"
Times were tough at the convent, with the nuns toiling for long
hours to make ends meet. Their clothing became so shabby that
finally they decided to freshen the garments with dye made from
some of their garden plants.
 However, the nuns were horrified to find that when their
clothes had dried they were too stiff to wear. Humbly, they
approached the mother superior with their predicament. "My dear
sisters," she said, smiling kindly, "I've told you many times
that old habits dye hard."
     from Hazel Ray

How Hot Is It In Hell? - A True Story (adapted to suit devotees)

                                    with obligatory flaming logo

A thermodynamics professor had written a take home exam for his
graduate students. It had one question:

     "Is Hell exothermic (gives off heat) or endothermic (absorbs
heat)? Support your answer with a proof."

Most of the students wrote proofs of their beliefs using Boyle's
Law (gas cools off when it expands and heats up when it is
compressed) or some variant. One student, however, wrote the

     "First, we need to know how the mass of Hell is changing in
time. So, we need to know the rate that souls are moving into Hell
and the rate they ar leaving. I think that we can safely assume
that once a soul gets to Hell, it will not leave. Therefore, it
appears that no souls are leaving.

     As for how many souls are entering Hell, let's look at the
different religions that exist in the world today. Some of these
religions state that if you are not a member of their religion,
you will go to Hell. Since there are more than one of these
religions, and since people do not belong to more than on
religion, we can project that all people and all souls go to Hell.
With birth and death rates as they are, we can expect the number
of souls in Hell to increase exponentially.

     Now, we look at the rate of change in the volume in Hell
because Boyle's Law states that in order for the temperature
and pressure in Hell to stay the same, the volume of Hell has
to expand as souls are added. This gives two possibilities:

#1 If Hell is expanding at a slower rate than the rate at which
souls enter Hell, then the temperature and pressure in Hell will
increase until all Hell breaks loose.

#2 Of course, if Hell is expanding at a rate faster than the
increase of souls in Hell, then the temperature and pressure
will drop until Hell freezes over.

 So which is it? If we accept the postulate given to by Ms.
Therese Banyan my Bank manager, "that it will be a cold night
in Hell before I give a house loan to you," and we take into
account the fact that I still have not succeeded in gaining
a loan from her, the #2 cannot be true, and so Hell is exothermic."
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