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Vaishnava Calendar for 2005-2006????
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The present year's calendar:

Sri Shiva Ratri - Appearance Day of Lord Shiva

Srila Jagannatha Das Babaji - Disappearance  - Tirubhav

Sri Rasikananda - Disappearance  - Tirubhav

Sri Purusottama Das Thakur - Appearance  - Avirbhav

Mina Sankranti (Sun enters Pisces)

Fasting for Amalaki vrata Ekadasi - (Fasting from Beans and Grains - 21st March 2005  in NZ)

Sripad Madhavendra Puri - Disappearance  - Tirubhav


Sri Krishna Chaitanya (Gauranga) Mahaprabhu - Appearance - ( 26th March 2005 in NZ )
Gaura Purnima - (Fasting Ekadasi style untill moonrise)

Jatakarma Festival of Srila Jagannatha Misra for Birth of Baby Lord Chaitanya

Sri Srivas Pandit - Appearance  - Avirbhav

Fasting for Fasting for Papamocani Ekadasi - (Fasting from Beans and Grains - 5th April 2005  in NZ)

Sri Govinda Ghosa - Disappearance  - Tirubhav

9th April 2005 - Amavasya - Hybrid Solar Eclipse (do not cook, eat, etc. Only Chant Hare Krishna) see eclipses-page

Sripad Ramanujacarya - Appearance

Mesa Sankranti (Sun enters Aries)

Beginning of Shalagram and Tulsi Jala Dan

Sri Rama Navami: Appearance of  Lord Ramacandra (Fasting till sunset) (18th April 2005 in NZ)

Fasting for Fasting for Kamada Ekadasi- (Fasting from Beans and Grains - 20th April 2005  in NZ)

Damanaka-ropana dvadasi

Sri Balarama Rasayatra

Sri Krsna Vasanta Rasa

Sri Vamsivadana Thakur - Appearance  - Avirbhav

Sri Syamananda Prabhu - Appearance  - Avirbhav

24th April 2005 - Purnima - Penumbral Lunar Eclipse (do not cook, eat, etc. Only Chant Hare Krishna) see eclipses-page

Sri Abhiram Thakur - Disappearance  - Tirubhav

1st Sunday in May = 1st May 2005 - Mother's Day (NZ, Aus, USA, UK)

Srila Vrindavana Das Thakur - Disappearance  - Tirubhav

Fasting for Fasting for Varuthini Ekadasi- (Fasting from Beans and Grains - 4th May 2005  in NZ)

This year's also now available for viewing:

All Calender information HERE

Check out the Ekadasi pages with links to every Ekadasi:
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Find out about Dwadasi and Mahadwadasi here:


kasmad ekadasi jata tasyah ko va vidhir dvija
kada va kriyate kim va phalam kim va vadasva me

ka va pujyatama tatra devata sad-gunarnava
akurvatah syat ko dosa etan me vaktum arhasi

"Oh Gurudeva! When did Ekadasi take birth and from whom did she appear? What are the rules of fasting on the Ekadasi? Please describe the benefits of following this vow and when it should be followed. Who is the utmost worshippable presiding deity of Sri Ekadasi? What are the faults in not following Ekadasi properly? Please bestow your mercy upon me and tell about these subjects, as you are the only personality able to do so."

Find out what was said HERE:

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Ekadasi Style Prasadam for Janmasthami and Gaura Purnima:

So we can understand from this there there are two separate instructions (i) for ekadasi (ii) for Gaura Purnima and Janmastami.

"you can offer ekadasi to Lord Caitanya who acts as a devotee, but not to Krsna."(Bhanu Swami. 5th March 1999. [Text 2136851 from COM] )

"So far the Advent Day of Lord Caitanya is concerned, I have written a full suggestion to Montreal, in which the main points are that we should all observe strict fasting up till moonrise, and at that time, an offering is made to Lord Caitanya of Ekadasi foods, fruits, peanuts, milk, and so forth. Then, on the next day, Friday the 15th, a full-scale feast is held to celebrate His Advent Day. On the 14th, chanting, reading of Srila Bhaktivinode's book, Life and Precepts and Caitanya Caritamrta, Introduction to Bhagavatam, may be held all the day in the Temple." (San Francisco, written 12th March 1968 letter to Balai)

"The injunction to fast on Ekädasi is especially meant for devotees; on Ekädasi there are no restrictions regarding food that may be offered to the Lord. Lord Sri Caitanya Mahäprabhu took the food of Lord Vishnu in His ecstasy as vishnu-tattva".(CC Adi-lila 10:71 purport.)

"Lord Caitanya's Appearance day falls on March 22 (1970), that is on a Sunday. The devotees should fast until evening, when there is a ceremony and offering of a small amount of Ekadasi preparations. The next day, the devotees should celebrate amongst themselves with a small scale feast. You may hold the celebration open to the public on the following Sunday. The preparation to be offered specially on this occasion is bhuni kichri: Fry equal parts dal and rice in ghee and massala. Add two times water as dal and rice, and add vegetables (if you use more ghee, use less water). Cook it until it is dried and the rice is soft."(Letter to Krishna dasa. 18th February 1970. Los Angeles.)

"P.S. No feasting in the evening of Caitanya's birthday. Fasting all day till evening moon rise. Then take Prasadam like Ekadasi. Next day you can have full swing feasting. On the birthday if can take a procession of Kirtana on the street it is very nice." (Post Script to Letter to Rayarama dasa. September. Unknown place unknown date Ref:91-05-14.)

There is an amusing discription of the first ISKCON janmastami "feast" as described by Hayagriva Prabhu in his biography "Hare Krishna Explosion pg 62"  He writes:"as midnight approaches, we hungrily envision the great birthday feast of Lord Krishna, mountains of succulent prasadam: cake and kachoris, halava and puris, sabji, sweet rice, samosas and gulabjamuns. Just a few minutes before midnight, Swamiji finally descends from his kitchen with the Prasadam. But our faces drop. There is only a platter of cut fruit."

There is a discription of Gaura Purnima in Mayapur India 1976 from the biography "A Transcendental Diary" Vol1 Mar.16. by Hari Sauri Prabhu: pg.461. "GAURA PURNIMA. The Appearance day of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu. Everyone fasted until moon rise and then took an Ekadasi feast, although Prabhupada said this was not compulsory.

Pg.466: "Many Devotees sold copies of the Gitar-gana, and mass distribution of Halava prasadam went on throughout the day."

Pg.469 "At one point Prabhupada sent me out to see how many visitors had come , and he was very happy to hear of the large crowds. Typically, he wanted assurance that prasadam was being distributed to all."

"The Caitanya-bhägavata, Ädi-lilä, Chapter Six, fully describes the Lord’s accepting vishnu-prasäda on the Ekädasi day at the house of Jagadisha and Hiranya. Regular prasäda is offered to Lord Vishnu on Ekädasi because, while fasting is recommended for devotees on Ekädasi, it is not recommended for Lord Vishnu. Once on Ekädasi in the house of Jagadisha and Hiranya Pandita there were arrangements for preparing special prasäda for Lord Vishnu, and Lord Caitanya Mahäprabhu asked His father to go there to ask for the vishnu-prasäda because He was feeling sick. The house of Jagadisha and Hiranya Pandita was situated about two miles from the house of Jagannätha Mishra. Therefore when Jagannätha Mishra, on the request of Shri Caitanya Mahäprabhu, came to ask Jagadisha and Hiranya for the prasäda, they were a little astonished. How could the boy understand that special prasäda was being prepared for Lord Vishnu? They immediately concluded that the boy Nimäi must have supernatural mystic power. Otherwise how could He understand that they were preparing special prasäda? Therefore they immediately sent the food to Lord Caitanya Mahäprabhu through His father, Jagannätha Mishra. Nimäi was feeling sick, but immediately after eating the vishnu-prasäda He was cured, and He also distributed the prasäda among His playmates." (CC Adi-lila 14:39. purport)

The special Lila-vichitra pastimes of the Lord which are EXTRAORDINARY and not to be imitated.

If I may pose a question "If the Supreme Personality of Godhead came to you on ekadasi and gave you grains to eat what would you do???"

I for one would eat them right there on the spot, directly from the Lord's hand. Despite everything else, knowing who we are to take shelter of, just like His playmates did. (unfortunately it appears I will have to wait some time to test this case)

Adjusting the program for preaching (feasting):
"You can take quotations from the above mentioned books, and have discussions.
Fasting should be continued up to evening, then you may have food like on Ekadasi, fruits, milk, etc. On the next day you may observe festival. Janardana consulted me and said he thinks Sunday feasting would be best, so you may do that if you like. Or you may do both days, as you feel best."(Letter to Mahapurush. 7th March 1968. Regarding Gaura Purnima)

"We performed Lord Caitanya's Birthday ceremony, not very gorgeously, but amongst ourselves, and Govinda dasi cooked very nice Ekadasi foodstuffs. The next day I expected some big ceremony but it couldn't be performed. (Letter to Purusottam. 6th March 1969. Hawaii)

"From the very beginning of His childhood life Shri Caitanya Mahäprabhu introduced the system of observing a fast on the Ekädasi day. In the Bhakti-sandarbha, by Shrila Jiva Gosvämi, there is a quotation from the Skanda Puräna admonishing that a person who eats grains on Ekädasi becomes a murderer of his mother, father, brother and spiritual master, and even if he is elevated to a Vaikuntha planet, he falls down. On Ekädasi, everything is cooked for Vishnu, including regular grains and dahi, but it is enjoined that a Vaishnava should not even take vishnu-prasäda on Ekädasi. It is said that a Vaishnava does not accept anything eatable that is not offered to Lord Vishnu, but on Ekädasi a Vaishnava should not touch even mahä-prasäda offered to Vishnu, although such prasäda may be kept for being eaten the next day. It is strictly forbidden for one to accept any kind of grain on Ekädasi, even if it is offered to Lord Vishnu." ( CC Adi-lia 15:19. purport.)

"Mother Saci said, “You have spoken very nicely. I shall not eat grains on Ekädasi.” From that day, she began to observe fasting on Ekädasi."(CC Adi-lila 15:10 text.)
"It is a prejudice amongst smärta-brähmanas that a widow must observe fasting on Ekädasi but a woman who has her husband should not. It appears that before the request of Lord Caitanya Sacimätä was not observing Ekädasi because of her being sa-dhava, which means that her husband was living. Shri Caitanya Mahäprabhu, however, introduced the system that a woman, even if not a widow, must observe the Ekädasi day and must not touch any kind of grains, even those offered to the Deity of Vishnu".(CC Adi-lia 15:10 purport.)

"Shri Caitanya Mahäprabhu’s pastime of fainting after eating betel nuts is a solid instruction to all of us that one should not touch betel nuts, even those offered to Vishnu, just as one should not touch grains on the Ekädasi day. Of course, Lord Caitanya Mahäprabhu’s fainting had a particular purpose. As the Supreme Personality of Godhead, He can do whatever He likes and eat whatever He wants, but we should not imitate His pastimes." (CC Adi-lia 15:16 purport.)

"Devotee: On ekädasi, we can offer the Deity grains?
Prabhupäda: Oh yes. But not guru. Ekädasi observed by jiva-tattva, not by Vishnu-tattva. We are fasting for clearing our material disease, but Rädhä-Krishna, Caitanya Mahäprabhu... Caitanya Mahäprabhu also may not be offered grains because He is playing the part of a devotee. Only Rädhä-Krishna, Jagannätha can be offered grains. Otherwise, Guru-Gauränga, no. And the prasädam should not be taken by anyone. It should be kept for next day." (Room Conversation. 22nd April 1972. Japan)

Prabhupäda: They are strictly following Vaishnava principles. They... Whenever one comes to become my disciple, the first condition is that no illicit sex; no meat-eating, eggs, fish, nothing of the sort; no intoxication up to smoking cigarette, drinking tea and coffee; and no gambling. So they strictly follow these things. In our society, there is no tea-drinking even. We don’t drink tea. So... Intoxication, päna, chäi päna, päna... Päna is intoxication.
Guest: Tämbüla...
Prabhupäda: Tämbüla. Yatra päpas catur-vidhä.
Guest: (Sanskrit or Hindi: Krshna is offered tämbüla in the temple.)
Prabhupäda: No, Krishna can take.
Guest: Yes. And that prasäda of Bhagavän Shri Krishna...
Prabhupäda: Yes.
Guest: ...the devotees can take also...
Prabhupäda: No, prasädam, according to our principle... Just like on Ekädasi day, we do not accept even prasädam. Anna. We keep it. So prasädam... Just like on Ekädasi anna is prohibited, but not the Deity. Deity’s offered anna, but we cannot take the prasädam even. So following strictly the principle, even tämbüla is offered to Krishna, it is not for us. Yes. Strictly following the principle. The same example... Just like on Ekädasi day, anna is offered to Krishna, but we don’t take.
Guest: The devotees are not allowed.
Prabhupäda: Not allowed, yes.
Guest: Äcchä.
Prabhupäda: Äcchä.
Guest: I’m very grateful to have your darshana. Om namo näräyanäya.
Prabhupäda: Jaya. Hare Krishna. (end) (Room Conversation. 11th July 1973. London).


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Dear friends,

Hare Krishna.  ISKCON Food for Life is working to give assistance to those
who are suffering from this immense disaster.

Please read more on the FFL website,

We pray that the Lord will comfort those who are in need or who have lost loved ones.

I am sure you  are all aware of the recent earthquake off the coast of Indonesia and the subsequent Tsunami waves that have devastated Sri Lanka, India and Africa, and have taken the lives of more than 125,000 people.  The death rate is rising by the hour, and Food for Life is responding to this disaster with all the resources we have available in several countries involved.
We will bring you more information on our efforts soon.

If you would like to help our relief efforts donations may be given through the web, or the Auckland temple office can forward on your behalf, or see Iskcon Sri Lankan appeal below.

Your servant in Lord Krishna's service,

Thank you for your friendship, from FFL Global Director, Priyavrata das


click here to enter the FFL newsletter site

ISKCON Sri Lanka is providing cooked prasadam (food) for the tsunami victims. The victims are desperate. They have no facility to cook food. They have no place, they have no utensils and it is a necessity for us to provide them with cooked prasadam (food).

Mahakarta Dasa (Prabhupada's disciple) is the temple president of ISKCON Sri Lanka, and he is the coordinator of this Food for life relief program for the tsunami victims.
    The program started from 31st December 2004. The Temple President has gone to Trincomalee (worst affected area) this morning to directly supervise the program with some congregational devotees where prasadam will be cooked and distributed to the victims, beginning from 5000 plates per day and increasing rapidly to 20,000. We are starting from Trincomalee and it is the worst affected area in Sri Lanka.

The rate of prasadam distribution is now more than 30,000 per day, providing cooked meals and fresh drinking water as well as some medical aide  See other articles in this issue.

This food for life program will continue for a long period and the program will expand to the other affected areas in the country and for this your help is very much needed.

Sri Lanka was among the worst affected by the recent earthquake in Sumatra (Indonesia) and the subsequent tidal wave which has affected many countries in this region. The tide was 40ft high. In the recent news this morning, the death rate has increased to more than 25000 and many thousands are still missing. Over a million are refugees. The refugees have taken shelter in hospitals, schools and temples. Hospitals have been washed out along with the patients and doctors. To continue this, we need assistance and we have to also go to different affected areas. Another rising problem is the thousands of orphans.

His Holiness Indradyumna swami and over 45 other Iskcon devotees are now in the area feeding over 30,000 prasadam meals a day and helping to heal the disrupted lives of the orphans.

So the food for life project by ISKCON (Sri Lanka) should provide a minimum of at least ten thousand plate per day or it will be insufficient for the victims.

How to donate

100% of the donations will be given to the tsunami victims. We will also supply medical items, sleeping mats, bed sheets etc as we receive.

We need assistance from you also for this humanitarian service. Please donate generously for this cause and inform your friends to donate for this purpose. Contact us for further information.

Mahakarta Dasa (Prabhupada's disciple) is the temple president of ISKCON Sri Lanka, and he is the coordinator of this relief program for the tsunami victims in Sri Lanka.

We are the only authorized ISKCON center in Sri Lanka :

Address:  Sri Sri Radha Krishna Temple (ISKCON Sri Lanka)
               188, new chetty street,
               Colombo 13
               Sri Lanka

phone: (00941) 2433325
fax: (00941) 2471099

GBC: H.H.Jayapataka Swami
Co GBC: H.H.Bhanu Swami

Your donations could be sent by draft/cheque/ money order on behalf of the ISKCON account mentioned below to the ISKCON Sri Lanka address:

ISKCON Sri Lanka, 188, New chetty street, Colombo 13, Sri Lanka

Bank account name: ISKCON
Account no: 1050669901
Bank name and address: Commercial bank company Ltd
Kotahena branch
Colombo 13
Sri Lanka


If you deposit the cheques or drafts in any bank of your country (eg. western union) it will be transferred to the bank here.


If you wish to send the money through your credit card, you could also do that the same precedure via the bank in your country directing it to the ISKCON account here in sri lanka.

But you should mention the bank and the branch name and address where the money is to be transferred.

Please contact us via email for further information.

Thanking you
Your humble servant
Nandarani dd
ISKCON Sri Lanka

Festivals Coming Soon

Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Thakur Prabhupada's Appearance Day
1st March in NZ

Srila Gour Govinda maharaj's Disappearance Day (1996)

Shivaratri - Appearance Day of Lord Shiva
9th March in NZ

Srila Tamal Krishna Goswami's Disappearance Day (1946 - 2002)

Gaura Purnima Celebrations

Gaura Purnima 26th March in New Zealand (25th in some places East of us)
Moonrise is at 5:05pm (17:05 hrs) including Daylight Savings Time in NZ
(check your place's exact Moon rise time here)

Sri Gaura Purnima (Fasting 'til Moonrise - 26th March 2005)
( Ekadasi style breakfasting - non-grain )

For more information about the appearance Day of Sri Krishna Chaitanya Mahaprabhu 518 Gaurabda

Next Day - Festival of Jagannath Misra - Jata Karman Samskara for baby Lord Chaitanya and feasting

Sri Gaura Purnima - Advent of Sri Krishna Chaitanya Mahaprabhu
26th March in NZ

Sri Ramanavami - Appearance Day of Sri Ramachandra Bhagavan
30th March in NZ

Disappearance Day of Jayananda dasa Adhikari

Sri Nrsimha Chaturdasi - Appearance Day of Lord Narasimhadev

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Srimad Bhagavad Gita AS IT IS

Bhagavad Gita:  Chapter 2 - Contents of the Gita Summarized

                             TEXT 63

                        krodhad bhavati sammohah
                        sammohat smrti-vibhramah
                       smrti-bhramsad buddhi-naso
                         buddhi-nasat pranasyati

                             WORD FOR WORD

   krodhat--from anger; bhavati--takes place; sammohah--perfect illusion; sammohat--from illusion; smrti--of memory; vibhramah--bewilderment; smrti-bhramsat--after bewilderment of memory; buddhi-nasah--loss of intelligence; buddhi-nasat--and from loss of intelligence; pranasyati--one falls down.


   From anger, complete delusion arises, and from delusion bewilderment of memory. When memory is bewildered, intelligence is lost, and when intelligence is lost one falls down again into the material pool.

PURPORT by HDG Srila A.C.Bhaktivedanta swami prabhupad.

   Srila Rupa Gosvami has given us this direction:

                         prapancikataya buddhya
                          mumuksubhih parityago
                        vairagyam phalgu kathyate
                    (Bhakti-rasamrta-sindhu 1.2.258)

   By development of Krsna consciousness one can know that everything has its use in the service of the Lord. Those who are without knowledge of Krsna consciousness artificially try to avoid material objects, and as a result, although they desire liberation from material bondage, they do not attain to the perfect stage of renunciation. Their so-called renunciation is called phalgu, or less important. On the other hand, a person in Krsna consciousness knows how to use everything in the service of the Lord; therefore he does not become a victim of material consciousness. For example, for an impersonalist, the Lord, or the Absolute, being impersonal, cannot eat. Whereas an impersonalist tries to avoid good eatables, a devotee knows that Krsna is the supreme enjoyer and that He eats all that is offered to Him in devotion. So, after offering good eatables to the Lord, the devotee takes the remnants, called prasadam. Thus everything becomes spiritualized, and there is no danger of a downfall. The devotee takes prasadam in Krsna consciousness, whereas the nondevotee rejects it as material. The impersonalist, therefore, cannot enjoy life, due to his artificial renunciation; and for this reason, a slight agitation of the mind pulls him down again into the pool of material existence. It is said that such a soul, even though rising up to the point of liberation, falls down again due to his not having support in devotional service.

 - His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

Copyright 1983 The Bhaktivedanta Book Trust International. Used with permission.

 - His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

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Copyright 1983 The Bhaktivedanta Book Trust International. Used with permission.

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Prabhupada Uvacha:
(here's some nectar, sometimes it comes in the form of Srutakirti prabhu's diary, other times from Govinda dasi's diary, or sometimes from a letter, but still nectar...)

No, No,' Said Krsna. 'My Mother Will be Angry.'

In a lecture on August 5, 1972, in San Diego, Prabhupada was explaining how foolish people demand to see God. But no one can see God unless he has the qualification of faithfulness. It is not a frivolous thing that one can simply ask or challenge, "Can you show me God?" Rather, one must be serious and eager to actually see God. Hearing submissively about God, one may develop the desire to see Him.

"There is a story in this connection. It is very instructive. Try to hear. One professional reciter was reciting about Bhagavata, describing that Krsna, being highly decorated with all jewels, is sent for tending the cows in the forest. There was a thief at that meeting, and when he heard about Krsna, he thought, 'Why not go to Vrndavana and plan to catch this boy in the forest with so many valuable jewels? I can go there and catch the child and take all the jewels.' That was the thief's intention. He was serious, thinking, 'I must find out that boy. Then in one night I will become a millionaire.' He went there to Vrndavana. His qualification was, 'I must see Krsna. I must see Krsna.' That anxiety, that eagerness, made it possible that in Vrndavana he saw Krsna. He saw Krsna in the same way he was informed by the Bhagavata reader. Then he thought, 'Oh, You are such a nice boy, Krsna.' He began to flatter. He thought that flattering, 'Yes, I will take all the jewels.' But then he proposed his real business to Krsna. 'I may take some of Your ornaments? You are so rich.'

"'No, no,' said Krsna. 'My mother will be angry. I cannot do it.' Krsna was only a child. So he became more and more eager for Krsna, and then by Krsna's association he had already become purified. At last Krsna said, 'All right, you can take.' But then the man became a devotee, because by His association, some way or other, we should come in contact with Krsna. Some way or other, then we will become purified."

Lecture of August 5, 1972, San Diego. In my own reading of Srila Prabhupada's books, I don't recall such a detailed description of a thief who wanted to steal Krsna's jewels in the forest. There are many, many literatures and sources from which we can obtain different incidents of krsna-lila, but for Prabhupada's followers, the most authorized and relishable source is Srila Prabhupada himself, especially his books, but also his lectures and speaking. A true follower of Prabhupada does not like to hear krsna-lila from other sources. Therefore, I consider it very special to transcribe and print a story like this, told directly by Srila Prabhupada, about Krsna and a thief in Vrndavana.

- From the Prabhupada Nectar by HH Satsvarupa dasa Goswami

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"Everyone Is Mentally Diseased"
Room Coversation with Psychiatrist and Indian Boy -- May 12, 1975, Perth

Listen to the entire lecture on-line:

Paramahamsa: I understood that you approach psychiatry, psychology, from the point of eastern philosophy.
Prabhupada: So, what can I do for you?
Psychiatrist: I have no question.
Prabhupada: He has no question?
Paramahamsa: No.
Prabhupada: Then, what shall I say?
Paramahamsa: I don't know, Srila Prabhupada. He had told me that he has read your Bhagavad-gita. He has a copy. Do you have any questions about the Bhagavad-gita? Has he understood it?
Psychiatrist: I just wished to meet you.
Prabhupada: Hmm?
Paramahamsa: He says he just wished to meet you. Perhaps I should read a verse. Should I read a verse?
Prabhupada: No. Our viewpoint is that in the material world, who has accepted this material body -- anyone, but we specially take the human society -- they require treatment, everyone. Everyone is mentally diseased, and therefore he is unhappy. Everyone. Harav abhaktasya kuto mahad-guna [SB 5.18.12]. Anyone who has no sense of God consciousness, he is diseased mentally. He requires treatment. The whole human society, especially at the present moment, they have given up God consciousness. They are not interested. That is their disease. And everyone requires treatment. So the whole Krsna consciousness movement is the mass treatment of the materialistic persons who are mentally diseased. That is our proposition. It is... In India there was a case. A man committed murder, and he pleaded in the court that... His pleader, his lawyer, pleaded that he was mad at that time. We also accept unless one becomes mad, one cannot commit murder or suicide. So the civil surgeon was brought to give evidence whether this man is actually mad. The civil surgeon said that "So far my experience is concerned -- I have treated so many persons -- in my opinion everyone is mad. So if on account of madness one should be excused from the law, then it is Your Honor's discretion, but so far I have studied, more or less, everyone is mad." Similarly, our study is that unless one is mad, he cannot remain in this material world. So everyone is mentally diseased, and they are concocting their ideas, different ideas. And they are overlapping, my idea, your idea overlapping. Therefore there is clash, unhappiness, violence, individually, socially, familywise, nationwise. This is going on. Therefore everyone requires a treatment, psychiatrist's treatment. And the best treatment is to induce a person to become Krsna conscious. Then everything will be all right. Otherwise, a person who is not Krsna conscious, or God conscious, he is basically a mad man and requires treatment. (pause) Ghostly haunted man... You have experienced ghostly haunted man?
Paramahamsa: In Woodsaw (?) there was a ghost. In St. Kilda the devotees used to think there was a ghost, but not a man who was called........................continued

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God's business is to protect the faithful and kill

the demons. Therefore we find Lord Visnu, the

four symbolic representations: for killing, the

club and the cakra; and for protecting, the lotus

flower and conchshell.

Indore, December 13, 1970

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Quotes from Shastra - scriptures
His Divine Grace Sri Srimad Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Goswami Maharaja Srila Prabhupada

MEN of culture are often found to devote themselves in acquiring knowledge of various subjects which could prove efficacious to them in their needs; so we may not confuse to accept all readers in the same line of thought. The best scrutinisers of knowledge in their cultural extension should possess all skill and dexterity to get their most covetable end having had a care for Eternity and uninterrupted Blissful unalloyed Knowledge. This incarnate of the acme of knowledge-seekers will be the best reader of this book when they can have the privilege of comparing the merits of different views of pure theists. Mental speculationists have diverse objects of investigation and their diversity of seeking Knowledge would simply disturb the peaceful mentality having been tempted by the duping features of external manifestations, quite suitable and dove-tailing the present purposes of enjoyment by their imperfect senses.

The writer has got the prime object of furnishing a comparative study in which the position of a reader has the highest place. This is his only ambition, of healing the depraved mentality of the so-called culturists of True Knowledge. But the readers have different motives of utilising the product of their enterprise of perusing the book. One class of readers are found to criticise the merits and demerits of the writer in order to establish their superiority, with a view to puff up their vanity. Another class is observed to muse over the subject by spending their time for the gratification of their senses. The third section of readers mean to profit by reading the book in order to regulate their Fife for a better purpose. The under-estimation of a desirable element for some utilisation through temporal gratification of senses, would not equipoise the third position of the reader who will surely mark the distinctive situation by comparing other things and agree with the author in spending his valuable time for true amelioration.

The body of the book will appear before readers as a historical account of the Journey of life of a Hero. But the Hero is not an ordinary mundane hero for a hallucinative ambition with a spiritual tinge. The account will no doubt show that the targeted Object of the manifestive spiritual world is Eternal and identical with the Hero of the speaker. Hasty conclusions will be pouring forth to oppose this by welcoming anthropomorphic and apotheotic thoughts. The delineations will prove that the Object pointed to is beyond the comprehension of crippled senses. And the Absolute Eternity made up of Pure Knowledge and Incessant bliss is never to be had within the compass of our senses. All objects of the phenomena which are comprehended by senses have temporal situation and deformed entity void of different 'qualities' that are always submissive to senses.

Sree Krishna-Chaitanya's inculcations of the Personality of Godhead cannot be restricted to or accused as Idolatry. Idols are constructed of mundane materials and are subject to the inspection of senses. The Eternal Absolute does not exactly submit to these senses, as He does not put Himself as a shareholder of phenomenal things. Whichever comes under senses has equal value with one of Nature's products and forms to be a subject of the jurisdiction of senses. The Eternal Absolute is inconceivable by limited senses. The partially eclipsed views of the Absolute are shaky, non-absolute, liable to transformation and under the clutch of the span of Time. The physical limitations are all accommodated in Space, Time and particular entities. The naming of the Transcendental Absolute through the lips of a mundane agent will surely seek after a size, a colour, etc., and must undergo the ocular examination. The Transcendental Absolute should in no case submit to our dermal perceptions, neither to our nasal or lingual activities as well.

......for the full article Click HERE


Where is the scriptural evidence for Sri Chaitanya being
Sri Sri Radha-and-Krishna combined?

namo maha-vadanyaya
krishna-prema-pradaya te
krishnaya krishna-caitanya-
namne gaura-tvishe namah

"I offer my respectful obeisances unto Sri Chaitanya, who is the most merciful incarnation. He has appeared in a golden color for the purpose of freely distributing pure love of Krishna."

In the Atharva Veda (Purusha-bodini Upanishad) it is said:

saptame gaura-varna-vishnor ity anena sva-shaktya caikyam etya prante pratar avatirya saha svaih sva-manum shikshayati

"In the seventh manvantara, the Supreme Lord will, accompanied by His own associates, descend in a golden form. He will teach the chanting of His own holy names."

It is further stated in the Atharva Veda:

ito 'ham krita-sannyaso 'vatarishyami sa-guno nirvedo nishkamo bhu-girbanas tira-stho 'lakanandayah kalau catuh-sahasrabdhopari panca-sahasrabhyantare gaura-varno dirghangah sarva-lakshana-yukta ishvara-prarthito nija-rasasvado bhakta-rupo mishrakhyo vidita-yogah syam

"The Supreme Lord Himself says: When between four thousand and five thousand years of Kali-yuga have passed, I will descend to the earth in a place by the Ganges' shore. I will be a tall, saintly brahmana devotee of the Lord, and have a golden complexion. I will be renounced and free from all desire. I will accept the order of renunciation (sannyasa). I will be a devotee advanced in bhakti-yoga. I will chant the holy names of the Lord. I will taste the sweet mellows of My own devotional service. Only the great devotees will understand Me."

In the Sama Veda the Lord states:

tathaham krita-sannyaso bhu-girbano 'vatarisye tire 'lakanandayah punah punar ishvara-prarthitah sa-parivaro niralambo nirdhuteh kali-kalmasha-kavalita-janavalambanaya

"To deliver the people devoured by the sins of Kali-yuga, I will, accompanied by My associates, descend to the earth in a place by the Ganges shore. I will be a brahmana avadhuta sannyasi. Again and again I will chant the holy names of the Lord."

In the Krishna Upanishad it is stated:

sa eva bhagavan yuge turiye 'pi brahma-kule jayamanah sarva upanishadah uddidirshuh sarvani dharma-shastrani vistarayishnuh sarvan api janan santarayishnuh sarvan api vaishnavan dharman vijrimbhayan sarvan api pashandan nicakhana

"In the Kali-yuga, Lord Krishna will appear in a brahmana's family. He will teach the message of the Upanishads and the dharma-shastras. He will defeat the atheists and offenders and He will establish the truth of Vaishnava dharma."

In the eleventh canto of Srimad Bhagavatam the following verse is found:

krishna-varnam tvishakrishnam
yajnaih sankirtana-prayair
yajanti hi su-medhasah

"In the age of Kali, intelligent persons perform congregational chanting to worship the incarnation of Godhead, who constantly sings the name of Krishna. Although His complexion is not blackish, He is Krishna Himself. He is accompanied by His associates, servants, weapons, and confidential companions."

In the seventh canto of Srimad Bhagavatam is the following verse describing the Lord's incarnations:

channah kalau yad abhava tri-yugo 'tha sa tvam

"Because in Kali-yuga You appear in a covered incarnation, you are therefore known as Tri-yuga (one who appears in only three yugas)."

The incarnation of Sri Chaitanya is a hidden incarnation because He appears in the guise of His devotee. This covered incarnation is confirmed in both the Adi Purana and the Narada Purana in the following verse:

aham eva dvija-shreshtho
nityam pracchanna-vigrahah
lokam rakshami sarvada

"My true identity always concealed, I will assume the form of a brahmana devotee of the Lord. In this form I will deliver the worlds."

In the Kurma Purana the following statement is found:

kalina dahyamananam
uddharaya tanu-bhritam
janma prathama-sandhyayam
bhavishyati dvi jalaye

"To deliver the conditioned souls burning in the troubles of Kali-yuga, in the first sandhya of that age the Lord will take birth in a brahmana's home."

In the Garuda Purana the Lord Himself states:

kalina dahyamananam
paritranaya tanu-bhritam
janma prathama-sandhyayam
karishyami dvi jatishu

"To deliver the conditioned souls burning in the troubles of Kali-yuga, in the first sandhya of that age I will take birth among the brahmanas."

aham purno bhavishyami
yuga-sandhau visheshatah
mayapure navadvipe
bhavishyami shaci-sutah

"In My original spiritual form, perfect and complete, I will become the son of Shachi-devi in Navadvipa Mayapura at the begining of Kali-yuga.

Sri Chaitanya was born in Mayapura, a subsection of the holy town of Navadvipa, to Shachi-devi in 1486 AD, aproximately 4,500 years after the beginning of the Kali-yuga.

Elsewhere in the Garuda Purana it is said:

kaleh prathama-sandhyayam
lakshmi-kanto bhavishyati
sannyasi gaura-vigrahah

"In the first sandhya of Kali-yuga, the Lord will assume a golden form. First He will be the husband of Lakshmi, and then He will be a sannyasi who stays near Lord Jagannatha at Puri."

Sri Chaitanya first married His eternal consort Sri Lakshmi-priya Devi before taking sannyasa at the age of twenty-four. After taking sannyasa He left Navadvipa in Bengal, and resided in the holy city of Puri in Orissa. Lord Jagannatha, the presiding deity of Puri is known in the Puranas by the name daru-brahma or "the Lord who is wood". This is because the Jagannatha deities in Puri are made from Neem wood.

Also in the Garuda Purana:

yo reme saha-ballavi ramayate vrindavane 'har-nisham
yah kamsam ni jaghana kaurava-rane yah pandavanam sakha
so 'yam vainava-danda-mandita-bhujah sannyasa-veshah svayam
nihsandeham upagatah kshiti-tale caitanya-rupah prabhuh

"The Supreme Lord who enjoyed pastimes with the gopis, who day and night filled the people of Vrindavana with happiness, who killed kamsa, and who in the war between the Kauravas made friendship with the Pandavas, will come again to the earth. Of this there is no doubt. His arm will be decorated with a bamboo danda (stick), He will be a sannyasi and His name will be Chaitanya."

The custom is that one begins carrying a bamboo rod (danda) after one takes sannyasa. Sri Chaitanya was an eka-danda sannyasi, thus He carried a single bamboo rod.

In the Devi Purana we find the following statement:

kvacit sri-krishna-chaitanya-
nama loke bhavishyati

"The Lord will again appear in this world. His name will be Sri Krishna Chaitanya and He will spread the chanting of the Lord's holy names.

Sri Chaitanya perfectly illuminated the glories of the nama-siddhanta as predicted in this verse.

In the Nrisimha Purana it is mentioned:

satye daitya-kuladhi-nasha-samaye simhordhva-martyakritis
tretayam dasa-kandharam paribhavan rameti namakritih
gopalan paripalayan vraja-pure bharam haran dvapare
gaurangah priya-kirtanah kali-yuge caitanya-nama prabhuh

"The Supreme Lord, who in the Satya-yuga appeared as a half-man half-lion to cure a terrible disease that had ravaged the daityas, and who in Treta-yuga appeared as Rama, a person who defeated the ten-headed Ravana , and who in Dvapara-yuga removed the earth's burden and protected the gopa people of Vraja-pura, will appear again in the Kali-yuga. His form will be golden, He will delight in chanting the Lord's holy names, and His name will be Chaitanya."

In the Padma Purana we find the following statement from the Lord:

kaleh prathama-sandhyayam
gaurango 'ham mahi-tale
bhagirathi-tate ramye
bhavishyami shaci-sutah

"In the first sandhya of Kali-yuga I will appear on the earth in a beautiful place by the Gange's shore. I will be the son of Shachi-devi and My complexion will be golden."

In the Narada Purana the Lord says:

aham eva kalau vipra
nityam pracchanna-vigrahah
lokan rakshami sarvada

"O brahmana, in the age of Kali I will appear disguised as a devotee of the Lord and I will deliver all the worlds."

divija bhuvi jayadhvam
jayadhvam bhakta-rupinah
kalau sankirtanarambhe
bhavishyami shaci-sutah

"O demigods, in the Kali-yuga take birth as devotees on the earth. I will appear as the son of Shachi in Kali-yuga to start the sankirtana movement."

Nama-sankirtana, or the chanting of the Lord's names is the yuga dharma for the age of Kali. Establishing this was Sri Chaitanya's primary purpose for incarnating.

In the Bhavishya Purana we find:

harsha-purnam tapo-dhana
sarve mam eva drakshyanti
kalau sannyasa-rupinam

"O sage whose wealth is austerity, in the Kali-yuga everyone will see My form as a sannyasi, a form filled with tears of bliss and bodily hairs standing erect in ecstacy."

Sri Chaitanya would always display such symptoms of pure love of Krishna. When chanting the names of the Lord tears would flow from His eyes, and the hair on His body would stand erect. In his life Sri Chaitanya personally only composed eight verses known as Shikshashtakam. In the sixth verse He states:

nayanam galad-ashru-dharaya
vadanam gadgada-ruddhaya gira
pulakair nicitam vapuh kada
tava nama-grahane bhavishyati

"O my Lord, when will my eyes be decorated with tears of love flowing constantly when I chant Your holy name? When will my voice choke up, and when will the hairs of my body stand on end at the recitation of Your name?"

Then in the seventh verse He says:

yugayitam nimeshena
cakshusha pravrishayitam
shunyayitam jagat sarvam
govinda-virahena me

"O Govinda! Feeling Your separation, I am considering a moment to be like many years. Tears are flowing from my eyes like torents of rain, and I am feeling all vacant in the world in your absence."

These emotional symptoms of devotion were constantly being displayed by Sri Chaitanya.

In the Matsya Purana the following statement is made by the Lord:

mundo gaurah su-dirghangas
dayaluh kirtana-grahi
bhavishyami kalau yuge

"In the Kali-yuga I will take birth in a place where three rivers meet. I will be golden color and tall. I will have a shaven head. I will be very merciful, and I will eagerly chant the holy names."

The place where three rivers meet is Navadvipa. It is the custom that eka-danda sannyasis completely shave their head when they take sannyasa, and Sri Chaitanya followed this principle.

This same verse is also found in the Vayu Purana with just two words appearing differently. The Vayu Purana verse mentions the Ganges river instead of 'three rivers'.

In the Vamana Purana the Lord says:

sarvan acara-var jitan
shaci-garbhe ca sambhuya
tarayishyami narada

"O Narada, taking birth in Shachi-devi's womb, I will deliver the sinful people from the terrible darkness of Kali-yuga."

In the Vayu Purana the Lord states:

paurnamasyam phalgunasya
bhavishye gaura-rupena
shaci-garbhe purandarat

"In the month of Phalguna, when the star phalguni is conjoined with the full moon, I will appear in a golden form begotten by Purandara in Shachi-devi's womb."

Sri Chaitanya's father was known by the names Purandara Mishra and Jagannatha Mishra. Sri Chaitanya was born on the full moon day of the month of Phalguna.

svarnadi-tiram asthaya
navadvipe janashraye
tatra dvi ja-kulam prapto
bhavishyami janalaye

"I will take birth in a brahmana family in the city of Navadvipa, by the Ganges shore."

lokasyanugrahaya ca
sannyasa-rupam asthaya

"In order to show mercy to the people and engage them in devotional service, I will accept sannyasa. Then My name will be Sri Krishna Chaitanya."

In the Ananta Samhita we find:

svarnadi-tiram ashritya
navadvipe dvijalaye
sampradatum bhakti-yogam
laksyanugrahaya ca

"To show mercy to the people and give them devotional service, the Supreme Personality of Godhead will appear in a brahmana's home in Navadvipa by the Gange's shore."

Then the Lord states:

avatirno bhavishyami
kalau nija-ganaih saha
shaci-garbhe navadvipe

"In Kali-yuga I will descend to the earth with My associates. In Navadvipa, which is surrounded by the Ganges, I will take birth in Shachi-devi's womb."

In the Urdhvamnaya Tantra it is mentioned:

kalau purandarat shacyam
gaura-rupo vibhu smritah

"In kali-yuga I will appear in a golden form as the son of Purandara and Shachi-devi."

In the Krishna-yamala it is stated:

aham purno bhavishyami
yuga-sandhau visheshatah
mayapure navadvipe
varam ekam shaci-sutah

"During the first sandhya of Kali-yuga I will descend, with all My powers and glories, to Mayapura in Navadvipa and become the son of Shachi-devi."

In the Brahma-yamala:

athavaham dhara-dhamni
bhutva mad-bhakta-rupa-dhrik
mayayam ca bhavishyami
kalau sankirtanagame

"I will appear on the earth in the garb of My devotee. In the Kali-yuga I will appear in Mayapura to start the sankirtana movement."

kalau prathama-sandhyayam
bhavishyati navadvipe
shaci-garbhe janardanah

"In the first sandhya of kali-yuga, Lord Krishna will appear in Navadvipa, in Shachi-devi's womb. In that incarnation He will teach the chanting of Lord Hari's holy names."

In the Ananta Samhita we find:

gauri shri-radhika devi
harih krishna prakirtitah
ekatvac ca tayoh sakshad
iti gaura-harim viduh

"The golden Goddess Radha is known by the name Gauri and the dark Lord Krishna is known by the name Hari. Aware that both of them have combined, the wise call Him as Gaurahari."

navadvipe tu tah sakhyo
bhakta-rupa-dharah priye
ekangam shri-gaura-harim
sevante satatam muda

"O beloved, assuming the forms of devotees the gopis will also take birth in Navadvipa. With great happiness they will again and again serve Lord Gaurahari, who is Radha and krishna combined in a single form."

In the Krishna-yamala we further find:

iti matva kripa-sindhur
amshena kripaya harih
prasanno bhakta-rupena
kalav avatarishyati

"Thinking in this way, Lord Krishna, who is an ocean of mercy, mercifully decided to appear as a devotee in Kali-yuga."

gaurango nada-gambhirah
dayaluh kirtana-grahi
bhavishyati shaci-sutah

"His limbs will be golden and His voice deep. He will be very merciful. He will yearn to taste the nectar of His own holy name. He will be attached to chanting His own holy name. He will be the son of Shachi-devi."

In the Jaimini-bharata it is said:

anyavatara bahavah
sarve sadharana matah
kalau krishnavataras tu
gudhah sannyasa-vesha-dhrik

"Lord Krishna descends to the world in many different forms. However in Kali-yuga, His incarnation is hidden. At that time He appears disguised as a sannyasi."

In the Yoga-vashishtha we find:

kaleh prathama-sandhyayam
gaurango 'sau mahi-tale
bhagirathi-tate ramye
bhavishyati sanatanah

"In the first sandhya of Kali-yuga, on the earth, by the beautiful shore of the Ganges, the Lord will appear in His eternal golden form."

In the Skanda Purana:

antah krishna bahir gaurah
shaci-garbhe samapnuyam

"Outwardly of golden complexion, but inwardly Krishna, I will take My birth in the womb of Shachi-devi. Accompanied by My associates, servants, weapons, and confidential companions, I will assume the role of a human being."

In the Kapila Tantra we find the following statements:

kvacit sapi krishnam aha
shrinu mad-vacanam priya
bhavata ca sahaikatmyam
icchami bhavitum prabho

mama bhavanvitam rupam

rupam ekam pradarshaya
shrutva tu preyasi-vakyam

svecchayasid yatha purvam
utsahena jagad-guruh
hy acintya-shakti-yogatah

murtim ekam prakasayan
svapne tu darshayam asa
radhikayai svayam prabhuh

"Then Sri Radha said to Lord Krishna: O beloved, please hear My words. I yearn to become one with you. Please show a form where You and I embrace and Our two bodies become one, a form filled with the love I bear for You, a form filled with auspicious and blissful pastimes, a form that brings bliss to the heart, a form that unites Our two natures.'

"Hearing His beloved's words, which were filled with joy and love, Lord krishna passionately embraced Her. Then by the touch of His inconceivable potency Their two forms joined and became one, a single form endowed with Sri Radha's divine love and glorious splendour. In a dream Lord Krishna showed all this to Sri Radha."

Other direct references are found in the Vishvasara Tantra, Kularnava Tantra, Brahma-rahasya, and Vishnu-yamala. Besides these there are complete chapters about Sri Chaitanya's incarnation in the Vayu Purana and Bhavishya Purana, which are too long to quote here. Also there is a text by the name Chaitanya Upanishad within the Atharva Veda, which explains the Lord's incarnation in Kali-yuga. I have not cited it here, as it was rediscovered in recent times, so most people will reject it's authenticity, or at least its value as evidence.

Sri Chaitanya's incarnation was a hidden incarnation, thus He burried references to His appearance deep within the ocean of vedic texts. His desire was that His disguise would not be betrayed, so He made sure these references would remain hidden until after His incarnation was complete. These text's were always present, but by the inconceivable yoga-maya of the Lord, He covered His true identity even from the Vedic scholars and panditas. Only the pure devotees understood His actual identity.

In the Ananta Samhita we find this very relevant statement regarding Sri Chaitanya's incarnation:

aprakashyam idam guhyam
na prakashyam bahir mukhe
bhaktavataram bhaktakhyam
bhaktam bhakti-pradam svayam

man-maya-mohitah kecin
na jnasyanti bahir-mukhah
jnasyanti mad-bhakti-yuktah
sadhavo nyasino 'malah

"Those who are bewildered by My illusory potency will not understand the great secret of My appearance in this world in My personal form, in My form as the incarnation of a devotee, in My form bearing the name of a devotee, in My form as a devotee, and in My form as the giver of devotional service. This secret is not to be revealed to them. Only the saintly, pure, renounced devotees, diligently engaged in My devotional service, will be able to understand Me in these forms."

"Lord Caitanya has instructed us that in the holy name of the Lord, as sound representation of the Lord, all the potencies of the Lord are invested. Thus one can immediately enjoy the association of the Lord by the pure vibration of the sound representation of His holy name, and the concept of the Lord is immediately manifested before the pure devotee. A pure devotee, therefore, is not aloof from the Lord even for a moment."

(Srimad-Bhagavatam, 2.5.25, Purport)

Lord Chaitanya's Mission

Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu instructed His disciples to write books on the science of Krsna, a task which His followers have continued to carry out down to the present day. The elaborations and expositions on the philosophy taught by Lord Caitanya are, in fact, the most voluminous, exacting, and consistent, due to the system of disciplic succession. Although Lord Caitanya was widely renowned as a scholar in His youth, He left only eight verses, called Siksastaka. These eight verses clearly reveal His mission and precepts. These supremely valuable prayers are translated herein.

Glory to the Sri Krsna sankirtana, which cleanses the heart of all the dust accumulated for years and extinguishes the fire of conditional life, of repeated birth and death. This sankirtana movement is the prime benediction for humanity at large because it spreads the rays of the benediction moon. It is the life of all transcendental knowledge. It increases the ocean of transcendental bliss, and it enables us to fully taste the nectar for which we are always anxious.

O my Lord, Your holy name alone can render all benediction to living beings, and thus You have hundreds and millions of names, like Krsna and Govinda. In these transcendental names You have invested all Your transcendental energies. There are not even hard and fast rules for chanting these names. O my Lord, out of kindness You enable us to easily approach You by Your holy names, but I am so unfortunate that I have no attraction for them.

One should chant the holy name of the Lord in a humble state of mind, thinking oneself lower than the straw in the street; one should be more tolerant than a tree, devoid of all sense of false prestige, and should be ready to offer all respect to others. In such a state of mind one can chant the holy name of the Lord constantly.

O almighty Lord, I have no desire to accumulate wealth, nor do I desire beautiful women nor do I want any number of followers. I only want Your causeless devotional service, birth after birth.

O son of Maharaja Nanda [Krsna], I am Your eternal servitor, yet somehow or other I have fallen into the ocean of birth and death. Please pick me up from this ocean of death and place me as one of the atoms at Your lotus feet.

O my Lord, when will my eyes be decorated with tears of love flowing constantly when I chant Your holy name? When will my voice choke up, and when will the hairs of my body stand on end at the recitation of Your name?

O Govinda! Feeling Your separations I am considering a moment to be like twelve years or more. Tears are flowing from my eyes like torrents of rain, and I am feeling all vacant in the world in Your absence.

I know no one but Krsna as my Lord, and He shall remain so even if He handles me roughly by His embrace or makes me brokenhearted by not being present before me. He is completely free to do anything and everything, for He is always my worshipful Lord, unconditionally.
(Teachings of Lord Caitanya)

Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura's

Dvitéyänubhava - Second Realization

      hariù om. atha yad idam asmin brahmapure daharaà  puëòarékaà veçma daharo 'sminn antaräkäças tasmin yad- antas tad anveñöavyaà tad väva vijijïäsitavyam iti.

      "Hari. Om. In the heart of this spiritual city is a lotus  abode. The internal part of that abode should be sought. That  part one should desire to know.

      taà ced brüyur yad idam asmin brahmapure daharaà  puëòarékaà veçma  daharo 'sminn antaräkäçaù kim tad atra vidyate yad  anveñöavyaà yad väva vijijïäsitavyam iti.

      "If they (the students) ask: What does it mean that in the  heart of this spiritual city is a lotus abode, the internal part  of that abode should be sought, and that part one should desire to  know? . . .

      brüyäd yävan vä ayam äkäças tävan eño 'ntar  hådaya äkäça ubhe asmin dyäv-äpåthivé antar eva samähite  ubhäv agniç ca väyuç ca sürya-candra-samäv ubhau vidyun- nakñaträëi yac cäsyehästi yac ca nästi sarvaà tad asmin  samähitam iti.

  . . .then he (the guru) may say: As in the external world there  is a sky, so inside this heart there is also a sky. In both the  external world and within this heart there are heaven and earth.  In both are fire and air. In both are sun and moon and lightning  and stars. Whatever is in the external world and whatever is not  in the external world is present in this heart.

      tam ced brüyur asmiàç ced idaà brahmapure sarvaà tad  asmin samähitaà sarväëi ca bhütäni sarve ca kämä yadaitaj  jaräv äpnoti pradhvaàsate vä kià tato 'tiçiñyata iti.

      "If they say: If in this spiritual city all material elements  and desires are assembled, then when the body reaches old age or is  destroyed at death, what remains after that? . . .

      sa brüyann asya jarayäitaj jéryati na vadhenasya hanyata  etat satyaà brahma-puram asmin kämäù samähitä eña ätmäpahata- papma vijaro vimåtyur viçoko vijighatso 'pipäsaù satya-kämaù  satya-saìkalpo yathä hy eveha prajä anväviçanti  yathänuçäsanaà yaà yam antam abhikämä bhavanti yaà janapadaà  yaà kñetra-bhägaà taà tam evopajévanti.

  . . .then he (the guru) may say: It is not withered by old age.  It is not killed by death. This spiritual city is eternal. Within  it are all desires. The soul is free from sin, old-age, death,  lamentation, hunger, and thirst, and its desires and thoughts are  all automatically fulfilled. As by following good advice people  attain their desires, so the spiritualists also attains their  desires.

      tad yatheha karma-jito lokaù kñéyate evam evämutra puëya- jito lokaù kñéyate tad ya ihätmänam ananuvidya vrajanty etäàç ca  satyaà kämäàs teñäà sarveñu lokeñv akäma-caro bhavaty atha ya  ihätmänam anuvidya vrajanty etäàç ca satyaà kämäàs teñäà sarveñu  lokeñu käma-caro bhavati.

      "Just as the fruits of work in this lifetime are all  ultimately destroyed, in the same way the benefits in the next  life are also all ultimately destroyed. One who does not  understand the nature of the soul remains unfulfilled and  unsatisfied, even though he may obtain all his desires. He does  not attain the spiritual world on the death of the body. One  who understand the nature of the soul remains  becomes satisfied and fulfilled. He obtains all his  desires in this world. He attains the spiritual world on the  death of the body.

      sa yadi pitåloka-kämo bhavati saìkalpäd eväsya pitaraù  samuttiñöhanti tena pitålokena sampanno mahéyate.

      "If he desires to go to Pitåloka, simply by that desire alone  the Pitås appear before him, they take him to Pitåloka and  he becomes happy.

      sa yadi mätåloka-kämo bhavati saìkalpäd eväsya mätaraù  samuttiñöhanti tena mätålokena sampanno mahéyate.

      "If he desires to go to Mätåloka, simply by that desire alone  the Mätås appear before him, they take him to Mätåloka and  he becomes happy.

      sa yadi bhrätåloka-kämo bhavati saìkalpäd eväsya bhrätaraù  samuttiñöhanti tena bhrätålokena sampanno mahéyate.

      "If he desires to go to Bhrätåloka, simply by that desire alone  the Bhrätås appear before him, they take him to Bhrätåloka and  he becomes happy.

      sa yadi svasåloka-kämo bhavati saìkalpäd eväsya svasaraù  samuttiñöhanti tena svasålokena sampanno mahéyate.

      "If he desires to go to Svasåloka, simply by that desire alone  the Svasås appear before him, they take him to Svasåloka and  he becomes happy.

      sa yadi sakhiloka-kämo bhavati saìkalpäd eväsya sakhäyaù  samuttiñöhanti tena sakhilokena sampanno mahéyate.

      "If he desires to go to Sakhiloka, simply by that desire alone  the Sakhis appear before him, they take him to Sakhiloka and  he becomes happy.

      sa yadi gandhamälyaloka-kämo bhavati saìkalpäd eväsya  gandhamälye samuttiñöhanti tena gandhamälyalokena sampanno  mahéyate.

      "If he desires to go to Gandhamälyaloka, simply by that desire alone  the Gandhamälyas appear before him, they take him to Gandhamälyaloka and  he becomes happy.

      sa yady annapänaloka-kämo bhavati saìkalpäd  eväsyännapäne samuttiñöhanti tena annapänalokena sampanno  mahéyate.

      "If he desires to go to Annapänaloka, simply by that desire alone  the Annapänas appear before him, they take him to Annapänaloka and  he becomes happy.

      sa yadi gétaväditraloka-kämo bhavati saìkalpäd eväsya  gétaväditre samuttiñöhanti tena gétaväditralokena sampanno  mahéyate.

      "If he desires to go to Gétaväditraloka, simply by that desire alone  the Gétaväditras appear before him, they take him to Gétaväditraloka and  he becomes happy.

      sa yadi stréloka-kämo bhavati saìkalpäd eväsya striyaù  samuttiñöhanti tena strélokena sampanno mahéyate.

      "If he desires to go to Stréloka, simply by that desire alone  the Strés appear before him, they take him to Stréloka and  he becomes happy.

      yaà yam antam abhikämo bhavati yam kämayate so 'sya  saìkalpäd eva samutiñöhati tena sampanno mahéyate.

      "Whatever he desires appears simply by his desiring it. In  this way he becomes happy.

      te ime satyäù kämä anåtapidhänäs teñäà satyänäà satäm  anåtam apidhänaà yo yo hy asyetaù praiti na tam iha darçanäya  labhate.

      "When the real spiritual desires of the soul are covered by  false material desires, the soul is not able to meet the Supreme  Personality of Godhead after death.

      atha ye cäsyeha jévä ye ca pretä yac cänyad icchän na  labhate sarvaà tad atra gatvä vindate 'tra hy asyaite satyaù käma  anrtapidhänas tad yathäpi hiraëya-nidhià nihitam akñetrajïa upary  upari saïcaranto na vindeyur evam evemaù sarväù prajïä ahar ahar  gacchanty atra etaà brahmalokaà na vindanty anåtena hi  pratyudhaù.

      "Both in this life and the next, they who desire something  other than spiritual happiness never attain the fulfillment of  their desire. Their real, spiritual desires are covered by  material illusion. They are like persons searching for buried  treasure. Not knowing the location of the treasure, they walk  over it again and again, but never attain it. They are always  near the spiritual realm, but material illusion prevents them  from entering it.

      sa eva eña ätmä hådi tasyaitad eva niruktaà hådy ayam iti  tasmäd dhådayam ahar ahar vä evamvit svargaà lokam eti.

      "The Supreme Personality of Godhead resides in the hearts of  the living entities, and for this reason He is known as Hådayam,  which means `The person (ayam) in the heart (håd)'. A person  constantly aware of the Lord's presence in his heart attains the  spiritual world.

      atha ya eña samprasädo 'smäc charérät samutthäya paraà  jyotir upasampadya svena rüpeëäbhiniñpadyata eña ätmäti  hovacaitad amåtam abhayam etad brahmeti tasya ha vä etasya  brahmaëo näma satyam iti.

      "When such a soul leaves the present material body, he enters  the effulgent spiritual world. His original spiritual form is  manifested there. He is named `soul'. He is immortal and  fearless. He is named `satya' (the truth).

      täni ha vä etäni tréëy akñaräëi satéyam iti tad yat sat  tad amåtam atha yad dhi tan martyam atha yady antenobhe yacchati  yad anenobhe yacchati tasmäd yam ahar ahar vä evamvit svargaà  lokam eti.

      "The word `satyam' contains three syllables: `sat',  `i', and  `yam'. `Sat' refers to the immortal Supreme Personality of  Godhead, who is always free from the cycle of repeated birth and  death, and `i' refers to the individual spirit soul, who may  become subject to the cycle of birth and death. `Yam' refers to  the process that brings the individual spirit soul into contact  with the Supreme Person. A person aware of  these facts, attains the spiritual world.

      atha ya ätmä sa setur vidhåtir eñäà lokänäm asambhedäya  naityaà setum aho-rätre tarato na jarä na måtyur na çoko na  sukåtäà na duñkåtäm. sarve papmäno 'to nivartante 'pahata-papma  hy eña brahmalokas tasmäd vä etaà setuà tértvändhaù sann anandho  bhavati viddhaù sann aviddho bhavaty upatäpé sann anupatäpé  bhavati tasmäd vä etaà setuà tértväpi naktam ahar  eväbhiniñpadyate sakåd vibhato hy evaiña brahmalokaù.

      "The Supreme Personality of Godhead is the controller of all  the worlds. He is the eternal boundary which day, night, old- age, death, lamentation, piety, and impiety do not  cross. Sins turn from Him. He is free from sin. A blind man  crossing the boundary into His spiritual realm becomes free from  blindness. A person wounded by material sufferings becomes free  from them, and a person burning in the pain of repeated birth and  death also becomes free from suffering by crossing the boundary  into His realm. Crossing beyond the days and nights of material  time, the spiritual realm of the Supreme Personality of Godhead  is eternally manifested."

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"Glory to the Sri Krishna Samkirtan which cleanses the heart of all the dust accumulated for years together. Thus the fire of conditional life, of repeated birth and death, is extinguished. The Samkirtan Movement is the prime benediction for humanity at large because it spreads the rays of the benediction Moon. It is the life of all transcendental knowledge, it increases the ocean of transcendental bliss, and it helps us to have a taste of the full nectar for which we are always anxious."

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ete cäàça-kaläù puàsaù
kåñëas tu bhagavän svayam
indräri-vyäkulaà lokaà
måòayanti yuge yuge

“All the lists of the incarnations of Godhead submitted herewith are either plenary expansions or parts of the plenary expansions of the Supreme Godhead, but Kåñëa is the Supreme Personality of Godhead Himself.” (Srimad Bhagavatam 1.3.28)

rämädi-mürtiñu kalä-niyamena tiñöhan
nänävatäram akarod bhuvaneñu kintu
kåñëaù svayaà samabhavat paramaù pumän yo
govindam ädi-puruñaà tam ahaà bhajämi

“I worship the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Govinda [Kåñëa], who is always situated in various incarnations such as Räma, Nåsiàha and many subincarnations as well, but who is the original Personality of Godhead known as Kåñëa, and who incarnates personally also.” (Brahma samhita 5:39.)

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Food For Life Global helps Tsunami victims

click here to enter the FFL newsletter site

Hungarian Prime Minister's Daughter Praises FFL

Saturday, January 29 -- The daughter of the former Hungarian Prime Minister, and national celebrity, Ms. Anita Tornoczky, arrived in Colombo, Sri Lanka to witness the tsunami relief efforts partly funded by the Hungarian Government's $22,000 (USD) donation recently awarded to Food for Life. Ms. Tornoczky hosts a popular television special-interest program that airs every month in Hungary. She is also a fashion model and recently appeared on the cover of popular IS Magazine.

Joining Ms. Tornoczky was her "Happy Productions" television crew and ISKCON swami, Sivarama Maharaja. Ms. Tornoczky plans to use the footage for a special presentation on Food for Life's humanitarian services. The 30-minute documentary will air in April.

Anita Tornoczky (left) helping out with the cooking.

Moratuwa - Destruction on the West Coast!

Our first stop this time was a relief camp in Moratuwa, about 50 km south of Colombo. Although situated on the west coast, amazingly it too was affected by the tsunami. As the large waves smashed into the east side of the island of Sri Lanka, massive tidal swells wrapped around to the south and then raised the water level on the far west. The rising tides encroached 100 meters inland, bringing down poorly built houses and uplifting anything not tied down -- destroying hundreds of miles of coastline.

The lady in this picture (left) was wandering amongst the ruins near where Food for Life was distributing meals. She looked very sad and confused. Her expression says it all.

Food for Life's hot lunch consisted of rice, dhal, soy chunks, and vegetables cooked in coconut milk. Everything was prepared at one camp, loaded onto a flat bed truck and then served throughout area. As we passed through some of the ruins, children recognized our truck and began running while calling out to everyone else. It was very enlivening to know that we were making a difference.

Cricket for Life!

Food was not the only thing bringing a smile to the children. The day before, I noticed a group of children playing cricket with a plank of wood and an old rubber ball. I told them I was from Australia and started mentioning some famous cricket players. Immediately we made a connection. I picked up the ball and started playing with them. All the boys were so happy to see a foreigner who knew how to play the game they loved. One boy later came and asked me if I could get them a new ball. The next day I returned with two new cricket bats and five tennis balls. Within seconds I was smothered. We later grouped for a cricket team photo!

Food for Life Action Shots

Anita just loved the children Two pretty girls lining up for their meal A BIG plate for a little girl

Children receiving their nutritious hot lunch from Food for Life volunteers at one of the relief camps. "Happy Productions" television cameraman can be seen on the lower right. FFL Emergency Relief Coordinator, Indradyumna Swami (left) and other volunteers serving meals at the Moratuwa base camp, located in the St Maria catholic school. Happy children with their freshly cooked vegan meal that was prepared by Food for Life volunteers on-site and then sanctified for purity.

A visit to the Bhaktivedanta Children's Home (Orphanage)

Young orphan girls aged 9-15 years learning English in one of the many small classrooms.

Sunday, January 30 -- Ms. Tornoczky, the "Happy Productions" film crew and the FFL Global team took a trip out to the Bhaktivedanta Children's Home, located about 20 minutes outside the center of Colombo. When we arrived, the children were busily taking lessons in English grammar, mathematics, reading and craft.

Trying not to disturb too much, we peeked in to catch some of the lessons. I must say I was very impressed with the level of education the children were able to comprehend. Sitting happily at their little blue wooden desks with rapt attention on the teacher, we had to keep reminding ourselves that this was no ordinary school. All the children were orphans. Some of the children were actually "war orphans," having suffered the traumatic experience of seeing their parents killed in front of them! And yet, here they were studying to be good Sri Lankan citizens, obviously very satisfied in the warm loving embrace of this exceptional Children's Home.

Ms. Tornoczky was so touched by the experience she decided on the spot to sponsor two of the children for life. It was good timing, because Food for Life Global is in the process of launching a child sponsorship program which will provide a secure future to every child that enters this orphanage.

Interested people can sponsor a child for a little over $1 per day or $35/month. Sponsorship includes the child's complete maintenance for one month. More details will soon be available on the website. See:

Volunteers Experience the Love

Young orphan boys saying a prayer before eating their lunch.

Wednesday, February 2 -- As mentioned in our last newsletter and in announcements to interested volunteers, Food for Life Global has set up a fundraising and public relations office for the Bhaktivedanta Children's Home. Our goal is to help create a solid future for all the orphans through a "Child-Sponsorship" program, as well as to help finance the completion of the building construction. Volunteers, Ms. Colleen Hardiman and Ms. Sara Spears, both from the U.S. joined the FFL Global office in Colombo early this week. On Wednesday, I took them to see firsthand what the Children's Home was like. Here is what they had to say:

Colleen: "Arriving at Bhaktivedanta Children’s Home, we could immediately feel love and compassion in the atmosphere. While walking around, observing classes, and seeing the children in their normal daily life, it became clear to us that these children were not only receiving a good education, nutritious meals, and a safe and healthy home, but they were also given unconditional love and support by the caregivers, cooks, and teachers. The children seemed so sincerely happy and content, that I had to keep reminding myself that these were not normal children; they were in fact orphans, many of which have experienced atrocities that most of us thankfully will never have to. Although they had lost absolutely everything, looking at their faces you could never believe it.

"Director and founder of the Bhaktivedanta Children’s Home, Nandarani Dasi, a truly amazing woman, said something that really stuck in my head, 'Whatever they have lost, they get it back here,' and from what I observed on Wednesday, this was a very profound statement."

Sara: "Traveling to the orphanage, I didn't expect to see the children in such good spirits. I was so impressed by the way the orphanage was run. The boys and girls were happy, healthy, and really seemed to be a family. Nandarani is a wonderful mother to the children, teaching them the fundamental values of respect and appreciation for what they have. Watching them during their daily activities, I could tell the children were in responsible and caring hands. One thing that sets the Children’s Home apart is the love you can feel just being there. I am so proud to be a part of this project, knowing the children are receiving such comprehensive care."

As we watched the children sit down in lines for their lunch, we couldn't help but appreciate the discipline and genuine contentment of the children as they sat patiently and waited while the caregivers served lunch to all 75 children from stainless steel buckets. Only after everyone had been served and then singing prayers in honor of the blessings of the food they were to receive, did they eat their lunch! Nandarani then asked us to sit down and eat lunch. For all of us, it was the best meal we had eaten since arriving in Sri Lanka.

Three healthy meals a day, a clean bed, loving care and a full education

Happy and healthy students. Yes, they are orphans!

Unlike many orphanages throughout Sri Lanka, the Bhaktivedanta Children's Home is clean, the children receive three nutritious meals a day, a full education, and lots of loving care.

Nandarani Dasi, the director of the Home told us that the children see her as their mother. "The little ones" she said, "always want to sleep with me. I can't even leave the premises without them wanting to tag along."

She went on to explain that she tries to give the children a non-sectarian spiritual foundation, explaining to them that their real father is God and that all people of all races and religion are His Children. "It doesn't matter what language people speak," I tell them, " we are all brothers and sisters." The simple message carries a deep meaning here in Sri Lanka with the island deeply divided over racial tensions, much of which has affected the lives of some of the orphans who have personally witnessed the senseless violence in their former homes.

The clean buildings, healthy meals, and the genuine happiness of the children at the Home are a stark contrast to an orphanage I came to learn about from another volunteer from the U.S. Ms. Michelle Curry, director of Volunteers International, called me early in the week asking if Food for Life could feed a small orphanage in the south. "Our volunteers were all allocated to other areas of the island," I explained, "but I can send you a two weeks supply of food!" Michelle jumped on the offer. "The children down here are only getting a handful of rice daily," she said. "But where are all the donations going to," I replied. She had no answer. The next day we loaded a van filled with rice, dhal, biscuits, vegetables and soy chunks.

Schools out! Young girls walking in line on their way to lunch. The children at Bhaktivedanta Children's Home sleep in immaculately clean bedrooms

70% of Relief Funds not Reaching Victims

According to a report by USA Today, 70% to 75% of the available food, medicine, and other necessities have not reached the one million Sri Lankan victims of the tsunami. In fact, hundreds of protesters complained outside the U.N. World Food Program in Colombo that they had not been receiving food rations.

This had not been the first complaint of its kind, as the government has been receiving criticism from the eastern city of Batticaloa that food aid had disappeared, and the food they did receive was rotten, it was reported.

Food for Life currently operates a food relief program in Batticaloa at one such area where aid was lacking. The challenge for Food for Life has always been locating these pockets of inequity where government aid is not reaching. There are literally hundreds of relief camps spread all down the coastline. Most have around 200 people, so the logistical barrier FFL faces in helping these camps is the traveling and time constraints of serving so many people spread out over a large area. According to the USA Today report, the government and military are falling short in their efforts, but there is only so much a small NGO like Food for Life can do. To date, Food for Life volunteers have served well over 150,000 hot vegan meals throughout the island.

A Visit to the World Bank

Thursday, February 3 -- I was invited to make a presentation to the World Bank's Country Office in Colombo. After handing out brochures and showing a slide show, staff members were visibly impressed and all agreed to make an official visit to the orphanage in the coming weeks. Minutes before my presentation, the Country Office staff had wrapped up a meeting to discuss a new $1 million dollar grant offered by the World Bank to assist orphans in the east and south regions of Sri Lanka. Although the Bhaktivedanta Children's Home is situated on the west coast in Colombo, my objective was to alert the World Bank that there existed a model orphanage they could learn from as they began assisting other orphanages. I think my message was greatly appreciated. Let's see what happens. Certainly partnering with the World Bank would add some much needed prestige to this exceptional orphanage.

Buddhist for World Peace Offer to Help

Last week I received a call from buddhist Monk, Venerable Bhikkhu Maitreya, of the Buddhist for World Peace Organization. He came across the Food for Life web site and felt inspired to help raise funds for the orphanage. He has contacted Buddhist organizations around the world to help raise funds to complete the construction of the orphanage to facilitate caring for 250 children.

APPEAL: Children's Home Needs a Mini Bus

During our discussion with Nandarani, we became aware for the first time that the orphanage does not have its own vehicle. Whenever the children go on day excursions, the Children's Home has to rent a vehicle. Due to financial constraints, they can only rent a small van with a capacity to seat 8 children. "A mini bus would be ideal," she told us. We had to agree -- with capacities of up to 21 seats, more children could go on excursions and ride in comfort. If you are interested in gifting a mini bus to the children, please contact Food for Life Global.

APPEAL: Volunteer Coordinator Urgently Needed

Food for Life Global continues to receive applications from volunteers wishing to assist FFL in its worldwide projects. We desperately need the expert help of an experienced Volunteer Coordinator. The ideal person needs to have the following qualifications:
Familiarity with Food for Life projects
Familiarity with ISKCON
Enthusiastic, determined and straight-forward in dealings
Able to communicate with a wide range of personality types
Can work virtually as well as on-site when needed
Good team player
Ability to "Rally the troops" and inspire people

If you or someone you know possess these traits, please write to us with references to

Little 2-year old Sita Devi, the youngest of the Bhaktivedanta Children's Home orphans sitting with some older girls. The immaculately clean kitchen where all the children's meals are prepared three times daily by two professional cooks.

How to Contact Food for Life Global in Sri Lanka

The Food for Life base camp is situated at:
188, New Chetty Street,
Colombo 13
Sri Lanka

Paul Turner Cell: (+94) 77 302-0495
Office phone: (+94) 11 243-3325
fax: (+94) 11 247-1099

Bhaktivedanta Children's Home
607A, Negombo Road
Tel: (+ 94) 11 294-8398

Volunteering Offshore

Food for Life is encouraging people to give their time in their local area to help raise awareness of FFL's activities and thus raise much needed money. Many students have emailed to ask if they can organize a fundraising drive at their campus. The answer is a resounding "Yes." Please help in whatever way you can, whether it is selling t-shirts, approaching your local businesses, or writing an article. We just ask that you keep Food for Life Global informed of all your activities.

Poster - Please Distribute

Please print and post this new poster around your city. You can also print this flyer and place it in vegetarian restaurants or hand them out at your church or shopping center.

For the webmasters among you, we humbly ask that you place one of these banners on your web site with a link to our home page (

Donations by Check

Send to:
Food for Life Global
PO Box 59037
Potomac, MD 20859, USA

All donations are tax deductible.

Where You Can Donate

JustGive and Network for Good, both of which are prominently displaying Food for Life on their hunger relief pages and of course at the FFL web site using PayPal. (Note: PayPal does extract a very small percentage of the donated money for transaction fees. Typically $3 for a $100 donation).

Thank you for your friendship.

On behalf of all the Food for Life volunteers, we hope this meets you in the best of health and happiness.

The Food for Life Global Friends Newsletter is distributed to more than 20,000 vegans and vegetarians worldwide.

Paul Rodney Turner (Priyavrata das)

Food for Life Global
PO Box 59037
Potomac, MD 20859, USA
phone: (571) 277-2329  Go to FFL web site
SUPPORT Food for Life

Feeding Sunita, Serving Krishna

by Sudheendra Kulkarni
Food, they say, is God. May more of us propitiate this God by helping stem the hunger of millions.

The ISKCON (International Society for Krishna Consciousness) temples in Mumbai, in partnership with The Times Group, have recently launched a service project. The leaflet that describes this project carries the beautiful face of a poor girl with this caption: "Sunita loves Science classes. Sunita loves History classes. Sunita loves Mathematics classes...

“But SHE HATES LUNCH HOURS." Why? Because of hunger, the six-letter word that haunts nearly 60 million children in rural and urban India, robbing them of their childhood, depriving them of the joys of learning, and disempowering them in life.

The ISKCON project has given hope to several thousand Sunitas in Mumbai's government-run schools. On Makara Sankranti day, the ISKCON-Times Group inaugurated a mid-day meal programme that provides a tasty and nutritious meal to over 11,000 children in 37 schools in the city's slums and suburbs. Each meal costs Rs 6, and one-half of the cost is subsidised by the government.

The kitchen is a mechanised marvel: Meals for 24,000 children can be prepared by five persons in two shifts per day. Looking at the huge steel containers used for cooking rice mixed with dal or the conveyer belt carrying khichdi-filled cans, I thought: machines may have enslaved man elsewhere, but not here.

Here, they are his partner in a divine cause. "The food we serve may be mechanised, but it is also sanctified", said Radha Krishna Das, the project director. "We believe that feeding a hungry child is the greatest service one can render to Krishna. I would like to emphasise that our project feeds children of all castes and creeds".

The kitchen was so spotlessly clean that I wondered if it was yet to become operational. "You'll be surprised to know that we cooked the food in the morning and dispatched it to schools in our vans", said Radhakunda Das, a saffron-clothed sadhu who is an MSc in mathematics. He added: "We maintain cleanliness standards that are comparable to those followed in 'flight' kitchens".

ISKCON in Bangalore runs a similar mid-day meal programme called Akshaya Patra — the plate that never gets empty. The phrase is derived from a Mahabharata story that extols the munificence of Krishna. Only four years old, it already feeds 60,000 children in government-run schools. "Hunger is a silent and invisible killer", says Swami Madhu Pandit, an IIT graduate who heads the Hare Krishna temple in India's IT capital.

A study conducted by the education department of the government of Karnataka showed the impact of Akshaya Patra: 99.61% of the students felt that they could pay better attention and 91.8% of the teachers felt that the drop-out rate has drastically reduced. Which means, Sunita does not hate her lunch hour any more.

The two ISKCON projects made me recall a touching poem, His Name is Today, by Gabriela Mistral, the Nobel laureate poet from Chile:

"We are guilty of many errors and many faults,/ But our worst crime is abandoning the children,/ Neglecting the fountain of life./ Many of the things we need can wait./ The child cannot./ Right now is the time his bones are being formed,/ His blood is being made,/ And his senses are being developed./ To him we cannot answer 'Tomorrow'./ His name is 'Today'.

Food, they say, is God. May more of us propitiate this God by helping stem the hunger of those millions of boys and girls whose name is 'Today'.

Scotland Yard Hosts Dinner for Hindus,00430005.htm

LONDON, ENGLAND, December 14, 2004: In its campaign for better understanding and cooperation with various ethnic minority communities Scotland Yard hosted a reception for Britain's Hindu community members on Monday evening. The designate Commissioner of Police Sir Ian Blair, addressing the members at the New Scotland Yard office in Broadway, said, "I want to clear that there is no hierarchy of communities for us. Many Hindus have recently felt less loved because of all the attention being given to Muslim issues, but over the next five years all this will change and change only in one direction of a more tolerant and diverse London." Reflecting on the recent reports accusing the Met with institutional racism and discrimination, Sir Ian talked at length with the community's leading figures who had been brought together by the Hindu Forum of Britain. Ramesh Kallidai of the Forum announced the setting up of a Hindu Youth Diversion Programme in association with the Metropolitan Police Hindu Association. "The community has been extremely concerned over the rising cases of drug and substance abuse. We have decided to set up this joint task force to organize workshops and wean these groups away from such activities." He added: "We have had ongoing dialogues with the Met and raised issues like the periodic attacks on Hindu temples, especially during festivals like Navratri and Deepavali. The rate of convictions in such cases is not very high and we plan to launch a 'Get the Number' campaign to urge people to get a crime reference number so that action can be taken." He also requested Scotland Yard to record victims' religion along with ethnicity so that religiously motivated crimes could be monitored. Sir Ian also pointed out that the Met force was the largest employer of ethnic minorities in London, numbering 6,000, and assured the community leaders of an integrated approach in future. "To make the Met a truly transparent and modern institution, we need representatives from all communities." "Only when London's police force starts to look as diverse as the city is will such problems be truly dealt with. We want your sons and daughters."

Courtesy of

Vegetables ward off Alzheimer's

Eating a diet rich in vegetables may be one way to reduce the risk of developing Alzheimer's disease, research suggests.

US scientists found that a diet high in unsaturated, unhydrogenated fats - found in vegetables and some oils - may help lower risk.

However, a separate study found antioxidant vitamins - widely touted as good for general health - offer no such protective effect against Alzheimer's.

In the first study, scientists from Rush-Presbyterian-St. Luke's Medical Center in Chicago, examined 815 people aged 65 and older over a four year period.

At the start of the study none of the volunteers had Alzheimer's, but by its end 131 had developed symptoms.

The researchers found that the risk of developing the disease was highest among those who consumed the highest levels of saturated fat - found in meat and dairy products.

People who consumed a lot of saturated fat were 2.3 times more likely to develop symptoms than those whose diet was low in these fats.

Conversely, people whose diet contained high levels of unsaturated fat were up to 80% less likely to develop Alzheimer's disease than those who consumed low levels of unsaturated fats.

Lead researcher Dr Martha Clare Morris told BBC NewsOnline more research was needed to confirm the findings.

But she said: "There are studies to suggest that a diet high in unsaturated fat and low in saturated fat may raise levels of good cholesterol and lower levels of bad cholesterol in the blood."

It is thought that low-density lipoprotein, or bad, cholesterol may play a role in the formation of the amyloid plaques found in the brain of Alzheimer's patients.

Dr Morris said people should consider a switch to such a diet - if only because of abundant evidence that it helped to reduce the risk of heart disease.


In a second study researchers at Columbia University in New York concluded that carotenes and vitamins C and E obtained from diet or through supplements are not associated with a decreased risk of Alzheimer's.

It was suspected that these antioxidant vitamins may have a protective effect because they mimimise the damage to the body's tissues caused by charged particles known as free radicals.

Some suspect that Alzheimer's is caused in part by damage to brain cells caused by free radicals.

The Columbia researchers examined 980 people, of which 242 developed Alzheimer's symptoms during the four year study.

There was no evidence that those people who consumed carotenes or vitamins A and E were any less likely to develop the disease.

Both studies were published in the journal Archives of Neurology.

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Family Upholds the Ancient Tradition of Idol Sculpting

TAMIL NADU, INDIA, January 2, 2005: Imagine belonging to a tradition  that can trace its ancestry back 600 years. Mr. Mohanraj Stapathi,   chief architect of the renowned Thanjavur Big Temple, can do just that.   Mr. Mohanraj and his two sons, Karunanidhi and Kuberan, run a sculpting   idol workshop in Swamimalai, Tamil Nadu, where they employ 20 men and 2   women and train youngsters in the craft. Mr. Mohanraj explains that   foreigners come to his establishment to observe the sacred art form and   that his business receives orders from temples and cultural centers   from around the world. Stapathi quotes a Sankrit sloka about the spirit   of his craft, "When a sculptor decides to make the wax model, the icon   is infused with a spark of jeevan (life); when it is cast in metal it   is half alive. When we draw the eyes it is three-quarters live but when   it is placed in a temple and pujas are performed becomes a live being."

Courtesy of

Ghosts Stalk Thai Tsunami Survivors

PHUKET, THAILAND, January 24, 2005: Lek looks nervously at the Patong sea shore as he describes the passengers who climbed into his tuk tuk minivan late at night on January 6. "Go to Kata Beach," the seven foreign tourists told him, after agreeing on a 200 baht fee. He drove a while, but then felt numb all over his body. Looking around he saw the cab was empty. He had had what he thinks was an encounter with the ghosts that many say are haunting the beaches and resorts on Thailand's Andaman coast. And the religious charms he wears around his neck are not helping him overcome his fears. "I can't get over this. I'm going to have to get a new job. I have a daughter to support, but I'm too scared to go out driving at night," he said.

Courtesy of Hinduism today

If you need help with similar problems, ie ghosts, visit this site:

"Here in this world there are thousands of newspapers and magazines reporting the stale, repetitious happenings of this limited space. So for reporting the news of the unlimited spiritual realm, concerning the eternal, ever-fresh Supreme Personality of Godhead, we could publish a newspaper at every second, what to speak of daily."

- Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Thakur Prabhupad.

Courtesy of Ekendra's Mridanga:

Vedas, a world Heritage, UNESCO
January 02, 05, Oganiser (Weekly, Delhi)

By Surendra Tanna, VSK, Mumbai

On an initiative from Government of India during April-May 2003, the United Nations Education, Social and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) has declared Vedic chanting as one of the most valuable intangible heritages of mankind. Shri Koychira Matsuura, Chief Director of UNESCO has sanctioned an assistance of Rs five crore to preserve the Vedas.

In 1962 in Delhi, a committee was formed at a Vedic conference, inspired by the Kanchi Shankaracharya. This committee made a list of Vedasamhitas (different Vedas). The committee had then found that four recensions of the Vedas—Maitrayaniya (branch of Krishna Yajurveda), Jeminiya (branch of Samaveda), Ranayaniya (branch of Samveda), and Pippalad (the branch of Atharvaveda) had almost vanished. To rejuvenate them, a Veda Rakshana Nidhi Trust was constituted. In order to relearn such rare branches of the Vedas, learned scholars were sent to different parts of India.

Similarly the Government of India established the Maharshi Sandeepani Rashtriya Veda Vidyalaya Pratishthan, a seat for learning the Vedas. At present this institution has its headquarters at Ujjain in Madhya Pradesh. Among other tasks, the institution tries to save the art of traditional oral intonic recitation of the Veda mantras, preserve and research. It helps schools, teachers and students financially, awards pension to aging teachers and publishes books too.

To supplement these efforts, the UNESCO was invoked by the Government of India. The jury, which consented to the project, comprised Dr Richard Kurian, Director, Centre for Folklore and Cultural Heritage of Smithsonian Institute, Juoan Goyatisolo, litterateur from Spain, Yoshikaju Hasgova from Japan, Shrimati Olive W. M. Jevin, a piano master, and Eliano a music composer from Jamaica.

As part of the programme, the Department of Culture, Government of India, has prepared a five-year project. Accordingly, 15 pathashalas in gurukul tradition have to be established where the students will be taught to recite intonic Vedic hymns, their phonology, grammar and of course, the meaning and inherent knowledge base. It would also organise lectures, live demonstrations of intonic recitations and arrange conferences and seminars of Vedic scholars. The project will also hold Veda Vigyan weeks and besides printing rare manuscripts, it will also reprint old scriptures, manuals and books. Under the supervision of the government, the Department of Culture, the Indira Gandhi National Centre for Arts, Maharshi Sandeepani Rashtriya Ved Vidya Pratishthan, Ujjain, Maharshi Ved Vidya Pratishthan, Pune, and Veda Rakshan Nidhi Trust, Kanchipuram would organise these programmes.

See our pages supporting these views HERE: (Vedik World Heritage)
Western Indologists been exposed page:
How British Misguided World on Vedic History

yeah kick the butt
...and remember from 10th December 2004 no more smoking in public places in New Zealand by law


A little girl walked daily to and from school. Though the weather that morning was questionable and clouds were forming, she made her daily trip to school. As the afternoon progressed, the winds whipped up, along with thunder and lightning. The mother of the little girl felt concerned that her daughter would be frightened as she walked home from school, and she herself feared that the electrical storm might harm her child.

Following the roar of thunder, lightning, like a flaming sword would cut through the sky. Full of concern, the mother quickly got in her car and drove along the route to her child's school. As she did so, she saw her little girl walking along, but at each flash of lightning, the child would stop, look up and smile.

Another and another were to follow quickly, each with the little girl stopping, looking up and smiling. Finally, the mother called over to her child and asked, "what are you doing?"

The child answered, "smiling, God just keeps taking pictures of me."

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It was a desire of Srila Prabhupada to give all of us, his children and grandchildren, the entire Vaisnava Library of devotional writings, and we are  blessed by His Divine Grace to recieve some of this literature with which to further water our creepers of devotion.

Please consider forwarding this email to your address list in the mood of going for the mercy of Lord Chaitanya by assisting His missionary desires.

Your aspiring servants at NectarBooks.Com

Dasaratha-suta Dasa and Dina Sharana Dasa

Letter to: Hayagriva
Tokyo April 27, 1972

.. It is my serious desire to devote the fag end of my life to translating Srimad Bhagavatam and so many other Vaisnava literatures so by assisting me in this regards you will be performing the highest service to Krsna....

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Independent Media Centre:

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a product that is made in a devotional spirit - where purity is the most important element has to smell GREAT!'s natural sticks are steeped in over 200 years of family history using
timeless recipes passed down from father to son.

Made with focused consciousness within a family atmosphere, free from exploitation, we
are happy to be able to offer you the finest range on the planet.

The end result? A clean, natural burning, temple grade stick that is completely different
from the harsh, synthetic-perfume that has become a hallmark of cheap imports.

Again mention that you came through this site for preferential treatment.

comment by JTCd: Adi-guru prabhu in the UK sent me some samples for my Deities.
This incense is 108% Divine...and no, I'm not on a commission

Problems with Ghosts, Evil Eye, Curses, Black Magic etc etc

Continuous illness - All medical treatments fail.

Constant worries, Suicidal tendencies, or Desire to move away from home and family.

Continuous illness of any member of the family.

Tiredness and weakness like M.E.

Eating disorders associated with obesity and anorexia.

Being short tempered. Sterility, without any physical

deficiency or without any medical reason.

Repeated miscarriages or death of children.

Sudden unnatural deaths in the family.

Problems in the construction of new houses, new factory or any other building.

Shortness of money, in spite of hard labour.

No desire to live. Feels suffocated. Life seems useless.

Apathy, no desire to rise In Life.

Achievement of objectives seems impossible.

Sudden quarrels between brothers or the members of the family, without any reason.

Unexpected loss in the business of property.

Ill health and under development of children.

Loss of peace due to the fear of enemies and their evil designs.

Discord between spouses or the family.

Greatest efforts always resulting in failure.

Lack of Govt, favours, promotions and the desired raises or transfers.

Poverty, in spite of hard work.

Mental disorders - Insanity - Craziness.

These are some effects which prove that one is under the spell of the supernatural or black magic.

Even though Intelligent, one still fails to find solutions to such problems.

It is only due to "Black Works" that all your wisdom, all your strategies and all your intelligence fails.for relief

To see the Online 2004 Vyasa Puja Book visit:

Srila Prabhupada's Vyasa pujan in Mayapur 2003 pictures:

Go to Links to Srila Prabhupada's Vyasa Pujan

Some Official web-sites of senior Iskcon devotees:
HH Bhakti Tirtha Swami (UK)  (Institute for Applied Spiritual Technology) (Perth Aus)

HH Bir-Krishna Goswami's site

HH Devamrita Swami

HH Gopal Krishna Goswami:

HH Indradyumna Swami

HH Jayapataka Swami
Many lectures by HH Jayapataka Swami and HH Radhanath Swami

HH Kadamba Kanana Swami

HH Prabhavishnu Swami

HH Prahladananda Swami

HH Romapada Swami

HH Sacinandan Swami

HH Sivaram Swami:

HH Sridhar Swami (the late Sridhar swami)

HH Suhotra Swami (new) (old)
This takes the surfer to the startpage where they can see the cool animation.

HH Trivikram Swami

HG Vaiyasaki dasa Adhikari

If you know of any other senior Iskcon devotee web-sites please send their URL to us to share with others through this media

Here's a short list with some links - sadhu sanga ki jaya


The Peace Formula

The Real Peace Formula

See more on Yoga and Meditation HERE:

What's Going On Where &Adds


Magick Earth Festival

A two day celebration of the Earth and Nature based faiths, religions and beliefs. Stalls, lectures, workshops, discussion forums and a general get together! The festival will be held at Scoutlands, 316 Kaitoke Road, Wanganui, NZ on the 19th-20th of March 2005, opening with a dawn ceremony on the Saturday morning.

Day entry will be $2 for adults and $1 for children. Sorry folks but no animals please.
A dollar per entry will go towards Scouting Wanganui for generously allowing the use of their grounds for the duration of the festival. Day Entry fees don't include entry to workshops or lectures. Entry to these two activities are a gold coin donation which will go directly to the lecturer (either as a monetary or grocery donation, depending on their preference).

For those that need accomodation, take a quick squiz at the accomodation page for options and prices. Scoutlands has powered sites, camping sites and cabins and is actually in the middle of a bird sanctuary! Plus for those that need a more gentle style of accomodation, there are several hotels and motels available a short distance away.

Any queries or suggestions are welcome so drop us a line at:

Magick Earth Festival
c/o Pamoana Station, RD3, Parapara Highway, Wanganui, New Zealand
Phone 021 243 1912


The New Iskcon Auckland temple open one year.

for more information and some wonderfrul pictures of the event see our page:

photos updated 12th March 2004

Hare KrishnaSchool & Playgroup

Krishna Conscious education for children

Hare Krishna School in Riverhead, Auckland is a government funded school that runs from 9am – 3pm five days a week. We cover all core subjects in the New Zealand Curriculum and in addition teach Sanskrit, Sastra and Vedic arts. Children who come to this school get everything that children at state schools get plus Vedic culture and values in a serene rural environment.

We also run a preschool program for children 3 and up.

A school bus service provides transport from Auckland suburbs.

For enrolment information please contact:-

Ph: 09-412-6325
Mob: 021-265-7587
Fax: 09-412-6325

Find out what the NZ Government Education Review Office thinks of the Hare Krishna School. Click the link below.$File/4204.htm?OpenElement

Balgopal Krishna Conscious Preschool in Henderson Auckland prepares children for school with a nurturing academic and character development program founded on Krishna consciousness.

 For details please contact-

Vishnupadi dasi Ph.836-1214

Gaura Yoga Centre
First floor
175, Vivian Street,

Phone:  (04) 801-5500

Learn about the Krishna conscious life-style
Learn Yoga
Learn about Vegetarianism
...all in a non-threatening friendly atmosphere.

Contact us:

Subscribe to newsletter:

Sunday Love Feasts - contact your local temple, or community for details

Harinaam Kirtan and Bhajans in Tauranga BOP.
Every Saturday in the Red Square by the Strand (or Mt. Maunganui)

Come and join the throng 11:00 am - 12:30 pm

...for more details contact Trivikrama dasa (for Trivikram prabhu)

Vegetarian Clubs
Waikato University - Hamilton campus

2 days per week serving about 100 plates each day.

for more information contact Mangala Vaishnava dasa

Auckland Veda club.
Auckland University - Wellesley St. campus

Its a simple weekly program thats been running for a few years, at Clubspace,
where we have a vegetarian prasadam lunch and sometimes show a video.
Srila Prabhupada's books are available to browse or buy.

For more information contact Auckland temple:

Otago University - Dunedin - Vege Club
Room 2., Clubs & Societies Building
Albany St.,

contact Jambavati dasi (03) 477 8277



See more about Food For Life and how you can help HERE:

 268., Karangahape Road., Auckland

Delicious hot inexpensive Vegetarian Meals !

Pure Vegetarian Restaurant

$5 Combo Meal

Open Mon-Fri 11am-7.30pm

Sat 11am-2.30pm

Phone (09) 300 7585


Seven hundred plates of free prasadam (food offered to the Lord) were distributed to an appreciative public and to 50 devotees who took part in a central city Harinam (chanting in the streets).

Nimananda das and his wife Suchitra devi dasi, Organisers of the Food for Life Restaurant in Auckland City, celebrated Srila Prabhupada’s 108th Birthday, by following the request of their spiritual master, Tamal Krisna Goswami, to distribute prasadam to the public.They have been performing this act of charity regularly for 19 years in Fiji, Wellington and now Auckland.

Come Hungry and Bring a Friend.

11am – 8.00pm from Monday to Friday, and on Saturdays 11am – 3.00pm

Catering for Students, shoppers, office workers, and the needy.

All will find full satisfaction for the body, mind and soul
(09) 300 7585.

Saturday Evenings at “Food for Life” from 4.00pm to 6.00pm.
Come along to join in an evening of Chanting,
Philosophy and a Vegetarian Dinner.

On alternate Monday nights H.H. Mukunda Goswami will be present to speak and answer your questions.

Phone Food for Life, 268 Karangahape Road (K-rd), Auckland, for more information, (09) 300 7585

Higher Taste
Amazing Vegetarian Cuisine At Down to Earth Prices!

Organic Fruit Juices
Delicious Curries
$ 5.95
$ 7.95
$ 9.95

Hare Krishna Higher Taste Restaurant
Level 1 Will Bank Court 57 Willis St Wellington

 Phone: 0-4-472 2233

New CD of Bhaktivinoda Thakur bhajans

by Ashok Krishna das and Syamabiharini dasi

By the mercy of Guru, Gauranga and Radha Krishna, (after our first bhajan album Bhajanamrtam) we have managed to produce a new CD entitled "Bhaktivinoda", a collection of bhajans of Saccidananda Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakur and other Vaisnava acaryas in Orissi classical ragas.

The CD includes 8 bhajans and a 12-page booklet with all lyrics and a translation of the songs:
Gurudeva! Kabe Mora Sei Din Habe
Hari Hari, Kabe More Hoibe Sudina
Kabe Sri Caitanya More
Narada Muni
Janama Saphala Ta'ra
Brajendranadana, Bhaje Jei Jana
Kabe Ha'be Bolo

Price, inclusive of shipping, is 15 Euros per CD. If you want to order this CD, please transfer the amount to the following account (and send us your shipping address by mail or email):

Account number 3125628, Ashok Jagram, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Bank details: Postbank, Foreign operations, P.O. Box 1800, 1000 BV Amsterdam [Swiftcode: PSTB NL2]

For more information, email us: or

Check out this amazing new Krishna conscious music CD

by Navayauvana dasa ACBSP in Holland

Rasa Productions
The Musik of Bhakti Rasa dasa

Welcome to the world of
Indian Art Music

Here you will learn about the features of this glorious and sophisticated form of music.
You will also meet here with two of its most authentic and senior practitioners,
who are at once concert performers, scholars, composers and teachers --

Please find the Nokia Hare Krishna Ringtone code
at the ISKCON Ahmedabad website at

Bollywood and Hindi and English "do it yourself" ringtones for cell phones

Practicing Krishna Consciousness at Home:

See your local groups of devotees and see how you can do it too

East Meets West @ "The Loft"
Enjoy an enlightening time associating with energetic devotees. Explore the similarities of ancient and modern surroundings through Krishna consciousness in a friendly non-threatening atmosphere.

Wellington Loft (Gaura Yoga centre)

Christchurch Loft
Hanuman dasa:

The Loft - Auckland

First Floor, 103 Beach Road,
Auckland City

ph (09) 379-7301

Brisbane Loft (Brisbane Australia)
2nd floor
99 Elizabeth St, City

ph 3379 7307

Sydney Temple (Aus) Shop On-line:

Subscribe to Sydney's E-newsletter –
and Streaming MP3 classes and music –

more options in the marketplace HERE:

Sydney temple:

Australian yatra: (...across the ditch )

...the site for Shaligram, Govardhan, Dwaraka and Tadiya shilas and Their Sevaks
Why not come on in for Cyber-darshan

There's so many new participants (GBCs, Gurus, Sannyasis, et al), new incredible pic's, capturing and enlivening articles and stories, pilgrimage diaries - check it out - believe me you won't be disappointed.

Thousands of Salagrams, Govardhan, Dwarka shilas from ALL over the world.

READ Salagram kosha on-line.......
 Hari Bhakti Vilas segments
 Padma Purana
 Garuda Purana


mirrored @

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dhanvantaris cha bhagavan svayam eva kirtir
namna nrnam pururujam ruja asu hanti
yajne cha bhagam amrtayur avavarundha
ayusya vedam anusasty avatirya loke

"The Lord in His incarnation of Dhanvantari very quickly cures the diseases of the ever diseased living entities simply by His fame personified and only because of Him do the demigods achieve long lives. Thus the Personality of Godhead becomes ever glorified. He also exacted a share from the sacrifices, and it is He only who inaugurated the medical science or the knowledge of medicine in the universe." (Srimad Bhagavata Purana 2.7.22 )

Receive the Waikato Ayurveda Group Newsletter
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Got health challenges...........???
Please contact me!

Radiance Ayurveda
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Visit Vaidya Yolande Manson's Ayurvedic practice - in Hamilton:

Dr. Pratap Chauhan - Social Welfare through Ayurveda - Faridabad India

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This material world is described as padam padam yad vipadäm,
which means that at every step there is danger.
Please be a little careful - everything is not always as it seems in the Matrix:

Sun Protection: Slip slop slap wrap

Sunsmart -

NZ Cancer Society

Sun protection @ work

Summer Season Fire Safety

Water Safety,,8006-1844782,00.html

Out-door activities Safety

On-line Safety

Kids - Be Safe On-line:

New Zealand and Tsunamis - not to be forgotten:

What are Tsunamis - how they appear - warnings:

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Sacred Vegetarian Recipes - Prasadam

World Vegetarian Day 1st October each year

World Vegetarian Awareness Month - October

see what's already happening this year

See our World Vegetarian Day issue of the newsletter for a wide range of Vegetarian issues

Vege update:
Social scientists and law enforcement officials have identified animal abuse as a symptom of emotional illness and a precursor to violent crimes against human beings. To allow individuals guilty of perpetrating such cruel acts to go unpunished or not sufficiently punished would be to sanction these horrific crimes and would permit them to go on to possibly commit violent crimes against humans.

The Animal Spirit Newsletter - Issue #2 -  4/21/03-4/27/03

Making Food Sacred - Offering our food to Krishna:
....excerpt from lecture by HDG Srila A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada - Srimad-Bhagavatam 1.3.1-3 -- San Francisco, March 28, 1968

The Vedic literature says like this, that God has no leg, no hand. Therefore the impersonalists take advantage of it. "Oh, here it is stated God has no legs, no hands." But the next line is, javana grhita: "He can accept everything which you offer Him in devotion."

Now how He can accept? If He has no hand, how He can accept things from us? That means He hasn't got a hand like us. His hand is different. Therefore even though He is situated in the spiritual world, which is far, far away from us, still, He says in the Bhagavad-gita, it is said,

patram puspam phalam toyam
yo me bhaktya prayacchati
tad aham bhakty-upahrtam
asnami prayatatmanah

Krsna says that "A little flower or little water or a little leaf, whatever My devotee offers Me in love and devotion, I accept it." And tad aham bhakty-upahrtam. "And because he has brought it with great devotion, therefore I eat." Tad aham bhakty-upahrtam asnami. Asnami means "I eat." Now you can say, "All right, I'll offer these fruits and flower to God, but it is the same. It is remaining. How He is eating?" But His eating is not like my eating, because He hasn't got a body like this. This body is material. If you bring me a plate of fruits, this body immediately swallows it. But He has got spiritual body. He eats... Simply as soon as He knows that you have offered it in devotion, He eats immediately.

Go here to follow the simple system for offering foodstuffs to the Lord
... and always with the Magic ingredient - Offer it to Krishna.....
... with L'n D (love and devotion)

Cooking for Krishna

Why do we offer our food to God before eating?

Pure Vegetarianism - booklet from Food For Life Global FREE

Download your FREE  EGGLESS Cake Recipe Cookbook
 - with 100 EGGLESS recipes

EgglessDotCom - A site for vegetarian baking without eggs.


Ekadasi Book Cooking - new book coming:

Ekadasi Recipes - preps without grains or beans etc:

Vrata ka khaana - Fast Foods cook book 4 sale (all ekadasi preps - some samples here):

Fast Food of a Different Kind:

Non-vegetarian aditives and non-ekadasi food aditives list:

Meat Free Zone:

A Guide to Gourmet Vegetarian Cooking and a Karma-Free Diet:


(even Parmesan and other favorites)
Not just cheeses also vegetarian yogurts and other dairy produce.

Tararua Lite Sour Cream for Vegetarians hits the shelves Sept 1st 2004.

(we bought some Stilton, Parmesan, Edam, Swiss and a few others - LOL - you have to check out these pages and then go to your Woolworths, Countdown, Foodtown, Pak'nSav, New World or local Deli.....believe me it's worth it, especially the Tuxford range; Cheshire, Red Leicester, Double Gloucester, Wensleydale varieties from the UK  =>:-))) updated to help you

updated 16th Sept 2004

All the Meatless Pasta preparations you'd like to prepare:

The Meatrix - this you have to see to believe - take the red pill see reality - The Meatrix it's all around you:

Allow the Meatrix to download fully before attempting to observe.............

These recipes are specifically used in the Brahma-Madhwa Vaishnava community for shaaka haara vrata - first month of Chaturmasya where one fasts from Greem leafy vegetables - spinach:

Vegan and Vegetarian recipes 


Textured soy protein and Veggie Pie

2 whole wheat pie crusts (make own with 1/3rd each SR Flour, White Flour, Chapatti Flour, ghee, salt, warm water)
1 chopped finely cabbage heart (or as much or little as you want)
2 tsp hing (or as much or as little as you want)
1 tsp nutmeg
1/4 c. or so chopped celery
1 T. Olive oil
1/4 c. diced potato
1 can (not the mondo size) Italian-style stewed tomatoes
1/4 c. diced carrot
1/2 c. textured soy protein
salt and paper as needed
1/4-1/2 c. shredded almond cheddar "cheese" (vegan)


1. Saute the white grated - chopped fine cabbage heart, hing, and celery until the cabbage is soft and clear. Add the potatoes and carrots to this and cook for about 5 min. or so (until thoroughly coated and the carrots start to soften). Stir in the can of stewed tomatoes and then the textured soy protein. You might have to add a bit of water if the textured soy protein really soaks up everything. There should be some liquid to help it cook, but it shouldn't be soup.

2. Cover the pan and let the mixture cook for a bit while the oven pre-heats to 375. I usually let it cook on the stove for 10-15 min. When the oven's hot and the potatoes are starting to soften, fill the crusts and put them in the oven for 30 min. After 30 min., check the potatoes. If they are pretty much done, put the "cheese" on top and bake for another 7-10 min. If they aren't, let the pies cook for awhile longer.

This freezes great and reheats great. Trust me, though, it's extremely filling!

Serves: 4

Preparation time: 1 hr or so

JTCd's Polenta, Vegetables and Cheese Kebabs:

One packet bamboo kebab sticks about eight to ten inches long.
Two or three different kinds of Cheeses; ie Red Leicester, Tasty Cheddar, Swiss, Edam cut into half inch squares

Capsicums; Red, Yellow, Green, Dark Purple, also cut into half inch squares

I jar or  375 grams - Kalamata pipped black olives

I jar or 375 grams Stuffed Green Olives.

Pickled Gerkins cut to slices

Pineapple pieces - Two small cans, or one good sized pineapple and cut to small pieces.

2  cups water
2/3  cup polenta
1/3  cup grated parmesan cheese
20  grams butter
1 tsp salt
one table spoon fresh rosemary or dried rosemary - fresh is best

Take a heavy bottomed pot put in the butter and melt it. Add the polenta and lightly fry the grains. When grains look lightly cooked like sand, add the water and stir in the rosemary and salt, then add the grated parmesan cheese, keep stiring until it becomes thick and separates from the pot as you stir. Flaten out on a buttered tray and leave in the fridge for about two hours. I found it helped to scribe lines for half inch square pieces after about two hours in the fridge. Then bake in the oven until brown.

Deep fried Milk curd - cassein
Two litres fresh cow milk
one tea spoon citric acid for curdling.
Stir milk in heavy pot until boiling, add citrc acid, drain off whey through cheese cloth, press curds under pot with whey in it for half to one hour. Cut curd into half inch squares, and deep fry in ghee until lightly brown.

I keep all the different ingredients all in separate bowls and then systematically fill the kebab sticks in a symetrical manner beginning with an olive, then a green capsicum, then a piece of cheese, then a piece of pineapple, then red capsicum, then baked polenta, then yellow capsicum, then red Leicester cheese, then green stuffed olive, then orange capsicum, then the deep fried curd pieces, the gerkins, and so on, what ever else you have........

These are a little labour intensive, but wonderful.

Serve with hot Satay sauce.

Rhubarb Yoghurt Fool (fat-free / sugar-free)

A no-fat and sugarless dessert is great for the waistline - BUT if you don’t mind a few extra calories, use whole milk and Greek yoghurt for a creamier finish.

Serves 4
570g/20oz rhubarb
5 tsp artificial sweetener
1 tsp fresh root ginger, chopped
200g/7fl oz low-fat plain yoghurt

Pre-heat your oven to 180°C/350°F/Gas 4.
First of all, trim and wash the rhubarb and cut it into 2.5cm/1in chunks. Then place it in a baking dish, sprinkle with the sweetener and add the chopped fresh root ginger then bake it in the oven, without covering, for about 30-40 minutes or until it's tender but still has some shape.
Now you need to drain the rhubarb, so tip it into a sieve set over a bowl to drain off the excess juice. Next place it in a food processor and whiz it to a thick purée. After that, transfer it to a bowl and leave aside to get quite cold. Next empty the yoghurt into another bowl and fold half the purée into it, then divide the mixture between four serving glasses and spoon the remaining purée on top.
Cover with cling film (food wrap) and chill until ready to offer and when needed.

Thai Fruit Salad

Tempting tropical fruits in a fresh coconut sauce make a speedy but special dessert - an edible Orient Express!

Serves 4
1 star fruit, sliced
1 honeydew melon, peeled, deseeded and cut into chunks
quarter watermelon, pips removed and cut into chunks
1 pineapple, peeled, cored and cut into chunks
4 passion fruit
juice of 3 limes
2 tbsp caster (fine granulated) sugar
pinch ground chilli
200g/7oz freshly grated coconut

Place the star fruit, honeydew melon and watermelon into a large bowl. Add the pineapple chunks.
Cut each of the passion fruits in half and scoop the pulp into a separate bowl. Add the lime juice, sugar, chilli and coconut and stir together until the sugar dissolves.
Pour the sauce over the fruit and mix well. Serve very chilled.

NOTE: Ayurved says about Melon - on its own or leave it alone - but this prep remains popular.........


Vege update:
Social scientists and law enforcement officials have identified animal abuse as a symptom of emotional illness and a precursor to violent crimes against human beings. To allow individuals guilty of perpetrating such cruel acts to go unpunished or not sufficiently punished would be to sanction these horrific crimes and would permit them to go on to possibly commit violent crimes against humans.

The Animal Spirit Newsletter - Issue #2 -  4/21/03-4/27/03

Higher Taste cook book FREE on-line

All the Meatless Pasta preparations you'd like to prepare:
(some need some adjustment, as they contain onion and garlic)

Different Shapes of pasta:

OVER 100 EGGLESS CAKE recipes can be found on our Main index and
on many other pages at:

Visit our Award winning site - Vegetarianism & Beyond
Interesting articles - information - history - arguments - links............ (been re-vamped) fact everything you want to know about Vegetarianism and Beyond:
... last updated 1st October 2004

Nutrition and Health - vitamins, a balanced diet, through prasadam:

Vegetarian Update - newsletter from NZ Vegetarian Socity in Wellington:

“If anyone wants to save the planet, all they have to do is just stop eating meat.
That’s the single most important thing you could do. It’s staggering when you think about it.
Vegetarianism takes care of so many things in one shot: ecology, famine, cruelty.”
--Sir Paul McCartney


Check out heaps of information on Vegetarianism, Prasadam-ism,
download books, Vegetarian Recipe programs, and more.


Points of View
I don't know if Shel was actually a vegetarian or not, but he did do some pro-veg works like the following:

Thanksgiving dinner's sad and thankless,
Christmas dinner's dark and blue,
When you stop and try to see it
From the turkey's point of view.

Sunday dinner isn't funny
Easter feasts are just bad luck,
When you see it from the viewpoint
Of the chicken or the duck.

Oh, how I once loved tuna salad,
Pork and lobsters, lamb chops, too,
Till I stopped and looked at dinner
From the dinner's point of view.

Shel Silverstein - song writer (he wrote all Dr Hook and medicine show's lyrics)

A Beginners Guide to Vegetarianism:

How Mary and Frank and Friends Eat - very nice Vegetarian pages:

Vegetarian recipes:

101 Reasons Why I'm a Vegetarian:

Healthy Indian Vegetarian Cooking Recipes:

Excellent "Meat Substitute" recipes

Hundreds of Vegetarian recipes

Fat-free vegetarian meals:
A lot of inspiring Vegetarian preparations here, some have onion and garlic in,
so replace that with hing or omit that altogether as you see fit, still this page is well worth a serious look for ideas.


"You Mean That's in theBible" - expose on meat eating:

Religious Stands on Vegetarianism

Vaishnavism - Hinduism - Jainism
Christianity - Bible - Book of Morman - 7th Day Adventist
- oxymoron of the yuga:

Protect both our species, two-legged and four-legged. Both food and water for their needs supply.
May they with us increase in stature and strength. Save us from hurt all our days, O Powers!

Rig Veda Samhita 10.37.11.

Download one of Bhakti Rasa prabhu's songs for FREE
"Don't Eat Your Friends" (It Ain't Nice)

and visit Bhakti Rasa prabhu's site:

Check out Kurma prabhu's new web-site:

check out what he's doing during October 2004

XMAS Recipes @
We wish you a Vege Xmas...and a Hari new year.

Wellington Vegetarian Society' Newsletters

You'll also notice that we have a book sale of our Living a Good Life book, and it is ideal for vegetarian families - it covers pregnancy, childcare and the teen years, not to mention adults and the elderly.  We've just reprinted more copies as a result of recent demand, and these are selling well, with the proceeds going to vegetarian products including a farm animal sanctuary down our way.

The book "Living a Good Life" normally selling at $21.95 is now going at the $14.95 price which lasts until just after Xmas, although we could consider extending it if anyone were to approach us after them with this reference.


Auckland's New Zealand Vegetarian Society
....has a myriad of excellent books for sale on vegetarianism

see their mention on our 2004 events

Vegetarian and Vegetarian Friendly Restaurants throughout New Zealand

Play the new Diamond Jubilee Vegan Game - Spot The Vegan

Challenge a friend to - Spot The Vegan

How did you do?

According to recent communications with ChelseaSugar group - NZ Sugars their Sugars are now free from "Bone Char" bleaching process and so devotees can again use and offer White Sugar safely.

See more details HERE

As of last week in November 2003 Yopliat the yogurt people now put gelatine in their products
See here for pointers of okay ones

McDeath - the facts about Ronnie McDonalds:

Meet your Meat FREECDRoms
This is a must for those who live in the illusion of animal killing is somehow acceptable or humane.

I have converted the "Meet your Meat" video into a CD rom & will send a copy of it for free to anyone with a Cd burner & a pledge to make at least 4 copies to give to their meat eating friends.

Meet your meat - shocking live footage of the TRUTH in the meat industry:

This is the new version
I sent out a total of over 750 CD's last year to 60 different countries. My goal in 2003 is to double that number.
I would appreciate if you would forward this message to your readers.
Anyone willing to participate, please forward my mailing address as


Vegetarians BEWARE of Orange Softdrinks
Coca-Cola (manufacturer) - Not suitable for vegetarians; lists the following products as not vegetarian
These products contain traces of fish gelatine, which are used as a stabiliser for beta-carotene colour.

Fanta Orange
Diet Fanta Orange
Lilt Pineapple & Grapefruit
Diet Lilt Pineapple & Grapefruit

Soft Drinks - Some canned Orange drinks use gelatine as a carrier for added Beta Caratine.
(This would not appear on the ingredients panel).
(Text PAMHO:5891790) ---------------------------------------

According to recent communications with Chelsea Sugar group - NZ Sugars their Sugars are now free from "Bone Char" bleaching process and so devotees can again use and offer White Sugar safely.

See more details HERE

As of last week in November 2003 Yopliat the yogurt people now put gelatine in their products
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 Krishna Conscious - Vedikly acceptable Jokes

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Laughter Therapy - its no joke:

FOR YOUR INTEREST: This one is not a joke but I thought you might like to know. These are the names of Lord Caitanya taken from the book "Sri Caitanya Sahasra Nama Stotra", i.e. "A Thousand Names of Lord Caitanya" by Srila Kavi Karnapura (as translated by HG Kusakratha Prabhu from the Krsna Institute)...

        So Lord Caitanya is known as the one:

 - hasya-kari  &  hasya-yuk  ==> who laughs & jokes

 - hasya-priya  ==> who is fond of joking

 - hasya-nagara ==> who is the hero of those expert in speaking joking words

 - hasya-grami  &  hasya-kara  ==> is expert at joking

 - pushpa-hasa  ==> whose smile & laugh are as charminng as flowers.

Lord Gauranga's smiling & laughing qualities ki...

                                                ys Radhe Govinda dasa

P.S. One of the qualities of Srimati Radharani is that she is very expert in the art of joking.

This is a MUST READ =>;-Q

Four Wives parable:

It is well known that any family tree produces some lemons, some nuts, and a few bad apples.

A farmer was driving along the road with a load of fertilizer. A little boy, playing in front of his house, saw him and called, "What've you got in your truck?" "Fertilizer," the farmer replied. "What are you going to do with it?" asked the little boy. "Put it on strawberries," answered the farmer. "You ought to live here," the little boy advised him. "We put sugar and cream on ours."

Did you ever wonder?

A farmer rings up the vet and says, "Two of me chickens have stopped laying.'" The vet says, "Really, how do you know?"
The farmer says, "I just accidently ran over’em in me tractor."

It is hard to understand how a cemetery raised its burial
costs and blamed it on the high cost of living.

The original name for the butterfly was 'flutterby'!

.......who in their right mind changed the name.........

A man from Texas, driving a Volkswagen Beetle, pulls up next to a guy in a Rolls Royce at a stop sign. Their windows are open and he yells at the guy in the Rolls, "Hey, you got a telephone in that Rolls?"

The guy in the Rolls says, "Yes, of course I do.."

"I got one too... see?" the Texan says.
"Uh, huh, yes, that's very nice."

"You got a fax machine?" asks the Texan.

"Why, actually, yes, I do."
"I do too!  See?  It's right here!" brags the Texan.
The light is just about to turn green and the guy in the Volkswagen says,
"So, do you have a double bed in back there?"
The guy in the Rolls replies, "NO!  Do you?"

"Yep, got my double bed right in back here,"the Texan replies.

The light turns and the man in the Volkswagen takes off.

Well, the guy in the Rolls is not about to be one-upped, so he immediately goes to a customizing shop and orders them to put a double bed in back of his car.

About two weeks later, the job is finally done. He picks up his car and drives all over town looking for the Volkswagen beetle with the Texas plates. Finally, he finds it parked alongside the road, so he pulls his Rolls up next to it.  The windows on the Volkswagen are all fogged up and he feels somewhat awkward about it, but he gets out of his newly modified Rolls and taps on the foggy window of the Volkswagen.

The man in the Volkswagen finally opens the window a crack and peeks out.

The guy with the Rolls says, "Hey, remember me?"

"Yeah, yeah, I remember you," replies the Texan, "What's up?"

"Check this out...I got a double bed installed in my Rolls."


The ways of this material world - strange but true


"May be harmful if swallowed." -- On a shipment of hammers.

BED FOR SALE Four-poster, over 100 years old. Perfect for antique lover. (Phill Rock)

Do not dangle the mouse by its cable or throw the mouse at co-workers. (From a manual for an SGI computer)

GIVE US YOUR DIRTY CLOTHES Ladies! If you drive by our new launderette and drop off your clothes, you will receive very swift attention! (Phill Rock)

In a Tacoma, Washington men's clothing store: "15 men's wool suits, $10. They won't last an hour!" (Irene Ariel Mystery)

"Not for human consumption." -- On a package of dice.

Seen on a message board at my child's school: "Achieve Academic Excellents." (Renee from Napa)

We will oil your sewing machine and adjust tension in your home for $1. (Thorn Shunt)

"Do not light in face. Do not expose to flame." -- On a lighter.

Outside a country shop: "We buy junk and sell antiques."



Old man Man Singh goes to the doctor with a very worried look on his face. "Doctor," he says, "you've got to help me.
Do you remember those voices in my head I always complain about?"

"Yes," the doctor replies.

"Well, they've suddenly gone away," Man Singh says.

"So what's the problem?"

"I think I'm going deaf."



Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable
that we have to alter it every six months.

........the missing link !!!!!

Application form

The day I started my construction job, I was in the office filling out an employee form when I came to the section that asked: Single____,  Married____, Divorced____.

I marked Single.
Glancing at the man next to me, who was also filling out his form, I noticed he hadn't marked any of the blanks.

Instead he had written, 'Yes, in that order.'

.......and always remember (don't forget...)


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