Was Darwin's Theory On Evolution
A Full Conclusion On Causation?

From: "sudarshan madabushi" <sudarshanm@hotmail.com>
Subject: discussions on Darwin
Dear friends,
I couldn't help "overhearing" your interesting discussions on Darwin so
please forgive me this stray comment from a "bystander".
(1)Darwin's "Origin of Species" is scientific theory; it is not scientific
law.It is a neat theory dealing centrally with the evolution of species. It
is not a full theory of causation. Please check this out with any biologist
if you want to.
Vedic inquiry into causation should not be mistaken to be an inquiry into
the origin and evolution of species. The two are as different as chalk is
from cheese. There is a big difference between asking how did "milk turn
into yoghurt overnight?" and asking "What is a cow? Why,how and wherefore
does it yield milk?".
(2) Darwin deals principally with the physical/physiological evolution of
species. There is very little light shed in the theory on the nature and
evolution of psychic characteristics of species.
On both counts (1) and (2) above, Darwin's theory would be inadequate to be
taken as a comprehensive account of Causation, Evolution and Purpose of
creation. There is no question therefore of comparing it with the scope of
Vedic inquiry into such matters. The scope of the Vedas are far, far, larger
and far more sweeping in majesty to be compared with the specialized and
scientific focus of Charles Darwin.
By all means do indulge in comparison of the two if it gives you
intellectual stimulation. But beware of confusion if you venture to draw any
valid conclusions from it.

Further Discussion with our Sri Vaishnava Cousins:
From: "A. Bharat" <kbharat@giasbg01.vsnl.net.in>
Subject: Darwin's theory etc
Dear BhAgavatOttamAs
In SrI BhAshya Swami EmberumAnAr says quoting the
ParamAchArya,  <yathArtham sarva vignAnam iti
vedavidAm matam>. All observable facts and all the
Physical Laws are to be taken as correct. But it does
not mean that all the "theories" of Scientists are to
be taken as true. It doesn't happen like that in the world
of Scientists itself. If A gives out a theory and B comes out
with its opposite (as happens frequently), the latter does
not automatically invalidate the former as one would
logically expect to happen. By an unwritten   Code of
Conduct, both the theories mentioned side by side and
the reader is allowed to make his own choice.
Are such "theories" comparable to the intuitive "sights" of our
ancient Rshis? Incidentally when the Rshis reached a
certain point in their meditation they ALL saw the same
things. One should agree that when even the most intelligent
scientists draws certain conclusions from facts he has
observed, and those conclusions pertain to an area which
is beyond the normal human range,then his conclusions
remain mere speculations.
Darwin happened to observe certain species in certain islands
and drew certain conclusions. He did not observe ALL the
species in the entire universe. And even if he had done
so it would only have given him the actual position as
it exists today. Any theory he developed regarding what
could have happened millions of year ago, is still just
a theory. On the other hand we have the words of those to whom
the Lord actually showed what really happened then.We have
His own words in the Gita, we have Sri EmberumAnAr's (Sri Krishna's)
words in his works. Which of these would one consider as the
<Apta vAkya> ?
As was observed in one of the letters, accepting Darwin's
theory is tantamount to treating all SRuti-Smriti-PurANa
accounts of creation as myths. As I had mentioned earlier
these accounts do not consider creation as occuring in
various time-slots, each slot featuring only one type of
creature.In the beginning of creation ALL creatures are
created  simultaneously for a very important reason:
Creation is the only method by which
 the soul can reap the fruit of its past Karma and
also move up or down the scale. In such a situation if only
fish existed for a million years and then only birds etc
what will be the fate of the Karma-system and the statements
of Bhattar  <karaNa-kalEbarair ghatayitum dayamAna-manAh>
etc. Our AchAryas repeat endlessly that creation is the
means through which the mercy of the Lord is shown, to
give the bound souls a means to reach Him.
Hence I feel Darwin's theory is clearly contrary to the
ViSishTAdwaita philosophy.
SwAmi EmberumAnAr TiruvaDigaLE Saranam!

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